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Until It Sleeps.(Open)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:57 pm

Regis Karlinius
The even while quite for the mountains of Era, Just a bit out of the town but in a different area then he was last. Regis was setting up his camp for the evening only to kind of keep his mind easy for the night.

He did not want or really need much else but he was just making a fire slowly placing the wood pieces as he needed too and walking about to get more of them.

This even was quiet like the rest of them Regis was use to being alone, Being left to the thought he had for so long. Almost like he had dumb himself to everything else.

During a moment while walking about the part of this mountainous area where he found fire wood, His brain would have the same memory recall he had while his brain was cursed. The exact moments of when he slaughter his own wife and daughter just seemed to reply in front of them and all it did was piss him off.

Letting out that just bitter and frustrated, Regis all but just punched the closes solid object that was not moving, in this case a tree that just happen to be there. Not doing much to it since he was not trying to break it for more firewood.

"Why did I allow this to happen to me, Why them...why not just me alone who had to suffer."Regis mentioned kind of droning along with it and then would say."Would I have been better off a Madman? or dead?"Regis would continue on his way walking around to pick up lose pieces of wood to collect, Trying not to linger on his anger and what he did for his guilt alone had yet to leave, his madness had yet to sleep, Regis might not feel normal ever again until it sleeps.

#2Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Sat Oct 19, 2019 3:15 pm

Judith Karlinius
The one things about knowing how to travels in the wood is, Regis naturally learned it from his mother. The ever watching soul she was, finally picked up her eldest son was here, Far from the years since she had last seen her. Judith was lurking about and no too far away. Slowly taking her time walking towards that sound she heard, Judith was walking towards what she felt was her son Regis.

Just unsure how to go forward with talking to him after so many years and what happen. But Judith would take her time while she would walking towards that are Regis was at.

Normally to anyone else this might invoke fear, Judith did not seemed so scared of this encounter. She wondered if he would get made over her normal talks of fate and how it all worked.

Judith could tell that Regis was mad, his bitter yelling to nothing is how she picked up on him being around and alive, in some manner Judith's heart and mind swept over this reality being for her first born son. Such a fate she believed he would have was settled long a go. To being a happy father and husband much like the life she had still now.

Not this man who some how went mad and kill his own wife and daughter, But Judith was not mad about it. If anything she wanted Regis to get back on track with his life or do something new with it. Fate had been cruel and Regis had not found his way on the right path again. No standing too far away behind her son Judith seemed to quietly stare upon him while he was talking to himself. That normally happy and joyful face was changed to a bit of sadness and depressed, waiting for the right moment.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:35 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz left Era for a bit to do some training in the wilderness. A breath of fresh air from the hustle of the city.he enjoyed every bit of these passive moments. After he had worked up a sweat he breathed heavily and leapt into the trees. Finding one high and sturdy he laid across the branch and drifted away into his own world. He felt the gentle breeze rush over his face and the soothing chirp of birds was a rhythm to his heart. He was finding himself again, day by day.

A vibration suddenly rattled the tree. "whoa," he muttered softly to himself as his hands gripped the sides of the branch for balance. Below him a man was walking and he cried out into the seeming emptiness of the wild. It was hard to discern all the man had said, as kaz was just roused from his half slumber. But what he could tell was the tone of pain that rang within each syllable. He stood up on the branch and watched as the man walked away with arms full of wood.

The mage felt a heavy heart for the loneliness he saw. There was something about it that reminded him of himself. Out in the wild alone, trying to grasp whatever he could only to find nothing but anger and violence.

He dropped down from the branch near the man but kept a distance not to alarm the person. leaves and twigs crunched from his boots hitting the ground. It was a deliberate sound to let his presence be known.

"Hey, are you alright," he asked naturally. A question that had an obvious answer but it was meant for more an invitation to the man to speak his mind if he wanted to. Kaz held his hands up in the air at shoulder level to show that he was not an enemy. "It can be pretty rough out here," he gave a warm smile.

The wind mage was not aware of anyone else in the wooded are yet. All he knew was that he stood before a stranger in pain.

#4Regis Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Tue Oct 22, 2019 2:36 am

Regis Karlinius
Under the helmet Regis just seemed to fall quiet, He was judging Kazimir so rather quickly but Regis was vastly different then his sister and mother. "I've lived this style of life for a while now, At least I have my mind intact now days."Regis mentioned eventually quietly looked towards the sound of Kazimir's voice But seems Regis would kind of be at ease and some how settled. But Regis was not the type to be normally settled."I am only as okay, As only having the armor your wearing left in life."That was super sarcastic but to the point,But it almost did not seem like one.

"Most strangers, Either stare uncomfortably at me...You would be the first to raise his hands.."Regis took note of but still seemed rather bored of this already or lost in thought one of the two not being able to see his face it was hard to tell."I am fine anyway.."Regis was not but had to act like it only because he wanted that front to feel normal since it had been, Then again Regis did not do well with strangers, He assumed like more strangers they would just leave him alone because he was angry, bitter and alone.

Then looking around Regis then kind of thought aloud turning behind him like he was a bit more crazy that or something else was around. No one else."Is there some one else here! Show stop hiding!"Regis almost sounded delusional at this point with that. His movement was frantic looking around. It was seeming like he was paranoid, It was making him even more mad."These tricks and quiet hints are no game!" but it seemed no one else was around still, That way Regis was seeing things, But it seemed he was yelling at nothing, To so far silence and Regis just breathing heavily.

#5Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:43 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Kazimir was roaming about somewhere else for once, Judith took note of that but she had different and more pressing matters to deal with. That would be her eldest son Regis seemingly enraged in front of her. So none the less she had to kind of deal with this now.

So Judith would,  After all she was kind of fearless when it came to her own kin, Or most people depend on who you asked. So the mother she was seemed to step out from where she was hiding from which was not really too far away if anything she was a feet away.

His space pace mentions and almost annoyed conversation parts Judith knew very well that he had been through a lot. So she would finally speak up."I taught you much better then this Regis...."Judith tone of voice she sounded largely disappointed in him.

But walking to Regis then stopped in front of him, She some how managed to get Regis to kneel down and with resting his head upon her should and could be seen cradling him. Even quietly taking his helmet off. Slowly petting him upon his head trying to settle and comfort him.

To see a man in arm on his knees and just being comforting is a rather different situation. Judith did not feel much movement form Regis at this point, Just Judith having her arms around her son and gently petting him slowly. With his helmet off it was easy to be shown now that this was one of her children, After all Regis' hair was the same shade as Judina's blue hair."Settle now my eldest son, Bury your sadness here."Judith sounded sad about it and even seemed depressed and sounded sad as well, But Judith seemed to have the situation a bit under control. Judith would give Kazimir a casual glance while Regis seemed to not have a reaction yet."You have fought off your shame and pain for many years."Kazimir was now in another situation with Judith's family, She met another one of her children, Judina's eldest brother Regis, To say he looked grim and his story seemed to fit.

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:15 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Well if you say you're okay. But the wild is rough not because of how hard it is to survive. But of how lonely the nights can become. When only the wind whispers your name," he said. The man appeared to be having a rough spot in life. One that caused him to prefer solitude to the company of others. Kaz could understand that and there were times when that was needed. But for how long.

The man began to yell at seemingly no one. Kaz lowered his hands and clapped them together to feel the vibrations around him. He did feel the soft presence of another person. The armored man wasn't crazy, at least about this.

Kaz's eyes opened more as he saw Judith appear from the other side. Why was she here and wandering the wilderness? And what about her hurt leg? His eyes darted to where her injured leg was but she seemed to be doing okay. Kaz tilted his head in confusion. She spoke to the man and the name hung in the air. He remembered it, but from where. It suddenly struck him. It was Judith's son Regis. The one that had gone missing.

He took a step forward, but stopped, not wanting to intrude on the moment. Regis knelt down and they embraced one another. She slid his helmet off, revealing the similarities between the man and her other children.

Kaz gave a breathy sigh of relief and crossed his arms as he leaned against a tree. Kaz met Judith's gaze and nodded towards her with a smile that said he was glad she had found her son at last. It seemed the wind mage found himself caught up with this family where ever he went. but they had begun to grow on him. With Regis now back with Judith, the family could come together again.

He looked away as the two had their moment, his real reason for staying was to tell them both now that Judina was also on her way.

#7Regis Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:53 pm

Regis Karlinius
Just bring buried in these thought Regis finally just wondered aloud again, some how finally feeling at peace in some manner just said."What do I do now?"Sure he was bury in comfort of his mother still had that on his mind, After all it had been so long.

For Regis being this way for so long Regis seemed to have no idea where to continue at all, Or were to pick or restart his life, Nothing in his mind at all. the ties of despair and loneliness seemed to do this to a person."Everything gone.....Everything I have almost nothing left..."It might be a rather long moment between the three of them but then again for Regis it must of been almost feeling like it was a life had passed was that entirely different for him. Was he to chase a new life entirely now? Or would be force himself to be a hermit like at one point he considered. But Regis seemed to be trying to relax but only just kept himself stuck in these feelings.

He almost seemed a dead and gone like the armor he wore. It was a reflection of Regis for the moment because he did not have his own answers currently which seemed to bother him. being an empty shell voided of life maybe he was going to be stuck this way almost forever up until this point. Looking for an answer from some one else rather then what he could feel he could do might not be the best idea, But being lost as he was what he felt like was the only thing left for him. But he yet to have moved, Then again for good reason just slowly seemed to let it out, That lingering feeling of hopelessness, despair, pain and loneliness that built up seemed to at least be on hold with this moment.

#8Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Wed Oct 23, 2019 5:40 pm

Judith Karlinius
Just keeping herself quiet for the moment Judith just simply said to Regis."You have a life you can start new now, You can do whatever you wish to achieve or Do, For your whole even in the situation you have been in, has only just started."It seemed like the best advise for him. For the moment she did not have a lot of ideas

Judith at least woulf suggest a few things to him as well."You could do so many things, Find another partner in life, Join a guild, Become a Rune Knight..Your options are many."Judith mention even resting her head slightly against his. For the most part the part of high emotions seemed to over for them.

Judith eventually would just casually joke."Does the wind not enjoy the company of the clouds Kazimir?"The normal way Judith joked about things between them. Judith did not forget about the very fact he was here and most likely had his reasons for it."Or is affection one thing your not use too?" Then again Judith had something maybe equally as crude to say to him.

"Or do I need to hug you as well Kazimir? after all you seem like your uncomfortable with this moment."It was cruel but Judith trying to be her normal sweet and nice self at the same time. If anything Judith was a super masterful planner that way if it was effective. But even then if he refused it would not be a be a failure of a plan Judith expected him to say no. Nonetheless it seemed like a reasonable amount of time for the moment to not be super emotional and weird for Kazimir, Regis seemed to be settled, even with his questions and doubts, The quiet would be more strange now.

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:47 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The two were sharing a tender moment. Kaz stayed leaning against the tree and looked away to be polite. It was just to be polite as the tall dangerous looking man, may not want to be seen, kneeling and hugging his mother, by the eyes of a stranger. He was a broken down man but if anyone could snap him out of it, it was Judith. She was a kind mother that always harbored words of wisdom.

Kaz's ear perked up when she mentioned the rune knights. It was good place for anyone to find some new direction. Even this man. Stranger things have been known to happen, but he didn't interject.

At least not until Judith spoke to him. He smiled and pushed of the tree to take a step closer. "A squall must wait for the storm to pass." He met her joke with one of his own. He shrugged at the statement about affection, "I'm getting better. everyone enjoys the gentle breeze of summer but you can't spend your days chasing it endlessly."

"It is good to see you again Judith," he responded to her offer. He stepped forward and gave her a quick hug. One less about being consoled and more like a friend glad to see another. As he hugged her he whispered, "I found myself. Thank you." When they let go of the hug he stood with a calm in his eyes. There was still a seriousness but it was born from renewed determination.

"So this is him. The lost son," he said looking at the man once more. "I'm glad you were finally able to find him," he extended his hand to Regis, "I'm Kazmir. A friend of your mothers." It was an odd situation to be in. Mostly because of having run into both of them here.

"I see you're leg is doing better," he glanced down at her injured leg. "Oh! and before I forget. This is actually interesting. Judina is on her way here as well. I don't know when she will arrive though. But your family may be coming back together it seems. "

#10Regis Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:58 pm

Regis Karlinius
With a sign Regis kind of went back to what would be the normal Regis slowly getting back to how he was normally standing."I suppose maybe it is better I figure that out with so many choices."Regis sounded like he was back to normal. Regis did look for his helmet and picked it up but did not put it back on right away.

Turning around to face Kazimir. He let out a sigh."So, I guess since you know. Greetings I am Regis Marcus Karlinus."Even acceptingthe offer to shake Kazimir's hand, He sure was the lost son and a bit on edge but at least the teaching and manners of how he was raised seemed to be still there."My mother always seems to know a lot of people, It is interesting."Regis let out a small laugh about it.

Regis did seem like what would be a decent example of what you could picture Judith's husband and her youngest son too. Regis seemed older and clean in terms of having no hair on his face, But short hair.

Regis then seemed to be unsure of what to think of what was happening while he put that helmet back on."Last I saw my sister, I was just getting freed and cured from that madness curse I had...I am unsure what she would want if she saw me again..."Regis expressed a rather interesting point since he did not know. He was worried slightly which was easy for Regis to be."But I guess if the length of time is unknown I have options to figure out what to do from here."He seemed to be pacing around while he thought about it because he seemed to be wanting to make his choice now.

#11Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Fri Oct 25, 2019 2:35 pm

Judith Karlinius
There was always this humble smile on Judith's face no matter whom she was around even when getting a hug from Kazimir."Everything is always so spread out, upon the many roots with in the tree of life."Judith seemed to mine with such as casual glee about it.

Much like always with Judith it was normal for what it meant for because Judith understanding how Kazimir had been but also hinting at. Eventually Judith seemed to at least be content for the moment.

But speaking aloud she just said."I do wonder what is causing her to stay behind, It does seem odd for her to be lagging behind if she intended to be somewhere else."Which was a fair point. But Judith was also a just being her curious self.

Nonetheless she did not get to curious after that. but avoiding talking about her leg right away."The endless chase is the goal of everlasting sun if the heart leads towards it."How these two always just speak that way is the fun and delight to one another, At least that is how Judith felt of it."Even then, The settled sun does become the moon, The moonlight is just was nice to embrace as the sunlight."Judith mentioned as another part for this conversation.

But she would stop playing in figurative manners."I was a bit rash when searching out here, So..It might have not been the best idea."Judith said with a small smile on her face it was hint that maybe she did feel a bit of pain from walking on it still but with how she was it most likely was not much."I am sure i will make it back fine, just a wee bit slower then normal."How she was so casual was an natural wonder.

#12Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Sat Oct 26, 2019 8:57 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz shuck the man's hand as he seemed more passive now and showed the long years of manners instilled within him. "It's a pleasure. Your mother has a very interesting family it seems too." Kaz knew about the history that plagued the poor man but he didn't bring it up out of respect. There was no need to open those wounds.

"I am sure she just has some unfinished business to take care of there," he replied to Judith before turning to Regis, "I was able to speak to her briefly about it. I think she would just be happy to see you. Perhaps happy to see the family back together again."
They had had a talk about it at some length in Astera, but wanted Judi to be the one to say all that was in her heart about the matter.

The man began to pace, not wasting anytime in making his choice in life. Kaz took a half step towards him when Judith brought his attention back to her.
"The chase is the journey, walked along beams from the sun or the moon. Moonlight and sunlight shed their light on those that open their eyes to see. "He smiled at the metaphorical dance they had with one another. Always keeping their minds working in such a way felt as though it kept him sharp.

"Yeah, you came pretty far. How did you know he would be out here? And absolutely not. You should take it easy on that leg."
He rose his hand to the trees above them. A gust of wind whistled through the leaves and branches. A large beast appeared in the sky above and descended upon them, landing next to the three of them.

"My griffon can take you wherever you need to. But since we are here,"
He spoke so the both of them could here, "If you are family of Judith than I am sure you are an upstanding man. I'm headed to rejoin the rune knights. We'd love to have you if that's what you decide."

#13Regis Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Mon Oct 28, 2019 3:37 pm

Regis Karlinius
Regis seemed to at least Regis was settle enough and made his mind up rather quickly about it but seemed to have very little left in terms of the conversation beyond this point only because it just seemed like there was not much he really needed to stay, Regis was sure the more quiet type rather then his mother.

But he had time so to say."I guess with this conversation my mind is made up."At least Regis had a goal now, He can pick up the fallen pieces of life and move on. To forget the images of a nightmare before was something that felt almost like a curse for him.

Then again with their casual conversation Regis could not help and remark."Great another who can speak like her."Regis said sounding not super impressed about it."Hopefully father does not get super annoyed with that."Regis seemed to point out like he assumed it could be, his worry was not on what his own father would or could do him or he knew and would not speak of it.

The eldest son carried many crates. Many Regis seemed to had carried a few. It would be interesting to learn for Regis if Judith and Regis had different expectations for him in the past and now. Did it need to be brought up or anything.

Regis already seemed to be heading off and leaving the area already."I will at this point go join The Rune Knights. After all it was my dream even before what happen."Regis mention as a large hint about it. Most likely to his own mothers dismay and sadness but Regis seemed to be able to deal with it, Much like anyone in could try and deal with the past before him.


#14Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:01 pm

Judith Karlinius
Seemingly like she was partly trying to keep that part to herself Judith seemed to wait since Regis seemed to just quietly walk away already only remarking."I guess he will find his own way."She did not sounded super worried about and Regis even if Judith seemed to not answer right away. Regis most likely did not care either.

But she laughed about it slightly."My daughter having unfinished matters? I guess that should not shock me too much, She must really be working hard or dealing with something important."Judith sounded like she was trying to picture it or took strange amusement from it too.

Then again speaking in riddles and mystic manners, Judith would just end that part by saying."And the Dusk and Dawn are all the meetings in perfect symmetry." Judith said just to leave it at that, It was always so interesting then again Judith must not have a lot of people who spoke this way.

Letting out a sigh, Judith said."I would say a mother has her ways, But leaving a blanket over an already hidden mystery would be a bad idea."Which was true. In her eyes anyway then again she had trust in Kazimir.

So she would kind of just the casual mention."You hear talks and rumors of some being walking and living among themselves and avoiding contact with other and hearing they are in the part of town you are."Judith was not alluding that she followed a rumor very well."A few people in town mentioned some one was lurking about, Curious with how recent the citing was I came out here on a whim."A good whim and feeling mind you, Almost like she followed a lot of things for the sake of the risk to what she felt was right.

"I did not know it was Regis until I heard him speak, I forget my cane in a rush to follow a lead on what I was looking for."She would not deny that maybe it was a really horrible idea in her part. Judith quietly mention with a slight laugh."I do however realize how horrible it is returning to town might be." For her children not even pain and broken bone would stop her.

#15Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Tue Oct 29, 2019 7:10 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz shrugged at Regis' comment about him speaking like his mother. What could he say? There was an enjoyment in speaking in poetic terms. "When the wind blows strong enough it can be more exciting to ride it."

As quickly as they had met, Regis decided he was ready to leave. But before he did he left them with the idea that he would make his way to the knights. "Well then. I look forward to seeing you there. Travel safe." He had no idea how Judi would respond to her brother suddenly becoming a knight but it would be an interesting meeting to say the least.

"She is always engaged with something. We are working on a murder case. And of course things have been confusing since everything happened with the inquisition. There are lots of things to tidy up for all of us. Especially to get back into the knights."

She explained the big risk she took in following a rogue rumor and hoping for the best. But her intuition was spot on. It was a random choice but the perfect one to make. After all this time she had found her son.

"Well I wish you would be more careful about things. But I am very glad that you found your son. What will happen between the two of you now? and your husband with Regis?"
He had a lot more questions than that, but that may be the most pressing one to date. Although he wondered if she did reunite with any others.

"Did you reunite with your husband after having sent him the letter?"
he was worried if she had and if she did meet him he also wondered why he wasn't out with her now. WHo knows how much had changed in the time she had come down here.

"Don't worry Judith. I'll help you get back to town without as much pain as possible. You really should try to keep that cane with you,"
he smiled at her casually, keeping things light between them and not preaching at her about safety. "What will you do now?"

#16Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:12 pm

Judith Karlinius
Hearing of what her daughter is doing it only left her more curious you could tell Judith seemed to have a rather strong interest about it while hearing about it."So now she is lagging behind since your here? Or does she hope to search for something else alone?"Judith question but she was not digging into it largely."Unless aside from your rejoining, Your leads are to track the person you are seeking some where close by."Judith also mentioned so casually, But she expected him to dismiss it as work.

But when it came to her being more careful she seemed to slightly roll her eyes."Starting to worry like I will have to start calling you son or my son in law."She said however jokingly she had her reasons and way for her action."If you think I am that worrying, You should worry for the one who is much younger and in armor and has a short temper."With a causal wink about it Judith most likely had a point, Judina might be the same way too.

But there were main and other question to go over. She would get too but first giving Kazimir a hug for worrying about her so. Guess Judith in her older age, Still acted and seemed to be so full of youth and whimsical."I hold no rage or hate towards Regis for what happen to him...I have cried far too many tears to feel that over his wife and daughter."So Judith was understanding and dealt with her feelings all too long ago.

So then it came to that next part. Which Judith chuckled about it again."You ask so much for some one not my family wanting to know, You are leaning close to that in law title more and more unintentionally Kazimir." People could wonder how much Judith could tease one person but Judith found joy in it, But was also doing it for a reason to gauge something.

But she would stop just playing around with such a conversation since it was kind of a thing of Judith to do and realize."Anders was the one who took me here and learned of my broken my leg here, I did not tell him why I wanted to be here."Judith mention she was a woman of many secrets which would not shock Kazimir it was an interesting part of Judith."I have not told him about Regis yet, For I do believe his mind will remain unchanged."There was hope to this part at least.

"But I plan on writing him a letter to come here and talk about this situation, I think if there is anyone who could talk my husband into not killing his eldest son it could be I most likely."Judith to mention so normally could piece together that Judith had this in mind as a plan.

The slightly childish and whimsical nature Judith then asked."How many more questions do you intend to ask me Kazimir?"Not like Judith would be hiding anything that she would be planning"Write a letter to Anders, Have him come to Era, Talk to him..Then wait for Judina...Maybe tea, Food and sleep between."For a rather simple woman she sure kept herself super busy, Could wonder how she kept track all of it."Anything else you wish to ask me, You could ask while I try to remember my cane was and maybe experience how you wish to get me back to the city."It was so normal for her at this point.

#17Kazimir Seiryu 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Thu Oct 31, 2019 4:55 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"I'm sure she'll be here before long. The wind moves swifter than the earth after all. But Coming here was to use the knights resources in the headquarters to assist with the investigation." He thought about whether he should tell Judith everything about the situation or not. She may not even care about the minute detail but it was an investigation her daughter was a part of and Judith moved around so much that she may have an idea.

"We are searching for someone who wears purple.  lady that I've encountered before,"he decided it couldn't hurt to let her know.

Kaz smiled back at her jest, "Maybe your family is starting to grow on me. But I can worry for both of you...but Judi isn't the one with an injured leg right now," he smirked back.

She suddenly hugged him again and he returned the gesture. It was something that was much different than Judina.

It was good to hear she held no rage and that her and her son could reconcile. However it was when she brought up the idea of son-in-law that cause Kaz to scratch the back of his head with a chuckle, "oh. Sometimes I don't realize and get a little carried away. Wind mages ya know." He wasn't sure if she was joking or if any part of that statement had a hint of truth to it. All he could do was smile with a nervous chuckle.

Thankfully she changed the topic but she was ever mysterious. There was always something she kept within or clouded.

"You are the woman he loves so you are best suited to reach out to his better nature. I hope that conversation goes well and you are able to. Its a shame to have division in a family," he said but thought it ironic considering he sought to end his own.

She then brought up about his rapid series of questions again. Kaz cleared his throat and straightened his jacket with a small smile, "You're right, I have asked you a flurry of questions," he put one hand on his hip the other hand dangling at his side.

"Then again I so seem to keep falling into your families affairs, but, he made eye contact with her. "I don't think I have any more. For now any way," he said with a small laugh.

"Oh yeah, let's get out of this forest I suppose," he gestured towards the griffon that could fly them both at least back to the edge of the forest. "Or if that is not comfortable for you,"he said, offering her his arm to lean on so they could walk out together. "I'm afraid all the questions that I really want to know are well hidden from my hears and eyes."

#18Judith Karlinius 

Until It Sleeps.(Open) Empty on Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:07 am

Judith Karlinius
When Judith heard that part she lifted her hair up slightly after all Judith had part hair and wore a few things purple."I would hopefully assume, I am not this person."It was light lavender purple but it was purple."After all I have nothing to do with murders, I have no reason too."With that blunt joke it was more her making sense for the moment but this part Judith would mention something helpful, Even keeping in her own mind she would kill anyone who killed her children or family.

it seemed to part some memory in her."In my curious search with in the rumor mill for Regis, Talks of a dark purple haired lady was around looking at houses for unknown reason."This would be a clue for Kazimir, Judith just happen to hear in chance since sometimes rumor mills were interesting."However often when people tried to ask where exactly she was, They mentioned she seemed to disappear easily."Judith sounded like she was curious about how, Even if she had her own ways.

Judith however seemed to leave at that."We all sometimes grow attached to people unexpectedly."With that Judith would get on with Kazimir since it was a lot more simple."It would get you to ponder, Does the wind carry object of caring and kindness or despair and need?"The the joy words.

But with for now."Only for now? Makes me ponder upon my mind what else would be for you to learn or wish to know?"Then again it would turn to a story from Judith."I understand that about some more thoughts and questions."Judith still had many sometimes."We are all but curious beings still."

It would be an interesting conversation to start while starting to fly."I often have a few I wish answered, What would my granddaughter be like if she were alive today?"Regis' life was still of importance to her, even if grim."the cherry blossom pink hair like his wife's, the every smiling moments of joy."But she would continue on to the next child so to say.

"What else Judina wishes to achieve aside from knight hood, For I am sure even she does not know herself..."That was a easy thing to ponder.

"If Waylon and Arisa are doing okay. After all I am sure they are both are alive and safe, Waylon is most like at Fairy tail drinking tea.Arisa hiding away some where to herself"At least it was all a lot less grim and sad feeling.

"Even sometimes when you dig into the past you wonder if some people you have seen are still around even if you don't know much about them."It was a twist that had no reason to it, there was something about this however you could easily pick up why Judith cared so much about it."So many years when Myself and Anders were visiting the graves of Regis's wife and daughter..I noticed there was the grave keeper there planting purple roses and white roses."pausing to think for a moment."Upon asking why he was planting them to the graves next to one I was visiting, All I heard was for many years the last remaining member of that family would often come by ask them to plant these roses over their graves. I forget the full last name, But it started with the letter I....I often wonder what happen to that family....if flowers are still there."It was interesting for sure, Judith was thinking aloud about it but it was an interesting part of the things she seen.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz gave a small laugh, "I don't know, a purple haired mage, you certainly could fit the description," he joked back.

"But, no. I have a pretty good idea of who I'm looking for. A woman named Priscilla." It was no use in concealing all the details. Judith could be a great help with the search.

"A lady that was around here," Kaz put his hand to his chin and paced a few steps. "Could she really be here? That does sound like her. Mysterious and aloof. But why would she need a home. I suppose that could be a good place to begin the search when Judina arrives."

He looked back at Judith, "Thanks. That info helps a lot. We didn't have anything to go on really."

Kaz helped her onto the griffon. "The wind carries all things," he replied to her joyful tone as she got situated onto the back of the griffon. The beast shuck its body as it adjusted to the new rider.

The griffon crouched and got ready to take flight. Kaz looked over his shoulder at Judith, "What I want to know is a question I've already asked. And one that you've already evaded. The mystery of your youthful life," he gave a comforting smile, "But I won't pry."

"I think it is a natural thing to be curious as well. I'm sure your granddaughter would have been filled with joy," he said as the griffon took off. A gentle gust shooting downward from its wings pushing off.

They rose above the trees to overlook the land. "Judi. We talked about a lot of things. She does seem to be trying to find herself. Find some different balance between a personal life and work," kaz wouldn't go into all the details. They were not his feelings to share. But knowing Judith she could assume her daughter was probably searching for what Judith had always wanted for her. Judith may even pick up on the fact that Kaz said Judi now instead of Judina.

"I nearly forgot about Waylon and Arrisa. You do have a large family. You seem to worry for them the least. Maybe they are the least troubling of the bunch." It made since after all since Judith and Waylon were in the same guild and could find out about each other easier.

The conversation suddenly changed. One about the past something far off that connected to the present. "A grave keeper huh? Interesting. You know you never talk about Regis' wife's side of the family. Were they a family of importance in the area? Perhaps...something to look into. have you thought of going back and tracking that grave keeper down?"

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Judith Karlinius
It was just that moment Judith would at least say one thing that might be something a bit unexpected generally if it was truly that part Judith said."If that tale your truly wish to know, You would have to be family. Even then that information if you even learn must never be leaked out into the world nor should you judge whatever information it was."a different turn but such a thing Judith seemed to value, The fact she sounded a more secretive and rather serious about it too might have had to do with it."So maybe after becoming a son in law could I finally speak to you about that Kazimir." So he now had a way if he truly wanted that out of Judith.

But back to the normal mother everyone who seemed to meet her started to enjoy."I do intend to, I do know where they are...as for that part of Regis' family. They have never blamed us and forgive Regis long a go but never have spoken to us since....But as saddening as it is I will never be upset by it."Judith left it at that since nothing else really needed to be said about it. It was kind of proof of what could break a family a part.

So Judith would mention it to him."Unless you wish to meet my husband and join the conversation I have with him, why not try to look for this Priscilla lady since you have a lead?"Judith posed it to him  it seemed like a decent idea. Even if they were flying on back to town it would be simple to find a spot for her to be on her way and so search himself."Unless there is a reason why you need Judina with you."

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Kazimir Seiryu
He turned his head to glance at her over his shoulder, for a moment believing she was about to tell him. The wind rushed across his face. Judith let that hope sleep away into the unknown giving only one way for the knight to find out the secret. "I see. Well, I'll just hang around your family a bit longer then." it was a light-hearted response.

"Hmm, oh," he looked forward again when she mentioned being a son-in-law. "Well...son-in-law is the only way?" He asked with nervousness and cleared his throat, at how forward she was being and wondered if there was some motive behind what Judith was saying. Then again she made things fairly apparent when they had first met about her feelings on certain matters.

With her answer about the other family, it seemed that the topic was a good one to move on from. What was done was done and nothing could be done about it. A settled matter as much as it could be.

She posed a good question. He was already here and could easily just begin it without her. But then again there were a few things that held him back from it. Her last comment made him smirk.

"There are a couple reasons. I'd like Judi with me because it is more her mission than mine. We found the body and the suspect is someone I know that kills criminals. So for me," he paused not knowing how Judith would take what he was about to say. "For me, I have no reason to spend a lot of time going after someone who is taking out criminals when I could be stopping other criminals. Only when she murders innocents will she get more of my attention.
he just admitted to letting vigilantes run free.

"But Judi wants to make sure that the man is a criminal and track it down. It was a good chance to find time to come back here for the knights. And it gave the both of us some direction."

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Judith Karlinius
It would most likely drive the point in with this."Son-in-law would be the only way, Even then you would still have to tell no one, I attempt to tell Judina a part of it and she wondered if I was trying to trick her or lie to her."Judith mention it, So maybe there was a lot to it.

But Judith would turn back to normal at that point."It is the only boundary I have with part of me, For even brightest of souls have a shadow to them, Some things can make the most vocal singers quiet."Judith still had fun with it even if she was kind of keeping one thing to herself."Anders knows, Arisa knows, My sons do not and Judina does not believe me."Maybe that gave Kazimir some insight about what just what she was hiding a way.

Judith then seemed to mention to Kazimir just to leave that in the air."Blind faith in vigilant is a balance of of a blade, a balance of hope and belief with what you think they will do, With stubbornness and risk that they could go beyond reason with out limits."Judith mentioned but she would follow it up."If you believe you believe and hope she will stop after just criminals, I will not judge you for I am not of the law...I am a mere humble mother and caring soul."but Judith was internally worried about how that would work."I won't ask you to protect Judina from this woman for if she truly isn't dangerous no harm will become of her."She partly was trying to throw away that worry too."Just keep in mind the risks you leave open with such a situation...but no just for the rune knights but everyone around them too."

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I see. Well then, you certainly drive a hard bargain. It must be something serious if Judi didn't even believe it," that fact only made it more curious as to what it could be. But being a son-in-law was something she had brought up a few times already. Was she really trying to imply something between Judi and him? Either way, Judi would choose whatever path she wanted and the wind mage let the thought drift away.

"I agree. There are things we all keep behind the doors in our minds. Kept away from others. It's good that whatever it was, you were able to confide in some about it," he could see a little better how important that secret was to her. Kaz himself kept things from others, possibly multiple things depending on what they were.

"I've also kept things from people. Still, do...with some things." He thought about the few things he kept from others. The nature of his magic and most of his youth he avoided talking about at length.

"It is hope that I have. Hope that someone that seems to be lost to something they struggle to control will find a way to push past it. be able to tame whatever instincts are unchecked for now. Thanks for not judging me,"
he added. He respected her opinion but even if her words came to pass judgement on him, he would stand true to his belief.

"I think it comes from a life spent without having someone like you in it. Maybe you should meet her sometime," he said mostly as a light-hearted passing phrase.

"No need to worry. I've already decided to protect her if it came to it," Kaz shuck his head as he rode the griffon, "Unfortunately I think Judi may try to arrest her regardless and if that happens there may be a fight. But I'll do what I can to...mitigate that."

It was undeniable that there was a risk in letting her go to all those around. Judith was right to worry about that. "It is a risky. But if I don't take a risk to appeal to people's better nature...well I'd rather live a life that gave the possibility of redemption and change. Plus," he paused for a moment.

"I'm not a human anymore. Not completely. So sometimes I wonder what my role in this world is. If I have the right to judge others, to bring them to justice. So I've decided to keep living as I have been. To do what I feel is right and to give humanity the benefit of the doubt. The chance for progress and change."

They were getting closer to the city now. The edge of the forest could be seen in the distance but was stil sometime ahead of them.

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Judith Karlinius
The more interesting part would at least be said by Judith."Keep in mind she never learned the part where by I would have told her that we are descendants of elves as well."It was the harmless part to mention so Kazimir gained something from Judith still keeping something locked away."I had just wanted to get the part she did not believe out of the way first."And with that it seemed to be almost at the end for the possibly of learning more.

But the advise is always the helpful part."A key to a good partner is a one who you could tell such things too in faith and they would not walk away from you."Judith could give advise only because Anders would be a shining example of it."Counts towards friends as well, The fear of opening up is a vast limiter."given she did not play around it, This was more serious advise.

But maybe it is just Judith finally believing Kazimir had a family to be comfortable with, With out Judith adopting another child into the family."It is that kind of mind set that makes your soul shine bright, Almost as bright of the dawning of a new day."Judith was giving Kazimir some credit in something.

Even now this next part would prove a point to Kazimir something that she wondered if Kazimir picked up yet."The best of partner of the ying and yang of one another. The anchor to the boat, The sun to the moon."Or Judith was having fun with it too."To the stubbornness of my daughter, Could be tamed by you if keep your mind open if such a situation happens."Judith was encouraging him in some manner too, But with in advise that was helpful.

To that Judith seemed to smile."To a Karlinus who has seen many things, You hide not being human, Do you think I fear that isn't human?"That and pointing out that her family line had elves somewhere at one point that statement was an given."All Karlius' won't care if human or not...if we feel it is fight we embrace what life has before us."Judith then would finally ask."If you are not going after Priscilla, Are your going to sit in with my conversation with my husband? Or is my knowing my family getting overbearing?"The sticking around part was serious but the second part could easily be shown as a joke.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Wait what? Elves?" A sudden realization that brought an air of confusion to him. "I've never met any. Didn't know that any still existed even if it is a distant relation. That does explain some things." It was clear there was a lot more to the story but he wouldn't ask anymore. That information alone must be a well-kept secret.

"I can see how that would be hard to believe. But then again the world is filled with wonderous and mysterious things." if demons, angels, vampires, and werewolves were running around, then why not elves.

"Always a wise woman Judith. Maybe one day I'll have a partner like that. Until then, I do have a growing list of people I'm comfortable enough with and trust. that goes for you too ya know, he added with a chuckle. She spoke about secrets being a limiter in friendships so he would casually jest that she harbored a secret from many people friends included.

"Thank you for the compliment. Your gentle soul was a good help to me when I was finding my path." She had seemed to show up at the right time when they met in Astera and Kaz was pleased that they met again now that he was more in tune with himself.

"Oh Uh...uhm. Well...I hadn't thought of any of that," he stammered a bit having been caught off guard by Judith's sudden drop in poetic speak and chose a more blunt approach to getting a point across about her daughter. Tamed was a word that twinged the back of his neck. "I don't know if she wants to be tamed. But regardless of what happens, I believe we will be there for each other."

"I suppose a family of elves and one who has seen as much as you, my not being human isn't an issue at all. It's just been something I think about when engaging with the world now." he was more concerned with how he fit into the world. However, it was nice to know that even now he had a place and a group of people he could be safe with.

"I suppose I've met most of the members of your family already, why not another. But I don't want to intrude if you wish to speak with your husband alone, I will get things ready for tracking down Priscilla with your daughter. or perhaps tracking her down first just to be safe. And keep Judi out of any potential trouble. It could be faster if I went ahead and eliminated her as a suspect."

It was something he was running out of time in pondering but invited Judith to give her opinion on the matter. She knew her daughter far better than Kaz did.

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