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Clue Digging [Quest: Noyiah]

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#1Noyiah Dashi 

Clue Digging [Quest: Noyiah] Empty on Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:20 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah rushed through the streets of era at a hurried pace, she was running behind, and she wouldn’t be her usual 15 minutes early if she didn’t get a move on.  She had to meet up with a rune knight by the name of Margret and a detective named Nicolao, from a rival investigation firm, but Noyiah had been tipped off that they were looking for people to assist, and a paycheque was a paycheque even if it was a side job.

Getting to the addresses she had hastily scribbled down she stood by the door fairly confused as to how she had gotten there before them but looking at the house she sighed she was on the wrong road, the address wasn’t a street it was a crescent, “Damnit!” She cursed as she pressed on down the narrow street and rounded the corner to the right address.  She glanced at her watch, she was clearly just going to make just on time.

After getting there she glanced at the two of them, quickly extending her hand out to Margert and then to Nicolao “it’s a Pleasure to meet you both, Noyiah Dashi from Guardian Investigations” *she said flashing a warm smile. After a quick exchange of information and being filled in on the task Noyiah nodded and waved goodbye to Margert.  Nicolao knocked on the door where a larger man answered the door, Presumably the husband that sought out help.  After quick introductions they were invited into the house where they split up, she stayed behind to talk to the husband.

Taking a Seat at the kitchen table with the husband she flipped open a pad of paper and took out a pen. “ Mr. Thornton When was the last time you seen Mrs. Thornton?” She trying to keep a warm comforting smile.  “I Last seen her here, she came home with groceries and we went to bed, when I woke up she was gone”.  Noyiah Nodded and wrote down the last known location.  Pausing for a moment to collect what she wanted to ask, she pressed the pen against her bottom lip before moving to back to the paper and asked “Is it uncommon for her to not tell you her day to day routine?”.

“No normally she talks to me about everything but lately she seemed so distant, almost distracted I guess.”.

Noyiah took a deep breath and wrote it down in her notes before she glanced back at the Man, Noyiah could tell this was hard on him, quickly flipping the note pad shut she pocketed her pen and reached out and touched to the top of his hand as it rested on the table. “It’ll be okay detective Nicolao and I will get to the bottom of this, for now I’m going to go take a look around upstairs if you don’t mind” she said waiting for him to approve her request.   The poor man seemed to only be able to nod as he looked away almost embarrassed.  Noyiah took the time to pat him on the shoulder as she walked by saying “ I’m sure she is alright, theses kinds of things tend to happened a lot and most of the time its no big deal” She said attempting to reassure Mr. Thornton before heading up the stairs,  passing by the bedroom that Nicolao was already looking around through. “ ill take the study, and the new can finish up in the Rec Room” Noyiah said before heading down the hall and turning into the study.
As Noyiah walked into the room it smelled stale, like dust, papers stacked in random spots on desks, chairs and tables. It seemed like someone was researching something extensively, taking a glance at a few of the papers they seemed to talk about archaeology and excavation. It didn’t really make much sense for a cook like Mr. Thornton to be into this unless it was a hobby of sorts, but it didn’t really seem likely.  Pushing on to continue looking around she happen to spot a small piece of paper sticking out of a book, picking up the book she flipped it open to the book Mark, it looked to be a receipt to a boat ride out of Hargeon to some island off the coast of the main land.  “interesting” Noyiah said as she looked at the date of the ticket.  Glancing back around the room she placed the book down.  Now that the idea of an island was in her mind, she could connect the many papers and books that were out, it looked like there was a lot on a lost tribe on this island.  Perhaps she just left to explore this, but why leave without saying a word. Something was still missing, she thought as she shuffled through papers.

Suddenly her concentration was broken by a slight knock on the door frame, glancing over to see Detective Nicolao, “You find something?” She asked holding the receipt.   “yeah I found it between the night stand and the window,  it looks like a Letter to the husband  apologizing for running off with a new lover and joining an Archeological dig, it must have blown off the night stand “ * Noyiah nodded as she  held out the receipt “ that makes sense  most of these books are on excavation and an ancient tribe off the coast of Hargeon, and this receipt for a ferry out of there.” They both nodded and sighed at the depressing news that she had run off and that they would have to tell the husband “I guess ill break the news to Mr. Thornton and you can Report this to Lady Margarete”  * Nicolao Nodded and gave a over the letter and  they headed down the stairs, waving goodbye to the Detective Noyiah stayed behind to break the news to Mr. Thornton before leavening the note and receipts with him and heading out for the day.  It sucks that she had to break the news to him but at least he knew she was safe.

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