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Pillaging [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Yumi]

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Pillaging [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Yumi] Empty on Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:49 pm

"Era, home of the good and true. Town to the holy than thou Rune Knights. How it makes me sick to my stomach." A sweet voice said to know one as the owner gazed out of the window of their room. The room was on the third floor of a somewhat decent inn with a four-star rating. Said room had a perfect view from the bedroom window of Era, allowing the occupant the chance to see the wondrous sight of the morning sun peeking over the rocky mountain town that early morning.

A pair of crimson hues cast an ugly gaze onto the streets of Era. A scornful scowl made its way onto a pair of rosy pink lips. The owner was a young woman in her middle teen years with a heart-shaped face and skin as white as snow with not a wrinkle or scar. The girl was barely four foot eight with only a white towel wrapped around her slender framing, exposing her long legs and cream shoulders.

Small button nose scrunched up as the young girl caught sight of a pair of Rune guards patrolling the streets of this early morning. Delicate fingers twitched as they edged towards a giant battleaxe that rested against the window to her right. The axe was as taller than she was, if only by an inch or two. The axe had a deadly gleam as rays of morning sun reflected off its twin blades.

Removing herself from the window, Yumi, approached the bed she had slept in. Spread out carefully onto the pristine white sheets was a red and black gothic lolita dress adorned in many frills and ribbons. Lay beside her matching undergarments, black and red garter belt stockings, ear-shaped headbands, gloves and hair ribbon. On the floor by the end of the bed was a pair of red high heel boots that would add two inches to her small frame.

Yumi started the daily routine of dressing herself and having awoken early that day before the sun rose to shower and eat. Once dressed, she could begin her prayers for the day. Dressing was no small task as each item of clothing was extravagant and took time. Slipping on the last of her gloves and adjusting her headband, making sure each ribbon was tied accordingly, Yumi slipped dainty feet into her heels. Jumping to both feet, long luscious black locks fell her back freely. Approaching the dresser, she retrieved a single ring and slipped it onto her right index finger. All that was left was to retrieve her weapon. Slender fingers coiled around the handle of the blade and she lifted it effortlessly with one hand and strapped it to her back.

Walking into the gathering room, Yumi approached a table where a small altar for worship had been set up. Atop the table was a blood-soaked cloth, a rusty chalice with the symbol of Malum, the Dark God Yumi worshipped and a white model throne carved from a skull. Lastly resting beside the chalice was a ceremonial dagger. Taking a kneel Yumi brought her hands together in prayer.

Yumi was a High Priestess of a Demonic God called Malum who lived in the abyss. Malum was a God who governed the realms of Chaos, War, and Destruction who had a penchant for blood. Malum sat upon a throne of skulls surrounded by a river of blood from the many lives he and his followers had killed. For seventy-eight years, Yumi had been Malum's most loyal follower and had been graciously rewarded for her faith. Yumi had been turned into a daemon and been gifted her youth back.

"May Malum grant his blessings upon me as I work in his name to add skulls to his throne. May my enemies perish at his hands s I offer them as a sacrifice for the blood God." Taking the dagger, she cut open her left hand and let it drip into the chalice. The symbol lit up as the blood started to boil and was seemingly absorbed by the cup. Finishing her prayers Yumi wrapped up her left hand and departed.

Yumi walked through the streets of Era gathering new information, after all, she had not been in the mortal plane for two years. For the past two years, she had resided in the abyss torturing the souls sacrificed to her demonic God. The streets were full of information if one knew where to look. Apparently Fiore was in trouble. In Yumi's absence, demonic rifts had opened up allowing the demons of the abyss to come through. The rifts were closed but demons were still coming through. To combat them the seraphim began to descend, threatening all life on fiore as the battled the demonic threat.

Requests had gone out as an army arose of magical and non-magical users. One particular request was to help the poor and weak as they had been ignored, either by training them, defending them or healing them. Of course, these were not the only option, simply the primary ones. Yumi was not a healer nor was she a protector. Yumi was a murderer, someone who killed without mercy. But she was short of money. Who knows maybe she would have the chance to kill, spilling blood with her smoldering battleaxe.

Two years in the abyss while it had made her more vicious and unforgiving, it had left her stagnant and her strength had remained the same. Yumi was rusty and she was eager to shake that rust and breakthrough her current limits. Only by surpassing her current limitations could she complete her mission. To burn the world asunder and bring Malum into the world of mortals. Yumi had been tasked with that mission by her God and intended to complete it.

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Yumi hummed to herself as she walked through the streets of Era. People were on edge as they avoided one another. The streets were filled with both Holy Knights and Rune Knight's doing active patrols to ensure the safety of the townspeople. Yumi snorted, the weaklings were better of left for dead while the Knight's focused all their forces to repel the incoming armies from the other world. What was the point in splitting your forces to ensure the protection of lesser life forms? It would be easier to focus all attention on war matters. By concentrating all of their military might mankind would be able to bring this war to an easier close, so Yumi thought. But the longer they let the war effort rage on, the better it was for her as chaos would be spread across the lands.

Yumi brushed a few strands hair out of her face as she entered into a nearby cafe. The cafe was quite small and was quiet at the moment due to the lack of customers. A bell atop the door rang as it was opened and Yumi entered. The employees inside jumped slightly appearing on edge from Yumi's sudden appearance. Everyone really was a little on edge, it probably didn't help the fact that Yumi while she had the appearance of a cute young woman around fourteen or fifteen years of age, she was carrying a giant axe on her back. Yumi headed towards the front counter, with a small seductive sway on her hips flashing a sultry smile. The young man in his late teens, probably seventeen couldn't help but gulp as the white skin beauty approached him.

Yumi walked straight up to the counter, giving a flirtatious wink of her right eye and leaned against the counter. Yumi leaned in giving the youth a good view straight down her chest allowing him to view the top of her supple breasts. Yumi raised her right hand and caressed the youth's face making him blush and stutter. The other employees glared at the act, the female employees glaring daggers while the male ones looked on in jealousy and silently cursed the lucky bastard.

Giving a sultry giggle, the demonic lolita turned the youth in her hands into putty. As she toyed with him, Yumi silently prayed to her god offering up the sacrifice that would be and those that followed to him. A demonic shine appeared in her eyes as a fearsome aura began to be released from her tiny body. A demonic figure matching her god appeared directly behind her. The giant figure covered in armor with demonic horns seated on a throne of skulls surrounded by an ocean of blood appeared within the small cafe. Yumi's demonic aura came to life as her eyes turned black. The fearsome aura expanded engulfing the entire shop filling everyone inside with fear.

The teen who was the closest froze up completely unable to move. A foul smell filled the air as the youth soiled himself, a puddle forming beneath him. Yumi's hand struck latching onto the top of his head and smashed him face-first into the counter. A loud bang resounded throughout the cafe as blood and teeth flee as Yumi smashged the youth into the counter shattering it.

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Laughing evilly Yumi licked her lips in glee as she lifted the youth up, his face was mangled with teeth missy, nose was broken and face bleeding profusely. Lifting him up she threw him up before grabbing him by the face. The aggressive atrocious act had caused the others in the cafe to freeze as if unable to process just what was happening. Without being hindered, Yumi took the chance to go wild as she grasped the young man's cafe and started to squeeze applying her full strength. The man began to scream thrashing in the air as he grabbed hold of the offending hand and tried to free himself but found himself unable to budge the limb. Yumi was holding strong clearly overwhelming the youth. The sound of bones cracking echoed as Yumi's hand clenched down slowly crushing the young man's head. Agonizing blood-curdling spine chilling screams filled the cafe. Blood sprayed to the ground as with a sicking squelch Yumi crushed the youth's head into a paste, splattering blood against her right cheek.

Yumi continued laughing with glee as she raised her right hand to wipe the blood. Looking at it she leaned in, tongue sticking out of her mouth as saliva hung off it in an erotic manner. The demonic lolita proceeds to lick the blood with glee and swallowed it. A frightening look appeared in her eyes as she showed a twisted smile. Moving quicker then the employees could follow she appeared in front of the closest one, a young woman in her early twenties. A hand clasped around the woman's throat and lifted her up. By now everyone had regained their bearings and screamed. A number of the braver employees grabbed what they could as weapons and charged towards Yumi, fear taking over their senses. The rest fell to their knees or behind shaking in fear, unable to move or think rationally.

Yumi sneered as she raised the woman who gasped for air. Applying pressure Yumi began choking her. Giving a sinister smile, Yumi reached over to a nearby table and removed a blunt knife. Raising the knife she pressed the tip to the woman's shoulder and started pushing it in as the other's charged her. Ignoring them Yumi pressed the knife in slowly making the woman scream in agonizing pain. Without a shred of mercy, Yumi plunged the knife in and then dropped the woman as the other's approach. The woman hid the ground with a thud as Yumi's eyes glowed a demonic shade of red. Lightning flashed between her eyes as she reached behind her back and retrieved the smoldering battleaxe.

With one hand, Yumi drew the oversized age with ease, the ax being as tall as she was. Muscles strained as Yumi swung the massive ax, using the blunt side to bash the other employees aside. The force created a strong gust of wind that slammed into them along with the metallic weapon. The employees shouted in pain as their impromptu weapons shattered and they were sent flying away.

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Laughing evilly Yumi gripped the axe and pounced towards the fools who tried to attack her. Swinging the axe with ease she beheaded the first. Blood sprayed up into the air like a fountain covering her tiny form as she struck like a wild animal. The axe turned into a blur as she swung it with her full might. With every swing someone screamed in pain as she bisected a limb cleaving it off, turning them into stumps. Yumi was savoring the moment. If they tried to run she cut the escape off and cleaved off their legs. If they tried to crawl she sliced off their arms. However the screams soon drew the attention of the outside.

Glass shattered as a dozen Rune Knight's came spilling in to see the horror. Mutilated corpses filled the cafe, blood three inches thick pooled around them as corpses looked at them with terrified looks as their final moments. Only one remained the woman Yumi had stabbed with the blunt knife. Yumi sat in a booth, axe on the table as she caressed the crying woman. Hands roamed the woman's body as Yumi nibbled on her neck, thoroughly enjoying herself as she teased the young woman's body. The woman was a crying quivering mess and had seemed to just collapse internally, not processing anything that was going on.

The rune knights shouted at Yumi but the demon ignored them. This angered the magical police as one approached drawing his sword and pointing it towards Yumi. Sneering the demonic lolita shoved the woman out of her lag and right onto the sword letting it pierce through her stomach. Leaving the axe, Yumi pounced attacking the Rune Knight grabbing the back of his head and slamming it into the ground. A hand grabbed the handle of his sword and remove dit from the crying woman, blood sprayed everywhere as Yumi disemboweled her. Intestines spilled onto the floor as the woman fell.

Gripping the sword, Yumi lunged speeding towards the second Rune Knight directly in front of her. The Rune Knight swung his sword, but Yumi blocked with the one she stole. A leg swept upwards and smashed into the man's groin with full force making him squeel in pain. Losing his guard he fell to his knees, twisting the sword into a reverse grip Yumi slashed slicing off his head, using her free hand Yumi removed the man's sword. Wielding two rune swords, Yumi shot into action. The knights roared in anger and advanced to surround her.

Snorting, Yumi lunged right into them, using her much smaller body to duck under a strike and shoulder slam into the man's stomach knocking the wind of out him. Pivoting she spun around using her two swords to block to incoming strikes. Lifting her right foot she smashed it into a Rune KNight's chest knocking him back then backflipped off her left leg. Landing behind the knight she shoulder barged she thrust a sword upwards piercing it up through his back. Knight's roared and charged swinging their swords. Kicking the knight off her sword she launched him intot he path of the swords using him as a meat shield. The man was killed by his own comrades.

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Blood splattered the entire cafe, nothing was left untouched as it was bathed in blood. Yumi was covered in the life essence as she went on her slaughter. SHe would swing the two swords she stole and when they broke she discarded them into someone's body and stole their weapon. Yumi tossed two broken swords aside, corpses laying around her as four rune knights remained. One with a long spear charged and thrust the spear towards her. SNorting Yumi grabbed the pole of the weapon and spun swinging the knight into the path of his friends knocking them aside and forced him to release the polearm. Gripping the polearm Yumi spun it, stepped forward and threw it like a javelin. The spear flew through the air and impaled through the stomach of a knight and into the ground trapping him. Moving Yumi pounced onto the man and pushed him further onto the spear making him scream out.

Laughing maniacally Yumi jumped off the man and landed on the table with her axe. Kicking the axe up, Yumi grabbed hold of it and shot forward swinging the axe cleaving the impaled man in half. Gripping the spear in her other hand she spun and tossed it impaling the next rune knight through the throat with it. The man gurgled as he fell slumping to the ground unmoving. With her axe Yumi made short work of the remaining two, cleaving them to pieces as she swung the weapon wildly.

Licking the blood of her axe, Yumi fell backward and landed with a splash in the pool of blood that was now four inches deep. Yumi laid in the blood laughing sadistically as she splashed about in it making blood angels. Yumi's hair became drenched in it as not a single shred of white skin could be seen on the lolita, she was thoroughly drenched in the liquid. Yumi lay there for what seemed like an eternity before she got up. heading to the back of the shop, Yumi rummaged around breaking open a safe and taking all the money inside before finding some cans of gasoline and matches.

Using started pouring the gasoline throughout the shop and over the mutilated corpses. Once everything was thoroughly drenched she lit a match. As the fire blazed the demonic lolita began a silent prayer. Yumi prayed to her good offering up all these sacrifices to him, praying the blood would fill his river and their skulls would adorn his thrown. Raising the match Yumi tossed it onto a corpse and walked out./ As she walked out and the match hit fire began to spread rapidly as the cafe went up in flames. Yumi left out the broken door not even watching as the cafe went up in a glory of fire. The flames burned strongly before the cafe exploded. The fire began to rapidly spread to the surrounding shops sending people into a screaming frenzy. Anywho saw Yumi ran in fear, horrified by her appearance as she walked bloody down the streets dragging her giant ax covered in blood, flesh, and organs.


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