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Clue Digging[Solo/Request]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Clue Digging[Solo/Request] Empty on Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:41 am

Shichiro Uchida
Walking along the streets of Era as Shichiro normally does, he wondered what he was going to do for the day to kill time. However this day around, instead of it taking a long time, he seems to have found it immediately. As he walked along, he heard a haughty sounding woman beckon him to her. Next to her stood a meek looking guy that seems to be avoiding Shichiro's gaze. Now normally, he would walk past a person like this and ignore them since they definitely weren't the type of person he could stand for too long. Something in his gut told him, that he should at least hear them out. He wasn't sure why he was about to allow himself to be roped into whatever this woman was plotting but he decided that it would kill some of his boredom and time, who knows he might even earn something for his trouble for whatever it was that he was about to have to do. Upon approaching, he didn't even get a word of greeting from her let alone a word himself.

"You there, you're a person that's not to busy and a mage, correct? Listen up, i have a lot to do and little time and patience. So here's what you're going to do for me, you're going to take my place and work with this rookie here next to me. He will be your partner in this endeavor. I'm too busy to deal with such trivial matters like this", the woman had said in her haughty tone. After listening to the woman rant, once again, Shichiro tried to get a word in but unfortunately, he was cut off and the woman started to explain the task he was going to be performing. "Listen boy, the task is simple, all you have to do is help this rookie behind me investigate a missing person report. Some man's wife has up and disappeared and nobody knows where she has gone. After some time, I've came to the conclusion that she didn't disappear but she's just run off to who knows where, probably involves another man. Either way, this simplistic task is beneath me which is why i'm hiring you to do it instead. I've got more important things to do. Easy, no? Good luck and don't screw this up." With that, the woman had began to leave the area.

Shichiro was about to angrily call out to the woman but before he could the rookie investigator run in front of him to block his path. He started to bow his head and apologize profusely. Tch, well whatever, Shichiro thought to himself. The rookie investigator then decided to introduce himself and tell him what the woman's name was. Shichiro also halfheartedly introduced himself to the investigator but overall didn't care. He already didn't like the job or that Margret woman's tone of voice. He was gonna bail on this one. He started to walk in the direction he was initially heading too when he could feel his clothes being tugged by the investigator. Shichiro stopped and slightly turned his head to see the investigator attempting to hold him back. He started to plead with Shichiro, saying this task would be a lot easier with two people than one and could get this done in a timely manner.

Giving an aggravated sigh, he relented and decided to tag along with the rookie investigator. Upon entering the home of the man who filed the report, the man ran up to the rookie investigator, sobbing. He began to wail into rookie's chest as the rookie looks a bit sympathetic and wasn't sure how to comfort the man. All he could do was signal to Shichiro that he should go and start looking for clues. Giving a shrug, Shichiro walked further into the house looking for clues. He searched high and low while his "partner" was dealing with the man. Shichiro had searched every nook and cranny of the house to find something that might led to the whereabouts of the man's wife. Starting with the den, followed by the kitchen, followed by living room. He even searched the bathrooms and closet but nothing. Eventually, he had gotten to the bedroom.

He didn't even begin to search it but he had already knew what he was looking at. A clue. A rather big one at that. There was a sealed envelop with a letter inside of it right on the pillow of where the wife slept. Shichiro placed his hands into his pockets briefly while staring at the letter. So this is what that Margret woman was talking about. Heh, woman's intuition he guessed. Removing his hands from his pocket, he walked over to the letter and picked it up before turning and exiting the room. Something so obvious was sitting right there. Maybe he didn't want to see it, maybe he wanted to believe it was something else but in the end, he couldn't escape the truth. Walking back into the room, Shichiro looked ahead without saying a word. The rookie had began to speak to Shichiro but he ignored him. Instead, he planted the envelope onto the rookie's chest before saying, "That blasted woman was right. I expect my pay later on."

Confused by the meaning of his words, the rookie looked at the envelop handed to him and looked back at Shichiro. He then turned to the man and handed him the envelop. They both knew what was in it then it passed hands. The rookied bowed to the man who now had to accept what was happening. The rookie then rushed out outside to find Shichiro standing there, hands in pocket looking into the distance. Once again, the rookie bowed to Shichiro without saying a word and hurried off in the direction the woman had gone. Shichiro then decided, it was time for him to leave as well. As soon as he did he could hear the sound of a pained, high pitch wail behind him.

W.C: 1036

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