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Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Wed Oct 16, 2019 7:56 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz was walking though the streets enjoying more of the day as he waited to speak to the rune knights. The crowds were more scarce than normal. The occasional local walked by and bobbed in and out of shops.

The enticing smell of warm baked bread wafted through the air. He could almost taste it on his tongue as he turned his nose higher in the air and smelled it. The aroma came from an un-discernible place around him. His hunt for the scent was stopped by the sight of two men fidgeting at the corner of an ally. The wind mage's eyes narrowed at them from a distance. The men didn't notice him. They looked left and right before backing down the alley.

Kaz followed them with a sigh. He had hoped for a peaceful day. peeking around the corner the two men were already jumping another man. Kaz shook his head and walked towards them. "Hey! Do we really have to do this?" He kept walking towards them and the two were ready for a fight. Kaz ducked beneath one punch using his superior speed and shoved the man into a nearby wall.

The other took of in a sprint toward the other exit. Kaz gave chase. As he ran the scent of the warm bread returned and intensified. Now it was accented by a sugary sweetness.

The thug rammed into a wooden support beam on his way around the corner. The beam collapsed into another. Kaz gathered wind to cast a spell at the man but the screams of civilians froze his hands.

He dashed forward as the beam began to collapse and threatened the sweet shop. He pushed his back against it to keep it in place. "Phew," he breathed a sigh of relief and wiped his hand across his forehead.

"Nope," he said,hastily thrusting his hand forward to catch another weakened beam before it came down.

"Come on!" He kicked his foot out to prop up yet another beam from coming down. The building was held together by outdated beams and was just waiting for something to trigger a disaster. Now the wind mage stood with his limbs sprawled out to prevent the collapse of the sweet shop as he eyed the breakfast croissant withing surrounded by donuts.


Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:28 pm

A slender hand gently turned a metal spoon stirring the confines of a porcelain cup. The smell of coffee filled the small sweet shop as a young woman sat at a table by herself. She sat with a dainty leg crossed over the other, dressed in a black and red gothic lolita style of dress. The woman, who appeared quite young perhaps in her early teens, fourteen maybe fifteen, was seated on her own, leaning against the table with her left elbow. Her right hand gently stirred the spoon in the drink she had ordered as the sweet smell of butterscotch assaulted her petite nose. The black-haired beauty lifted the spoon from its confines and sat it down on a nearby napkin, before coiling her fingers around the tiny handle. Lifting the cup up to her supple pink lips the Lolita took a sip.

Lowering the cup a soft sigh escaped as her crimson eyes stared deep into the golden liquid within. On the top, the foam of the frothed milk floated as the lolita licked her lips enjoying the taste of the drink. It was a relatively quiet this morning for the little lolita, Yumi her name was. Deciding to enjoy the quiet Yumi had decided to partake in the festivities of Era. Particularly the daemon had decided to indulge in a particular indulgence of hers. She had a heavy sweet tooth and it had been some years since Yumi had been able to freely enjoy the treats of Earthland, having been stuck in the Abyss for the past two years.

One such indulgence sat before her, a butterscotch latte. Yumi wasn't one for coffee, but the sweet taste of butterscotch was too enticing for her to resist trying. To her surprise, the taste had been pleasant for the lolita. As for the treats in this old outdated looking sweet shop, there was a wide variety, each handmade by the shop's owners. Currently, Yumi was one of the few customers, most simply walked in, bought what they wanted and left. However, Yumi was in no rush and wished to simply enjoy herself. Though the reason people were walking in and quickly leaving might have had to do with the fact the Lolita had a large battleaxe resting beside her. Said axe happened to be as tall as she was.

"While quiet it is somewhat boring." Yumi mused silently as she drank her drink while waiting on her order of freshly baked sweetbreads. Yumi had ordered three dozen cream and jam rolls. The order wasn't standard, forcing the daemon to wait while the owners prepared her food. However, it soon seemed Yumi's quiet day would be thrown out the window. Mainly the sound of screams drew Yumi from her quiet thoughts.

"I do believe I have yet to kill anyone today. Or have I been discovered?" Mused the demon as she stood up collecting her axe and tossing it onto her back. Walking out of the small sweet shop, Yumi was greeted to a most peculiar sight. An indigo haired hour trying to hold up a series of support beams to prevent the sweet shop from collapsing.

"Is this perhaps some sideshow?" Questioned the lolita, her voice was sweet and tender to the ears, one could even call it heavenly. But Yumi was anything but heavenly, she was a temptress of the demonic kind.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Thu Oct 17, 2019 5:05 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
As he strained to hold up the beams he heard a voice as sweet as the desserts around him. He would almost call it heavenly if he had not seen such wrath and scourge from the realms of angels.

There was a young looking girl that had stepped outside to see what the commotion was about. Kaz took a deep breath as the last thug ran off in the distance. They disappeared behind a corner and were no longer a target easily chased down.

His muscles pushed against the heavy supports. Strength was never his strong point but he still managed to hold his own well enough...for now.

"Nope...ugh...no side show at all," he groaned as he shifted his position to get better footing on the leg he had planted on the ground.

The beams held up a weakened part of the shops wall and the overhanging balcony. If they went down, it threatened to collapse in on parts of the shop inside and the products.

"I'm just trying to keep this building together but this isn't really my usual. Uhm...if you could evacuate the building miss or find someone to help push these things back up...they are getting a little heavy."

He didn't know who this person was but she was interesting. Any normal citizen would be in somewhat of a panic right now but they remained calm. The black and red dress that she wore was also not the calmest color combo. She may turn out to be someone to keep his eye on. Especially with those crimson eyes. But so far she was just a sweet sounding girl.

It was times like this that Kaz wished he had a less destructively focused magic but all he was good at was an offensive barrage. Something that didn't help with things like this. He was fast but getting to the beams quick enough did little without the power to move them back.

he waited for the girls response. Whatever her reaction would definitely give him a better idea of what kind of person she was. It seemed these days it was hard to encounter anyone normal.


Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:45 pm


The youth holding the support beams answered but with a strugling grunt. He was not some sort of sideshow that was attempting to demonstrate his support levels of strength. He was struggling against the weight of the beams, the weight pressing down heavily on him. The youth was forced to shit his left into a better position to keep holding the beams up. Looking up at the beams it seemed they were used to hold up the weaker part of the shop and the balcony which hung above. If the beams fell they would collapse in on the shop destroying it and the product.

The youth asked Yumi if he could evacuate the shop or find something to help him as the beams were a little heavy. Yumi snorted in amusement as he struggled agaist the weight, it seemed strength was not his forte. Giving him a once over, Yumi could clearly see the youth was struggling against the beams and could give out at any moment and would no doubt be crushed by them.

While she could simply allow the beams to collapse and potentially kill him, no sweat off Yumi's back she was not in the mood for the shop to collapse, especially seeing as she had yet to get her sweetbreads. A flash momentially appeared in the lolita's eyes as she reached up behind her back and retrieved the handle of her giant battleaxe. The axe was four foot nine in height just an inch shorter than she was. Lifting the axe she effortlessly drew it in one clean motion with one hand.

"It would be bothersome if I did not receive my sweets." The lolita spoke softly but loud enough for everyone to hear. Lightning flashed between her eyes as she swung the massive battleaxe towards the first beam held by the youth's foot. The flat edge of the axe smashed against it. The force behind the blow knocked it off the youth's leg and smashed the pole back into the ground where it became fixed in place.

Not batting an eyelash the axe came swinging around again crashing into the second beam and was promptly free fro his grip. Yumi controlled her strength perfectly that while it would sting the youth's hands a little from being forcibly removed it would not cause any trauma or long lasting damage, they would simply be numbed for a minute or two. Same could be said for the beam, Yumi controlled her strength so it would not shatter on impact but merely used her axe like a hammer. Each strike was precise in its movements and knocked the beams firmly back into place.

Raising the axe, Yumi placed it back onto her back where it latched onto a clip that held it in place. "The matter has been settled." Commented the lolita as she turned and headed back intot he shop ignoring the gaping looks of the crowd that had gathered. Ignoring the shocked looks from the owners, Yumi returned to her table and began sipping her butterscotch latte only to frown. "It's cold..."

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:24 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz let out a small sigh as the woman snorted at his predicament. He didn't know who she was but it certainly wasn't someone fueled by a need to help others out of kindness.

The woman reached behind her back and pulled out a terribly dangerous looking axe. One that was as big if not a little bigger than she was. She handled it with ease and it told the wind mage he wasn't dealing with just any regular person.

preparing himself for a potential attack, A breeze blew though the alley and around the two of them. The wind gathered more at the feet of the wind mage. His eyes locked on her.

The wind subsided as he gave a relieved sigh hearing her love of sweets. "Well at least we both want to save the shop," the wind dissipated as the woman held the axe ready and bashed at the beams like it was a hammer. His leg was free from the weight of the beam as she knocked it to the ground. He flexed his muscle trying to work out the tension.

The woman had amazing strength for such a small frame. He could tell in the power and accuracy of her strike that she was a skilled warrior with that weapon. But now he had to wonder who this person was and why she was in Era.

He stared at the axe as it whizzed by his face only moving his head an inch back for safety. The vibration rattled through Kaz's hands and his arms. The beams were knocked precisely back were the once were. Perhaps even a more secure. The strike could have been more fierce but she held back to ensure Kaz only received a mild throbbing sensation.

With his hands free he shuck them in the air and rubbed them around each other trying to work out the brief soreness from heavy hitting vibrations.  

As abruptly as she arrived she turned away and headed back to the shop. Kaz cocked a brow at her curt response. Waiting a few seconds he followed in after her.  

She was sitting and frowning at a cold cup of coffee. Kaz crossed the room and sat across from her. "She'll have another one of these please," he said to the waitress that went of to brew one more.

"I have to thank you in some way for helping with the building. Even it it was for your own personal reasons," he said with a half sided grin.

"Pretty intense weapon you have there."


Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Sat Oct 19, 2019 2:10 am


Yumi's crimson red hues looked down in mild annoyance and childish vigor as she looked down at her cold cup of coffee. She had been enjoying the taste of the butterscotch latte, but because she had left to lend assistance to stop the shop from being destroyed, the half-cup left was no longer drinkable. Yumi quite enjoyed ice coffee, but that didn't mean she was about to drink coffee that had once been warm then turned cold.

Perhaps to the Lolita's delight, a figure approached. Sensing the presence the daemon looked up noticing the youth from earlier who had been struggling to hold the beams was approaching. Without asking to or being invited he took a seat opposite her and requested the waitress bring another coffee.

The youth after ordering the new butterscotch latte, the youth then proceeded to thank Yumi for her assistance while giving a half-grin. He then commented on Yumi's axe saying it was a pretty intense weapon.

"It is nothing like the greatsword I used before my departure from this realm." The Lolita commented in a half-hearted manner, her sweet tone sounded as if she was joking yet at the same time she wasn't about having left this world. "But it is a half-decent substitute and gets the job done."

"Perhaps sir would be so kind as to reveal his name?" Spoke the lolita as she began leaning forward, elbows resting on the table. Her right hand rested under her chin in a flirtatious manner. Leaning forward, Yumi posed at such an angle it would give the youth a good angle down the top of her dress exposing the top of her creamy developed breasts. A coy and sultry smile could be seen on her supply pink lips as she teased the youth.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:12 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Her mention of another realm caused Kaz's eyes to light up for a moment, "Oh." It was brief flicker until his eyes narrowed a bit at the thought. What other realm was she from? Just who was she? Were only a couple of the questions that ran through his mind. The most pronounced was the potential danger given that the realms of heaven and hell had been opening up more recently. Could this woman be related to that? Either way it didn't seem like she was much of a threat. After all she seemed like she just wanted to enjoy a morning of treats and coffee.

It wasn't something that the ever curious wind-mage could leave unanswered. If nothing else just to satisfy his curiosity. "You mentioned another realm."he gave a small pause. "May I ask which one?" His voice was still friendly and inquisitive.

He smiled having been caught up he forgot about introductions. "Yeah, sorry about that. I get ahead of myself sometimes.

"My name is," he stopped as she leaned forward with a seductive smile and alluring breasts calling his attention.  

Given her cold and abrupt demeanor earlier it was an unexpected action, "Kazimir Seiryu,"he said after clearing his throat. "And are you always this seductive, miss...?" he let the last word linger as an invitation to ask what her name was. His eyes took in the sight of her sultry nature and glanced down her dress for a second before averting his gaze to the waitress that was bringing them their drinks.

The waitress set their drinks down at the table and took away the cold one left behind. Kaz looked back at the woman and made eye contact. Whoever she was, she could definitely use her charm as a weapon and knew it.

Kaz leaned back in his seat and with one arm on the table and the other reaching for his newly arrived tea cup. He kept some distance between the two. Not knowing what her game was he didn't want to fall prey to it. Large Ax, uncaring attitude, from another realm. He had to be on his toes with this one.


Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Sat Oct 19, 2019 4:59 pm


Yumi used a finger of her right hand to twirl a loose strand of black hair. The twirling added an air of innocence to her young looks, but the seductive position and flirtatious smile she wore only helped to boost her allure. The way she sat didn't help either with one leg crossed over the other. The method of seating caused the front of her dress to ride up exposing a large portion of her thighs and the garter-belt she wore underneath. While her black stockings covered up just above the knee, they were skin-tight showing every detail of her long slender legs.

"Hoo? The realm." Yumi seemed to pause giving a little thought to the answer, though she was just pausing for dramatic effect, perhaps to add tot he mystery. "Why the Abyss of course," Yumi answered as if it was the most logical answer in the world. The daemon giggled softly as her crimson hues bore forward as if piercing through Kazimir's very soul. Her eyes were a vibrant shade of red like none has seen before, but they were something hidden beneath them.

"Yumi. Hateshiginai Yumi." The Lolita responded giving her full name. The lolita had nothing to hide about herself. Though she had doubts if the youth would even recognize her name. Two years ago Yumi was a feared mage known across the land as the Witch of Carnage, a name that was active for close to eighty long years. The Witch of Carnage a vicious Mage known for spreading terror, leaving trails of mutilated bodies in her wake. No one was safe from her not man, woman or child, young or old.

"Only when I see something I like. I was stuck in the abyss for two long years all by myself. A girl gets awfully lonely without the tender company of another. Its been so long since I've experienced the carnal flesh of a man." Yumi said in a lustful tone. As she spoke the waitress had arrived to deliver the drinks. The lolita gave the waitress a flirtatious smile, "Or that of a woman." The waitress had caught the tail end of the conversation and couldn't help but blush before scurrying away after leaving the drinks.

Yumi had no issues showing off her sexuality in public. She cared not for the thoughts of others and would flirt openly. She wasn't against showing affection in the open either. It's just the way she was.

"After all a girl has her need. Wouldn't you agree Mr. Kazimir?" A carnal look flashed through her crimson hues. Yumi was like a predator eying her prey.

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The temptress didn't stop with just a lean as she exposed her thighs with a simply crossing of her legs. Kaz's eyes were drawn in for a second before looking back into her crimson hued eyes.

Kaz's own eyes which were dilated from the seductive moves of his coffee quest were not more stoic as the word, "abyss,' rolled off the woman's tongue. "Hmm,"He replied closing his eyes for a moment before opening them again.

"I suppose that would make you more of a deamon then wouldn't it," he said more as a statement than an answer. But there was no bite in the words as he spoke. It was the same stoic tone he often used.

Her giggle and piercing stare was met with Kaz's unflinching Indigo eyes peering back and searching her soul. The stare did send a chill of the unknown through him, that he fought of with a warm sip of tea.

A lopsided smile came across the wind mage's face at what the loli had introduced herself as. He knew exactly who she was. There was a history in the Rune Knights records of high profile crimes and beings to watch out for. And now he sat across from one. It was hard to believe that this woman was capable of such uncaring destruction.

"Well it is a pleasure to meet you...Yumi." He opened his mouth to ask just why she was there but the waitress was still about. He pressed his lips together and held back the question as the woman teased the waitress. Yumi's statment toward Kaz sent a shiver in his neck and he rolled his shoulders to send it away and cleared his throat. An experience of carnal flesh was certainly more abrupt than any lady had ever spoken to him.

"Two years is a long time," she was stuck there. It sounded like a terrible place to be trapped. He couldn't imagine how that would feel. But then again it seemed a fitting punishment to the crimes she caused. But maybe there was something more to her.

Kaz felt like the woman was stalking him like a predator. But that may change if she knew the truth. He leaned forward a bit toward her now. His head moving next to hers as to whisper so none other could hear. His hair brushed across hers. It was a bold move but it also got him away from seeing her exposed flesh trying to tempt him also.

"Kazimir Seiryu, ex-rune knight. So, what brings the Witch of Carnage back here?"He said in a non-threatening way. "And I may not be your type," he let a bit of his nephilim aura free so Yumi could tell what he really was. All the while Kaz looked at the other patrons in the place concerned for their safety now.


Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:47 am


Yumi gave a knowing smile as the youth Kazimir stated that she was a daemon. His tone was stoic as it had been during their conversation as if he didn't particularly care for the fact. Yumi raised a teaspoon dipping a single teaspoon of sugar into her latte and gently stirred the cup while humming softly to herself. She appeared at ease as if she was unfrightened by revealing who or just what she was, completely uncaring. Perhaps once upon a time Yumi cared to hide her identity and status as a daemon, but know longer did these affairs matter to her.

"It is a pleasure for everyone who meets me." Yumi happily remarked with a coy smile as she lifted the teaspoon from her cup and pointed it towards Kazimir. "For some more than others." While Yumi had a sultry smile on her soft pink lips, one could see a bloodthirsty twinkle flare-up in her crimson hues. Yumi wasn't simply just eluding to pleasures of the flesh for those who met her, but also the pleasure of ending up dead by her hands. Just what were the circumstances for Kazimir and those here in this shop today? It would be a mystery until Yumi revealed her desire.

"Indeed. There's not much to do in the Abyss. Tormenting the souls of those sacrificed to my patron day in and day out gets a little boring after a while." Yumi remarked swinging the teaspoon around slightly before sitting it down and picking up her cup. Raising the latte to her pink lips she took a small sip before licking up the cream on top.

As the youth leaned forward, Yumi showed no outward reaction appearing completely relaxed as his hair brushed across hers. Leaning into her ear he whispered so only she would hear and introduced himself once more. The youth revealed himself to be an Ex-Rune Knight and asked just what brought she, the Witch of Carnage back to this place. He spoke in a not threatening tone before stating he probably was not her time. As the Nephilim aura was released from his body, Yumi couldn't help the little smirk that formed on her lips. It seemed he was slightly concerned for the other patrons.

Giving a little giggle, Yumi raised a free hand to gently stroke the youth's closest cheek, allowing him to feel the softness of her skin. Her skin was incredibly soft at the touch. "Just because you're a Nephilim doesn't necessarily mean you're not my type." Yumi half remarked before retracting her hand. Taking another sip of her drink, she then looked at him with a semi-serious gaze.

"As for what brings me back, why to fulfil the duties given to me by my God. He has so eagerly been awaiting his return to this mortal realm. It is only my duty to usher in his arrival." Yumi spoke heart heartedly as she took another sip of her drink. The Nephilim aura didn't seem to frighten her at all. Considering what she had seen, done and experienced in the Abyss very little could scare her these days.

Yumi was an adamant worshipper of the Demonic God Malum. A god who thrived on Chaos, Destruction, Blood and War. Often referred to as the Blood God who sat upon a throne of skulls surrounded by a river of blood, belonging to the victims of his worshippers. Yumi made no secret that she was a worshipper of this God, and if Kazimir knew who she was then most likely he knew her Demonic God. A Demonic God who was far from a benevolent being, one who relished in the torment and despair of others. Her wanting to usher in his arrival could not be seen as a good thing, only bad.

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:34 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir cocked a brow at her astounding self-confidence. He should expect nothing less from a deamon. She pointed her teaspoon at him and her motives were still a mystery. it almost felt like she could take him intimately or kill him. Which ever suited her fancy at any given time.

"So you were a torturer then? Sounds like you didn't have a very hard life in that realm. You caused a bit of a mess last time you were here." It was a question he already knew the answer too, and certainly didn't plan on engaging in combat unless she struck first. It wouldn't be the first time he let someone potential dangerous go. But this was on a different level.

A shiver went through the mage as her soft skin brushed against his. An enthralling feeling. A surge of warmth rushed through his body that she could feel on her fingertips before her hand left his cheek.

He cleared his throat and sat back in his chair. "Well then," the only words he mustered at first from her lack of care that he was a nephilim and that it wasn't a deterrent in the slightest. Her sweetness was the folly of any man whose will was both great and small.

"I'm afraid I don't fancy being seduced only to worry about an ax at my neck,"He implied that her way of murder was to lure men in. Now that he knew she was a deamon he could hardly trust a thing she said but having just said that he paused. Her semi-serious gaze did make the wind mage's thought wander about it but he shuck them away.

A look of regret in his eye, " I apologize. I shouldn't judge you just because you are a deamon. I've just been attacked by many before."

His judgement may have been true though with he next words. Kaz gave a small sigh beginning to understand the tense situation he walked into. "And to think i just wanted a relaxing afternoon. And what are these duties exactly? If they are mass killings and sacrifice. Well...my job is to protect the innocent." he spoke with a resolution but there was a tiredness in his tone. He peered into her soul with cold eyes but even so his body was still relaxed and didn't give the impression of combat.


Sweet Shop Disaster [Yumi] Empty on Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:40 pm


Yumi giggled sweetly, raising a tender hand in front of her supply, purple lipstick covered lips. In some ways, she had truly missed interacting with others since her time in the abyss. There was no one to talk to and the silence had driven her mad at times during her time there. "And I have been attacked too many times to count by your kind, yet here we are. Of course, I have been attacked by my own kind so it matters not. Demon, Daemon, Seraphim, and Nephilim matter not in my eyes, any who have dared to attack me have all ended up with my blade through their throat and head beneath my heels."

Yumi didn't particularly care about the war between the races, everyone died the same if they stood in her way. Anyone who had dared to stand in her path had often ended up dead. This had angered some of her own kind as they believed they were all on the same side. However, Yumi only followed the directions of her god Malum who cared not for the matters of his Demonkind.

"You're not the only one who desired a so-called 'quiet' afternoon. I desired to simply enjoy the peace and treat myself, however, chaos always seems to follow me. The perks to worshipping a chaos God, not that I mind I relish in it." Yumi spoke nonchalantly she seemed uncaring about the chaos and destruction that had a tendency to follow her just about everywhere she went. It was well known by the rune knights, that everywhere Yumi appeared destruction and death would too.

"Mass killing and sacrifice are simply the duties I perform as a High Priestess of Malum. Besides who is truly innocent in this world? No one is innocent, these fools you protect would no sooner sacrifice your life for theirs if it meant they could live another day." Yumi said as she raised her drink to take a sip. Savouring the taste the demoness appeared to adopt a thinking pose if only briefly before she spoke again.

"Or perhaps you refer to innocent as children? Such weak pathetic snot-nosed creatures always whinging and crying for someone instead of helping themselves. Mummy, daddy, someone please save me they scream with faces of snot and tears truly disgusting. It's always a kindness to kill them first with a merciful blow. Perhaps I should retract that kindness and watch them wallow in despair watching their loved ones die. Let them grow to hate me and when they come for revenge show them the meaning of despair."

Yumi's tone while soft and sweet was also uncaring, the way she spoke about death was as if she was speaking about the weather. Killing and death never bothered the lolita, obvious by how she spoke. From how she spoke, one would clearly see her as some insane creature, deranged even. It was just a social norm for the lolita, she had grown up around since found by her adopted father. Her father a high priest in a cult of Malum worshippers raised her to worship the blood god. From an early age, she learned to kill, witnessing it and experienced what it was like to take anothers life when she was young.

In order to truly become one with Malum, Yumi's father had forced her to kill him to become what she was today. On that fateful day, the demoness did as she was asked without hesitation, delivering a single blow to take her guardian's life.
On that day a piece of Yumi truly died transforming her into the killer she was today. Not that man by were aware of her past and those who did had long been killed by Yumi's own two hands.

"A mess is always so lovely to leave behind, its how I let others remember me. Leaving a trail of Carnage has always been my calling card, even more so as I grew older. But as I got older it was out of unyielding rage. A woman does not enjoy growing older." A look of anger flashed in the lolita's crimson hues as she returned to Kazimir's previous words. As she recalled her previous appearance before becoming old.

"All women like beauty and youth. Becoming old and wrinkled is cause for anger. Even more to be reminded of that every single day!" As the demoness spoke her words were full of venom, the anger she felt could clearly be seen on her tender features. One must remember the carnage wrought by yumi started over sixty years ago when she was a young girl.

A fierce aura began to release itself from the witch's tiny body. Yumi's eyes glowed a sinister shade of red as black bled into the entirety of her eyes. A demonic being towered over the witch as it appeared. The visage was covered in full-body armor surrounded by flames, with horns growing from the side of his head and terrifying red eyes that peered through his helm. The figure sat upon a throne of skulls surrounded by an endless ocean of blood. One could almost hear the screams of countless souls. The ghostly image of tens of thousands of tormented souls could be seen from the throne.

The visage was a manifestation of Yumi's god and the souls, the lives she had taken. Tens of thousands of souls fed to the Demonic Deity Yumi worshipped to forever be tortured,m a truly horrendous number.

"My anger back then was unrivaled, as I was constantly reminded about the wrinkled sack of flesh I had become. But with the return of my youth rewarded for my years of service has long since caused it to subside. To ensure that never happens again I will kill as many as I must. The world will call me vain but I never cared for the opinions of ants." Yumi's anger subsided and her aura was sealed back into her tiny body as quickly as it appeared. The employees and other occupants who had seen and witnessed the demoness anger were shaking in fear and had collapsed to the ground terrified. Yumi, however, remained calm.

"But I am in a good mood, so you shouldn't worry about these peons. That is unless they mess my order up. I have a strong sweet tooth. People have killed for less." Yumi spared a glance in the direction of one of the waitresses who gulped and scrambled away. Yumi laughed gleefully as she turned to face Kazmir once more.

"Besides I have already brought enough death and misery to Era to sate my Lord's. Era shall have its peace, if but for a few days. So in the meantime, I shall simply relax and enjoy myself" Perhaps news of the recent fire and slaughter brought by her hands, that had claimed dozens of lives, including those of numerous rune knights had circulated amongst the citizens.

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He looked out the window and gave a small nod before looking back at her, "yeah I've been attacked by my own kind too. Things get a bit tense when it comes to other realms." he never thought that after so many battles against them that he would be sharing a drink with one. With a deamon. Times were certainly interesting and it seemed he too couldn't escape it. She seemed like nothing but an unbound killing machine without recourse.

"It seems we have something in common," he paused and his presence stayed calm but there was a sincerity in his gaze, "I've removed any who have stood in my way too." There was a look that would be familiar to the murderous deamon across from him. Kaz had the eyes of someone that had killed before. Something that another murderer would be able to tell. There was a storm hidden behind the gentle exterior of the man. He gave a single slow drum of his fingers on the table.

Perhaps they killed for different reasons. One thing was certain to the wind mage though and that was this woman took the lives of the people he probably considered to be innocent.

"Perks. Seems more like a hassle. I tend to attract a bit of trouble myself," he smiled back taking things more to a light hearted place. "Well, I intend on still having a peaceful afternoon even if it is in the company of a deamon. At least for now we don'n need to try and kill one another. Certainly not after working to save this place."

The teas touched his lips once more as he took a sip. She harbored such string hatred towards people. It was a good question though. What determined innocence? it was something Kaz had thought about in the past and even recently the fact that he sacrificed his life for the lives of others without their gratitude most of the time. Placing the tea cup back it clanged against the dish it rested on. His hand lingered on it and he tapped the side with his finger. "Yeah. Most people aren't innocent. I'm not. Humans can be petty and cruel. But they can also be loving and compassionate. They don't ask me to sacrifice my self for them. i do it because I want to. For them to have a chance at life, love, peace. A farmer that works her land or a man that buys bread for his family. Those are the ones I'll keep protecting. They may have made mistakes but that doesn't mean they should be slaughtered. Even those snot nosed kids. I have been gifted power and I use it to protect those that haven't. Plus there is this old woman that makes the most delicious cookies,"His tone was dead serious until he ended with a smile, remembering the old woman baking cookies.

His mouth cracked open to ask the question burning within him but Yumi began her proclamation of anger and growing old. Kaz inched back in his seat as her voice grew louder. His hands were wide and rested easy on the table but ready in case anything happened and she lost it. She was a being of chaos after all.

Suddenly her devilish aura flourished and a behemoth of hate appeared around her. The man that sat on the throne of skulls with screams as his heralding. Kaz looked at it, the horns and flames reflecting in his eyes from the otherworldly being. Her connection had to be strong to conjure something so terrible so easily. The tormented souls writhed in pain and Kaz's heart sunk for them and for the girl in front of him having to live such a life of constant bloodshed.

Kaz leaned forward with his hands surrounding the tea cup, "So...you don't kill for the sake of killing. Or for some chaotic reason. You just want to stay young forever. You are not so different then. A motivating cause that drives you. You're right, no one likes to become old. But what will you do with this endless youth. When the day comes where you are young with none around you. No one to make the pastries you love, to converse with, to enjoy pleasures of the flesh with?"

There was a sadness in the mage's eye, "Or do you intend to be bound in this cycle forever. Killing to stay young. But when all fear you and you can walk no where without loneliness or battle. How do you intend to spend your immortal time?"

"You call them ants," Kaz stood up, his eyes flashing white and his angelic wings spreading out like forming from light from his back. The aura he radiated was not entirely benign. In fact if it were not for his appearance resembling an angel that brought ease to people, all they would feel is the aura of wrath. The angel of wrath had forced the grace upon him to act in the seraphim's plans. His angelic aura emanated with that same wrath.

He helped a scared patron to their feet. "It's okay, you all can get out of here." They were torn from the fear cast on them by Yumi but the presence of a nephilim eased it a bit. one by one they stood and skirted around the wall to leave.

Kaz approached the waitress and nodded at her to continue her job for now, "and yet you enjoy the things they make," he sat back down with his angelic presence suppressed. "I've never knelt at an anthill to enjoy their food," he jested about her comment, hopping it would not rouse her anger.

"I'm glad you only intend on relaxing for the day. You follow a deity of slaughter and can seethe with anger. My grace comes from an angel of wrath. Things would get messy. But it's my duty to worry about them. But What i would like to know...is why? Why find your path to immortality with a being that demands such a heavy price? How did you come to be the lady that you are?"


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"I live to serve my lord faithfully, that is what drives me. It is my purposes" Yumi spoke her words softly but with a powerful and strong conviction as if it was obvious why she continued the cycle. Killing allowed her to offer up offerings to her lord, that then kept her young so she could continue to faithfully serve him and claim lives in his name.

"And when my Lord no longer requires me here on this mortal plane, then I shall return to his side to serve as his faithful apostate until it is time that he requires me to return to these lands." Yumi showed a strong conviction in her crimson hues, it was clear she had a strong devotation to her god. Yumi possessed an unshakable faith in her deity, clear not only by her words but the ability to summon his very image to this world from her strong connection to him. "As such I have served him loyally for seventy-eight years."

Not often did Yumi reveal her real age while in her current form. When she still had yet to regain her youth just mentioning it would have left a bad taste in her mouth. But now it didn't seem to bother her and she saw no need to keep it hidden.

"But in some respects you are correct. They have mastered certain items I find agreeable. But just because I slaughter, does not mean I would slaughter them all. Even I am not so mindless as to kill every last peon. My Lord requires servants when he returns and those who give him their loyalty will be rewarded. After all what is a Kingdom without subjects to run it?" While Malum was a chaotic god who thrived on bloodlust, destruction, chaos and carnage, he was not a mindless beast. Often labelled a berserker he did have a sense of intellect. He was a warrior first and foremost and would not kill mindlessly on his return. His kingdom cannot be run without subjects.

Raising her coffee to her lips, Yumi took a sip to qeunch her thirst and wet her throat. But what was said next brought her to silence, the nephilim asked, why. Why follow a path fo immortaly with such demands and prices. How did she come to be who was was.

When had someone ever asked Yumi of her passed? The demoness was unsure and couldn't recall in all her years. Her past was something she kept secret. So entranced by the thought, Yumi didn't even care as the other occupants left ushered away by the Nephilim. It seemed she was to distracted by the question, that it had stunned her if only briefly.

"Why?" Yumi spoke the question as if it was new to her. The crimson hues flickered as she appeared in deep thought. "That is a question I haven't heard in a long time. Usually it's never why I became like this. But they usually why do I have to die?" Yumi had been asked why before but not in that particular context.

"I suppose it's simple. The day I was born, I was forsaken by this world. Left to perish in the cold as but an infant child. But it was Malum who found me, through his apostles. He gifted me love and ensured my survival.  He saw potential in what I could become. Through his care I became who I am, indoctrined by my step father and the other cultists to surpass them. I studied hard to learn the scriptures, studied hard to master the art of killing since the time I started to walk and all to ensure my faith. You say it's a heavy price, but I do not. It is but a small price to pay for what he gave me. My adopted father found and raised me, but I consider Malum to be my true father!"

Yumi answered truthfully a flame flickering in her crimson hues. Her faith went deeper than just deep seated loyalty like other cultists. Her's became that of a parental bond as she latched onto Malum as her own father.

"My faith is earned by killing, I kill because I am loyal. I kill to remain young so I may continue to kill in his name. That is why."

Yumi took a breather if but for a moment as she stared down at the table. Her words had been softly spoke but had a deep sense of conviction and faith to them. Perhaps mainly would think she was simply brainwashed, indoctrinated as a young age without a choice.  No, she had embraced it from that young age!

"Now I ask you...why? Why do you walk youre path?"

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Kazimir Seiryu
There was an unwavering resolve in her voice. One that showed a true faith in something. She sounded more and more like a fanatic. Kaz kept his calm and listened. Having dealt with the church, cults, demons, and angels, fanatics were pretty common place. Even Nerva was a bit of one. And this woman was a zealot for a cause that spread destruction, and it was dangerous.

He was drinking some of his tea when she spoke the words seventy-eight. He choked on the tea and some spit back into the cup with a slight low sounded cough. "78? really. I mean no offense of course. But I see that you have been able to keep a very youthful body. I'd congratulate you if it wasn't due to the lives of so many given as a sacrifice." Kaz thought her actions were vain, and wanton. Why couldn't she just find another way to do it one without such a steep cost. But he would get his answer.

A sigh left him as she spoke on about her slaughter, "It's still a wild amount of slaughter you'd bring into this world. Those that will serve will be spared huh? Well you know," he still spoke in a calm voice as the waitress snuck in the last large piece of their best cake. The dishes clattered lightly on the table, "I'll never do that and can't let that happen. one day you and I will find each other on opposing ends of a battle," Kaz took one of the two forks and pierced it into the cake. He brought the soft and moist dessert to his tongue and swallowed it as it dissolved in his mouth in sugary sweet delight.

In her moment of contemplation, Kaz had ushered the people out and returned. Her eyes a dazzling crimson. With such a long life and her history of blood shed she may rarely be asked those questions. But he hoped it would give him a bit more insight into who she was. The lady that bore the mantle of witch.

The cafe was silent now. Only the two of them sat within. The only other person was the waitress who hid in the back until she had to bring out something for the two. The demoness was lost in thought. Kaz stirred his tea slowly as he waited and took a sip. A crumb fell from the chocolate cake and onto the plate just before Yumi broke the silence.

Her story was full of sorrow and commitment. It resonated with the wind mage in a way he never thought a demon would. He felt a sadness for her life and how it had begun. As she spoke his hand went to his scarf and he closed his hand around it, thinking of his own past. She paused and stared down at the table, taking a moment. In the silence, Kaz put his tow fingers on the cake between them and slide the whole rest of it towards her. reaching out from the plate he patted Yumi's wrist twice in a reassuring way. "I get it. All these years people think you to be vicious monster. But you are only doing what beings have done since the beginning of time. Fight for those they care about and have cared for them. I don't blame you for your actions. And we are all indoctrinated to the people that we love and have loved us in different ways. I wish you would not kill so randomly though. But it is not any different than a human kingdom taking over another. You fight not for the god of slaughter. But for a father that saved you. Its a big price but were I you, i may have made the same choice."

He smiled back at her. "I suppose since you opened up to me its only fair," he placed his hands atop one another and sat straight in his chair, "I was abandoned by my parents as a child," the beginning of their lives the same, "I was found and raised by a clan of mages. Their sole purpose was to battle monsters that threatened towns and cities. From my youth I was taught to hunt, fight and kill. Survive in the wild. My youth was spent in the single idea what we were to fight and protect. I met my fiancee from an allied clan. The wind clan, the one I belonged to, revealed themselves as murderous and merciless. They killed the other clan for power and murdered my fiancee. I escaped and fled. Vowed to avenge her. I only knew how to fight and was raised to protect others. Its what has always felt right to me. And that's why I joined the knights. To keep doing the one thing I know how too. And to get strong enough to face them down. And I too have killed in the name of my goals. I've killed members of my old clan who have come for me.

His indigo eyes found hers, "I protect because it is what I know. it is how I honor her name and find purpose. I fight to get stronger so I can stop those that would spread harm and to put an end to my evil clansman. That is why."

"So, where do we go from here? A deamon who won't stop killing and a Nephilim who won't stop protecting them" he took another sip of his tea and leaned back relaxed once more


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Yumi as she told her tale eyed the brave waitress her approached and placed a large cake before them. Eying the cake the demoness spared the brave woman who carried it a brief glance before ignoring her to return to her tale. As she regaled the Nephilim with tales of her past and how she came to be what she was, a hand placed itself on her slim wrist. Crimson hues flickered to the hand eying it, the nephilim seemed to be comforting her in some way. He seemed to pat her tender wrist in a reassuring way while speaking up.

The words followed made the demoness raise an eyebrow, the emotions in her crimson eyes couldn't be identified. The Nephilim spoke up sayiong people seemed to think she was a vicious murder but there was more to her and he didn't blame her for her actions. He wishes she would not kill so randomly but that she was only doing what she did out of love. In the same situation he spoke of even doing the same.

As Yumi's tale came to an end, the Nephilim began his own tale of how he came to be. As he spoke Yumi grabbed a fork. Raising the fork she stabbed it down into the sweet removing a small piece. Raising it to her lips the demoness took a bite to savour the taste. The sweet taste of sugar rolled across the taste buds a she sampled it before swallowing. The cake was moist and fluffy with plenty of buttercream between the layers. It was a true delicacy and the lolita found herself enjoying it as she went for another piece of it.

Like her, Kazimir too was abandoned as a child only to be found and raised by others. His purpose differed from hers. Yumi was raised to kill in the name of her demonic deity. Kazimir was raised to battle monsters and protect others, hunting, fighting and killing beastly creatures. He fell in love, met his fiancee from an opposite clan. His clan revealed themselves as murderers and killed his fiance's clan and her. Vowing revenge he aimed to gian power to kill every last one of them. So far he had killed most of his old clan who had come for him.

His past made him who he was today. Someone who protected as it was all he knew, protecting to honor his lovers memory and to find purpose. Gaining strength to put an end to his evil clansmen.

"People say we can not change the past or present, but can change ourselves for the future. I call them fool. Not all of us will change. Some cannot, others have their reasons. Even if I had the chance to change for the better, I would simply choose not to. Not because this is the only life I know, but because it is the path I choose. Other's may tell you to change your path as a protector, but like I you choose not too." Yumi leaned back in the chair she sat upon with a strange look in her crimson hues.

"Two sides of the same coin. I will never stop killing and you'll never stop protecting." Yumi hummed softly as a hand went to run streaks through her long black locks, tossing them over her right shoulder. "I suppose you can take some comfort in that fact that I don't just kill the innocent. I slaughter without distinctions." Yumi placed a hand on the table and begun to drum her fingers against the top.

"I am not one who comforts others, but I can grant you a favour to lessen your burden." The seal on her back lit up and changed its position. The symbol of her demonic god glowed as it appeared beneath them and expanded to create lengths. A giant demonic seal appeared on the floor beneath the two glowing a fiery shade of red.

"Nephilim do you dare to enter a pact with a Daemon?" A strange twisted smile stretched its ways across the demoness purple lips. An insane look flashed through her eyes as her features twisted in a gruesome smile that did not belong on such a beautiful face.

"Damn the souls of your clan. Sign them over to me and I will hunt them down to the very last one."  Yumi's left hand slipped into the chest of her gothic lolita dress and slowly pulled out a dagger. The dagger was over ten inches long and double bladed. The hilt was made of pure jade with a bronze wolfs head carved into it. Along the blade blood could be seen etched into the metal in strange demonic text. Raising her right hand the blade slashed through the air. Blood sprayed across the table and stained the dagger as Yumi sliced open her right palm in one instance. Not a shred of pain could be seen on her twisted visage.

Symbol of Malum:

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Kazimir Seiryu
The look in the lady's eye was different than what he had seen before. Something strange in it. " I think people can change. Not all but some. Perhaps not you or eye. Not fundamentally but I have changed in the past. become someone different now than how I started out as. But what makes up who I am is the same. The need to protect and face threats. Just as you may change but your desire to serve may remain constant." He knew that their paths may collide one day. It's be inevitable if she went as far as she strove for. But he respected the path she chose because of her reason in choosing it. They indeed had more in common than some of the righteous he had met.

"Two sides of a coin huh?"
He leaned his head on his fist, looked out the window and then back at her, "Seems we will be entangled in an eternal dance. Nephilim's have a pretty long life too."

Kaz chuckled, "Well, I suppose your random killings taking out the evil ones too is helpful. Although if we could just push that all the way to just them," he jested with a cocked brow knowing that it was unlikely she would decide too. "They make a better hunt I presume than the good ones."

The mage's eyes narrowed at her offer. one can never be too cautious of a demon. Suddenly a large glowing red symbol appeared beneath them. Kaz sat back in his seat and his one foot left the ground and stood on the seat. His hands pushing his back higher up than the booth, he was ready to leap out of the way.

"Whoa whoa, what are you doing?! Surrounding me with demonic energy is not comforting so far. "
She resembled a real demon now as the smile contorted her face to something much darker.

"A deal with a devil," he breathed a sigh of relief as at least she wasn't planning to attack him. He sat back on the top of the cushioned seat of the booth. His feet were in the spot he was once sitting.

When she put her hand in her dress, Kaz shielded his eye with one arm, "Hold on a second," he said calmly before seeing the glint of steel. He lowered his arm as she sliced her hand open and blood sprayed across the table. "well there goes the cake," he said as the crimson droplets speckled the dessert like red icing.

"Well, I've been inclined to handle that bit of business myself,"
he said as he reached out a hand, placed it on the Yumi's hand that had the knife and lowered them both down. "You can't expect me to enter a pact without knowing all the dark and hidden details behind it."

He crossed his arms with a smirk, "So what is it? My soul as well? Some steep favor to be paid in the future?" even if he didn't agree, it was interesting to learn about the aspects of deamons and their culture and pacts.


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Yumi eyed Kazimir with her crazy smile as his hand pushed hers down to lower the knife. It seemed she was uncaring about her bleeding hand that continued to drip the crimson liquid onto the table, or that the cake had been ruined. The demonic lolita's shoulders shook as she began to chuckle at the Nephilims response to her sudden actions. It seemed he had the sense not to simply step into a pact with a demon, especially one like her.

"Yes, always smart to read the fine print when it comes to a contract." Yumi remarked as she raised the dagger up to her lips. The demoness pink tongue stretched out from her tiny mouth and licked the dagger sensually, licking away at her own blood. Her tongue raced across her lips turning staining them blood red as her lipstick was coated by the crimson liquid.

With her bleeding hand the demon raised it upwards. Blood pooled together in her palm as the symbol of Malum lit up. Dark smoke appeared in her palm as it materialised into parchment paper. The paper appeared old and fragile with burn marks around the edges as if it had been pulled from fire. The lettering was a deep golden shade of red that seemed to run.

"Your soul? While your soul would certainly be appertising to send to my lord, no it is not required. A mutual compliance. I do this one favour for you, you do one for me of equal value. Of course you can state the terms of the favour, what you will and will not do." Twirling the dagger in her hands she gripped it before embedding it in the table with a thud. "But know this, the stakes will be higher in return for every condition you place."

If Kazimir was to read the contract, he would find it was not made out of parchmant paper, but out of human skin. As for the ink blood with traces of gold fused into it. The contract was very straight forward stating that in return for services offered, the signer would then offer those services in return at a later date. There was space beneath left spare for any additions to be added to the contract. At the bottom two locations for signatures.

"My God frowns upon tricky in contracts prefering the straight forward approach and so do I."

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her laugh was as unsettling as the blood that dripped on the cake. He gave a simple nod in agreement that he wouldn't just be jumping into something this dark haphazardly. "I try not to get myself into anything too deep."

She licked the knife and an odd sensual sensation ran through the wind mage that was quickly replaced with sideways pursed lips as his neck craned away a few inches as the blood smeared her lips. At least she wasn't tasting someone else's blood though. "Well then." She was a odd blend of sinister desire. Much different than the horrible demonic monsters he had faced before. None of them resembling a human and some being formless masses shifting around. All had had a single thought to destroy but Yumi was cunning and intelligent. Some would even say charming.

With a simple hand gesture surrounded by smoke, a contract appeared. "Why is it always blood?"He asked a loud but in a soft tone more rhetorical than anything.

His arms crossed over his chest as she spoke about his soul and even as she went on to talk about a favor for a favor. His eyes shifted between the contract and Yumi. It was a dark bargain and one with a hefty price. "Mutual compliance huh? And what exactly constitutes equal value? I ask you to do something for me which is something you may end up doing anyway on your path of slaughter."

She held the contract out and Kaz took it to scan the words written in the strange moving red ink. It was fairly straight forward as the woman had said. Kaz appreciated that. He supposed it would be fitting of a chaos deity not to be interested in playing tricks, and she was very clear in her path as well. Open to say to a nephilim that she would bring chaos and death.

He set the contract down on the table between them, "An interesting offer. However," he paused to bring his indigo eyes peering deep into her crimson hues. "I like to know exactly what I'm getting into. I can handle the clan on my own but it would be nice to have some help. However I'd also be interesting in a pact that would ensure the safety of Era. One where you agree not to kill anyone in this town."

He slid the contract back towards her. Its edges dampened by the drops of blood on the table. "What exactly would you want in exchange for those. And then perhaps I can give this pact of yours more serious thought. So, what is it that you wants and would ask in return?"

The sun moved behind the clouds casting a fog of darkness around the sweet shop. The door creaked as it still swayed form the rush of people that had left.


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While Kazimir went over the details of the contract and asked his questions, the demoness picked up the fork once more. The fork pierced into the blood-covered cake to remove a piece of it. Raising the stained sweet to her lips she took the bite, experiencing the strange combination of sugar and iron as they mixed together. Perhaps the act would disgust Kazimir, but Yumi didn't particularly care as she took another bite. The act of digesting blood was often frowned upon by others. As a mage, especially a demon she wasn't concerned about the recuperations that could come from consuming blood. Her body, after all, was no longer that of a mortal human.

"I may slaughter, but what are the chances of coming across your clansmen? It's always a good idea to have an extra ace in the hole. I can assist you when you decide to eliminate your clansmen. It is better to have a partner by your side when surrounded by vipers." Yumi commented as she swayed the fork in her hand around. Her words were soft as she reverted back to her soft and sweet appearance, the crazed look in her eyes dying down.

"And while I may be a demon, I am not one to stab another in the back once an arrangement has been made. I have no need for such dishonour. It would be a frown upon my Lord's name as a God of War." Yumi added for good measure. While she wasn't an entirely honourable being she wasn't one who resorted to tricks and traps to kill her foes. Attacking from one's blindspots through deception was an act she rarely agreed with. Yumi was the type to fight openly, swinging her battleaxe mercilessly in the open. She nor her God had the need for such cheap tricks.

"I can't openly agree to anything that involves saving this town from my wrath. I have quests and jobs I have accepted to hunt down and slaughter certain individuals. Rune Knight's and Holy Knight's will never spare my wrath." Yumi first seemed calm when she spoke but when she mentioned the subject of Holy Knight's a dark gleam appeared in her eyes. Yumi's soft features arranged into a scornful glare as she spat venom just mentioning the Knight's of Illumin. It appeared there was some deep animosity between YUmi and the group.

"But I suppose, I could agree not to mindlessly slaughter the innocent unless they anger me. My patience is great, but once someone has touched upon my reverse scale, none shall survive my wrath." Yumi stabbed the fork back into the blood-covered cake to steal herself another piece. Grabbing her cup with her bleeding hand Yumi took a sip of what coffee was left to wash the cake down.

"My favour? Who knows, perhaps it will be for you simply to overlook one of my plans for Era. While in return what I want in exchange from you? It's simple, I'll claim everything your clansmen possess as payment how does that sound?" A sinister smirk began to appear on those sultry blood-stained lips as a demonic gleam flashed in her crimson hues. "That includes their souls!"

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Kazimir Seiryu
He watched her take a bite of the blood covered cake. Kaz made a small fist and put it in front of his mouth. The site was almost repulsive. He felt a drop in his gut like a pit with his brows scrunching in the middle.

She was right of course, at least about one thing. It was better to have allies but could he bring himself to ally with a deamon. He supposed it didn't matter that much, but what he'd be giving away in return was a darker matter.

"I don't believe you will betray the contract. Its what you ask in return that gives me hesitation," he thought about his current allies that he could call upon when the time was right to strike but he did have to wonder if they would be there. They had lives of their own and had parted ways in the past.

"Seems you have a bit of a dark situation with the holy knights. They can be a bit zealous." He had met few of that order but knew that the Inquisition had spawned from it. It made sense that they would have had a strong encounter with one another. They were eternal enemies unlike the rune knights who focused on magical crimes.

"I see, so he gives you targets to go after," he asked as he began putting together more of pieces to the puzzle behind the dark deity and the servant of his will. "I'm afraid I can't agree to a deal so dependent on if you get angry with them or not," if he was to make that deal he would need to know their lives were safe.

Her stab felt as though she was stabbing any victim that stood in her way. She took another bite of the cake and Kaz averted his gaze to the window to avoid seeing her consume it.

Not even Kaz's own tea looked appetizing to him anymore and he pushed it to the edge of the table.

"Looking the other way is something I can't do if it involves the people I protect. But assisting with the wind clan in exchange for their souls. I don't know if I have dominion over that but I could agree to it. They do not possess much other than land and some texts about the demons and monsters they hunted. land that I have no intention of having and texts that I can live without. I could agree to that. Assistance with the clan in exchange for their possessions."

He couldn't believe he was actually considering making a deal with a deamon, but the wind clan was dangerous and who knows how much power they have accumulated.

"If that sounds good to you...What happens next? What exactly is the seal to the pact? And are you sure making one with a nephilim is safe?"


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"You can continue to protect the peons if you wish, just do not stand in the way of my goal. That is all I ill ask in return." Raising an arm Yumi pointed it towards the nearest window. The little sweet shop's window she pointed to gave them both a perfect view of the Rune Knight Magical Prison far in the distance. Pointing towards the prison made Yumi's goal obvious, she intended to eventually break into the Magical Prison, but for what reason would be unknown. Only Yumi would know her desired reason for doing so.

"Texts and land are fine by me. I intended to eventually start my own guild in the coming tides. I will need a place to settle down and build it." Yumi remarked revealing one of her future desires. It seemed she intended to become the Guild Master of her own Guild but for what reason and to what end? Kazimir most likely would be able to guess it was all part of her plan for her Demonic God. A guild full of religious zealots like Yumi could be considered a horrifying prospect.

"TO seal the pact all you have to do is sign in your own blood. It doesn't matter if you are a Nephilim or even a fellow demon, a contract is but a contract between two parties. If you were a God I would not hesitate to offer up a contract to you." Yumi remarked as she grabbed the human skin contract and with her bleeding hand ripped out the dagger. Blood dripped down the dagger pooling at the tip as Yumi used it like a pen to sign her name on the left signature.

As the last letter was signed, Yumi flicked the dagger allowing three droplets of blood to land beneath it. The blood glowed blood red and began to burn into the contract. Once finished Yumi slid the contract over to Kazimir. Twirling the dagger she held out the handle for him to take.

"Knowing the target I have in mind, surely you can agree no innocents will be harmed by my hands. When I break into its confines, all I ask if you remain far away as possible." Yumi stared at the Nephilim with a cold gaze as a strong bloodlust reflected within those deadly hues. As a daemon the lolita had a naturally powerful bloodlust that wa only magnified by the countless number of lives she had taken. It was truly horrifying.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He followed to pointing hand to where she directed. Through the window of the shop and across the buildings dotted across Era. it landed on an all to familiar location to Kazimir. The magical prison. Home of all the villains that the knights locked it up. It left a sinking feeling in his gut. There was no way he could do something that would let an unknown force out of that place.

"That's a pretty dangerous goal, Yumi. That's a lofty requests. I've no doubt there are some wrongly accused prisoners in there. But I assume the one you plan to free has a vast amount of blood on their hands. Not to mention the amount of rune knights you may kill on the way in. " Knowing something of her plan now, he was even more hesitant than before.

"A place to settle down huh? Sounds as though you're making big plans," he said but didn't ask any further. He had an idea about it but she wouldn't tell and he had no need to ask the obvious. "Making big moves. I was raised there but I have my eyes on different lands."

Her guild while it would be terrifying would probably be a good counter balance to the fanatics of illumin and the holy knights.

Taking a closer look he could see now that the contract was made of human flesh. His hand grazed the contract feeling the petrified and dried skin that was only damp where the blood had moistened it. His fingers recoiled from it.

"Land I can promise to you. Souls of my clansman too and what they own. Even knowing that you will do something dark with it. But you and I both know, I can't agree to stand Idle when you launch a raid on the rune knight prison. I am a knight after all."

The wind mage stared back at her with an amount of resolve.He could feel her blood lust but remained steady and calm. He knew that with the land and the texts he could at least keep an eye on her, but with this man who knows what chaos it could bring.

The two looked at each other. A tension in the air but one from curiosity at the others actions and where their morals and intentions would be blurred and shifted in the talk. Kaz may be one of the more stubborn men she tried to make a pact with.

Just when the suspense of what would happen next was mounting, the door to the sweet shop opened up. it swung with a creak. In walked a robed man. His attire was that of a rugged traveler. Both hands were on his hips revealing two crossbows.

"Seems the rumors were true. A daemon and a nephilim. Consorting together. How disgusting."


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"As an Ex-Rune Knight is there any need to care for them? You are no longer one of them, so why continue to be loyal to them?" Yumi questioned without skipping a beat as she continued holding the dagger out to the Nephilim. Yumi was patient and could bide her time, waiting to see if he would accept to sign the contract or not. "But you are mistaken regarding my motives, there is no prisoner I plan to release." Yumi eluded to her true plan, attempting to make it seem as if she had no intentions to release the prisoners. However, the fact was, she planned to release all of them to let them run through the streets of Era sowing the seeds of chaos. Kazimir did not need to know this.

But it seemed their conversation was to be interrupted by the sudden intrusion of an unwanted visitor. A robbed man made his way into the sweet shop, looking like some kind of traveling vagrant. A look of anger flashed through the demon's eyes as the vagrant raised two crossbows pointing one at her and the other at Kazimir. It seemed as if he had come here with the sole purpose of hunting them, a Daemon and a Nephilim.

"I did not ask for a jester to amuse me. Where does this pathetic peon come from? Does he not know who he dares points that foolish weapon at! I am the Witch who has spread Carnage across the land!" Yumi barked out in a violent tone revealing her true nature. A dark aura began to manifest around her forming a crimson shadow. A thick killer intent began to spew out of Lolita's tiny body. Killer's intent usually only a feeling one would experience that could induce fear. But in Yumi's case, it became a physical manifestation as a black aura that rose from her body like tendrils. The sheer number of people Yumi had killed allowed her to create a physical form for her murderous lust. A dark shadow erupted encasing the entire room as the image of Yumi's God manifested once more.

"It seems I will have the chance to offer my Lord a new soul today." Yumi raised up from her chair grabbing her axe in one clean move. The axe slammed into the table slicing it in two as it struck the floor with a thud forming a large cleave mark in it. An insane glint appeared in her eyes as that twisted smile returned.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Because I intend to rejoin the ranks and I know the devastation that freeing anyone in there could cause, depending on who it was," He may not be a knight right now but hopefully that wouldn't be the case for long. Being a knight is where his heart was and he would find his way back.

The mage's eyes narrowed, "If you don't plan on releasing a prisoner then what could it be?" he questioned it and was even less trustful than before. What was this little deamon up to?

Kaz turned towards the door. An intruder barged in with weapons ready and pointing at them. "Not the best move,"he said, knowing how volatile Yumi was. Before he could act, he felt the ripple of her aura manifesting around them. Dark tendrils of murderous intent.

The intruder smirked and spit on the floor, "that's why I'm here. Stop carnage and make this land a place for humans. Your time here is done," there was a bite of disgust in his words aimed at them.

Yumi's god appeared as she rose her axe into the air. "Crap," Kaz sighed at the fact it was too late now. She brought the weapon slamming down on the table. Kaz hastily swiped the plate that held the cake as the table shattered. He set the cake on the windowsill for safe keeping and slowly moved his hand away in case it teetered and fell.

The man stood with weapon's still pointing as Yumi fumed. "There's a deamon if I ever saw one," he said and then there was a flash of light. The crossbow aimed at Yumi flickered with gold magic. the one aimed at Kaz flickered with green magic and he knew all to well what that meant. This man had done his homework.

The bolts fired at them with a trial of magic. The intruder dove and rolled to the side, getting ready for a second fire.

Kaz dashed under the magical bolt. The wrath in his soul burning to the surface. His eyes flashed white and a divne aura radiated from him. The man had stepped into a dangerous situation. Caught between a powerful deamon and a skilled nephilim.

"Chaos does follow you," he said as he stared down the man and wind gathered around him, and he shot a blade of wind at the man to push him closer towards Yumi. The blade cut the man's arm as he dove the only place he could. Closer to Yumi.

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