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Pillaging [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Yumi]

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Pillaging [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Yumi]    Empty on Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:35 pm

Smoke wafted up into the sky as a fire burned wildly down on the streets of Era. The fire had originated from a small cafe that had exploded. The fire then began to rapidly spread to the surrounding buildings. The smoke was incredibly strong forming dense clouds making people cough violently and flee. A few brave souls grabbed buckets and were attempting to put out the flames. They were slowly pushing the fire back but it continued to burn fiercely. A large crowd had gathered back at a safe distance watching the chaos unfold. Whistles blew as Rune Knight's came running to form barricades keeping the public back to a safe distance. They were so desperately trying to prevent the fire from going any further.

A pair of crimson hues watched from above, a sinister yet mischevious twinkle reflecting in those glistening eyes. The owner was a young woman, she looked like a little girl and her attire didn't help as she wore a gothic lolita dress. Those what was truly frightening was the fact the girl was completely dyed red in blood, not a single speck of her creamy white skin could be seen. She was seated atop a rooftop just across the way looking down at the chaos unfold. In her lap was a large axe as big as she was covered in blood. Why was she covered in blood?

The girl, Yumi, had recently committed murder right in the very cafe that was currently on fire. She had killed the employees of the cafe going on a murderous rampage, slaughtering them left and right. The screams had drawn in a squad of a dozen Rune Knight's who attempted to apprehend her, having none of it YUmi slaughtered them like the pigs they were. Yumi showed no mercy, killing them with their own weapons. She left them dismembered and drowning in four inches of blood. Once Yumi had slaughtered them all, she raided the cafe of its bounty then proceeds to pour gasoline everywhere and light a match. Thus the current fire was born. The magical equipment in the shop had blown up causing the fire to spread to the surrounding buildings.

Yumi hummed as she watched the ants scurry continuing to pour water on the flames slowly putting it out. Yumi pouted in annoyance, it would be no good if they put the fire out. The demon wanted the flames to continue burning. Standing up, the demon grabbed her bloodied axe and lifted it back. Raising the axe, Yumi took aim and threw it. The giant axe sailed through the air and struck one fo the civilians drying to put the fire out. The axe with the force behind it split the man in two. Someone screamed at the sight as everyone looked on in surprise at the man's sudden death.

Yumi descended leaping through the air and crashed into the ground by the corpse and her axe. Reaching down Yumi grabbed the giant weapon and hefted it onto her shoulder. Smiling evilly she kicked off pouncing towards a firefighter to her left. The axe swung leaving a red trail behind it as a squelch was heard. A head went flying as blood sprayed into the air like a fountain. The crowd screamed and began to flee. The firefighter's backed off running for their lives as the Rune Knight's took charge drawing their swords raising them with their shields and began to surround the vicious murder. Yumi smiled evilly as she twirled her axe with ease.

Bounding forward, Yumi closed the distance between her and a rune knight. Swinging her axe it smashed against the man's shield. Without missing a beat Yumi's axe turned into a whirlwind as she swung it viciously. The axe smashed repeatedly into the shield before slicing it in two catching the knight off guard. The axe swung around and cleaved him in two at the waist. Laughing like a maniac Yumi bathed in the fountain of blood that sprayed out, while saying a prayer to her god. "Dear Malum I offer these souls up to you. May their sacrifice please you."

Flicking her axe, Yumi brought it into the path of a sword using it to block the weapon. Her knee came up smashing into the Knight's groin making him balk and stumble back. Her free hand latched onto his wrist snapping it forcing the sword in his hand to drop. Reaching out with her free hand Yumi snatched up the falling sword and drove it up through his jaw and up through the man's head before ripping it out. Taking a step back Yumi gripped both weapons and prepared herself for the battle to come.

Yumi's crimson hues began to change as black bled into them. A fearsome aura erupted from her body consuming the Rune Knight's installing fear into them. A demonic aura surrounded the lolita as her God's demonic visage appeared above her. Licking her lips, the raven-haired loli tasted the blood on her cheeks. She could taste the sweet iron that rolled across her tongue. A bloodlust filled her vision as the intimidating aura grew to shake the Knight's. The weaker knights fell to their knees unable to resist the fearsome aura they were being exposed to. Yumi couldn't help but snort in amusement at them.

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Pillaging [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Yumi]    Empty on Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:10 pm

Laughing with sadistic glee, Yumi frogged hopped over a rune knight and kicked him in the back. The force of the kick launched him towards an ally where he impaled himself onto his comrade's sword. Laughing at the act Yumi landed on her feet and tripped up a rune knight making him fall before she stabbed down with the sword she had stolen impaling it through his right shoulder. Yumi drove with enough force the sword pierce into the ground and became stuck as she buried it through the man's body up to the hilt. Lifting a leg she kicked down on the handle of the sword forcing the hilt into flesh making the knight scream in pain. Every time he struggled the sword moved cutting into his flesh. Raising a leg again Yumi kicked the knight in the ribs with enough force she pulled him off the sword, leaving a nasty cleaving gash through his right shoulder and cleaving his arm off in the process.

Grabbing the handle of the sword she ripped it up out of the ground and spun throwing it towards a charging rune knight. The sword flew through the air and pierced between the man's eyes. The knight collapsed to the ground blood trickling from his forehead. Gripping her axe Yumi swung it into the path of two swords as two knights attacked her at once. The metal weapons collided with a loud clang. Yawning softly Yumi raised a leg and kicked one of the knights in the stomach making him stumble back. Reaching out she grabbed the other by the face and drove him down plunging her knee into his throat making him choke and gag. Not letting up she began to repeatedly slam her knee into his throat crushing his windpipe. As he struggled to breathe and asphyxiated Yumi dropped him to the ground.

The remaining knights backed up the sound of them gulping could be heard as they formed a defensive formation, three lines with three in each line. Raising their shields the knights in the front sheathed their swords and removed the spears from their back. Bringing the spears to point by their shields the knights started to advance, spears pointing at Yumi. Sneering the lolita charged them head-on, using her much smaller frame she ducked between the spears and swung her axe smashing it into the middle shield. The axe carried enough force it knocked the man off balance and threw him into his friends. With the defensive line broken, Yumi's axe turned into a whirlwind of blades as she swung it at full speed.

Blood sprayed through the air as Yumi severed limbs. The axe cleaved through flesh with no mercy sending limbs flying as she tore apart the front line of Rune Knights. The Axe became coated in blood once more as the lolita offered up these fools to her god. Every time she killed Yumi said a small prayer, keeping up with her duties as Malum's high priestess. Yumi always carried out her religious duties to the God without fail. Hopefully her acts would bring glory to her demonic lord. The antics Yumi committed her, the chaos brought would hopefully spread her name.

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Pillaging [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Yumi]    Empty on Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:50 pm

Yumi licked her lips in a sensual manner as she eyed the remaining six Rune Knights. She was preparing to finish them off when someone called out to the knights tell them to back off as they couldn't handle this foe. Turning to the source, behind Yumi was a man six foot in tall decked out in holy armor wielding a large greatsword. Yumi couldn't make out his full appearance as he was wearing a helmet, but he gave off a radiant aura. Snorting in amusement Yumi turned to face the Holy Knight ignoring the Rune Knight's behind her as they ran off to get back up. The man asked Yumi's name to which she snorted and replied with her epithet the Witch of Carnage. Without another word, Yumi charged the man head on to get the advantage. Swinging her axe the weapon bashed against the man's greatsword.

Taking a step back to gain his guard the man swung the greatsword with one hand. Yumi met the incoming blade swinging her axe into its path. Both mages collided as their weapons clashed loudly creating small shockwaves on impact. Smirking Yumi started her assault swinging the axe with everything she had. The axe turned into a blur as it bashed against the man's greatsword. The Knight was able to counter each blow, swinging the giant sword into the axes path. Laughing Yumi pushed the attack swinging the axe without giving time for the knight to counter-attack. Yumi intended to keep the man on his toes. The axe was a lethal weapon in Yumi's arm as it turned into a cyclone of blades. The knight was forced to grip the sword with both hands in order to counter Yumi's incredible strength.

Laughing Yumi continued her assault not giving the knight any time to breathe. The sword buckled as Yumi pushed it aside with her axe and raised her leg delivering a swift kick to the Knight's stomach. The knight buckled and stumbled back his guard broken. The axe swung cleaving through his chest plate drawing blood. The Knight held back a cry of pain as he grabbed the bleeding wound, before regaining his guard and raising his axe. Lifting the axe Yumi licked the blood of saying first blood went to her. Sneering the knight attacked in a frenzy swinging his greatsword. Yumi swung her axe upwards hitting the weak spot of the greatsword and knocked it out fo the knight's hand where it flew up into the air. Kicking the man back Yumi grabbed the falling sword with her free hand.

Pouncing forward Yumi thrust the greatsword into the man's stomach. With enough force, she knocked him down and pierced the sword into the ground pinning him to the street. The knight spat up blood as his helmet fell revealing his old features. He was in his late fifties with grey hair and beard. Yumi shoved a foot on the cross-shaped guard of the sword and pushed it in deep making the man scream out from the pain. Raising her axe she swung it down, cleaving the man's right hand off at the wrist. He creamed flailing the arm about as blood sprayed out. Laughing Yumi collected a nearby sword from a fallen knight and slammed it down into the Holy Knight's left wrist. The sword pierced through eliciting another cry. Without a shred of mercy, she swung the sword cleaving off his left hand leaving him handless.

Eyes shimmered as Yumi continued the torture plunging the sword she has intot he man's right elbow cutting the arm off below the elbow. She moved up cleaving his arm off the right shoulder and did the same with the leg armor. Yumi was slowly cutting the man up while he was pinned. Grabbing the greatsword impaling him she ripped it out eliciting another scream as his intestines began spilling out onto the ground. Yumi left him there to bled out in die in such a horrifying manner.

Yumi couldn't help but laugh as the man died slowly. Grabbing the greatsword she walked up and proceeded to slam it down into his forward carving off the top of his head in one swift motion. Humming she dropped the sword and picked up another and went over to the body of a rune knight. Decapitating the corpse she began using the sword to scalp away from the flesh, tearing off the nose, ripping out the eyes and tongue. Humming a cheery tune to herself, Yumi carved away the skin until only the bloodied skull was left.

As he finished the act while sitting on a pile of corpses a large squad of Rune Knight's came running up. They paused horrified watching as Yumi finished carving up the head of a comrade until only his skull removed. Some of the weaker stomached KNights threw up at the sight of all the mutilated corpses.

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Pillaging [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Yumi]    Empty on Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:10 pm

Yumi laughed at the Rune Knights who arrived as she stood up twirling the skull on her left index finger before grasping it firmly. With a flick of her wrist she threw it towards a Knight catching him off guard as it smashed into his face and shattered. Advancing she appeared right in front of his face grabbing a piece of the shattered skull and buried it into his right eye. Smashing her fist onto the fragment she pushed it right up into his head making him scream and howl. Laughing sadistically Yumi swing her axe blocking an incoming sword strike.

Grabbing the rune knight she first attacked by the collar of his arm Yumi drew him into the path of an incoming spear letting it pierce through his stomach. Throwing the knight aside, Yumi grabbed onto the spear as it was still caught and pulled in the knight attached. With a swung of her axe she cleaved him to from the right shoulder down to the left hip. Ripping the spear from his grasp and breaking the end off in the rune knight it had impaled, Yumi spun it and thrust the broken end forward. The spear shattered against metal chest plate but Yumi continued driving it forward. The shattered end broke through the armor and buried itself into flesh. Swinging her axe she smashed it onto the blunt end of the spear and buried it in like a stake.

Yumi jumped up over the man kicking the body back so he fell onto a friend's sword. Landing on the ground Yumi spun on her heels and threw her axe sending it sailing into a man's head. Launching into action, Yumi slammed into a knight's shield, landing on it with her tiny feet. Pushing down with all her force she pushed him into the ground and sat on his chest. Her fists rained down after discarding his helmet tossing it aside throwing it into another knight as a projectile. Her fists slammed into the man's face breaking his nose and jaw. Teeth went flying as blood splattered the floor. The other knights were taken back by the vicious nature in the tiny girl as she turned their friends head into paste.

Standing up Yumi looked like a true demon as she retrieved the knight's shield and sword. Gripping the two items Yumi charged towards the Knights. A group of them in robes stepped up and held up their hands. Magical circles of varying colors appeared as projectiles of fire, water, wind, and lightning were fired at her. Yumi lifted the shield using it as cover to protect herself. Planting the shield in the ground she jumped over it and pounced on the first mage. The sword in her hand cleaved through the air slicing off his head as she landed on the corpses. Smirking the sword sliced through the air making short work of the second mage. Without giving them room to escape, Yumi threw the sword piercing through the back of one mage and she lunged at the forth.

Yumi grabbed the mage by the back of his head and smashed him face-first into the ground. With a vicious smile, Yumi continued slamming the man's head into the ground until it was nothing but a mangled mess.

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Pillaging [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Yumi]    Empty on Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:21 pm

Yumi stood up dusting her hands off and walked over to her fallen axe the other rune knights were being wary of her. Picking the axe up with brain matter on the blade Yumi hefted it onto her right shoulder and began eyeing the remaining nights with a bored look. It was time to finish up and move on. The fire was burning fiercely behind her. Without anyone to stop it the flames had regained their strength and were spreading like crazy. Flames were crossing the streets and burning buildings on both sides. The surrounding corpses had caught alight and were burning down to ash.

Taking things seriously to end it, Yumi moved and transformed into a demonic black blur. Everywhere she appeared screams followed as limbs were carved off with a single swing of her giant axe. The little demon was merciless as she carved her way through the army of rune knights. She grabbed shields and threw them into the path of incoming attacks or used shields as platforms to leap up and over her foes to strike from behind. She would grab knights and throw them into the path of incoming attacks using them freely as meatshields. The idiots swarmed her making it easy for Yumi to use the numbers against them.

The daemon was making short work of the Knights as she released her fearsome aura. The aura of fear produced by demons allowed her to weaken the knights. Fear made them thinking irrationally and their instincts for survival took over. Thanks to this Yumi was able to make relatively short work of the knights slaughtering them down to the last man. As the last one was sliced in half from head to groin, Yumi stood there basking in the smell of death. Slamming her axe into the ground the lolita said a prayer to her god once more. Yumi said a prayer in her head as she offered up the souls of the departed to Malum. The symbol on her back lit up as Yumi felt her demonic god reach out to her to show his pleasure at her efforts.

Smiling maniacally Yumi threw her axe onto her back and walked away allowing the roaring flames to engulf the corpses. Passing through a small opening in the flames Yumi headed off. Everything behind her was burning down to the ground as the fire spread like crazy to the surrounding buildings. It was only one street but if she could burn it to the ground then part of her goal would have begun.


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