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Tarot Card Reading

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#1Old Crone 

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Old Crone

Tarot Card Reading

Dark clouds hung over Crocus as an eerie wind blew through its streets. A small stand in the middle of Crocus, right in its heart. People came through here every day and were surprised to see just who had set up a shop. A strange old crone none of them had ever met or seen before could be seen seated in a small tent smack dab in the middle of the busy street. The tent was dark purple and looked as if it had seen many years.

A sign was posted outside telling everyone to come on inside for their fortunes to be told. There was no fee listed by the board, as the readings were free. Just what kind of reading was the old crone offering? Once inside you would find it to be a tarot reading. A deck of cards was placed upon a small table, two chairs on either side with the crone seated in one. The crone appeared otherworldly, human but no quite with long grey hair dressed in an old blue robe. Her eyes were black and appeared like the void, not a hint of life could be seen within them but when she stared at you, it was like she could see everything. Those black eyes pierced straight into your soul.

"Please do come in. This old one shall tell you your future. But be warned my fortunes are both good and bad, there is no telling what may happen. Will your luck prevail or will you be cursed? What events lay for you in the future? Perhaps it is fortune or misery? He he he he he." The old crone spoke in a raspy voice just barely audible and finished with a laugh that will send chills down your spine.


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Cloaked in a thick fur coat, Kon lurched through the busy city state of Crocus, concealing his gilded left hand with a cloak which was highly unusual for this time of the year. Precipitation dripped from his face overheating from the insulating clothing, even the powerful wind seemed to provide him little relief. His unusual attire stemmed from the growing suspicion he had regarding potential enemies that he saw all around him. Rocking back and forth as he scanned through the crowds, He began to notice something unusual, out of place for the grand capital of Crocus. A shabby tent in the streets blocking the way for many of the citizens, forcing them to part before merging as they passed the tent. Intrigued as to what had created this division, Kon approached the tent before being confronted by an invitation, one to read his future. He was never one for fate, predetermined futures or anything like that but the offer was free and so curious about what his supposed future would entail he entered the tent met by an old woman cackling. Displeasure by her general appearance and the interior of the tent, he humbly requested his future be told be for leaving thereafter.


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#4Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The capital was a dreary place at first glance. dark clouds loomed overhead. The wind mage turned a corner on to the main street. He adjusted his jacket as a man quickly brushed by him. His eyes grew wider. The dreary atmosphere of the sky was cast away with the spooky bustling city, ready for a celebration of the eerie.

Kaz looked at the baubles and trinkets along the street. Many of them caught his eye. He grazed his fingers across the dangling decorations of bats and pumpkins. They didn't have anything like this in the village he grew up in.

It wasn't long before he arrived at a small tent in the middle of the city. It blocked the flow of traffic. People seemed to stare at it with narrowed eyes and leaning necks. It was an oddity even to the ones that lived there. Some new attraction that blew into town in the advent of all that was strange.

The wind mages curiosity got the best of him. He had to know what was happening here and what was within the tent. Making his way over he read the sign that told of free fortunes. "Well I suppose my life has changed much. I could use someone to tell me a fortune."

Opening the tent door he saw the crone and her very appearance sent a shiver through him. Maybe it was the lifeless eyes or the idea that she could tell the future. What if it was something to be feared. He laughed at his own thought. 'What could be more frightening then battling demons, angels,drug lords and being taken over by his own magic,' he thought. It was odd that she didn't charge a price but what was a life without being swept up by the whims of the wind.

"Excuse me miss. I'd like to know my fortune," he entered and sat down at the woman's welcoming. He sat for a moment after he got his reading and thought on it. With a nod, accepting it he stood and left the tent.



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From the room, she watches; with no light in there, and curtains drawn up. It was the night of Halloween. To the townsfolk, it was Halloween with homes more elaborately decorated for all the extra time and attention, which she greatly found it as a nuisance and quite a distaste, but to the frothy haired mage, it was just another regular day in the world. With gloved hands, she wrapped a dark cloak around her form and prepared to set out to wander the streets like she always did, curious as to how the town had been decorated for this trivial event. Garages had become demonic dungeons, severed limbs poked from closed doors and dire warnings to trespassers were pasted dripping red paint. Before the colours of the day had even softened or the shadows become giants on the cold sidewalk, the children skipped between pumpkin marked homes.

Among the vendors that were set up for Halloween night, it seemed that one in particular caught her eye. Unlike the other vendors that were brimming with colours, pumpkins and scary props, this one on the other hand was the contrary; gloomy and dull. But, it was free – that was what caught her attention. Quite a cheap person, one would say but, everyone liked free stuff and supposedly, that was her guilty pleasure.

”Fortune, huh?”

The woman stood in front of the tent, contemplating on her decisions. She’d never believed in such matters, for she was never a superstitious person. Albeit, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right? Snowflake shrugged nonchalantly as she bent over and entered the tent to get her readings. ”Let’s see what you have for me.”


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This was perhaps the most favorite holiday for Faye. It had all the kind of vibes that she liked. The whole atmosphere on that day in particular was interesting. It promised something dark but also held an air of brilliant joy. With everyone in their costumes and eerie makeup, the whole of Crocus was just having a wonderful day. It seemed that everyone loved this festival.

Faye held onto some of her puppet making supplies as she walked down the road, beaming and basically interested in everything she saw. There were stalls after stalls everywhere and at the end of a few sat a rather bleak looking place that immediately caught Faye’s attention as opposed to the crowded and popular ones. She swiftly made her way over and took a pause upon looking at the strange lady that seemed to be gazing straight into her very soul. She spoke something Faye would have normally found strange and weird. However, on that day with all the pumpkin lanterns and whatever, Faye just laughed it off. “Alright, give me what you have got.”


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Tarot Card Reading HkN4H1a

Amaris’ heart rejoiced at the sight of the halloween decorations, the gloomy weather and the eerie ambience; Crocus was overcome by a rather spooky atmosphere and the werewolf thoroughly enjoyed it. She celebrated halloween as much as the humans did, albeit in her own little ways. It was one of the few occasions when Amaris allowed herself to hunt (anything and anyone) during the night.

If mankind celebrated the evil, the scary and the terrifying creatures of the night, surely they would have no issue if one or two of them were to be devoured by what truly lurked out there in the darkness, no?

But of course the female lycanthrope wasn’t the only dangerous being out there. There were quite a lot of things she hadn’t encountered yet – some she didn’t even know anything about – and she would be stupid to let her guard down even when she thought she was at her most powerful.

Luckily Amaris was far from being stupid.

She quietly hushed through the streets, the dark hood deeply drawn into her face, when something seemed to draw her closer and closer towards a very peculiar looking tent. Usually, it was nothing she would trust or be interested in but somehow she just couldn’t get her eyes off of it. A fortune telling? What could an old lady possibly tell me about my luck? The werewolf scoffed as she snuck closer and closer and eventually dared to peek inside. Ancient, black eyes stared back at her, sending shivers down her spine.

“More than you know, Wolfblood. Take a seat now.”


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Halloween was lit. People handing out free candy, girls wearing skimpy costumes, and you could scare the crap out of people with no consequences. For a demon like him it was a nice breath of fresh air. He could stretch his wings out and just say it was a costume. Not only that but he could release his demon aura on the weak and watch them cower in fear. Hell his aura scared one guy so much he peed his pants! Truly the most magical time of the year.

From the conversations he gathered around the town, the tarot card readings were all the rage right now. An old woman had recently set up shop and the whole experience had an eerie vibe to it. Some people said that her predictions came true whether good or bad. Caius had to see this for himself. He walked into the tent to see the old lady with her cards sprawled out on the table. She went on a monologue about her shop but was cut off by Caius. "Blah blah blah. I know the drill just hit me old bag." Caius said slamming his fist on the table demanding a card. Unphased by his words, her prune fingers reached out and flipped a card.


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As he entered the woman's tent, Odin could tell there was something different about her. There were many similar stands popping up around Crocus, hell all over Fiore, yet none seemed to emanate with such power. Odin almost felt as if he had been called into the tent as he entered, and the woman didn't even raise an eyebrow as she saw him stand before her. She regarded him with a look Odin had rarely seen: she knew what he was and wasn't scared, if anything she looked intrigued, "Oh, can't say I've given a fortune to one of your kind before. I wonder how this will go."

It felt almost like a threat as she spoke to the Lich, her words both making him want to run for the hills and stay for years and learn what she knew. No matter what he did, he couldn't escape what he was about to learn. He needed to know what she could tell him. She shuffled the cards, laid them out flat, and then brushed her hand over them. Odin watched her hand intently, and froze when she picked one up. What would this woman reveal about the Lich's future?

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"Lottery tickets on sale! A chance to win big!" These were the kind of things that Zane was most unsure about. A chance at riches was great, but he didn't want to sign up being so unsure if he would win or not. It wasn't the fact that a ticket spent money that bothered him either. It was the mentality of it all! He'd just hype himself up in his mind that he might win, only to most likely fail and end up super disappointed. This was what he hated about luck, it always seemed to dislike him. After all, Zane only won like, 2 games in the last halloween event! That was a new low, even for him. There was only so many times he could run around some carnival playing games while having extremely long monologues beforehand in order to fulfill what felt like some kind of inner voice telling him that all of his thoughts and actions needed to be described by him in his mind to a certain degree.

So yeah, Zane decided to go get his fortune read. If he knew if he was going to be either lucky or unlucky, he would have an easier time deciding if he should buy a lotto ticket or not. Heading in the tent, Zane asked for his fortune to be read.


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#18Ren Liath 

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Ren Liath
Since it was festive tradition, Ren made his way to the captial to partake in some tomfoolery for the next few days. It was rare that he elected to venture out of the rune knights barracks for anything other than a mission but such festivites often reminded of his time back in Joya. Granted nothing could quite compare to a child's nostaglic remembering of their own past but nevertheless Ren was going to give it a shot.

To begin with a particular shop caught his eye. Now Ren was a diligent knight. He always made sure to know any area he was to patrol well even before he'd go there and this holiday was no different. For the life of him he couldn't remember there ever being a fortune tellers or even a building standing in the spot he was looking at now. A simple mistake? He must of surely just glanced by it several times before this. Yeah that must be it...

After a few minutes of surveying the shop to see if it was legit, Ren was confident enough to venture in himself. He entered the shop without much caution, assuming it to be exactly what it advertised since everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves. Besides today he had nothing Rune Knightly on him so in case the owner hated the knights he wouldn't get jumped. This precaution seemed a little too extreme seeing the elderly woman at the other end of the table. She didn't look like she could do much by herself but the aura she gave off was rather palpable. Maybe her magic prowess was something to be wary of since her physical intimidation left a lot to be desired? The woman smiled at him like she knew what he had been thinking and simply told him to take a seat so she could tell him his fortune. So Ren did! After all, what could go wrong?


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The little devil that was called Yumi strolled through the streets of crocus with a sweet innocent smile on her lips but she was far from innocent. The little demon had heard the word of a strange fortune teller that had set up shop in the middle of Crocus, at the heart of the city. Yumi intrigued by this had decided to see for herself just what was so great about this fortune teller. Approaching where the tent wass, Yumi looked it up and down before catching the sign out the front. There was no price for the fortune. As rumor said the woman inside didn't charge anything for her readings, but people said she was rather creepy. Not discouraged Yumi approached the tent as she did a raspy voice called out.

"He he he he he, a daemon how curious. Come in child, though you're not so young are you now." Raising an eyebrow Yumi walked on in to find an old woman seated behind a table. The woman had black eyes that seemed to just peer deep into Yumi's soul. ""He he he he he come in and take a seat priestess of Malum. I've awaited your visit."

"I should ask how you know that or be surprised, but nothing really surprises me these days." Yumi commented as she sat down opposite the old woman. The crone laugh and began shuffling her deck of tarot cards before drawing one from the top and placed it down on the table face down. The woman did this until all the cards were face down. Raising a frail old hand the woman hovered it over the cards and began humming as her hand moved over them before finally coming to a stop above one fo the cards. Reaching down the crone grabbed the card and flipped it up revealing Yumi's fortune.

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#22Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah rushed through the streets, trying to make it to a shop before it closed. Luck is a fickle thing though, and when she got to it she learned that the owner had closed early. Growling in frustration she turned around tossing her arms up as if to say What the hell~ realizing she was causing a bit of a seen she slowly lowered her hands to her sides and glanced around to see if she had made a fool of herself in front of everyone she noticed most people didn’t even glance her way. In fact everyone seemed interested in a purple and black tent.

Of course, this peaked Noyiah’s interest as well, so she slowly approached it looked like a fortune teller, Noyiah Scoffed at the idea, ~ likely a con artist~ she thought to herself as she turned around and started to headed away before a voice made her cringe and shivers run up and down her spine
“ A Fortune teller not a con-artist he he he he”

This caught Noyiah off guard as she felt like it had come from directly behind her. Tuning back around to see the once crowded tent was now split into to sides and a old frailer woman stood directly In the middle looking at Noyiah

“ Sorry I meant no offence “ Noyiah quickly apologized, not having realized fully that she hadn’t said that out loud. “Wait a Second how did . . you know . . . I thought I . . . okay wow you have my attention” Noyiah said Tripping over her own word and approaching the older woman, who had simply motioned to a empty chair for her to sit

Sitting down Noyiah Crossed her legs at the ankle and leaned forwards to watch what the fortune tell revealed. After this event Noyiah thanked her and went upon her way but had a odd feeling of uncertainty was this fate or a well done performance . . . Noyiah couldn’t figure it out as she traveled homewards.

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Ylva found herself strolling along the streets of crocus with nothing on her mind and no where to be. She recently learned about the holidays that were celebrated in some parts of the earth. Apparently a holiday called " Halloween " was coming up and that was more or less the reason for all the " spooky " decorations everywhere. Ylva thought it was nice and she honestly couldn't wait to celebrate her first halloween. She wished her friend Erebus would pop up, usually through some means or other she could find him. This time her search had proved fruitless as it seemed he simply vanished without a trace or trail for her to follow. She didn't hope for the worst, she didn't even want to think about the worst when it came to him. Ylva had faith in her friend and she was sure she would see him again some day.

With her mind now full to the brim with Erebus thoughts she almost didn't notice the small tent that she was passing by. Curiosity washed over her as the sign outside read for people to come in and have their fortunes read. Ylva believed in alot of things so she was curious and walked inside. As she entered she was greeted with the presences of an old woman who smiled in her direction. Welcome little Nephlim. It's always interesting to see a human go from one race to the next. It's even more interesting to see what the future holds for you, and perhaps your family. Ylva almost froze but quickly sat down as the woman smiled, staring into her soul while drawing a card and placing it on the table in front of her. The woman cackled and spoke in no certain terms to explain to ylva what the card meant. Ylva on the other hand had questions about her family and when she tried to get those answers she was quickly shut down and told to move along, there were others who needed a reading. Not one to make a scene Ylva thanked the woman and quickly got up, more confused than ever.

- exit -


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