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January 2nd [Season 2]

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#1Constantine Librorum 

January 2nd [Season 2] Empty Tue Oct 15, 2019 1:50 pm

Constantine Librorum


Name: January 2nd / Constantine Librorum

Age: 21, January 2nd, X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class: Spellsword

Profession: Archaeologist (Speed, Intelligence)

Race: Human

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Guidless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left shoulder cuff - Cyan

Face: Solomon - Fate/Grand Order


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 200 lbs.

Hair: Snow White

Eyes: Hazel

Overall: January has grown over his travels. Hitting his puberty spurt has caused him to grow sufficiently to a much taller six foot one causing him to tower over most crowds in the country of Fiore. While he has spent most of his time in the country of Desierto, his skin complexion has only gotten lighter due to spending so much time within tombs and pyramids seeking the various treasures that now are stored within his own library. His white hair has grown out during this time, growing well past his shoulders and reaching almost to his lower back. He has taken to wearing some of it in a rather long braided ponytail that sits at times over his shoulders. He sticks to wearing rather plain clothing, however is capable of changing his outfit at any time.

Extra: He has several white tribal markings over his face, arms and chest. All along his actual clothing are several cyan glowing rings that seem to hold together his outfit. Right above his heart is a small etched puncture wound that has healed itself. He no longer remembers where it came from.


Personality: January lacks any discernible personality traits at first. Seemingly random in how he operates, there are very little tells for when he is going to do something. He likely has some thought process behind his actions, having been observed contemplating and even overthinking his actions and reactions, however outside of these moments to the average observer, it is almost as if his body operates on autopilot. In conversation he is often times quick and to the point however he has been observed having a long winded conversation or lecture or two, however those are very few and in between. He is definitely not very talkative during combat, becoming what equates to a mute almost instantly as to avoid saying something stupid, or giving his opponents a reason to say something equally as idiotic. He shows a distinct distaste for monologues, often striking people harshly if he happens to be within the vicinity of one. Why he has this distaste, no one can quite say for certain.

He is seemingly in a constant state of aloofness. While he is pleasant and even sometimes extremely polite, he gives the air of someone who does not actually give any real interest towards the people he’s talking to or the things he’s actually talking about. This lack of interest can and will oftentimes scuff people the wrong way, however he doesn’t do it out of any sense of maliciousness or distaste, rather that he literally shows very little interest in other people and the ideas or ideals that they hold.


  • Coffee: A fan of a good brew, January will often times stop at random shops to enjoy a smooth cup before continuing on his journey. Being interrupted or kept from his flavorful beverage is a surefire way to get him to strike out at random, even if the person he strikes isn’t the cause for his irritation.
  • Women: Another of his vices, January hasn’t given up his womanizing ways and in fact has at times gone after far more partners at once than should feasibly be possible nor smart. He has been known to be chased out of villages by either a group of women or men due to his hedonistic ways and shows little to no remorse when getting intimate with a woman who is clearly in a relationship. He will even go as far as to ignore well established boundaries if he spots a woman that intrigues or excites him.


  • Sand: Having spent years in Desierto to no avail, January has grown to dislike the course and rather worthless collection of minerals and stone known as sand. He absolutely despises the fact that even when one is careful it can somehow get into literally anything, including but not limited to the gaps between his goggles and his skin, even without said goggles or skin being exposed to the sand in the first place.
  • Philosophy Debates: Having gained insight into himself over his travels as well as dealt with various elders, shamans and politicians, January has grown to dislike the concept of philosophy and any.


  • Treasure Hunting: Being a treasure hunter, Janurary loves finding an undiscovered ruin. It’s places like these that spark wonder in him as he moves about to find valuables that he could then add to his arsenal. He also gets the added benefit of being able to sell whatever he can’t use which never hurt anyway.


  • Drowning: A random fear but a fear nonetheless. Nothing scares Teiho more than exploring a ruin and accidentally setting off a trap that would flood the ruin leading him to drowning. If he could avoid death by this way he would appreciate it so much.
  • Being Sick: Another random fear. Being a Calendar, Teiho’s immune system is quite frankly near perfect, as such he has never been sick in his life and having watched his guildmates suffer from sickness, worries that whatever would plague him would be strong enough to kill him.


Magic Name: Lightning Magic

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: Allows the user to cast lightning element based magics from their extremities and orifices. Has no innate extra abilities other than this and thus is considered basic or simple in every way.


History: Teiho was born on January 2nd during the third series to Johanne and Mariann Librorum. Being the child of two scientist it was assumed he would automatically be placed into Category C and trained to maintain and continue the experiments for when his parents passed. However as he grew up and passed many of the combat tests with noticeable remarks, he was rebranded for Category A and given to the Archives for further training. There he was instructed by others to become what is called a combat librarian. A Combat Librarian’s whole job was to scour the world and discover dangerous and deadly artifacts, magic, or knowledge and collect and contain them before bringing them back to the archive to be catalogued and stored safely away from where they could be used for harm.

His training was cut short however due to the incident known simply as the Revolution. The training facility was flooded with flammable poisonous gas before being ignited and then flooded with heavy water to clear any trace of what was left behind. Clearly this protocol was not thorough in the way it was enacted as many of the Calendars were able to make it out and escape, thus it was assumed that only the truly violent members of the resistance had been killed due to their close proximity to the initial protocol response. Teiho was lucky enough to receive advance warning alongside his brothers and sisters as they were in a separate compound from the others and was able to disable the system before it could be activated, avoiding a terrible fate completely.

Making it topside, the children decided to split ways, with Teiho heading to Fiore to become a traveling mage. Underneath his guild mark remains the only tell sign of his Calendar origins and only the guildmaster truly knows about it. From that point forward Teiho continued his original purpose of traveling around and collecting dangerous artifacts and weaponry and implementing them into his own personal subspace, or archive armory as he likes to call it until he can find an actual archive to store them in.

During the events of his return, he had grouped up with several others to fight a new menace named Cell. During the battle, January was horribly wounded which resulted in him entering a coma for several months. Upon awakening he had discovered that he had been left alone by those he had considered close for the few months he had spent in Fiore. Realizing this ‘truth’ that friendships and connections could be so fleeting and fickle, he set out from Fiore to once again travel the world, this time ditching the alias he had given himself, as well as the name given to him by his adopted parents. Now returning only to his birth name of January, he once again returns from his travels outside the nation to settle a score and spread his truth.

Reference: Been here forever dawg

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ANDRZEJ : I don't like RP fighting
ANDRZEJ : It's boring as helll

Javier DuRoark : Taiho don't violence

Sylph : @Taiho: I really, really want to RP.
Sylph : @Taiho: But I'm scared of you.
Sylph : Because you are death, destroyer of worlds.

#2Constantine Librorum 

January 2nd [Season 2] Empty Tue Oct 15, 2019 1:54 pm

Constantine Librorum
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Refund
  • Weapon: Refund
  • Off-Hand: Refund
  • Head: Refund
  • Body: Refund
  • Relic: N/A
  • Race: N/A
  • Companion: Refund

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 39

  • Strength: 2
  • Speed: 31
  • Endurance: 2
  • Constitution: 2
  • Intelligence: 2

Other Changes

Epithet: The Traveler

ANDRZEJ : I don't like RP fighting
ANDRZEJ : It's boring as helll

Javier DuRoark : Taiho don't violence

Sylph : @Taiho: I really, really want to RP.
Sylph : @Taiho: But I'm scared of you.
Sylph : Because you are death, destroyer of worlds.


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So just really quick fixes. Your age should be in a Month/Date/Year format, and the tattoo should have a color.
Please bump after making the edits. Thank you.

January 2nd [Season 2] Y4RU1BP
#4Constantine Librorum 

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Constantine Librorum
Here's ya bump

ANDRZEJ : I don't like RP fighting
ANDRZEJ : It's boring as helll

Javier DuRoark : Taiho don't violence

Sylph : @Taiho: I really, really want to RP.
Sylph : @Taiho: But I'm scared of you.
Sylph : Because you are death, destroyer of worlds.


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This character application has been approved.

January 2nd [Season 2] Y4RU1BP

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