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Sunshine and Salutations [Noyiah]

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#26Noyiah Dashi 

Sunshine and Salutations  [Noyiah] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:05 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah shook her head in playful disbelieve as Kazimir rambled off his ~new and improved~ introduction. She had noticed him blush after she poked fun at him, it was honestly quite adorable, not unlike that of a bashful child getting a compliment, which lead Noyiah to believe that he was treated differently for the simple fact he didn’t seem proud to be blessed by an angel, but instead tried to avoid it entirely until he couldn’t any longer or his hand was forced.

Noyiah heard his comment about being good, and feeling good around her, she could but only smile and shake her head once again, it was almost pathetic in the most flattering way possible, and somehow it was oddly charming and still managed to bring the rosy color back to her face as she did her best not to make eye contact until she made her apology.  He quickly dismissed her apology as his fault, which confirmed her previous thoughts about him being somewhat shamed by the no longer being ~fully human~

After getting her pancake and returning to her own personal space, she nodded as he agreed to have omelets and hash browns, and that he might have an onion.  He riffled through his bag as she continued to eat her pancake and stretch. She turned to watch him blatantly toss the onion behind them, and heard it crash through the bushes behind them. To which she shook her head a third time and smirked, holding back a laugh. She helped him to his feet, and he managed to swipe a piece of her pancake without her noticing under the guise of bumping into her.  Up until she seen him chewing and looked at her pancake realizing it had been compromised, she exclaimed with “hey!” In a playful way.

Looking up at the sky she thought to herself as they walked towards the market, had she really spent the entire day with him without realizing how fast the time moved. That was rare, and she normally had plans, slotting time in for certain things and rarely if not ever diverging from the plan.  A breeze brought her back to reality as she shivered slightly as the wind stole her warmth, she had been building up most of the day.

Noyiah would lead them to a small market made from a series produce stalls, the children running about the market brought a smile to Noyiah’s face as she watched them play for a moment and then turned towards the shop owners and gave a wave with her free hand. “hey, how are you two today?” She asked and walked towards them to chat for a moment as Kazimir said let go of her hand and said he’d get potato’s

Noyiah stood there and chatted with the couple for a few moments, before she heard her name get called out, glancing over towards the shout she seen Kazimir attempting to hold up the stand. She quickly jumped into action, she dashed across the cobble stone as she watched the cart starting to tip. With quick calculations she quickly determined that she would be too weak to hold the cart back even with Kazimir’s help, instead she swiftly slides across the cobblestone dropping to her hip and used the weight she had with whatever strength she possessed to slide kick the opposite leg of the stand.  A second crack would be easily heard, and the cart would collapse onto even ground instead of tipping over.  Staying one the ground for a second, she inspected the damage she had caused to the stand.  And then to her palm that now was scraped and the now ripped hole in her leggings where she had slide on her hip and but.  Luckily her butt was still covered by her skirt which was undamaged, but side of her hip was slightly exposed and scraped up.  “ You good?” She asked getting into a more seated position rather then laying on the cold ground.

If he responded she would quickly glance over to the owners and yell out “ I’m sorry about the cart, is there anything I can do to compensate you?

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#27Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The mage didn't know what she thought entirely. Only that she seemed okay with who and what he was. Something that he had only come to terms with recently. It was long in the making but he accepted this sides of himself. More so he was concerned how others would react to it.

His arms held tight onto the stall. His leg acting as a replacement for the one that had snapped. He called out to Noyiah expecting a helping hand to lift the weight but instead she sprang into action. Kaz shifted his leg away as she slid across the ground. He watched with a cocked brow, finally seeing the skills that made her a rogue. She was such a reserved and gleeful person her sudden rush of serious action was surprising. She was fast, agile and quick thinking. It only begged the question where she developed such skills.

She slid beneath the stall and snapped the leg on the opposite side.  Realizing her tactic, Kaz swung his leg out and let the stall fall to the ground. "Phew. Thanks. That was impressive. I can see why you do the work that you do,He stretched his back, and swung the tension from his arms, "Yeah, I'm fine." Strength was not his strong point.

He noticed the scrape on her hand and thigh but she addressed the owners instead of worrying about any pain she felt. She had offered to compensate them and Kaz spoke up, "I'll pay for it. After all, I was the one that caused it to fall. Plus," he took off his scarf and knelt beside her, "you have to worry about getting new leggings." He poured some water from his canteen on her wounded hand. Tearing a piece of his scarf off he took her hand and wrapped it, "So I'm clumsy and you're reckless, huh. A dangerous combo," he teased her as he finished wrapping her hand and gave it a snug knot to keep it in place.

He helped her up and looked at the damage on her legs, "You're one tough lady," he said as he ran a hand through her bangs to put swipe them to the side and back in place. His hand reached them quickly but hesitate for a fraction fo a second as his fingers touched her hair. Worried it was too forward of a move but he was already committed.

Turning back to face the shop owners, he picked up a potato and pointed at the peppers and onions, "we'll take this and a couple of those, please," he took out enough jewels for the cart and the food.

"If you're the chef then I should at least pay for the meal. Especially since you saved me over there." The owners held each other in a grimace at what had transpired but seeing the vigilant effort to save their cart the scowls turned to mercy.

"I suppose you meant no harm," they reached out and took the bag of jewels. with a look inside they nodded, "Thank you. nothing was lost except for a few legs on a cart. here's your food."

Kaz took the bags and held them up as he looked at Noyiah with a smile and a shrug.

#28Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Flight of fight sense always pulled her towards engaging upon things, she was a quick to react in person not always able to think it though. But she didn’t seem to Draw much attention to her wounds and would have likely waited to clean them up until she was home but Kazimir was quick to come to her aid.  He ripped his scarf and cleaned the wound with some water from his canteen.
Kazimir offered to pay and mentioned she would have to buy new leggings. “ You’ll need a new scarf now” she stated rationally. Her more blank expression turned to a wince as he tightened the makeshift bandage, but then to a smirk as he commented on them being a dangerous pair. “we all need a little excitement in their lives.” She Justified before attempting to get up, which was aided by Kaz as he helped her to her feet,  it stung a bit to place weigh on the leg, but that was likely because of the massive bruise forming on the top of her foot, the scrap stung but it didn’t hurt nearly as much as the spot she had used to kick the wooden leg. “Thanks I think?” She said still smirking slightly as she took her first full weighted step. Judging that she would at least be able to make it home she nodded to no one in particular and turned her attention back towards Kazimir as she felt his hand run through her hair

Noyiah seemed to blush a bit as he did it a second time with hesitation. The awkwardness of the situation seemed to be enough for Kazimir to change the subject as he quickly addressed the merchants. Kaz seemed to take care of the situation paying them for the food and the cart.  Noyiah waved bye as they started to move again.  Pained expressions where repressed as she faked it didn’t hurt.  And even turned back to wave to the children as they watched them walk away.

Noyiah smiled back as Kazimir Shrugged and held the bags out. “I can take one” she offered as she extended her hand outwards. “besides we aren’t too far from home.” She reassured. Home was no more then a few blocks to the east, And Noyiah would turn them down the alley way turning left.  After that they walked main roads passing back past the closed store with chains over the door where they had met originally. Which seemed like forever ago but was only a few hours.  It was Strange thinking about how much she knew about him now and how comfortable she was with him already.

Walking towards the main doors of her apartment building there was a man at the desk who looked up at they entered but seeing it was a Resident that didn’t seem to be waiting anything he looked back down to his book. “Have a good Evening” he said in a less than enthusiastic way. “you too” She responded before , Noyiah steered them towards the second floor, wincing as she placed her injured but dominate leg on the stairs  and made her way up them through pure determination and stubbornness.

After making it up the stairs she turned to the 4th door in the hallway labeled
~4 C~ she would pull a key out of her pocket of her ripped leggings and pushed it into the lock.  Opening it up to a dark room.

Her apartment was small, as it was only a room with a bathroom off the main doors, Piles of papers  seemed scattered across most available surfaces. Binders and duo tang’s broke up the sea of white paper. Aside from the papers and a few dishes in the sink she kept a rather clean apartment.   Her bed  rested in the far Right side of the room and a couch with a coffee table seemed to be on the same wall beside the foot of the bed.  Directly across from that was a Kitchen table wit h 3 chairs. And the bathroom door.    Beside the bathroom door was the kitchen which was opposite her bed.  Upon closer inspection pictures of her sister, mother and father  were hung by her bed. And the whole apartment smelt like Vanilla, coffee and had a lingering smell of cigarettes. Likely because of the ashtray that sat on her bed side table next to a propped open window.

“its not much but make yourself at home, the couch if yours. Let me clear off the table.” She said slightly embarrassed, if she had of thought she would have company she would have at least cleaned up some of her case files.  So she rushed off placing the bag on the kitchen table ( if she was given one)  and started  to clear off the  couch and coffee table  placing files onto of one another in a cross crossed pattern to not lose which sets of papers go where
Apartment :
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#29Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz saw the shift in her weight as she pushed through the pain of stepping up each time on her leg. He came closer to her once they were out of sight of the guard,"You don't have to push yourself so hard. Not right now anyway." he said as he put his arm around her. He let her lean on him and helped her walk up the stairs. If she denied the help he would just walk alongside her to the apartment.

The door opened to a small apartment made into a home. Kaz followed her in and drifted through it but not too far as to not intrude on her space. It was such a simple thing to come to an apartment but he couldn't remember the last time he had, and certainly not someone's home.

"Thanks. It's a pretty cozy looking place. I like it."
everything was close and efficiently placed for a chaotic on the go person. He glanced at the pictures of her family. Finally seeing what they looked like. But with how she reacted to it last time he wouldn't bring up her family. Instead, he placed his bag down next to hers and took a handful of things from the table.

He smiled at the smell of vanilla. It was a calming scent and he made no note of her being a smoker. Her job no doubt brought some level of stress to her.

"Alright then," he said as he took off his jacket and laid it across the back of the couch. He grabbed the nearest clean washcloth he could find while she was still getting things together. "I hope you don't mind, I'm looking for a large bowl," he said as he opened a cabinet. Making sure none of the places he searched were off-limits. Finally finding a bowl, he filled it with warm water and some soap.

He turned around and pulled a chair next to the couch and sat down with the cloth in one hand and setting the bowl of water on the ground next to him.

Kaz dipped the cloth in the bowl and he wrang it out. Water splashed back into the bowl, stirring up the bubbles, "I can look at your leg if you'd like," he asked but was already sitting and ready for her to sit across from him. "Gotta take care of pain before we can even think about dinner, right?"he added with a small smile.

Noyiah moved a stack of files from one spot to the next and Kaz looked over his shoulder at the envelops staggered atop each other,"What was your first job like? Looks like you bring work home with you," he added but in a polite way. He thought it was nice that she was so committed to her job and took the chance to find out more about her since they were surrounded by all the aspects of her life.

#30Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah still shuffling about papers glanced over when Kaz asked about a bowl, “top cupboard above the fridge” she said continuing to gather up the pages.  After moving them to her night stand, she would turn back around to see Kazimir sitting on a chair near the couch getting ready to treat her leg wound. She wanted to refuse the help but knew she was being unreasonable and eventually made her way beside Kaz, pulling her large sweater out of the way and hiking her skirt up a bit, not that anything embarrassing was visible, but she still felt a little exposed.  She revealed a long and narrow scrape where she likely landed on a rock, the flesh was torn around the gash, and the rock itself was imbedded into her hip. There was a greyish stain around the scrap where the dust and skin fused due to friction.  

“like my first case?” She asked “hectic, a huge blown out of proportion mess that had two people at each other’s throat.  Who would have thought a missing ring would have been so chaotic, but there i was getting to the house when i seen the man outside half naked catching things from a window as his wife tossed them out in a frenzy?” She couldn’t help but smirk slightly “it was a bizarre sight really.  But long story short, she dropped it while doing laundry and the husband thought she was taking it off to cheat on him, and she was mad that he would accuse her of such. .  .  I never went back to see if they got over it or if they separated.”  She mentioned wincing each time the warm cloth would touch the delicate wound.  “unless you mean my absolute first case in which i found the cat under the bed, and they thought it got out of the house.  But you know when you’re so such of a fact you overlook even the most common of things.  Like how the cat hide when it seen the door wide open and didn’t leave the house once, but the owners assumed she did and then when a day went by they asked my help looking for it.  I noticed that her food got lower, and then staked her food out until I found he is running back to the underside of the daughter’s bed.”  She said with a slight smile despite the detailing to her hip.

“what about you, you were a knight for the rune knights what was your very first mission?” She asked standing still and letting him tend to her wound on her hip, before sitting on the couch and offering her injured palm outwards.

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#31Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz shook his head at the large scape on her leg and the rock in her hip. "You really did a number on yourself," He wet the cloth and began tending to her leg. He paused only for a moment, gently pressing the cloth on her wound as he laughed at the story she told. "That does sound like a mess. Half naked huh? That is something to walk into for sure. People to get worked up over the small things sometimes. To think it was there the whole time. I bet you know the people of Era so well by now," he looked up at her to say before he wiped the last bit of mess from her. Without a warning, while she was talking, he reached up and pulled the rock from her hip.

"Sorry. I find that it's better if you aren't thinking about it when it happens,"
he said as he tossed the rock in a waste bucket.

"To think they went that long without knowing the cat was simply darting back and forth," he admired how close she was with the people of Era. "And there we go," he said, having finished with her hip and she sat down and offered her hand. "Seems you aren't as stubborn as I thought," he teased and unwrapped the scarf to properly clean the wound on her hand.

"As for me. I was raised in a clan that hunted beast so from an early age I was trained and went on hunts in my teen years. But once I joined the knights,"
he laughed a bit to himself. "My first actual task was to seek out a paranoid merchant worried about dark mages. He was supposed to meet a man to buy an item from him. He was so scared he made a request to the knights, and I was sent to make the transaction for him. I met the man in a dark alley. He handed me a bag and I gave him the jewels. No trouble at all. Then I returned the item to the merchant which turned out to be a monster tooth and well...that was that."

He folded her hand closed as he finished cleaning it and looked her in the eye, "And that's when I knew. Being a knight wasn't going to be so bad," he smiled, "Although it was a little bit shady."
That move you did earlier. Where did you learn to move like that? You seem more than capable in holding your own in a situation."

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Winced a Few times through her conversation while he dabbed at her cuts, cleaning them up. Each time she would glance at him and then continue into her story, by the time she was onto the cat story she felt a sting as he made a comment grabbing the stone that was imbedded into her hip. “Ouh!~” She exclaimed rather monotoned, it did hurt but she was aware it was going to happen and felt it would have hurt a bit more than it actually did.  

“Im Determined or Persistent even tenacious, not stubborn”
She corrected with a smirk. “Stubborn is so negative, Determined is the same really, but seen in a better light, besides I know when I could use a hand, surly I would have been able to do it myself but you were nice enough to help.” She explained before asking about his First Mission

She listened as he told her about his Clan, and how he use to hunt beasts, and work on her hand at the same time. Once he was finished he closed her hand softly, “ thanks” she said with a smile and then stood up, pushing off the couch as she started towards her side table, opening one of the drawers on the side she picked up a peach colored Tank top, and a pair of stone grey sweat pants.
“ I took lessons really” She said as she disappeared behind the bathroom door to get changed. “ My Grandfather before it closed  work in a Dojo, he thought it I wanted to be a mage or even move out on my own to at least let him teach me self-defense. “She said almost straining her words pulled the jogging bottoms over her hip, a bit of pain trailed off in her statement before she continued rather casually. “ it was how we bonded really,  and then later when i found out I wasn’t capable of magic, or at least didn’t find one I could use,  I knew that in a town full of wizards it was only a matter of time before I ran into one that would be hostile, especially if I was investigating crimes that they committed”  She  pushed the bathroom door open  wit ha pile of cloths under one arm.  With her free hand she undid her hair tie, letting her long hair fall on her back. “So I started to take more classes, and do a regular work out regiment, if I didn’t have magic to rely on I needed to be quicker or stronger then the others.,  but as time passed I got a lot more relaxed with it, and now I don’t do my exercises as often as I use to or likely should” she said  turning back to toss her dirty cloths into a laundry hamper beside the shower. Noyiah shifted her hair around frizzing it up with her hand before combing it with a brush on her counter top.

“Feel free to start the potato’s, Knives are in the Drawer, the cutting board I think is dirty In the sink. “she said as she combed her hair though, seeing as she wasn’t going out again tonight she figure shed get ready for bed, and made herself comfortable  before she socialized more and make dinner.

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#33Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He paused from cleaning her wound and looked up at her, "My apologies. Determined it is then," he replied with his own smirk back. She went to change and Kaz stayed seated in the chair, not wanting to disturb things too much in the home. A dojo? "Your grandfather was a wise man then." She emerged from the door in far more casual attire than before but still looked just as captivating.

Seeing her change made Kaz realize he really had nothing else comfortable to wear. He rose his arms and looked over his own attire and bobbed his head back and forth. He had lived this way for so long and it worked out. Without the jacket, it was pretty manageable.

He scooted forward in the chair and kept listening. He rose his hands up and stretched wide as she tossed her clothes in the laundry. "I think that once you've done something for so long it becomes a part of you. Then it's just a matter of brushing up on it. But one of my favorite things to do is train. I try to incorporate some martial arts but its mostly magic.

"Will do," he said as he crossed the room to the sink. "Have you had to have an altercation with a mage?" He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt while crossing the room. The sink was mostly clean, with only a few dishes scattered within and the cutting board as well. He gave the tool a quick wash and set it on the counter next to the sink and brought the potatoes and peppers out of the bag.

His hand grazed the handle of the drawer where the knife was and rest there. He glanced over his shoulder to make sure she was still doing her hair and left the drawer closed. The vegetables rolled against each other as he lined them up on the cutting board as straight as he could. He held his hands in front of them and made fists. He took a quick deep breath and his hands opened, sending small slices of wind rushing outward and cutting the vegetables. The thin slices fell on top of each other in

A small gust of wind rattled the dishes in the sink slightly and Kaz dusted his hands off. "Done with the veggies," he said as he moved to turn on the stove. "Skillet's in the cupboard," he asked trying to get things ready before she made her way over.

He was on hash brown duty so if she told him where the skillet was he would bring it down and begin cooking away. "I can't tell you the last time I cooked like this. beats a campfire," he smiled as the potatoes started to fry. Their pop and sizzle filled the air aorund the kitchen with the smell.

#34Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Thought about his question for a few seconds before responding with “I have never had to fight a mage, but I have seen them in action, but I imagine it wouldn’t go nearly as smooth as today. To think that some rules of reality simply don’t apply to someone with the right kinds of magic. I don’t think I can truly understand or be prepared for something that can bend the known rules of the world, things like Gravity, or freedom of choice.” She said as she finished off combing her hair through.

Noyiah heard the rattling of the dishes and popped around the side of the wall to check if everything was okay. Only to see everything was fine and the veggies and potatoes where cut. “Um. . “she thought for a second” No the skillets under the stove in the warmer” she said glancing towards the bottom of the stove where a metal drawer would pull out, normally people used it to keep their food warm while they waited for other things to cook. But Noyiah just stored her other pans and cookie sheets in there. Living alone normally allowed her to cook smaller portions which didn’t require her to prep a lot of dishes without timing them out.

“I don’t think I have ever really cooked over a campfire, other then maybe Marshmallows” she said crossing the room shuffling around a few more stacks of papers before heading to the fridge and getting the eggs and a metal mixing bowl. She would dance around Kazimir grabbing different utensils and other dishes before making her way over to the kitchen table where she started cracking eggs into the bowl, tossing in, black pepper, Salt, a pinch of thyme, crushing up a bit of rosemary and scraping it off her palm and finished it off by going back for a smaller knife, and sliced up a basil leaf. She then grabbed a smaller cutting board from under a cupboard. “you can stay here as long as you’d like by the way.”

she said cutting some garlic cloves she had pulled from the fridge. “I normally don’t offer something out to any random person, you should know you’re an exception” She told him with a slight smirk, though her back was too him. She continued to cut the onions and then come and grab the peppers. She would combine the Garlic, onions and peppers into a different metallic bowl and then come to the stove.

Noyiah turned the stove one and the click of the gas stove lit, she placed a different skillet on the stove top letting the fire warm the bottom as she went to retrieve the olive oil. Giving a small pour on to the pan she let the oil heat up before she sautéed the vegetables together. She would then click the stove off letting them rest while the potatoes cooked. “I had fun today” she would admit, as she crossed the room and sat on the edge of her bed. While they waited for the potatoes to finish, after that she would start the omelets once the hash browns where ready.

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#35Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I think the most frightening thing about going against a mage is the initial moments. The time where you don't know what magic they have and when they reveal it, finding out its true extent. And then thinking about how you can combat it. Some I've seen have been pretty straight forward. Fire, water. But I have seen mental manipulation and nullification as well," he spoke casually as bent over to pull out the metal drawer. he stirred the contents of the skillet. The potatoes broke apart into smaller bits and began to brown. He pushed around the cookie sheets to find the skillet and put it on the burner. the potatoes hit it with a sizzle along with the olive oil.

"Well, if you've cooked marshmallows, you had to have tried s'mores,"He said as he kept working the potatoes smaller as they browned. She danced around him and he simply shifted his head to the side so she could reach by and then his body as she grabbed spices and knives. His moves were small and precise with his attention still on his cooking, but he did have a smile gleaning on his face at the carefree nature of the moment.

He shifted the skillet back and forth to give the potatoes a slight toss. The motion paused as she snuck in yet another offer. it came as sudden as the first one had under the guise of other things. he thought she'd try to breeze by it again but she elaborated this time. He let the moment hang as he thought about what all that sentence could mean but it was a calm stillness lasting only a couple seconds. He looked over his shoulder to see that her back was facing him. She was hard at work mixing ingredients

Her words made him feel that same rush he felt when he first held her hand. "I think...that would be pretty great. He smiled and turned to face her as she set the onion on the cutting board and rose her knife. Kaz stepped closer, letting his chest touch against her back almost like a hug from behind but he reached one arm around her. His arm extended towards the cutting board and the onion. He clenched his fist and then opened it. Tiny blades of wind shot out and sliced the onion in thin small chunks. "I forgot about the onion again,"He said with his head close to hers and moved back to the skillet.

She cooked her veggies and prepped the area for the omelets before crossing over to her bed. He turned to face her and leaned his lower back on the safe spot on the oven and rests his hands on the edge of it,"Me too. It's been too long. Even if you caused me to drop a teapot on my foot,"He said with a warm and soft tone and a hint of teasing through a smile.

"Ow," he muttered as he took his hand away from the stove and rubbed it with his other hand. A pop oil flung out of the pan and stung his hand. He laughed rubbing the oil off with his other hand, "Hash browns are ready," he turned back to the stove and turned down the heat.

She wasted no time in making her way back to start the omelets as Kaz let the hashbrowns stand and cool for a moment, hopefully being the right temperature for when Noyiah was finished. He pulled the chairs up to the table, "Are the plates in the cupboard too?" he asked and would get them once Noyiah gave the answer.  
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#36Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded as Kazimir Reiterated the same notion she was trying to articulate. It was the Unknown capabilities that proved the most challenging when it came to defending yourself against a magic user. When your greatest asset was your wit and knowledge rooted in reality it was easy to be defeated by6 someone who doesn’t have to abide by the rules of the material plane  

“Can’t say I’ve had a Real Smore, but I know what they are,  my mother use to bake cookies  and we could put the marshmallows between those but I never did them with gram crackers” She said Nonchalantly, She didn’t feel she was missing out, besides if she was serious about her investigations she needed to balance her diet better and do more regular exercise.  Thought Kazimir seemed to thin she would be still in shape even after relaxing on her regiments.
After her offer he accepted after a few awkward seconds, masked behind work, Noyiah had secretly hoped he would agree but tried not to show her excitement.  Noyiah watched as he moved around the apartment and behind her, she lifted a knife and felt his chest against her back. This made her a littler weary, and her defensive reflexes seem to hone a bit as she tensed up. Though she seen his hand appeared out in front of her, she relaxed again and then came to the realization he was trying to be cute.

The Onion Diced itself as the multitude of wind blades sliced it into a fine chop, a handy skill for a cook. Noyiah’s eyes widened a bit as she looked at the onion in pieces now and placed the knife down beside the cutting board. “So wind based magic is what you practice. “she said adding it to her collection of Facts about Kazimir.  He seemed to move on like it was nothing. “have you ever accidentally broke more then cooking ingredients before.”  A Question that could easily be more personal then she realized, her intentions about the question was merely like objects like accidentally cutting the cutting board in half or damaging a pot. But it could easily be considered about hurting innocent people, unbeknownst to her.

After getting things all ready she would have sat on the side of her bed, Kazimir turned to face her and seemed to catch a splash of oil, his ~Ow~ Drew her attention in on him more so than before.”  You al… “ a questions that was cut off by a laugh and his announcement that the hash browns were ready.

Noyiah Shifted and pushed herself off her bed. And headed past the table grabbing the hand beaten eggs.  Sparking the stove back on she would place the same pan with the Sautéed vegetables scraping half of them onto a plate she would retrieve and then hold out the next place for Kaz,” In the cupboard up here, same with the bowls, cutlery is in the drawer here.” She said taping on it, before pouring half the eggs into the pan with half of the veggies, she let it brown up a bit before with a bit of a flourish flipped the eggs.

They Landed Slightly off centered, she glanced over to see if Kazimir had noticed the slight mess-up, before using a scraper to straighten it out. “would you like a bit of cheese?” she asked and depending on the answer she would either get it out or not.  Either way she would continue onto the next one placing the eggs and veggies into the same pan after wiping it out and re-oiling it.   Once they were ready, she would slide them onto the plates that likely already had the hash browns on them.

Noyiah would take a seat at the kitchen table, clearing off any remaining papers beforehand. She glanced around for a second then got up, she didn’t have much in the ways of drinks.  Noyiah grabbed two glasses off the shelf and filled them with tap water and brought them back, placing one in front of Kazimir’s plate and then her own before finally sitting down to eat.

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#37Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Your mother sounds delightful. But no s'mores and never a campfire. Sounds like I'll have to take you out camping sometime," he said with a smile, letting it be known that he did indeed plan to be around for awhile. Although the made omelets this day he had a feeling it was just to make something he was more used to. He was excited to see what she usually ate and even perhaps, change his own eating habits.

He felt her body tense up and gave her some distance as he split the onion and was relieved when she relaxed again. He returned as if it was nothing to his side, realizing how out of practice he was.

"Yeah. It is actually a gift from a wind tiger spirit."
She then asked a question he hadn't really expected. "hm," he responded and looked at his hand thinking about the blood they had been stained with. "When I first learned magic it was purely defensive. barriers and such. It wasn't till I left my clan that the magic became offensive. Haha, but yeah, I've broken pots, walls, some buildings." He said it all pretty casual and didn't think about the escalation from pots to buildings. There was more to say but he wasn't ready to say it and smiled, "Although the trickiest part is jumping using the wind. I've slipped on plenty of branches, roofs and bumped my head a bit."

It was probably important that he learned his way around here if he was going to be there. It was still an odd thought to him but one that he couldn't help but feel excited about.

He pulled out the plates and began to set the table and glanced back just in time to see the lopsided flop of the eggs in the skillet from her flip. He gave a single chuckle and once she looked over and their eyes met he looked up at the ceiling and whistled as if he had seen nothing.

He loaded the hashbrowns on the table and sat, "No cheese for me thanks," he replied as she finished up and brought the meal and water for them to eat.

She sat across from him and he put the utensils in front of her and grabbed his own. "Thanks for the meal Noyiah." he said as he dug in and took a large bite of the omelet. "Its...its...delicious!"

"How did you learn to cook so well?"he spoke between bites.

#38Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiahs Mother was a good person, and Noyiah never could Faulter her for the things she had done,  she resented her a bit when Noyiah was younger but she knew now that it was necessary. But they were in better terms now, not that they ever really talked anymore but they would have been happy to meet up.

“A Wind tiger Spirit?” She questioned not really sure where to start on the questions about that, to Noyiah’s Knowledge magic had to be born with, or at least compatible with you.  “ I bet that is quite the learning curve, it seems unstable at best” she said  trying to imagine pushing wind from her body hard enough to propel off the ground,  it seemed incomprehensible to her.

With his answer of no cheese and a slight blush on her cheeks she plated up the food and brought them to the kitchen table. Sitting down again after getting waters she looked over when he took a bit to see what he thought of it, the reaction was great, he seemed almost in bliss while eating.
Noyiah took a fork in her right hand and chopped a piece of the omelet off and pierced a hash brown placing both into her mouth and placed it down again as she was asked a question.  She chewed a little quicker as she held a finger up as if to say ~ hold on~. After she finished hastily chewing, she managed to swallow it down and took a sip of water to relive the scratches of not chewing it all properly before swallowing.

“I use to cook a lot with my grandmother,  my mother showed me a few things, but my grandmother had a large impact on my home life.  Taught me a few things in the kitchen, how to sow, how to wrap a wound, and cleaning of course.” Noyiah said before taking a few more bites.  There was something mildly comforting in Kazimir staying there, Noyiah felt Safer then usual, not that she ever really felt she was in Danger, but if there was a chance it would be lessened for sure now. Unless he became to issue.

Noyiahs Mind Wandered as she ate, she wasn’t sure her decisions today were the soundest of mind, but she was happy about where it had lead, at least so far.  After dinner Noyiah offer out a towel “  I imagine that being on the road so long doesn’t offer you the simple luxurious of a warm shower often, feel free to use any of the products I have around.” she offered out the towel and would tend to the dishes.  It was up to him if he wanted to take the shower but either way Noyiah would finish up the dishes and finish getting ready for bed and get a set of bedding out for Kazimir, though she would have to let him have one of the many pillows she had on her bed.  Sneakily picking up each one and smelling them, to get the cleanest smelling one for him.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"It was a guardian spirit in my homeland. My clan made a pact with it and it granted us wind magic. I left and it still grants me magic,"he said it as easily as he was talking about the weather.

It wasn't the idea of accidentally harming people that made his mind stir towards words but the thought of instability. He still kept it in, not wanting to ruin the dinner they shared at least he'd wait till after perhaps. Kaz kept eating the meal as he asked the question and waited while eating the meal. He held his fork in his right and only used his left to stabilize the plate as he ate. The same way he did at lunch

"Sounds like your family was able to teach you a lot. Did you grow up with both of them the whole time?"
There was something cute about the way she held up her finger, asking for a moment while she hurried to swallow the food.  He rested an elbow on the table and forked some hashbrowns in his mouth.

Kaz reached out and took hold of the towel, "I suppose it has been a long time. I lose track sometimes."He had been on the road since coming from Astera. a long trek through woods and mountains and in that time he bathed mostly in rivers and stopping at an inn where he could.

"Thanks, I won't be long,"
he started to walk toward the shower and stopped in his tracks. He looked back at Noyiah as she walked toward the kitchen, "I'll clean up after dinner tomorrow and uhm...about my magic," he looked at her more seriously than he had before and with a hint of regret, "It was unstable before. The tiger spirit took control of my body and mind. Made me more animal than man. All I felt was the hunt. He stood still as he spoke. His shoulders weren't tense. His eyes searched Noyiah's trying to tell what she was feeling. His heart thudded against his chest sharing that part of himself. "And I...hunted down criminals and killed them. Including members of my own clan that had come to hunt me."

He faced her with his whole body. The towel held loose in one hand. "But I promise. I have complete control now. I met the spirit and found balance with it. But still...I think about it," he clinched one of his hands. "I hope that answers your questions about my magic...and I truly hope I do not frighten you, he stepped one foot towards her. His toes touching the ground firmly first and with a pause before he finished the step forward.

#40Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded as he explained it was a spirit that blessed his clan with the abilities, it made sense and as far as Noyiah knew it was entirely possible.  But she didn’t know before that magic could be gifted to a human. It made her think about how she might have to look into that side of magic seeing as she was the company’s magic expert.

As they ate, Kazimir asked about her parents and if they had lived with her grandparents the whole time. Noyiah’s expression wasn’t hid well as she thought about a good way to answer the question, she didn’t like making people feel bad for their questions. “we moved in with my grandparents after my father passed away.” She said plainly, it was certainly a sore spot in her memories, but it was better he didn’t suffer. “nothing horrible, he passed away in his sleep, no one every really explained as to why, only that he didn’t suffer.”  Noyiah said as she thought about the day, she had found him.

Noyiah Visibly Shivered as she re-imagined the scene, pushing open the door and seeing him in the bed, he didn’t even look dead. But he was cold to the touch when she tried to wake him.  Noyiah shook her head and refocused over her food.

The rest of the meal would be quiet, Noyiah lost in her thoughts. After which she would gather the dishes and place them in a sink and gather a towel for Kazimir.  He accepted the idea of a shower and started to head there. Noyiah had already started gathering things for his bedding. He had mentioned that he would clean things up in the morning, but Noyiah likely would wait, she was used to her routines and the thought of having dirty dishes in the sink bothered her a bit, though she wasn’t going to fight him on it. But he added a bit more about his magic.

Her eyes would meet his as he looked at her. He seemed almost sad before he admitted that he had lost control of his magic before, she would have a look of uncertainty, as it shifted towards a more thoughtful glance, as she looked at her feet for a moment and them back up to him,  sure it was worrisome, but the honesty was refreshing, he didn’t actively seem to hide things from her and Noyiah was a expert at getting information.  She would take a deep breath as she listened.  He stepped towards her, he seemed more upset by this then Noyiah was. “No one is perfect, every experience comes with a price.”  He then goes on to add that he hoped she wasn’t scared of him.  She would take a few steps towards him opening her arms up wide for him, signifying a hug if he took the warm embrace she would say “I have never felt safer” she would say quietly and reassuringly

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I'm sorry to hear that," he quietly interjected before she continued. He reached across the table to place a hand on her wrist as she spoke. He kept his hand there until her shiver had passed and then took it back.

"It's good to hear he didn't suffer," it seemed a painful topic and rightfully so. The lose of a parent was a tough thing for anyone to deal with. The meal was quiet but not unsettlingly so. The plates were finished and Noyian gathered them up.

Her deep breath caused a stir of worry within the wind mage. Hearing that the person you invited into your house was a killer would be difficult to swallow. Or so he thought. The moment of silence was filled with her steps against the floor as she moved closer. Each one brought a bit more uncertainty a to what her response would be.

He gave a small sigh hearing her speak about everything comes at a price. She didn't seem angry and that was at least a soothing gesture to him. Her arms opened and even if he wanted to look away in worry about how she would respond he couldn't take his attention off of her.

Her arms opened wide for a hug and Kaz took another step in and wrapped his arms around her. The embrace was comforting and she whispered a phrase of reassurance. With all the destruction he brought...she still felt safe with him. "And I've rarely felt so at ease," he whispered back.

Whatever this was felt right to him. He pulled her in snug to him, but not tight. He let his arms pull away, but his hands still held her. He turned his face to give her a kiss on the cheek. If she didn't pull away from him he would lock eyes with her and then move to kiss her lips.

If she pulled away he would step back, bow, and apologize. Then he would take the towel and go to the shower without another word.

If she accepted then he would hold her until she pulled away from him and go to take a shower.

After whatever moment they shared he would smile and move to take a shower. He took off his travel tattered clothes and set them on the floor in the bathroom. The shower hit his body and he closed his eyes as it was warmer than any stream he had bathed in.

#42Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah knew that he never asked these questions to upset her or get a leverage over her, so forgiving him for it occurring was something that came naturally without trying.  Its not like two people could really get to know one another without knowing about each other’s pasts a little.

Her hug seemed to work the way she had intended as he said that he felt at ease. Kazimir’s embrace was comforting for her even if it was meant to comfort him. She felt her heart rate accelerate as the hug snugged up, not due to panic but because it was the closest that she had been to someone else in a while, if not ever.   Her Muscles relaxed a bit as she leaned in on him, bracing herself against his chest.  She realized he was a couple inches taller then herself, but what surprised her more was the density of his chest, she felt like she squished around his muscular buddy.

When his hug let go, she started to look up towards him, feeling his hand touch her face, as she watched him move down for a kiss, she panicked for a second, but like usual came prepared with a backup plan.
Kazimir would feel her pull away from his hand as she quickly turned her face to collect the kiss with her lips instead of her cheek like he had planned. A Cheeky smile remained on her face as she looked at him after the initial kiss, if he continued for his second kiss like he planned, she would easily allow it.

After the kiss/kisses, she would embrace his hug, letting him wrap his arms around her shoulders, as she placed her head to his chest, wrapping her hands around the small of his back, she listened to his heart beat, and wondered if she caused it to go as sporadic as hers was after that.  After about ten seconds she would readjust her stance with the hug and start to back away so he could do something more then stand in doorway.

He smiled at her as he turned to head to the shower, Noyiah glanced away for a second and then said “ Kazimir? One thing.” she asked hoping he’d turn to look at her, if he did he would quickly see her sly plan unfold as she would peck his cheek quickly and walk towards the kitchen “  I don’t leave dishes for the next day” she said with a smirk resting on her flushed face.  She seemed happy, and it was more then what she convinced herself was happy, her mundane life was going though something out of the ordinary.  

She would do up the dishes as she smiled to herself, waiting for him to finish up his shower, she cleaned up the kitchen despite his offer to do them the next day.  She felt giddy, almost enough to hum, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so.

After the dishes we dried and put away she would lay out his blanket and other bedding, toying with the idea of letting him take the bed with her,  but decided ultimately that she had been reckless enough, and that if things were going to continue along this path she would offer that at another time.

By the time he was down with his shower Noyiah would have picked up a few more clusters of papers and eventually had them organized enough for her to have a nice stack of folders stacked on the kitchen counter, where the dirty dishes were.  At some point she would have to get a file cabinet.
Noyiah would have started a pot of tea, to have after he was ready, something small and ordinary thing that would allow them to spend the last hour or so before heading to sleep, unfortunately most of her tea were stale as she wasn’t much of a tea drinker, and she had to make it using a shallow pot letting it steep for a little bit before moving it to two cups,  she didn’t have a tea pot of her own and she didn’t feel like invading his trust by digging though his bag to find the one he had when they met.  She glances up Kazimir walks out of the bathroom as she sits holding her cup.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her slender frame was a perfect fit in his arms. She was soft to the touch but still toned from years of training. He moved in for the kiss. Her body pulled away as she turned his kiss back at him. Moving in to intercept it and planting it on her supple lips instead of her flushed cheeks.

A smile came upon his face in response to her clever move. He rubbed her shoulders softly before pulling her in for a second kiss. It sent a shockwave through him. He could barely believe the day had ended as pleasing as being in her embrace.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulder, letting her ease into him with her head on his chest. She'd feel the heavy beating of his heart as it seemed to skip joyfully in his chest. He snuck a kiss on the top of her head taking in the enticing smell of her hair as he did.

They finally let go and Kaz headed for the shower only to be halted by her sweetly calling his name. He barely turned completely around when he saw a devious look in her eye and she came in to peck his cheek. He could do nothing but smile as her lips touched his face. She turned away and his hands grabbed her upper arm lightly and slid down it as she walked away letting their fingers meet and drift apart.

"Then I'll clean the ones that we dirty tomorrow. And the next day after that,"
he responded with a smile, before heading into the shower. He bathed with a gleeful look the whole time. He hadn't been this happy and at peace in some time. Something this delightful working out was far and few between but worth the travel to get here.

The water shut off and Kaz stepped towards the shower ready to leave when "Hey Noyiah...Uhm. it turns out that in my travels I don't really have many changes of clothes..so... can I borrow a sweater? all I have are uniforms," he ended with a minute chuckle of embarrassment.

If she gave him one, he'd slip it on and step out of the shower. "Oh tea.Thank you," he said as he sat by his cup and took a sip. Seeing the shallow teapot she used,"You could've used my pot. I don't mind," he said with a small head tilt towards her, making it clear that he was more than willing to share what he had. However few things they were.

#44Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
She felt invulnerable when in his arms, she felt like she melted away at his touch. A feeling that stuck after their finger tips drifted away. Noyiah glanced back over towards him as he disappeared into the bathroom telling her he’d clean up tomorrow, Noyiah just smiled and shook her head softly.
When Kazimir was done his shower Noyiah was sitting at the kitchen table holding onto the cup of likely horrible tea she made. Her eyes wandered up and down Kazimir quickly, he looked slightly embarrassed to ask, and Noyiah could tell by the way he spoke he wasn’t exactly proud of what he asked.  Noyiah stood up glancing him over again, before smirking “ I don’t think we are even remotely  the same size” she said teasing as she headed towards her small collection of cloths. " just as bad as my sister" she said with a smirk

Noyiah wasn’t much of a horde if you didn’t count papers, she did regular cleaning out of her cloths, getting rid of anything that was broken, worn out or no longer fit.  It had been a little bit since she had done a purge through her stuff, but she didn’t think she would have anything for him.
She took her time picking up each thing she thought would work laying them across her forearm. After getting a collection of a few things that might work she would head over towards Kazimir and hold up each one, before tossing them onto the back of one of the kitchen chairs. “Looks like this is where your luck ends, I don’t think anything will fit your shoulders.” She said almost happy not to help “ guess you’ll have to stay in your towel, until I can wash some of your cloths.”

Noyiah would offer out a mug, “ I wasn’t going to rummage through your belongings, it looks bad if your caught” she said with a smirk again as she headed over towards the bathroom to gather up cloths for a load of laundry. “ If you can Air dry things quickly it wont take me much more then 10 minutes” she called out to him as she started to fill the bathtub.  If Kazimir looked over she would have been fishing around under the bathroom sink, she knelt down as she picked up a box of Detergent.

She shook the box for a second calculating how much was left before leaning across the bathroom to shake some into the tub, grabbing a wash board and placed it in the tube and walked back out to the main room of the apartment, taking her cloths on the chair over to her bed.  Noyiah glanced back over toward Kazimir again as she passed by. She would run her fingernail across his back and shoulder playfully as she passed by.  Entering the bathroom again she would turn the water off and place the cloths Kaz had in the bathroom into the tub to soak before returning back over to him at the table. Taking her cup in hand and drink a mouthful.

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#45Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
She glanced him over and Kaz shifted his weight more on one leg. He cleared his throat with a cocked brow as he playfully looked back at her. "Now what's that supposed to me," he asked with a grin at her comment about her sister. "I'm sure I can squeeze into something...maybe."

Kaz waited for her return and tightened the towel around himself, adjusting it form time to time. More from the sake of being in a towel than needing to. He held mostly still as she held the clothes up to him. "Well?" he asked looking at the size of the shirts she held.

"Well...you don't seem to beat up over that," he smirked not entirely upset about the situation either. "I suppose I've been pretty lucky already" he replied with his hands going to his hips. Water still lightly dripped onto his shoulders from his hair. He moved his hand to the front of the towel where it knotted together and held it to make sure it was secure.

"Haha, only if you get caught huh? I'll have to keep my eye on you," he added as he took the mug and sipped it. She walked towards the bathroom and Kaz set the mug down and opened his bag. He pulled out the teapot and crossed over to the kitchen and set it in a small open space. "Guess I'll just have to make sure you don't need to rummage." It was his first real physical gesture of planning to stay here a bit. It felt like something that was exactly where it should be.

"hm, already trying to make use of my magic I see," he teased her but then became more casual, "but yeah I can do that. And sometime I'll take you on a real trip and show you what it can do, other than laundry and protect people from a hot day."

Her finger ran across his back, "mmm," was the faint audible sound that left his lips. She would have noticed the scar that ran almost the whole distance of his back and roughly four inches wide. The same one was mirrored on his chest. They seemed old but her touch didn't cause any pain. She'd also see his back flex upward as her finger moved across it.

She returned to sit in front of him. He couldn't help but to just look into her eyes for a moment. Still in a bit of disbelief as to how things had happened between them. He sipped the tea along with her as he sat in the towel. "Thanks for starting the laundry,"he said still taken in by her gaze. His eyes searched her for a moment before he reached over and ran his hand through her hair once more. This time with no hint of hesitation. His hand cupped her soft cheek. If she let him he would give her a gentle pull towards him and kiss her once more. This time more passionate than the first. His other hand meeting hers to hold it.

If she kissed him he would eventually stand up still kissing her and pull away, "I think you're great," he would whisper as their lips still touched and he would begin to move away and get the laundry.

#46Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
My sister use to borrow my stuff and never give it back, She said to enlighten him as she sifted through her drawer “ I also would rather you stay naked over stretching out the shoulders. . . No offence “she teased.
Noyiah would only Smirk and continue her purists as he commented on her lack of concern for his vulnerability, if it was the other way around Noyiah knew he would have been more then helpful.

He Commented on her remark about getting caught going through his things. And placed his tea pot on the kitchenet counter, which made her smirk again, fading quickly as the look of determination overtook, she continued gathering things up and started the laundry. “I mean, it’s almost selfish to not help me help you” she replied to his comment of making use of his magic. “I’d like a trip, I don’t get out of Era Much” she explained as the tub filled too slowly for her liking.

Having came back out to snag a sip of her god-awful tea, she had flirtishly dragged her nail across his muscles. taking a mental note of the scar in stride, she didn’t want to say anything about it because of the story that likely came with something like that.  It wasn’t something that she would ask over tea anyways.

Noyiah had stopped the water and let the clothes soak for a few minutes taking the time to come back and sit down with Kazimir. She nodded, in acknowledgment to his thank you, as she took a sip of her tea. Noyiah placed down her tea and made sure it was swallowed as a slightly confused look arose, having taken notice of his Gaze she asked “What?” to be answered with his hand running through her bangs. It was a feeling she hadn’t gotten use to, it felt nice, but it was also kind of strange to get use to.

She felt his calloused hand touch her face, which dismissed the confusion as she moved towards him without a second thought. She felt any worry she had melt away as their lips touched, she felt her head tilt and the touch of his other hand on hers.  He led her out of her seat and to a more standing position before he spoke softly and adoringly, he drifted apart and Noyiah braced herself against the table. Gasping for a breath as he had taken hers away.  She watched as he went into the bathroom.

After a moment to collect herself she looked around breathing slightly heavier than usual. When he returned to the main room, she would have tossed her pillow back on her own bed and folded the comforter she had laid out for him and placed it on the foot of her bed and her window would be open wide, letting the cold night air in.

Noyiah would be seated at the table again as she sat drinking a bit of her tea. Just looking up at Kazimir again would be enough to make her face turn red again. “ we should likely go to bed soon, we have to get you some cloths tomorrow”

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Kazimir Seiryu
He cocked his brow at her comment, "Well I'm not in a position to argue. Nor do I think I'd want to," he teased back a bit.

"Good point, But, you've been warned that it can get a little ahead of me," he smirked with a shrugknowing he could control it but wanted to joke with her a bit more.
"Then one day we'll have to travel the world. But for now, I have a travel idea we can do locally," he left it there with a bit of mystery along with it and a curious glint in his eye.

It wasn't long that she returned from getting the clothes ready that Kaz had taken her from her chair with a passionate embrace. One that left her breathless and bracing against the table. It was good that he turned around her she would have seen him breathing heavily while his heart pounded in his chest. He could still almost feel her body next to his as he entered the bathroom.

One thing was certain in his mind. He had to make quick work of this laundry. The water drained out of the tub and he threw them on the bar with the shower curtain. He held both hands back and thrust them forward. His mind raced with thoughts of Noyiah and the wind was a bit erratic at first. until it came to a steady and powerful breeze. his underwear at least dried quickly and he slipped them on and rewrapped the towel around his waist.

He returned from the bathroom, the wind was still blowing against the damp clothes as he sustained it with his mana. She was sitting at the table again with a slight flush of red on her face. He looked over and saw the couch had been unmade and the pillow was back on her bed. A smile came acorss his face at the thought of waking up next to her. He was still standing in the room with the towel around his waist.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea. Stay there, I'll take it,"
he said as he gathered her cup when she finished and his own. He moved to the sink to pour them out and give them a quick rinse, knowing she would probably not like to leave them out.

He moved back to her as she sat at the table. He reached down and to take her hands and helped her from the chair and lead her to the bed, if she'd let him. He would walk backward and before they arrived at the bed he would pull her to him once more. His right hand snaking around her waist and hugging her close as he kissed her. his left wrapping around her back to her shoulder.

He would let her go if she wanted and follow her lead. He'd throw the towel in the hamper.

#48Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Sat the table as Kazimir grabbed her mostly empty cup, loose tea leaves made the bottom almost impossible to drink. Not that it was good anyways.  She would sit there still red in the face as she watched him move back and forth through her kitchen.  He rinsed them out which Noyiah appreciated and said “Thankyou” as she watched him

He eventually made his way over to her, helping her to her feet, and Noyiah followed him across the floor towards her bed, Letting him take the lead she felt his arms embrace her, she again melted into his hold. There was a sensation a safety that she had never felt like this before, a sense of right.  She kissed him again, and again. Each time feeling like she had forgotten to breath.

Her heartbeat rang through her ears and she felt like warm water washed over her, each time they connected. She would give hi ma shove towards the bed before lifting a finger up as if to stop for a second.   Taking a deep breath she would  disengage from the moment to walk towards the front door. She picked up the key resting at the small table beside the door and clicked the lock shut wit ha flick of her wrist.

Noyiah had never had a relationship this serious before, and certainly not as fast as it had develop, it felt right but rushed.  But she wasn’t going to get in the way of this progression.  She moved across the room slowly click the lights off as she passed them all.  Crossing past the window she shivered slightly before reaching over to close it.

Noyiah moved over Kaz as she leaned down to hug him again, pulling the blankets edge up and guided him up off the bed with her soft hands running across him shoulder and then face.  Once he was up and back under the blankets Noyiah would follow him in and smile devilishly as she pushed towards him.

** Fade to Black**

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