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Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi]

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Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Oct 30, 2019 3:16 am


"Hundreds of souls who are coated in the blood of others, it is just impossible to pass up. I will sacrifice them all to my God!" Yumi remarked freely as a strong blood lust leaked from her body. She was partially ignoring the fool who dared to intrude on them. Kazimir had acted in time-saving the blood-stained cake and placed it on a nearby windowsill keeping it out of harm's way.

Yumi roared with blood-filled laughter as the vagrant fired the axe towards her, towards in holy energy. An unbelievable amount of demonic energy poured out from her tiny body as if a giant dam had broken loose allowing a torrent of water loose to flood the lands. Lightning erupted from her tiny body engulfing her in a brilliant yet violent golden aura. The axe became encased in lightning as Yumi swung it freely with one hand. The axe flew into the path of the incoming arrow and smashed into it right on the tip. A loud crack echoed before the arrow split and was shattered from the blow.

"You are a fool to face I the Witch of Carnage! Allow me to show just why I have reigned supreme as the most terrifying Witch for the last seventy years!" Yumi roared as lightning sparked between her eyes. Lightning erupted from the lolita's feet as she kicked off the ground with her right foot and was propelled forward crossing the distance between her and the vagrant as he rolled. Predicting his path Yumi closed in on him instantly changing direction.

Raising the axe up high Yumi closed in on the man as he was pushed towards her by Kazimir. A pair of bat-like wings sprouted from her back tearing apart the fabric of her gothic clothing exposing the pale white of her back. A long black tail with a heart-shaped tip grew out from beneath her skirt raising it ever so slightly. Black bled into her eyes as the lolita grew a set of menacing horns that sprouted from each temple. Yumi had gained a truly demonic appearance to mimic her race.

The axe came down in one swift motion. The weapon transformed into a blur as it was brought down. Blood sprayed through the air as the axe slashed diagonally down from the vagrant's right shoulder to the left of his hip. A deep wound was left in his body, half of the vagrant's shoulder had been split open and one could see clearly through the giant gash in it.

Without a second to recover, Yumi's right heel crashed into the Vagrant's stomach. The flesh was struck as blood sprayed from the vagrant's mouth as he went flying across the sweet shop. Yumi had possessed enough strength to send a fully grown adult flying through the air. The vagrant crashed through chairs and tables landing in a bleeding heap against the far left wall with a loud bang.

"Is that it? With all the bravado I had expected you to have a little more stamina to keep up with me." Yumi appeared disappointed as she threw her axe onto her back. Raising her right hand, Yumi made a gun shape with the index finger aimed towards the Vagrant. Lightning began to cackle at her fingertips as a sphere of lightning was created.

"I offer this unfortunate soul to my great Lord Malum! Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! May your soul be forever tormented as you give Malum strength!" Yumi said a prayer, her voice wasn't loud but it carried throughout the entire sweet shop. Without another word she fired, releasing a 10cm sphere of pure electricity. The bullet flew through the air and was aimed to pierce through the Vagrant's skull.


1697/1750 Mana (30% mana deduction)

Thunder Step: D Rank

Name: Lightning Bullet
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Lightning Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect:  The user points a finger towards a target and fires 10cm diameter ball of lightning that shoots forward to deal C rank damage on impact.  Spell is able to be cast each post dealing damage spell damage each time.

#27Kazimir Seiryu 

Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:22 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Her words rang even more dark in the ears of the knight. It was a deafening sound of horror she thought to bring onto the world. One that he could not stand idly by as it happened.

There chat brought to a stand still from the intruder. Yumi erupted with lightning and flung her axe to swat away the meager magical attack from their enemy. He could see what the power was she could wield now. A truly fearsome woman.

With another burst of lightning she shot forward to intercept the man as he evaded the burst of wind. Her true form was shown to him now, with wings, horns and tail springing to life. Living up to the name of carnage that she brought.

Kaz stood calmly and in the same spot. Seeing her ferocious attack he knew there was no need for him to bring anymore pain upon the man. he was sent flying into the wall behind with not even enough energy to scream in pain. The crossbows still clutched in his hands as blood pulled in his mouth and overtook his tongue.

She jeered the man and with his one remaining arm he rose the crossbow only an inch off the ground as his hand feel limp. His eyes shot, knowing what fate awaited him. He gurgled out , words without discernment. Most likely cursing the witch woman.

Kaz stood by with his hands folded in front of him and held by his waist. The lightning reflected in his eyes. He had no sympathy for the man nor would he attempt to save his life. In fact the mage would have killed him too if it came to it, but Yumi saw fit to indulge in her blood lust.

The bullet shot straight through the man's skull. It left behind a burned and charred hole where his face once was.

"Well, I take it you have satisfied your desire for blood," he looked around the shop and their was surprisingly few things destroyed aside from the long row of chairs and tables.

"There could be more of them around. There are those that would see Nephilim severed from the world too," he handed her the saved piece of cake. "An impressive show. I can see that you live up to all the stories."

"We can stay here and take our chances on others arriving or move somewhere...less conspicuous?" He asked as he suppressed the wind around him and his holy aura.


Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Oct 31, 2019 2:40 am


With a pout Yumi walked up to the corpse, appearing disappointed that things had ended so quickly. Crouching down by the corpse, Yumi reached out and stained her hands in the vagrant's blood. She then began to write something on the wall beside him in his own blood. She wrote out her epithet the 'Witch of Carnage' In large blood-red letters. Afterwards, Yumi began using the man's own blood to draw the symbol of Malum around his corpse. Yumi no longer planned to hide her allegiance and was letting everyone know just who was responsible for the act of murder and what god she worshipped.

"Why would I want to leave if there is the chance of more coming?" Questioned the lolita as she stood up and turned to face Kazimir, both hands stained crimson red and dripping with fresh blood. Yumi eyed the Nephilim as he approached, offering her the cake he had saved. Taking it in her bloodstained hands she sat it on the window behind her. "I have never feared any man or woman, even while I was a human. If they wish to come for my head so be it. But it is they who will feel terror for the mistake they have made for crossing my paths!"

Yumi seemed by nature to be an incredibly violent person, displayed by her actions. The lolita was quick to act, shown by how swiftly she had dispatched the vagrant, attacking without a second thought, showing no signs of retreat. With one decisive action, she struck the hunter, lashing out violently with her axe to deliver a fatal blow before finishing him off with a spell.

"This has put me in a rather joyous mood." Raising a hand the contract she had signed flew over into her hands where the lolita caught it. "One hour. Stay out of my business for one hour and I'll gladly remove your clan for you." Yumi had changed the terms of the contract. Fire erupted on the contract as some of the words changed realigning themselves to reflect the sudden change.

Yumi appeared calm as day even as loud shouting could be heard outside. It seemed the commotion had finally drawn the attention of the forces stationed in Era. From the number of voices outside, it seemed it wasn't just a handful who were coming to investigate.

"You better decide soon. Company is coming and I can't guarantee my hands won't get itchy." Bloodlust reflected in those deceptive crystal red hues. It seemed killing the Vagrant had awoken the beast within the demon as her urge to kill was rising. Once the beast was awakened the Lolita would slaughter freely it didn't matter if it was man, woman, child, rune knight, holy knight, or the town militia, Yumi would kill them all.

#29Kazimir Seiryu 

Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Oct 31, 2019 6:05 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stood back with his arms crossed as the witch marked the walls with the dead man's blood. "Don't like a very subtle approach do you?" He remarked in a calm tone. "Its always blood...always."

She spoke like a woman ready and yearning for a fight. Seeing the blood drip from her hands ti sent his mind back to the blood of his clansman that dripped from his own. It sparked the spirit within him, and roused a desire for combat. He blinked and stilled his soul, as he looked out the window. It was clear to see a flicker of fight in his eyes.

"I suppose if they are here to take the life of a deamon and a nephilim then they are just as much my problem. One better to deal with now than later," a more serious ring in his voice now as he peered at the deadman. He turned away and lifted one of the fallen chairs and then sat in it.

"I have never been one for subtlety. My magic doesn't call for it," and it was true. His magic was almost entirely destructive force and he had finally come to accept that.

Yumi summoned the contract to her and amended it. Only asking for one hour now. She was still not content with just the offering of the land and the souls of his clansman.

"A generous offer," he stood and crossed over to her. "But I can't accept standing aside while that happens...however," he nodded toward the man laying dead on the wall. "They will keep coming. Men to kill other wordly beings. You're strong, no doubt. But I've seen the immense power of Nerva and there may be more like him. I don't doubt your strength or that you are more than capable of surviving but no need to make life harder than it needs to be."

He looked at the contract and then back to Yumi, "Our paths are opposed and let them stay that way if they must. New offer. We agree not to try to kill each other. Regardless of how things go and turn out. Nephilim and Deamon. And make sure these hunters don't end our kind," with everything that was happening recently it was clear that whatever was in the future, meant something big for Earthland and both of their kind.

He stood with his hand outstretched, curious as to what she would think, or if she would just find it amusing. The steps grew louder outside, but what was coming didn't sound like the marching formations of the knights.

He didn't want her hands getting to itchy to bring death but then again that may be just what they needed. "I'd prefer  for us to just sneak away. But the people that are coming don't sound like the usual formation the knights would use," his implication was clear. It was someone worse than some haphazard mages.


Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:04 am


"Subtlety I no longer care for the art. I have one desire now and that is to no longer hide who I am, what I am or who I worship. The Holy Knight's no longer are a threat to me." Yumi used to hide her identity keeping who she worshipped a secret for fear of being discovered and hunted. But now with her return, she cared less about it and would freely admit it.

"Very well, then I'll simply take what belongs to your clan. But do not blame me if end up dead for interfering in my affairs." Yumi spoke casually as she looked Kazimir in the eyes as he approached. She was much shorter than the Nephilim but it didn't take away from the demon's fierce disposition. The contract was tossed towards the Nephilim to catch and sign at his own discretion. It didn't really matter to her if he didn't sign it, she could simply hunt down his clan for her own needs.

"Very well, I suppose I can accept the terms and not kill you. But don't think I will hold back if you interfere. I won't be responsible if you are mutilated." Yumi seemed to accept not killing each other agreement. There was only a handful of Nephilim ad Daemon's left in the world, it wouldn't do for their kind to go extinct, not that Yumi cared. If she was killed her soul would simply be summoned back to Malum and reforged. With blood-stained hand, Yumi shook the offered limb to seal the deal between them. Though it would only truly be sealed once Kazimir signed the contract. To reflect this new bargain the contract lit up as its text changed once more.

"Leave if you want. But be sure to sign the contract. In the meantime, I plan to have a little more fun." Yumi showed no fear as she turned to face the entrance of the sweet shop. Hand went to her axe drawing the giant weapon and smashed the blade into the floorboards. The encroaching sounds were coming closer the voices were becoming more distinct.

"Holy Knights of Illumin show these fiends no mercy! Let us cleanse the land of their presence!"

A vicious smile began to spread across the daemon's lips. The mere mention of Holy Knights had sparked the devil inside of her. Wings grew out from her back once more as she transformed into a literal daemon. Launching off the ground, Yumi darted towards the entrance of the shop. She was going to take the initiative.

"Feel free to escape while I distract them. If not sit and enjoy the show." Roared the demonic lolita as she dashed out of the shop and into the open. A large crowd had gathered outside, surrounding the front of the shop in three half-moon lines were a large battalion of Holy Knights. The number of foes came close to thirty. Right at the back on a horse appeared to be their commander, a middle-aged man wielding a long halberd.

Yumi launched herself right towards the centre of the formation catching them off guard. The massive battleaxe cut through the air as it slammed into a Knight's shield. The shield dented and collapsed inwards as the force sent its owner flying backwards into his own comrades.

"Lightning Eruption!" The demonic lolita shouted loudly as a surge of lightning erupted violently from her body. Lightning poured out creating a violent thunderstorm that expanded away from the daemon consuming a four-metre diameter area. Screams echoed out as the lightning engulfed the Holy Knight's around the demon roasting them alive. Laughing evilly Yumi raised her axe towards the commander in the distance.

Yumi slashed the giant axe downwards aiming it at the commander in the distance. A large magical circle covering an eight-metre area appeared beneath the middle-aged Knight. The circle expanded covering a large ground as thunder roared. The sky darkened before a giant bolt of lightning shaped like a giant sword blade descended. The blade covered the entire eight-metre area striking down with deadly force.

Not only was the commander caught up by the attack but a number of his men surrounded him were too. Launching into the fray as the lightning died down, Yumi landed atop the horse as it collapsed and swung her blade. Blood sprayed out like a fountain, covering her from head to toe as the commanders head was removed. Leaping off the horse, Yumi landed in a crouched position. The enemy formation had been broken as they rapidly tried to regroup. Their numbers had been swiftly cut in half and their commander killed.

"I..I...I..Its the Witch of Carnage!" The Vice Commander screamed out in terror, he was shaken from the death of his commander and only now realised who they were fighting. He thought she had died two years ago but the rumours were false.

"OH, so you know of me. What a pleasure. May Malum have mercy on your soul, for I won't!" Yumi responded, gripping her axe tightly she shot forward. An aura of fear erupted out from her body covering a large area inducing fear and panic. The Holy Knight's morale dropped as they became scattered. Taking advantage of the situation Yumi began her slaughter. Limbs and blood sprayed everywhere as intestines spilled out onto the ground. The demon made short work of the ground and soon was stood in a large pool of blood. Bloodstained the surrounding buildings as corpses resided around her.

"N...Noo plee..." One of the Knight's tried to plead for his life but was quickly silenced as an axe slammed down into his head.

"Pleading for your life how pathetic." Lifting the giant blood-covered battleaxe Yumi threw it onto her back where it came to rest.


1487/1750 Mana (30% mana deduction)

Name: Lightning Eruption
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Lightning Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 4.05 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: With a verbal command the user gathers lightning around their body an unleashes it over a 4m diameter area around them in bright white light and yellow lightning. Everything within the area will be struck by a devastating lightning storm, the lightning will shock whatever it touches. Deals B rank damage.

To avoid damaging themselves the spell is activated up to 5cm away from the user's body and expands outwards.

Name: Tenraiken (Heaven's Lightning Sword)
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Lightning Magic
Type: Text
Element: Text
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user slashes down with a limb, or a weapon if they should wield one, in a target direction. A large magic circle will appear designating the area and is over 8m in size.

Lightning cackles in the air travelling at max spell speed to reach its destination After taking the necessary time to travel lightning will descend on the user's target location shaped like a giant sword blade that covers an 8m diameter area. The lightning blade descended from above and deals A rank damage over its area of effect.

By pointing a hand straight up at the sky or down at the ground the blade can descend directly on top of the caster. This will also damage the caster.

#31Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz caught the contract as she tossed it to him. She agreed to the terms, albeit probably begrudgingly. She was shorter than him but her strength and domineering presence made it seem like she was taller.

"Likewise. if we stand in each other's way, I won't hold back either," he let his gaze pierce into her own. But he was pleased to know that even though she sought to spread carnage she could appreciate the idea of not completely eradicating each other. At least for the moment. Kaz shook her hand and then wiped the blood on a cloth that was nearby.

The demoness walked towards the doorway without fear. "You know I can't just let you tear through the town," it was said more like an annoyance than a threat. He tucked the contract into his jacket, still waiting to sign it until after this madness had all ended.

Kaz sighed as he heard the Holy Knight's decree from outside. He knew what this meant. Their mere presence would unleash the...before his thought finished, Yumi turned into a full demon, "Wait,"he called out as he reached for her but she was already gone. Throwing herself headfirst into the field of battle.

Kaz stepped towards the door and shielded his eyes from the bright flash of light from the eruption of lightning that filled the area. He only heard her laughter through a field of charred bodies. He opened the door and walked out, not caring about the deaths of the holy knights but worried that this would spill out of control.

it was a horrific sight. More Knights rode in for a second wave. Kaz heard the screams from civilians in their homes and hiding in their places of work. So this is what she was. A deamon he had considered making a deal with.

His eyes flashed white as wrath and anger swelled within him. He walked out onto the battlefield as Yumi no doubt heard the hooves of more riders coming in.

Kaz stepped in the newly arriving holy knights path. "I'll take care of this. You'll only die and make things worse," his voice was cold as wind trailed at his feet.

"We know that Indigo hair and magic. You too are wanted for desecration of a holy site, freeing a prisoner, and assaulting knights," The holy knight announced.  Kaz hoped that Yumi was to caught up to hear that he had freed prisoners in the past. But the knights now stood ready to take him in.

Kaz made a quick circle with his arms and an 8-meter diameter storm of wind engulfed the holy knights and sent then unconscious and crashing to the ground.

The new group had been dispatched of and kaz looked over just as Yumi was about to strike down another knight. In the distance terrified civilians watched the massacre. The axe came down and kaz shot up a gust of wind around them, kicking up debris and blood to obscure them from sight.

"That's enough Yumi," he said as he approached the demon woman. He walked ready for battle if it called for it, until he stood before her. The wind rustling his clothes and hair. He could almost still hear the crying and fear through the howl of the wind. It faded his thirst for battle and the demon sheathed her ax.

Through the wind he knew they were on their way now. The rune knights. If they arrived she would throw herself into battle again. Killing his comrades and terrifying the people. If they fought it would only bring havoc upon them as well. Their magic was both too untamed for a confrontation that wouldn't bring in bystanders. He had only one choice.

The white angelic presence in his eyes subsided along with his urge to fight. He stopped a few steps from her with his hands at his sides and a calm expression but one that held hesitation.

"More will come and you don't plan on stopping do you?" he paused but already felt like he knew her answer. "You came for a peaceful day here. And if I recall there was something else you wanted."

He took of the scarf that he wore and extended it to her, "Stop this. Conceal yourself so we can sneak away...and in exchange. You said it had been two longs years since you've had the company of another. Carnal flesh I believe you said. Spare this town any more bloodshed this day...and you shall have me this night, unless I can dissuade you some other way. Perhaps a find a place for you to have the peaceful day you desired? Or is battle all you seek now."

Even if he believed he could stop her in another way, the toll on the lives around was too great a risk. The scarf blew gentle in the breeze for her to take, and he waited to see if she returned to the woman or stayed the demon.  


mana  2180  /2240

Name: Whirlwind of the White Tiger
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user creates a wild rush of wind. The Whirlwind begins any place within 15 meters of the caster and whirls in a 4-meter diameter. The user creates a circle with his arms and thrust one hand outward where he wants the whirlwind to originate. A white seal appears under the caster and at the point that the whirlwind will appear. The whirlwind deals A-rank damage. The user can also create the circle with his arms and thrust both hands out creating two 2-meter diameter whirlwinds at the location pointed at by each hand. The two whirlwinds deal B-rank damage and a white seal appears at the location of each one


Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:08 am


Yumi scoffed as she placed the giant battleaxe onto her back. She was covered from head to toe in blood, painting a horrifying picture to see such an innocent face covered in the life of others. "It seems my peaceful day has long since been ruined since the appearance of that Vagrant. I can't get the buns I was after either." Yumi tsked in mild annoyance. Since the sweet shop workers had run off during their conflict she could no longer get the sweets she had purchased.

Yumi stared at the offered scarf, before looking up at the Nephilim as he offered himself up to her, "My otherworldy desires have been pushed aside. I have sated myself." Yumi raised a tender hand to wipe the blood from her face, pushing it aside to reveal the soft skin underneath. It almost appeared as if the blood was a nourishing agent to help moisturise her skin making it appear softer and more radiant.

"I no longer require the aid of another for the night. But I suppose it would be smart to flee for now. We shall go in opposite directions. I have better chances of surviving on my own." Yumi remarked as she turned around and started heading off down the road.

"Keep that contract on you. We may meet again Nephilim. I hope by then you will have made the decision to accept my help." Yumi gave a sinister smile as the bloodlust reflected in her demonic hues. Kicking off the ground Yumi dashed off using her maximum speed to run away and create as much distance between her and the Holy Knight's as possible. Leaving the Nephilim behind who she had formed a strange kind of friendship with.


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