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Until It Sleeps.(Open)

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#26Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:57 pm

Judith Karlinius
Just to clear and correct it Judith mentioned."Not exactly elves fully, just in our blood we are by all account my children and and I are still human."That was just one part."But their is a second part that will remained locked away with me."So there was two pieces to it exactly and Kazimir learned half of it, If there was a time for Kazimir to count his blessings in some manner it might be that moment. Judith then tucked her hair behind her right ear and showed that her ears were even in fact that of what humans would be.

With such a remark Judith just said."If you seek a wise one with in my family, I am sadly taken."She just had to sneak that in there as she would continue this part of this conversation."The key to it, If you are actually willing to is not actually trying to tame some one, But rather see if the bond comes naturally."Simple advise as always, but it was a true to a point. Might be from Judith's life with Anders to suggest such a thing to him if he was looking advise on such a subject.

It would even turn to her saying this."To view yourself as problem or different in a world of so many different face....To liches, Elves, angles and demons. Where no one questions to start with is a reality saddening upon it's own thought."Judith would leave that to for him to think over up until Judith mentioned it they were both just normal people, It was what she was personally trying to show.

But Judith smiled, since she wanted him to do something he wanted, Not what he felt like he was compelled to by anyone."I am not the one who's choice it actually is."Judith finally say it rather then just kind of skirt around it."You should do what Kazimir wants to do, Never what anyone compels you too...For if you just work that way, You will not blow freely as the wind."With that advise Judith wanted to hear what would be said, since Judith felt like something was holding him back form whatever he wanted to do in this situation.

#27Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:42 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He nodded as he sat in front of her on the griffon. "That'll be all for me then," he said satisfied by what she shared and content with her keeping some of those secrets to herself. "Everyone has to hold on to something when it comes to people that aren't family," he teased her a little bit.

With the shoe of her hears he just smiled, "I see. Still, an amazing thing to have in the family history."

Kaz laughed a little, "Well Anders is certainly lucky. You would have taken my heart were that not the case." Kazimir couldn't pass up the chance to give a joke back to her.

"Thank you for the advice. I am aware. Don't forget," He said as he leaned back slightly and glanced over his shoulder, "I was engaged once upon a time." Even with the heavy history that came along with it, he spoke about it in a casual way. Something that he had come to terms with and was a cherished memory.

"Indeed. The world is filled with all manner of beings. All of whom are searching for their place like a field of flowers blooming in all directions." He pondered the thought and knew that even humans hunted for a purpose in life and how to fit in. "For the descendant of an elf and a nephilim we aren't doing too bad a job. I don't think."

"Oh..," he scratched the back of his head and blinked, "Well the reason I bring it up is that I suppose I feel equally okay with either decision. I'm as indecisive as the directions the wind blows. But since we are already headed that way," He spurred the griffon to pick up speed. The wings of the beast flapped hard and propelled them forward.

"Let's go to see your husband. I'll track down Priscilla with Judina. Or I'll at least get you all the way there to him."

#28Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:07 am

Judith Karlinius
the final mention part of her past Judith would say one thing that might show that even if she keeps it with in family, it some way she suffers from hiding it but not just because she is hiding it with in family."As long as I can manage at least."It could be worrying at least in terms of how it could be viewed."And my is only minor, My part with in the Karlinius name has nothing to do with my husbands, His is much more simple if you could manage to open him up."

With thinking about Judith said one thing to show that even if with in her mind Judith felt and hint at things there was nothing wrong with his own choices."I am sure even if I met the woman you were engaged to, She was would have been a fine partner for you."She even did not dig into it. Almost like there was an understand with in it as well."Fate is most picky and cruel when it comes to love."Judith only mentioned that because she knew full to well what was behind it.

They were not."I do not fear how about your work is, I only fear my daughter will not know when to slow down. For she sticks her head into everything too quickly...It is bound to get her into trouble."Judith seemed to have the right idea, there was a worry in her voice. But to what exactly that worry was never placed.

But it would distract her slightly from her worry."I am sure it would be interesting, simply way of picturing Anders, Is a slightly grumpier Judina, Who is hard to open up right away and often uses nicknames for people rather then their actual names."So far it seemed like it could turn into an interesting moment for him.

#29Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:40 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"I think dealing with the mysteries of one Karlinius is enough for me. I don't plan on chasing any secrets down with Anders," he said mostly joking with her. Although it was true. figuring out and learning about the history of Judith had been enough for him within their family especially given how big that secret was.

He took a deep breath when she mentioned his ex-fiance having been a fine partner for him. But it was a deep breath of nostalgia. "She was a good woman. Strong and kind. A water mage. She was the more headstrong of the two of us for sure. I suppose a secret about me is that Seiryu is not my real name. It is the clan name of my ex-fiance. My real given name is Kazimir Byakko. Byakko is the name of my clan and Seiryu was hers."

"Love can be bitter but isn't something to run from. The risk for joy is worth it," he spoke as a man that held onto a memory but didn't let him hold himself back. Instead the memory allowed him to push forward.

"She is a pretty stubborn lady isn't she," he chuckled a bit softly, "That's how I find myself all the way down here hunting for a potential killer, I suppose. She is a workaholic but then again so am I. I wonder...does she get that from you or Anders?"

"A grumpier Judina huh?"
he said with a small breathy laugh, "Well that would be interesting. Although she hasn't come off to me grumpy as much as just very direct."

The griffon flew beyond the edge of the forest and was now zooming over top of the houses of Era, "So where are we headed Judith?" he asked as he was aimlessly flying over the city until she told him a place for them to land and meet Anders.

#30Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:14 am

Judith Karlinius
It would be an interesting one where they where going, It seemed like Judith would point out one thing."You follow the sound of the music box."Judith mentioned to him which was annoying sounding on it's own but then again these the ways of this strange woman."We will find him then."Was Judith toying around with Kazimir now or was that just how she knew. But what would be happening was when that was mentioned the sound of a music box was playing slightly quietly in the background, But she was.

It was interesting. It if paid attention the sound of the music box was coming from an inn at the edge of the city, with a view looking out to mountains and woods it was an easy place to get to. Judith would slowly wrap up their pieces of conversation.

Judith just smiled hearing the sound of the music box. But over Kazimir comment about that part of his path Judith just said."Well even with that, what you deal with in life is what is before you, Making the best of it is all of we can do."Judith would not press it much more then that but it is a sense of common understanding.

But Judith at least had a more forward answer with one thing."Judina gets her working habit and stubbornness from Anders, But her determination and willingness from me."Judith some how could pin point it in some manner it was easy to guess.

Eventually she would even point where Anders was picking up the sound, The wind mage would pick up the sound more then light mage riding with him.But that would eventually find their way here.

To find Anders sitting alone, but with another chair in front of him, A set table with various drinks from water, coffee,tea and some kinds of booze. With various food items as well. Anders had his time to set this all up.

When they would arrive to finally meet Anders. Well Kazimir would Judith would just be happy to be with her beloved again. Kazimir would finally get to take in the details of Anders Karlinius. 6 foot 4 inches tall, The hair he knew of the family and golden in color armor, blue eyes. Just sitting quietly by himself waiting, not a single sound seemed to come from him waiting quietly with him slowly drinking a glass of something, like he was waiting and expecting the wait.

Anders' Apperence:
Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Gustav10

The song playing from the music box:

#31Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:12 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Follow the music huh?" he said with a hint of curiosity and delight. It wasn't an annoying thought but more an intriguing one. Something different than the usual. "I happen to love music," he replied and then his ears perked up as he heard the sound of a faint music box. He looked towards the direction with narrowed eyes, focusing on the unseen. He didn't know how a music box could send its sound so far but then again they lived in a world of magic.

The griffon dipped downward as the sound grew more intense. the beast moved as if it knew it was to follow the sound. They arrived at an inn at the edge of town with mountains in the distance. The griffon hovered in the air, waiting for direction. Kaz looked over the side to see a lone man sitting with a full table and another chair with him. "This must be it," Kaz said as the griffon landed in the open area near the man.

Kaz got off the griffon and helped Judith down because of her injury. Taking in the features of the man it was easy to tell the family resemblance. A build that was reminiscent of Regis and hair that was seen in the children as well. He carried himself with dignity. The wind mage was in no rush and let Judith approach her husband first as he Kaz moved the griffon to the shade.

Once they had their greeting Kaz would approach knowing that Judith had probably already told the man whom he was. He extended his hand to Anders, "Kazimir Seiryu. It's a pleasure to meet you. I feel like I've met most of the other members of the family already,"he introduced himself politely. The man had on golden armor that seemed very professional while Kaz himself wore something akin to a lightweight uniform and a robe.

He was curious as to how the conversation would go but was ready to leave when they needed time alone. Not wanting to overstay his welcome.

#32Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:13 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was an interesting situation maybe for Kazimir upon being helped down Judith just seemed to some how run over to where her husband was in and sit on him with out a second thought. Even slowly just using him not as a chair more of a bed to lay on. Leaving the chair open to Kazimir to sit down.

It seemed like it was not even all that long, Judith was just kind of cuddling on Anders with for the most part doing nothing. But not too long after Regis seemed to rest his head upon his wife and just simply asked."Have you?"Anders seemed so casual about it."There is:Wife, Brat, Runt, Son and Lass."He listed them effortlessly, Then again it was how he never really used their names that might be the far more different part about Anders is how he addressed his family."Which one of them haven't you met yet?"Anders seemed to question but harmlessly and more casually sounding.

Anders would reach upon the table taking that music box and tucking it away with in his armor."You are far too formal if you know of my family."Which he also pointed out.

To Judith just saying."Now now Anders, He is only being polite, Your children would do the same."Which seemed to be a good point from Judith even if she seemed to almost be sleeping here."Or is your humble enjoyment of manners now gone?"Anders seemed to just ponder in quiet about it. They were in some manner polar opposites so far in thought Judith enjoy manners and politeness and Anders did not care any less. Anders would quietly putting one of his arms around Judith in thought and finally ask."Then I guess I must wonder, Why you choose to stick around."It was not a judging type of wonder but he was more super curious about it, So far he did not seem so grumpy, But maybe just that part had not come up.

#33Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:13 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz stood and shifted his weight onto one foot. He thought about which ones would line up to the titles that Anders had given them. "Perhaps Brat and Runt then. That is if my thoughts are correct," he placed a fist on his chin while he thought.

The chair was left for him to take as Judith lounged on her husband who didn't seem to regard it in the least. Kaz approached and pulled the chair back before lowering into it. "As Judith says. Just trying to be polite. I'm still only learning about your family. I really only know Judith from a few talks and Judina and have gotten to know one another well enough. but the others are pretty distant. So I think I haven't crossed the casual threshold yet."

"Judith asked me the same question,"
he leaned back in the chair and crossed one leg over the other. both of his hands met and rested on his knee. "I suppose I was just curious to meet you. And I have some open time as I wait for Judina to be ready for our small mission."

"What about you? What brings you to Era or do you live here?"
he would make some idle chit chat until Judith was ready to tell her husband about Regis and what happened. If she ever did decide to do that. If she kept it to herself, he would just continue on the conversation. Although it did make him wonder how many things Judith did and didn't tell Anders. What would happen if Kaz actually did show up on their doorstep one day needing a place to stay. Only time would tell. nonetheless, the man was heavily armored and had a story worth listening to.

He watched the two of them, seemingly like complete opposites.

#34Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:41 pm

Judith Karlinius
Going quiet and thinking about it for a moment."So you would know Judina and Waylon? interesting."Revealing the names behind them, It was a different part of family so far. Anders seemed to he rough around the edges but blunt almost like some one Kazimir already knew, just grumpier in some way."If you are here, Judith at least must have something she likes about you."Anders seemed to consider that   and was thinking about other things as well.

Alas Judith seemed to be the part that was at least trying to change how Anders was being. Judith just seemed to act like a cat for the moment just slowly rubbing her head upon her husband bringing a smile of his face."No doubt Brat works like I tend too..."So brat was Judina. None the less Anders was starting to seem like an okay person and not the stubborn old man.

So with that before Judith would get to her point of this."I live in Magnolia with the wife, I just don't  leave all that often to make things with metal to sell."Anders must have travel far then but he did not seemed to mind kind of lovingly petting his wife on the head."I was told that Wife wanted to tell me something of importance, Something about some one in need."It revealed that Anders knew he was here under Judith's wishes.

With a smile and a stare right into Ander's eyes. Anders himself not looking at Judith."He is the one in need, He is homeless."Ander seemed to stare at Judith and with that he let out a sigh. Knowing where this is going."No he won't, He has the place to stay with us if he is in Magnolia, Runt's room is empty since he moved into Fairy Tail."So he did not need to be talked into it some how Judith got her message across before that would become a problem.

Then a different situation. Judith finally said."I encountered Regis while waiting for you."To Anders looking rather bitter, Before however he spoke Judith just said."You are not going to lay a finger of harming on him..."Judith sounded just as serious as Anders' face was for that moment even with him about to say something with Judith saying to him right after, with the friendly peaceful face Judith was known for."I will leave you unable walk if you do."It was oddly scary to think Judith would say that there was even a dark undertone to Judith's voice when saying that. To kill her own husband if he harmed one of her children, it was no wonder they felt safe around her, To Anders just giving in."Fine, I won't hurt him then."The tension was gone with in a moment from that, To Judith already seemed to solve the problem that could be worrying and already closing her eyes and resting on her husband.

This was how they seemed to work."Seems these matters are settled then, You have a home in Magnolia, If you need anything else mention it to myself or the wife, We will figure it out."Anders only seemed to give in he had a choice and voice to speak out against it but it seemed to like Anders had blind faith in his wife."If you are that curious about me, I will answer what you want to know."with that done Kazimir had a chance to ask a few things. To Anders stretching out his arm that was around Judith and point towards something. Golden lines of metal slowly went towards the he was pointing. Wrapping around two glasses of water and slowly bringing them back to him, To it being unknown if Judith was sleeping or just sitting on her husband with her eye closed listening.

#35Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:16 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz leaned back in the chair with a cocked brow, "Oh I guess I was wrong on them. I've met Judina and Regis." He gave a small shrug at what Ander's said next, "I guess we have a couple of things in common," he replied about why Judith liked him.

It was odd to see Judith in such a casual and loving way. He didn't think she would be the kind of lady to curl up on someone's lap and act like a cat almost. But then there were a lot of things about Judith that he didn't know about. This was just another side to her

"Ah yeah, you sell metal items. I think Judina mentioned something about that."
It seemed to be an interesting profession and Anders appeared to be a man content with moving through life.

As Judith mentioned someone in need, Kaz nodded thinking she was talking about Regis. It was finally time to get the conversation started. When she said it was Kaz that was in need he sat back in his chair and waved his hand. "Well I wouldn't say it's all that dramatic. I thank you for allowing me to stay with you, but living in the wild is well something that I'm used to," he gestured towards Judith with his hand. "Judith was kind enough to offer me a place if I was ever in need though or on the run. But I wouldn't want to put you all in any danger." he didn't expect himself to become a part of this conversation. It was a surprise.

He watched as the two hashed out what they would do about Regis. And by that, it was really Judith telling him how it would be. It was a dangerous side of Judith and made Kaz wonder what that confrontation would look like. Seeing Judith in action was an interesting thought. He breathed a small sigh of relief that nothing happened and Ander's didn't intend on going after his son.

"Thanks again for the offer. I'll let you know. And likewise, if you are ever in need of my assistance let me know," he said with a tilted nod, His hair falling slightly over his face. It was a casual offer and Kazimir probably came off as reserved and easy-going which may have hidden is talent for combat. It was often his lot in life that people assumed he was a casual man especially since he was only an apprentice in the knights but he often withheld his true ability. If Ander's had keen senses he could see in Kaz's eyes that they were serious and there was something more primal there. Kaz was more passive now, but he wouldn't hesitate to take a life if needed.

"Oh, well If I have free roam to ask a question then...what kind of knight are you?" it was as abrupt as any question could be but Kaz wanted to get to the bottom line and learn about the most interesting fact about the man. It was something that was only eluded to but no one gave a direct answer to who he was.

#36Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:00 am

Judith Karlinius
It was entirely over for a super stressful moment."He speaks in the ways I can."Judith mentioned in delight, Just to change things around for a moment, it was the starting of it anyway."Some one else has to...None our children can."Judith mentioned in general, They seemed to be back to normal.

At least Judith had for sure a good intention."Nonetheless even if you are humble about it, You have a home."Judith yet still delighted about it. But Judith had more in mind that was not just if he needed it."In danger? You could not risk either of our lives so easily."Anders mentioned about it. It was most likely true if was not as much to danger them, Then again with the parts that seemed to linger slightly, There was more to Judith that could scare others and what Anders could do as well, It seemed to not be on either of their mind that they could be in danger.

A nice moment when Judith would speak again, would leave a hint of other things that either of them could do."Settling that was quick."Judith just mentioned in her normal happy way with Anders saying."Trying to settle that matter against you, Would be far too dangerous in general."To what extent that danger would be was up in the air.

But it was a interesting question and Anders just went."I generally just used an axe when I was a knight and would shape metal objects to my needs."So much like his daughter it seemed."I use to make weapons and armor for the Rune Knights too, Even goes as far as making some metal things from nothing at one point."He was rambling a tiny bit. Then he would just say."Now days I make tea kettles and various house hold objects."Even if it was not brought up.

Judith would just kind of speak up out of nowhere."That and you were not careful and hurt yourself."She said not too long after and Anders just seemed to chuckled to himself about slightly."Yes that too, Good thing the wife was there to fix that problem."They were so casual about it just showed Judith was not the only one how had such a problem."I can move my right arm fine so everything is fine."Anders placed the two glasses of water in front of him and just casually drank one himself.

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#37Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:05 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz gave a small laugh at Judith mentioning they talk similarly. "I do enjoy a bit of poetic prose from time to time. Although I'll keep things more direct with you," the last bit directed at Anders, as he seemed like the type to prefer it straight forward.  

With a nod, Kaz accepted their gracious offer. "You two do seem like a strong couple and with a dangerous family to back you. But I will, of course, repay the hospitality. If any in your family is ever in need, you only need to ask me...but. My skill set is pretty specific. My magic is purely destructive." It was something he had come to terms with and began to embrace with a strong focus. There were other talents he had, like scouting and having an eye for investigation. He wasn't too bad at engaging with people either. But when it came down to it, the amount of time he spent on his magic and in training outshined the others. The only downside is he had to be careful in populated areas.  

"That is a pretty extensive history. Why did you stop making items for the knights? I'm sure they were of high quality."  he asked but then almost immediately got his answer. "Ah an injury. Well, I'm glad that you bounced back. Is that how the two of you met?" He didn't ask about how and what the injury was. Some things could be seen as rude to bring up and whatever it was...an injury is an injury.

"You seem to be a lot like Judina. Even down to using melee weapons. How long has it been since the whole family was together? or that you've seen her?" Judith may have mentioned that she is on her way here as well.

It seemed a bit odd to the wind mage that their family was slowly gathering here. As an investigator, he didn't put much stock in coincidence. A part of him wondered what force could have brought them all here if any. But then again, maybe fate was real.

#38Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 7:31 am

Judith Karlinius
Ander started to laugh quietly to himself and Judith seemed to just be now a sleep so to think. "Repaying any of us, I assure you one thing form me. I don't want anything in return or repaid."Anders to look to Judith who seemed to legit seemed to be sleeping on Anders and during their conversation.

Letting out a small smile Anders just said."I would say with how my family is not scared of magic that is destructive. Each member has the power to be destructive in some manner, Even the light mage can be."Judith kind of let out a yawn and she would slowly join back in the conversation.

When that came up Anders simply said."I only stopped working for the Rune Knights when I met Judith, A fairly long time a go."That made things more clear, Anders gave up working for the rune knights for this life now."Even if I was just at base repairing weapons, armor. Making custom armor and weapons for them as well."Anders must have had an quite content and simple life.

"The injury was more recent, I was not careful and tripped over something in the smith and crushed a part of my between the items i was lifting and against the ground."
Simply mistakes were worst, But it was nothing to horrible."Good thing, I was home to make sure your arm was in placed and healed." Judith said sleepishly which made the point that Judith was taking a nap.

Judith would answer the final part."The entire family has not been together for almost 4 years...since what happen with Regis, Waylon went out exploring the world for tea, Judina becoming a Rune Knight. It has been a while."Anders just kind of sighed and said."When did you last get a nights sleep since preparing for Brat's return here and Regis being here?"With that Judith laughed slightly."2 days."It seemed the situation showed what lengths one mother would do for children.

So Anders would make a point."Well Wife, it is about time you actually sleep."Anders did not seem as sleepy, He in fact still seemed wide away. "You will need to sleep, If Brat has returned with you trying to look for her being on day three of no sleep isn't healthy."But Judith yet again seemed to be a sleep on her husband.

"I am sure Brat and I fight differently even if our magic is the same." Anders however smiled about it slightly."But I guess, Before the wife goes to sleep. Is there anything else you wonder before I carry her off to sleep."It would be hard to tell Judith was awake with resting on Anders with her eyes closed or actually sleeping now."Anything else you need?"

#39Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 9:32 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Well, I will be there if there is ever a need regardless. I've grown a bit fond of your family and how things may turn out." He said with a grin. He was pretty curious about what would befall the family and had been in contact with them on numerous occasions. He ran into Judith in a moment he was lost. He fought alongside Judina in the inquisition and then ran into her again when had found himself and was ready to join the knights again.

Ander's mentioned it was a long time ago that he met Judith. A remark that brought an interested tilt the mage's head. A long-time could be very different for Judith than those without elven blood. But that's something he didn't need to dive into now.

"4 years is a good bit of time to have gone by. Hopefully, things will find a way of falling back into place."
he replied ever hopeful for how things could turn out, even with all that was surrounding Regis.

A few days without sleep was enough to take its toll on anyone. With her safely in Ander's care, Kaz didn't have to worry about her for now. "For now I don't think I have any more questions," he answered as he stood up and ran his hands down his jacket to straighten it out. "I've stayed long enough. Thank you for indulging my curiosity. But you two may want some time alone. Until next time. It was a pleasure to meet you. I'm sure our paths will cross again,"He gave a slight bow and excused himself from the table. With a bow he was off and mounted his griffon to fly toward the rune knight headquarters.


#40Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 5:11 am

Judith Karlinius
It was a good and interesting moment for Kazimir, Anders simply nodded."I am sure the wife will see you again sooner rather than I."Mentioning but it was true Anders would most likely be at home by the time that Kazimir encountered Judith again.

Anders was not worried about it."I will not be too worried about if Regis shows up around me for a good while longer."Anders mentioned which was true in his case, To his wife sleepishly say."You still won't hurt him."With that moment Anders seemed to let out a sigh, But he dealt with that thought.

With Kazimir on his way Anders would slowly take his wife to bed to sleep the well needed nights of sleep. Anders would just simply lay in bed reading a book for a smile while. Judith would mention at one moment."He is a good lad isn't he?"Judith was mentioning to Anders not saying much.

Not too long after Anders seemed to leaned over and kisses his wife on the fore head and simply said."He does yet, Even after all these years I can't help but wonder what you help with him being around and knowing our family."Judith would just take her husbands free hand and just said."I am sure fate has it's tidings for that answer."and She just went to sleep.

So Anders seemed to just deal with that and would eventually go to sleep himself, Eventually even departing in the afternoon the next day, Having breakfast and lunch with Judith and spending time with her. Judith would still be here in Era because she did not want to be home quite yet, Judith did hand off gifts for Alice and her children. Judith was setting things the way she wanted.


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