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Death [Part I | Amaris]

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Death [Part I | Amaris] HkN4H1a

Death - XIII.

The 13th card in the old crone’s deck of tarot. It was very much the same number which Amaris had tattooed on her neck – not by choice, of course, but it could never be undone. It was her slave number in Desierto, a name she’d lived by for many years. A name she could never forget. Amaris knew that the words of the witch were true, every single one of them, when she pulled out the card and showed it to her. She’d known about her wolfblood and upon entering her tent, Amaris had felt an eerie sensation. That woman hadn’t been human, and there was nothing quite like her. The reading itself was what frightened her even more, for Death was a special card, one that was rarely drawn and one that no one wanted to see on display when it was their turn.

But of course Amaris had to be unlucky.

You will be followed by the spirits of those who have recently passed, she’d said. Whatever that meant. Amaris really wasn’t interested in speaking to any spirits whatsoever, and even though it had been a while since she’d left the tent, there was this weird feeling that she simply couldn’t shake off. As if something strange was indeed going to happen. Amaris had travelled back to Era after her unsettling encounter in Crocus and decided to stay here, since she’d grown quite accustomed to the city over the past few weeks. It wasn’t as bad anymore as she’d initially thought and while she hadn’t grown to like it at all, she at least knew her way around.

It was night time, and while it wasn’t unusual for Amaris to be out at this time of the day, a cold shiver went down the werewolve's spine when she heard a soft voice calling to her.

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Death [Part I | Amaris] HkN4H1a

Carefully, Amaris turned around to look who had spoken to her. She didn’t see anything at first, which surprised her considering how good her eyes were, but upon focusing her vision she spotted a dainty girl standing in a dark alleyway not too far from her. Amaris was staring at her and the young female was staring right back. There were so many things off about her, that the werewolf didn’t even know where to begin.

First of all, she was almost translucent.

Her skin was pale and she was dressed in a pretty, frilly white dress that seemed magical and pretty – and very unfitting for the place she currently found herself in. Her body was dainty, skinny almost and she had long, lilac locks that fell down the length of her back. All in all, she was quite the beauty. Her large, purple eyes glimpsed at the wolf lady with uncertainty and it seemed as though she wanted to speak, wanted to explain something.

It wasn’t as though Amaris was afraid, but she would lie if she said she didn’t worry about going into that alley way, following the girl’s voice. She looked harmless, but so did many other predators. “I don’t know who you are, or what you want,” Amaris began and shook her head slowly while staring at the girl. “But I’m not going into the darkness with you, unless you tell me what’s on your agenda.”

Now, for someone who had just spoke to a ghost, Amaris was being pretty straightforward. Werewolf or not, she knew she was flesh, bones and blood – nothing supernatural to be found here. Not even magic. This girl, however, was different and Amaris didn’t know if she could trust it.

“Please,” she was begging now, and while she did she looked sad, almost desperate. “My name is Seira and I need your help.”


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Death [Part I | Amaris] HkN4H1a


Amaris was swept by feelings she had not felt in a long time and against her better judgement, the woman gave in. The Human across the road looked disheartened as well and her expression gave away confusion, fear and denial. These were strange times indeed, and Amaris’ silently expressed regret at the decision she’d made in Crocus – to enter that gods forsaken tent and speak to a witch. The old crone wasn’t like any of the sorceresses that roamed the lands of Earthland; she’d been an otherworldly being and Amaris knew this now. She also knew that it was too late and that she’d have to endure these strange encounters until the curse moved on.

“I can’t help you–,” she responded quietly, not bothering to move towards the spirit. “You are already gone and you shouldn’t be here no longer,” when Amaris words left her mouth, the other woman hesitated for a moment, before breaking into a quiet sob. Although it was very much unlike her, the werewolf couldn’t help but feel bad for the girl. She seemed miserable, vulnerable and delicate – breakable, like glass.

“I was like you once,”
she suddenly spoke; the girl seemed to have gathered her thoughts. “Different from humans – but unlike you, I was turned. Then cured and then murdered, because I lost my powers and couldn’t defend myself. Now I’m lost in the afterlife, for I don’t really belong anywhere.”

It’d taken Amaris a while, but upon taking another close look she could tell that there was indeed a different aura about the girl – one that had been fading for a long time but traces of it were still present. “What were you?” She asked, wondering if she even wanted to know.

The girl no longer responded. Something about the atmosphere, the feeling and sensation of it, had shifted very suddenly and Amaris was taken aback by a sudden gut feeling that made her take a step away from the other female.

“Tell me, what were you?!”


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Death [Part I | Amaris] HkN4H1a

It was against Amaris’ better judgement to speak to a ghost – out of all things – but she couldn’t help herself. She was curious and this girl seemed harmless, although she was certain that there was something off about her. Perhaps it wasn’t right to do this, and while the Werewolf was still confused about what exactly had happened in that dark tent with the old crone, she knew she would have to live with the consequences, at least for now.

Seira – that was her name. It suited her overall feminine aura and appeal, although Amaris sensed something else about her, something different. “I don’t think we are anything like each other,” the female lycanthrope began and started moving forward. Much to her surprise, a cold shiver went down her spine and it was unlike the ones she had previously – this one had been a warning.

Do not interfere with the dead.

Something was whispering in the back of her mind and she felt as though the voice wasn't referring to the girl’s current state, but rather what she’d been the entire time – and then it dawned upon her. “You’re a vampire–” Amaris gasped and took a step backwards. Seira’s expression turned icy cold and Amaris realized that it was time to go. Without saying another word, the woman turned on her heel and rushed away, somewhere where streetlights lightened up the dark alleys of Era. To say that she had been ‘scared’ was probably an exaggeration, but there had been some sort of gut feeling that told her to leave the scene. Something told her that she could under no circumstances stay here and keep talking to that person.

After a few minutes of heading towards the opposite direction, the woman turned around but luckily, there was no one else to be seen. She was alone and no one had followed her.

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