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Restless [Quest Solo] [Yumi]

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Restless [Quest Solo] [Yumi] Empty on Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:18 pm

Yumi hummed a tune to herself as she sat at a table on a balcony overlooking the busy streets of era. The lolita sipped from a porcelain cup enjoying the taste of the caramel latte she ordered. Yumi was in a small cafe that had its own balcony. ON a plate in front of her was a piece of triple fudge chocolate cake with bits of whipped cream on top. Using a fork, Yumi retrieved a piece of the cake and raised it to her supply lips to take a bite. As Yumi savored the taste giving a seductive moan that made the other occupants of the cafe uncomfortable, someone approached her.
A man sat down opposite Yumi, his appearance disheveled and he looked like a bum.

"Yes?" asked Yumi appearing somewhat annoyed that some unknown stranger dared to disturb her act of pleasure. Stabbing a fork into the cake she took an angry bite while waiting for the man to speak. If he irritated her, she was considering taking his head then and there.

"Are you the Witch of Carnage?" Asked the Vagabond appearing somewhat uncomfortable in Yumi's presence. Perhaps it had to do with the fact she was carrying a giant battleaxe or releasing a terrifying aura that filled him with fear. "Yes. Who's asking?" inquired the lolita taking a pause from her treat.

The Vagabond sighed in relief but was still shaken. He had heard the rumors about the little lolita, she was a bloodthirsty monster. "I've heard you are a woman, who despite your more questionable and bloody methods can get any job done."

"Depends on the job. Spit it out." Yumi spoke harshly, forgoing her cutesy act and went straight to her more cut-throat side.

"Well you see I'm a bit of a middleman for certain people who don't want to be exposed. And well I've been hired by a man to find out what has happened to his brother. You see he not long returned and unfortunately, his older brother is now in a rest home and doesn't seem to recognize him. It wasn't just the man's brother but all the elderly seemed forgetful. When he started asking questions they kicked him out. We suspect something shady is going on and he wants justice. Please rescue his brother and bring the person in charge of the operation to justice."

"I'm not exactly the time to dish out justice, I more the executioner instead of the judge." Stated the lolita in a cold tone as she took another bite of her cake.

"I realize that which is why you may kill whoever is in charge, but only them. No one else can be killed." Added the stranger not giving away his identity. Giving a sigh, Yumi sat her fork down and drank the last of her caramel latte, savoring the taste before putting the cup down and staring at the client.

"Very well I will accept. Wait here for me. I'll return. Give me the address of this rest home." Yumi stood up retrieving her axe and tossing it on her back. As she finished the client handed over a piece of paper with the rest home's name and address on it. Without another word to the vagabond, Yumi departed from the balcony, down the stairs, and out of the cafe.

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Restless [Quest Solo] [Yumi] Empty on Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:16 pm

Yumi sighed outwardly as she made her way out of the cafe. Honestly one of the last things she wanted to be doing today was a quest. The little demon lolita has intended for today to be a peaceful one, taking in the quiet sounds and enjoying a nice coffee and sweets. But it seemed on the warm sunny peaceful day her plans had been ruined as that vagabond had spoiled them by seeking her out. Yumi could have rejected the request and told him, the vagabond, to move on. If he didn't she could have threatened him with her axe and very likely taken his head. But, she didn't, instead, Yumi had listened to the vagabonds quest and accepted it. Guess deep down Yumi hadn't really wanted a peaceful day, because here she was, making her way to the destination of the quest to cause a little havoc.

What annoyed the demonic lolita the most, was the fact the vagabond had forbidden her from killing anyone else, only whoever was in charge of the rest home and the operation going on inside it. The vagabond, who acts as the third party, said the brother wanted his older brother rescued. The problem was Yumi had no idea what the brother looked like or even what his name was. The client would just have to be satisfied with Yumi finding whoever was behind the crime and deliver their head. The client can just retrieve his brother himself once Yumi had cleaned the place out. Yumi wasn't about to go through all the records of the old folks living in this rest home just to try and find a brother she knew absolutely nothing about.

Yumi ran her fingers through her long black locks with her free hand, honestly, this quest was a headache-inducing nightmare. The demon just wanted to bust down the door of the home with her axe swinging killing left and right. It certainly would make things easier for her.

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Restless [Quest Solo] [Yumi] Empty on Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:59 pm

Yumi's hands twitched slightly, as she began going over just what she would do for this quest she had been given. While the client had explicitly no killing anyone but the head of the organisation who was taking advantage of the elderly, he hadn't said anything about not maiming them. In theory, Yumi could still complete the quest and cause a lot of destruction and mayhem. That was what Yumi was all about, causing as much chaos and mayhem in her wake, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction behind her. One didn't get the title the Witch of Carnage for being nice. Oh no, Yumi was known specifically for unleashing a trail of carnage wherever she went. No town had been spared from her wrath.

With a sinister glint in her eyes, Yumi darted towards the destination of the retirement home. The rest home was close to the outskirts of Era and was on a large property with a pair of large iron gates that led up to the retirement home in the distance with a large open garden. Clicking her teeth, Yumi strolled straight up to the gates were four guards were awaiting her arrival. The four men had spotted her coming from a mile away and were patiently waiting as she came up the road. Each wore white uniforms and carried a nightstick with them. One stepped forward and put out his right hand. Each of the men was over six feet tall, dwarfing Yumi in size and seemed like giants.

"Stop! No visitors allowed! This is private property, leave now or we will force you to leave.
" The one who stepped up stop in a deep tone as he blocked Yumi's path. The demon looked up at the man and snorted in mild amusement, he thought he could stop her.

"Either get out of my way, or I start breaking bones." Yumi barked back mildly annoyed at the man's audacity to stop her. There ws none who could block her path, Yumi went where she wanted to go. Her answer however amused them as they started to laugh.

"Oh aren't you cute acting all tough. Turn around and leave little girl." The one from earlier spoke again and put a hand on Yumi's right shoulder and tried to force her away. However, he soon found the task impossible as Yumi stood fixed to the ground and didn't budge an inch. Sighing the demon grabbed the man's right with her right hand and applied pressure, twisting it a loud snap rang as the man started screaming. The bone in the wrist was sticking out of flesh. Raising a leg Yumi proceeded to kick the guard in the chest launching him into the iron gates with a loud bang,

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Restless [Quest Solo] [Yumi] Empty on Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:55 pm

"It was so simple, get out of my way or I start breaking bones. What was so complicated about that?" Yumi asked with an annoyed tone as she looked and the group of guards who now numbered three. With an annoyed sigh Yumi's eyes started to glow. A fierce aura began to release itself from the witch's tiny body. Yumi's eyes glowed a sinister shade of red as black bled into the entirety of her eyes.

A demonic being towered over the witch as it appeared. The visage was covered in full-body armor surrounded by flames, with horns growing from the side of his head and terrifying red eyes that peered through his helm. The figure sat upon a throne of skulls surrounded by an endless ocean of blood. One could almost hear the screams of countless souls. The ghostly image of tens of thousands of tormented souls could be seen from the throne. The visage was a manifestation of Yumi's god and the souls, the lives she had taken. Tens of thousands of souls fed to the Demonic Deity Yumi worshipped to forever be tortured, a truly horrendous number.

The demoness had traveled the land slaughtering and leaving trails of corpses for over seventy years.

The guards shook in fear and began stuttering calling yumi a monster. Smiling sweetly at them, the lolita took it as a compliment as she sealed her aura away. The visage of her god disappeared as Yumi attacked. Drawing her axe Yumi swung it. Blood sprayed through the air as the guard howled in pain grabbing what was once his left arm but was now a stump. Without stopping or showing any hesitation, Yumi swung the axe again. Bones snapped as the blunt side smashed into the next guard's legs. Bone pierced flesh as the man screamed.

Bounding forward Yumi attacked the last as he tried to run. A hand latched onto the back of his head and she slammed him face-first into the ground. Blood and teeth stained concrete as Yumi smashed the guards face in, stopping to ensure she didn't kill him. With the guards defeated, Yumi forced the gates open and headed towards the retirement home.

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Restless [Quest Solo] [Yumi] Empty on Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:56 pm

Yumi strolled up the road and up to the retirement home. Approaching the door Yumi raised her right foot and smashed it into the wooden door with a loud bang. The two wooden doors flew off their hinges with a loud snap and went sailing through the air crashing into the hallway with a thud. The sudden act drew the attention from the nearby nurses stand as they came running out to see what the commotion was. Standing in the doorway was a young girl cloaked in black and red wielding a giant battle-axe dripping with fresh blood. The nurses backed up in horror at the sight, while they were used to seeing blood, the thick stench of death that came flooding in off the little girl frightened them.

"I'm only going to say this once and I do hope you listen, unlike those idiotic guards of yours. I hate to repeat myself. Who is in charge of your scheme and organisation?" Yumi spoke softly but in a menacing tone as she began releasing her fearsome aura. The demonic aura surrounded her body as a thick haze that rapidly spread out down the hallway to assault the nearest occupant.

"You, you want Dr. Perta. He's in his office down the hall, left and his door is the one at the end." The nurse said with a stutter, a small puddle had formed beneather as she sat on the ground on her knees. THe poor woman had collapsed to her knees and wet herself from the terror she was feeling.

Without saying a word to the woman, Yumi headed off in the direction she was given, dragging her axe along the ground carving a deep trench in the floorboards. The demoness hummed a happy tune as she headed down the hallway and turned left. Making her way past the number of doors to the one at the very end. The door was engraved with 'Dr Perta's Office'.

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Restless [Quest Solo] [Yumi] Empty on Thu Oct 24, 2019 3:50 am

Without a word Yumi raised her axe and swung it down. The massive blades struck the wooden door and cleaved it in twice. The sound reverbeated into the small office inside scaring the invidiaul within. A man in white coat seated behind a desk fell out of his chair in shock at the sudden noise. Turning to the source he found a lolita in gothic dress wielding a giant axe in his doorway.

"Who are you! How dare you enter my office!" Shouted the man angrily as he climbed to his feet. Yumi simply gave him a deadpan stare.

"Are you Doctor Perta?" Enquired the gothic lolita in a soft sweet voice but her eyes stared daggers at the man as she hefted her axe onto her right shoulder.

"And if I am, who wants to know!" Shouted the man, before the axe was thrown at him. He didn't even get a chance to scream as the blade tore through his neck chopping his head off. THe head flerw through the air as blood gushed out like a geyser. Hitting the floor with a thud the head rolled until it came to a stop at Yumi's feet. Whistling, Yumi walked passed the head, removed the corpses cloak and tossed the head in it, using the doctors coat as a bag. Collecting her axe Yumi tossed on her back.

Yawning Yumi departed from the rest home and headed back to the cae. The botto of the coat became stained in red as blood dripped out leaving a trail behind the demonic lolita. Walking through the streets of era with a bloodied coat and axe, people fled in fear making way for the loli.

Arriving at the cafe once more, Yumi walked up the stairs and to the second floor. Heading over to the balcony she returned to the Vagabond who was waiting patiently for her. Lifting the bag Yumi dropped it onto the table. The coat fell open revealing the decapitated head. THe nearby occupants screamed and fled in terror.

"Its done. As asked I only killed him, but you will hear a few complaints about broken and decapitated limbs." Yumi remarked in a sarcastic tone before stretching out her hand for payment. The vagabond gulped and removed a stack of jewels from his pocket and placed them in Yumi's open hand.

"Thank you, I'm sure my client will be very happy to be able to retrieve his brother." Collecting the head back up in the coat the Vagabond left Yumi on her own. With an annoyed sigh Yumi turned and headed off, deciding to return back to her inn room to rest.


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