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Breaking the Monotony (Open)

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#1Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:52 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah glanced out the large window of the café, she hadn’t been waiting longer then a minute when her coffee was handed to her, glancing back to the server she nodded quietly in thanks and made her way to the bench seats looking out the window once again. The wind was a bit too much for her today, normally she would tie her hair up a little better but it the wind was misleading. Not a lick of wind when she had left her apartment this morning, but now that she was out and about it seemed steady and showed no signs of stopping.  ~ Must be a storm blowing in~ She thought to herself quietly before using her sleeve to wipe the rim of the mug before taking a sip.  Something tasted off about the coffee today . . . ~ I bet they used a spoon that had sugar on it ~ she reasoned, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but she had given up sugar in her coffee a long while ago and now it tasted wrong.

After a few more sips the coffee was cool enough to get a real mouthful, the taste seemed to subside or she had gotten use to it, either way it was pleasing. She shifted back so her side rested against the raised counter top, she swiveled to get a better glace of the room.  There was a couple in the back of the room in a booth, and a few patrons, she had seen many times after deeming this her favorite coffee shop.

Nothing out of the ordinary, so she shifted herself back to looking out the window, the wind caught leaves and blew them in a sweeping motion, hitting the side of a building and Dancing out into a small twister of Spiraling leaves, it was simple, yet amusing enough to grab her attention.  Noyiah placed her coffee cup down and shifted back to untie her scarf and retie it around her neck. Taking a moment to look it over before adjusting it using the windows reflection as a mirror. Something caught her eye as she focused looking past her own reflection to the streets

#2Judith Karlinius 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:14 pm

Judith Karlinius
The part would eventually be picked up for being out of the normal is when Judith would slowly arrive into the place. The musical humble humming of a song but the way it could be picked up had a few very detailed in the notes, she perfect hummed at a reasonable volume but close enough to sign the note perfectly, Almost like notes of a piano. The notes of a song of worry, sadness and anxiety with in it, Just the woman did not speak it in general or to herself and left it behind the screen of music so to say.

Judith at least did not need to relay on that cane she had to when she first broke her leg as much, She was walking normally. Her humming was not that loud but Judith walking by the window of the woman she was yet to meet, her musical humming was picked up easily. But was still a reasonable volume. She would stop upon pulling the handle of the door to enter.

Looking around the room, Judith was not easily picked upon view of show, Her lavender dress, Lighter purple hair slightly darker then her dress, Purple eyes. She sure was a different person then most people around and surely seemed to give that vibe. Smooth yet pale skin as well she would quietly walk over over and order something. Judith would be looking to around after ordering to see where she would sit. After all even if everyone was strange, Judith did not care even not scared of making it awkward for other people if she sat with them, Then again she judged it off of who actually seemed lonely and seemed like they needed the company, Even if it was quiet and they never spoke Judith just wanted to comfort others.

#3Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:56 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah’s eyes watched the Lavender/white-haired woman move across her field of vision before coming into the café herself. She was certainly a curious person. Her lips seemed to move a bit but nothing Noyiah could pick up on or nothing that even remotely looked like words. Noyiah noticed her eyes were purple and she stood quite short all in all, somewhere around five feet. Noyiah couldn’t help but catch herself having turned her self to watch this woman walk to the counter and order a drink. It seemed odd, she looked quite a bit older then herself but kept a healthy and young completion, or possibly it was simply a Trick of the dim lighting.
Maybe the purple eyes were a bloodline, in a long line of mages or perhaps just had a very vigorous skin routine. . . Noyiah found herself staring and thinking far too much about the woman who had clearly seen her watching her. Trying to think quickly Noyiah Hopped to a standing position scooping her mostly finished coffee up and downed the last mouthful before walking past and ordering another coffee. “I don’t think I have seen you before, I apologize if I was staring, I thought I might have recognized you.” She said in a half lie/half-truth, it wasn’t more so that she didn’t recognize her, but she was very distinctive and if she lived nearby it was a good chance that Noyiah likely seen her in passing.

“Noyiah Dashi, by the way, of Guardian Investigations, and you?” She asked Flashing a quick smile and extending her hand for a delicate handshake. After which Noyiah would turn back around and place a few bills on the counter and pick up her coffee. Turning back to face the newly possibly acquainted woman.

#4Judith Karlinius 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:26 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed everything was always interesting for the day and life of this curious pale soul Judith was rather and always easy to deal with lady so how she was approached seemed almost normal for her to have happen."Recognize me of all of people? interesting admission."Judith for meeting a strange too it in stride and rather welcomed it then most people who seemed to stand out. That maybe have nothing to hide and enjoying company when meeting others."A curious soul meeting the past that fate has before her? Or fixated soul wanting answers to questions that she bares."Judith was trying not to speak too confusingly but acting the way she normally did with her."But no matter, Even if am not some one you know, It does not bother me at all."Judith said even just slightly chuckling about it."But I do welcome company quite often."But she seemed delighted even if it was a mistake.

So nonetheless Judith then said."Judith Sophitia Karlinus."Starting off with."Where I am not as fancy,Mage,Cook and Cleaner of Fairy Tail."It seemed nice. Then again Judith not being a judging type of person Judith then would slowly join this woman where she sat it."Guardian Investigations? Interesting, Makes me wonder even if you have worked with the Rune Knights before."Judith was carrying a cup of tea, it smelled of a berries and honey. Just holding it with her right hand while still every once and a while with her left hand using that cane. Some pain and discomfort from what she dealt would be of note, But she seemed to be walking normal."What does Guardian Investigations tend to do? Given your in Era, I would image you work with the Rune Knights..Maybe even one of my daughters."Judith mentioned casually but with delight.

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#5Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Thu Oct 17, 2019 6:03 am

Noyiah Dashi
Judith seemed to word things like a crazy oracle, as she seemed to insinuate that Noyiah had questions for her about her own fate, Noyiah’s eyes would have widened a bit in shock before gaining any composure  out of everything she said, Noyiah really only managed to gather,   Cook,  mage Fairytail and that she would like company, she said. And Noyiah didn’t have anything better to do so she nodded “  I would  enjoy some company as well Judith” She said still trying to memorize the name, and other characteristics about her.

Noyiah would have had coffee in hand at this point when she was asked about her business, it always lit her up to be asked about it. “ I own a Private investigation company, and though I have worked with a few rune knights before, I cant say I work for them, not yet anyways,  I kind of always wanted to though, I think it would be exciting and eventful.” She admitted as she motioned towards the window seats again, before walking that way herself.

“What’s your Daughters name?” she asked seeing if maybe she had worked with her before, a weird coincidence   Noyiah sat in the chair she had been in before, and took sip out of her new coffee,  this one was far better then the last one.

#6Judith Karlinius 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Thu Oct 17, 2019 2:43 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was such a time that Judith always got herself into and always just seemed to take her delight in the meeting of stranger and the possibly of making new friends. It was all a rather interesting but slightly repetitive process, She was better at it then her children anyway."It this new meeting as come to light then."Back to her weird way of speaking. It would be the more notable thing of her as they continued to talk.

To smile a with such joy over work means this conversation would be meaningful at least for between the both of them, Even if it was a rather basic topic. Judith would at least sit down in her and put her walking stick against the window."Sounds like it would be more exciting work then a caretaker and mage of a guild."Judith said but slightly joked about it you could tell since she was laughing about it. Placing her cup of tea neatly down.

So when they carried on the conversation."You would be looking for the knight by the name of Judina Karlinus. If you have met her, That would be my daughter."Pick up her cup of tea and casually sipping it she then said."I was looking for her around here but no sign of her being around has shown, I must of missed her or she has not been here for a long while."That part seemed like a casual mention but it was a normal thing for a mother to miss her children after a long while."Maybe I am merely worrying too much for her when she is far beyond the nest,Forme to be worrying about her as much." Judith at least was in touch of reality of things she should and had no problem expressing it.

#7Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:33 am

Noyiah Dashi

It must be hard, letting your children be independent” Noyiah reasoned, “I mean I can imagine having children, but when I do, I see a young child unable to care for them selves, and then suddenly they are old enough to leave, I couldn’t imagine that feeling. Not an accurate one anyways” Noyiah said moments before picking up her coffee and taking another sip.

Noyiah was half turned on her seat to be able to view Judith better. “I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her myself but I’m sure she’s around, the rune knights are always rotating their jobs and duties” Noyiah reassured, it seemed to be a soft spot of Judith.

Glancing down at Judith’s Cane Noyiah’s eyebrows raised slight “a Mage from a guild seems like quite a dangerous job, im sure it comes with it’s risks, a daughter could worry for her mother with a occupation like that” Noyiah insightfully pointed out trying to revel that the her daughter likely also worried for her as well.

Noyiah placed her coffee back down and then brushed her hand over her bangs sweeping them back, “I know I miss my parents” She said softly,  she hadn’t spoke with them in almost a year, it wasn’t like they didn’t get along,  but since her fathers passing her mother was never quite the same, and in truth Noyiah resented her somewhat.

Taking another mouthful of coffee Noyiah remembered her sister and how they use to play in the forest in the morning before school, how much trouble they would get into, but how it never seemed to stop them, and now it was a cherished memory.  “Errm” Noyiah cleared her throat and pushed back her feeling before asking “ how’s your beverage?”

#8Judith Karlinius 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:23 am

Judith Karlinius
It was insightful mentioning that Judith would say."You think it would go away with having raised four, But I guess such things do not fade."It was a rather close enough in guess with what Judith was feeling.

But as it progressed."Much like most of my family, I had not seem her for almost 5 months now."Judith mentioned and continuing her casually sip of tea."But nor do I know or have learned what all it does for the works of the Rune Knights, So maybe there is the fear of the unknown too."Judith left that point in general and just went back to sipping her cup of tea.

She was still rather settled and calm."She would if she figured out the recent things I have been doing, But last thing I believe she needs to be burden with is situations not of her control."But it was a fair point for her to bring up.

Even the faint whisper of it Judith seemed to understand what her current conversation partner was feeling. With a peaceful and friendly smile that charm that Judith seemed to have would show."Everyone misses people after many years, My children, My own parents who are long gone. My granddaughter, Even others I know. We value the time we share with all of them....for the grim thorns of fate are always sharp, waiting for the moment to dig into the lives of who picks it."Yes Judith back to that way of talking that few understand sometimes.

But the way it was played off Judith had seen so many times."You play things off like my youngest son does, Not that it is horrible just easily picked up on."Giving her a friendly wink about it. "Berry and honey tea is a simple and calming mixture that isn't super sweet, Just as i wanted it to be like."with a mention of delight in it, small things like these seemed to bring a lot of joy for her.

#9Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Sun Oct 20, 2019 9:28 am

Noyiah Dashi
Judith seemed to fluctuate so frequently that she had a hard time keeping trick of the ups and downs, one moment she seemed genuinely Sad and then the next moment gleeful that she had berry tea. It was an emotional rollercoaster for someone like Noyiah who could sympathize with people relativity easy.

“5 months is a long time” Noyiah agreed as Judith talked, it was captivating in some sort of way how she was relatable, but in a way Noyiah had no idea how. She could relate but, in a way, there was such a strong disconnect from Noyiah’s own life. A part of her that would likely never know the pain of that.

How many children do you have? and do you have pictures?” She asked putting her coffee down completely and turned fully to face Judith. Noyiah was inquisitive in the sense that once she found out a little she wanted to uncover more, and pictures would be something that would jog her memory if she had in fact seen her daughter, as likely as it could be it was just as unlikely that two random people might have ever met, let alone remember everyone who passed them by on a daily basis

Small tapping sound caught Noyiah’s attention as she glanced out the large window they had been seated in front of, rain rolled in fast and heavy. Large drops cascaded to the ground and buildings. Droplets Pounded the window when the gusts of wind pushed them into the window and building side.
“ it felt like it was going to rain today” Noyiah mentioned before taking another mouthful of coffee and leaning back towards Judith.

#10Judith Karlinius 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Tue Oct 22, 2019 11:08 am

Judith Karlinius
At least the conversation was still alive and well, Simple answer really."I have 4 children total. But no pictures,I keep them at home because I do not have many of them."It was sad but it was, what it was."So much else you could do, I could mention she had long blue hair, Blue eyes and red armor, if you are trying to picture what my daughter Judina looks like."it was something to help her. Judith at least tried it most likely was not much, But trying was at least always good.

"Maybe it is good I came inside, I might have a walking stick from an incident before arriving here, But umbrella I did not have."Maybe it would be a good idea, since protection from the rain is something was always good to have but she wouldn't have."Not that the rain is horrible, I enjoy the sounds of the rain. But walking in it is nice too if it's light."Judith mentioned to chuckle about it since that is something she felt like she was one of the few who do.

Judith then kind of just smiled and said."Is it an interesting conversation, How much on learns quickly of another person?"Judith said she was still a strange to this young woman and yet Judith spoke a decent amount of her life for it already, But Judith had nothing to hide and if anything family was a sense of pride for her."No matter the path of any of my children, The many of them I have just for as long as they stuck together were the happiest and prideful moments of life for me."Judith was almost star gazing into the past for a short time but it was for an interesting conversation for this slowly not a stranger woman.

#11Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:35 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded as she listened to Judith talk about her children, it was a bit of a shame, even if the pictures had have been outdated, there was always something wonderful about chatting with people who were older then you, a wisdom that’s in all of their words, something only time and experience would grant them. “ I cant say it rings a bell, ill think about it for a bit and get back to you on that one” Noyiah said with a soft smile.

When the rain started Judith pointed out her walking stick, it wasn’t something Noyiah hadn’t noticed but she didn’t really have a transition into talking about it. “you seem far to young to have a walking stick, did you hurt yourself recently? “she asked. Thinking about it, she likely would hang around in the café until the rain let up, as she didn’t have anything to shelter herself from the wind and rain either.

“its nice you know, getting to meet all kinds of people, from all walks of life, each one with their own stories and experiences.” Noyiah had always loved learning things about people, it was partly what steered her towards being an investigator. “ you seem like a wonderful and caring mother, at some point I will have to see if I can meet your daughter” Noyiah glanced out the window and held her coffee with both hands it was relaxing to have company, and with rain like this it wasn’t likely Maisy would come in this kind of rain. Unless it was an emergency and it rarely ever was, at least it hadn’t been in the last 3 years.

#12Judith Karlinius 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Fri Oct 25, 2019 12:04 pm

Judith Karlinius
Was it really the time to talk about that with a stranger but then again with nothing to hide surely it was not that harmful to mention? The situation was far past so it was harmless, If anything she was spreading around such a being is alive and currently around."I am sure if it came down to it, It would be easy to figure out it is her if you think it is."Judith mention before that part of the conversation of her leg would happen."After all I taught all of them manners in terms of introducing themselves, I am sure if you think said person is and you ask her name you will know."Judith said with a rather content smile on her face.

So it would now move on to that."The story of my leg is quite simple."Then again when explained and some how Judith kept a straight and peaceful face about it would be more alarming part."I roamed Astrea while the demons where attacking hoping to check if Judina was alive."Which was true partly she was shopping too."When I met some one who in happen stance to know the names of a family I am helping and live close by, I am close to them and her children are by all account as close to grand children since I no longer have any."Grim so far it seems but such is life."That happen to be a lich, When i answered his questions, He broke my leg in a village square and I crawled away from him slowly and managed to get away, fixed my leg and has been slowly healed since."It was a rather simple for what all it entailed was a bit more scary.

Judith seemed to smile."Judina's a stubborn and slightly bullish. She has not quite realized what part of life she is missing out. I sure do hope you meet her, Maybe even become friends with her."Judith had good intentions at least, Even if it seemed weird for Judith to try and set friends up for her daughter.

#13Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Sat Oct 26, 2019 7:53 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah glanced back outside for a moment watching the rain tap against the wall of glass between them, she clasped her cup again taking in the last mouthful, swishing it with her tongue for a moment as she listened to Judith talk about her daughters’ manners.

After she swallowed the last mouthful Judith told her a bit about her past, it seemed incredible that a mother would be roaming into such dangers for her daughter. Even the most capable of people could be killed, and to think that she had gotten out with just a broken leg. Not to mention any long-lasting mental effects. Maybe that was why Judith spoke in such a odd way. Or her pleasantness coming from just happy to be alive. “did you manage to at least find here there or was it in vain?” Noyiah asked with burrowed brows and a concerned look.

Despite her cheerful disposition, Noyiah could feel the sorrow in her voice when she talked, it was some of what made her a good detective. Lastly Judith talked a bit more about Judina, her characteristics and wished that they became friends. Nothing Noyiah could promise or even actively pursue, after all if her own mother couldn’t find her, then Noyiah likely couldn’t track her down either, seeing as her own mother was looking and knew all about her.

Noyiah didn’t really have anything more to say about the event, she was at a loss for words, visibly a little stunned. She managed to place her empty cup down without knocking it over. “ so whats your next move?” She managed to ask, seeing as the rain had kept them captive, but she was still clearly looking for her daughter.

#14Judith Karlinius 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:18 pm

Judith Karlinius
What was next would only just simply sour the moment but Judith would not hide it."I did not find her."At least that part was over with it seems even if sad."Even with that I do know she is alive, Some one who worked with has told me she was still alive."Which to generally point out Judith made sure she was not just believing anyone."I figured out ways to make sure they were being truthful with me as well."Judith had her ways and trusted the person who told her, Kazimir was a good man. Judith had hopes in some manners then just him and her daughter being friends, Judith was just being hopeful.

So sipping her cup of tea Judith would mention what was next for her it was simple."I wait, Surely if she is a live still she would most likely arrived back here."Judith sounded rather sure that was a pretty good choice."That and I am also searching for another one of my children, Just like Judina, My eldest son is not easy to track, simply put he has nothing tying him down at all for me to guess where he is currently."Judith seemed to have a few things to keep herself busy aside from being a guild mage.

Judith seemed to be pretty decent planner when it comes to various things."So, if I do not find either of them here, I will go back to Magnolia to Fairy Tail, Go back to work and heal up to normal. After all at least then I can wait to hear to who pops up first."Judith mentioned with a content smile upon her face she slowly too a sip of her tea."After all Judina, Regis and Arisa are the only three I have not seen. I at least know where my youngest son is."There was one thing at least in these series of unknown and left questions.

She then said."But, since you ask a lot of questions of me."Judith's pretty peaceful and delighted smile would ask."What of your family life? What is it like for you? Married or Single? only child or sister?"Judith asked like a gossipy young girl or a friend catching up in life, Nonetheless it was her turn now and Judith would see this happen no matter what, After all it seemed like it was polite too.

#15Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Sat Nov 02, 2019 8:31 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah nodded as Judith explained her plans to try and find her children, it seemed like she had all the time In the world, Noyiah never did ask why she wanted to see them, other than just wanting too, it seemed like this kind of search was more because of urgency or just ensuring their wellbeing.

Quickly the conversation swayed her way and she was under cross-examination. It wasn’t really an issue, but she didn’t overly like talking about her family. They were boring, simple, dead or didn’t return her letters. “My Family life is almost nonexistent. And I’m single but looking, not entirely sure ill be able to keep a long relationship, my self-governing attitude and independency tends to scare most guys away.” She answered honestly, she had nothing to hide, even from a Stranger. “ My sister and I stopped talking after she moved away, im the eldest, but she was accepted to Lamia Scales at a young age, in some sort of apprenticeship thing.” Noyiah said shaking her head slightly and squinting her eyes “ it doesn’t matter, I guess, she’s far to busy to reply to my letters, and I doubt we have that much in common anymore” she admitted before turning back towards the window.

The way the rain Swept in on the rain looked like waves against the cobble stone road. She Sighs slightly before turning back towards Judith “ I never understood why she was so eagar to leave the family, but it seems for the best now, my Mother stays with her mom, and my grandmothers in amazing health, though she smokes more then a chimney” Noyiah compared with a soft smile returning to her pale face. “ Is there a Mr. Karlinus?” She asked looking at the window and the refection of Judith within it.

#16Judith Karlinius 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:20 pm

Judith Karlinius
With an interesting stare Judith's mother ways would maybe have some interesting views on that wonder, resting her chin upon putting her hand on top of the other she would just slowly and intently listen."I am sure even with that way of working, You could manage to maybe deal with one of my two sons, They are both single after all."Judith said it was more for humor you could tell with a causal and playful wink."I am merely joking with you, that is something natural that needs to happens."Judith left that at that moment.

But the family part Judith then mentioned one thing."Sometimes, each member of a family does need to do their own things in their own manner, either a knight, mage or lonesome wanderer all walking different paths are still are bonded in blood despite their feelings for one another."Judith mentioned but it would be her also mention a bit of her past."Even my own family, a family of singers who want nothing but the spot light. Where i was a opposite and became a hermit who hid from life after leaving home."It might be her point but then again it was also how people viewed everything."Everyone would eventually go do their own things, But never thrown away is what happen with their lives to start with."It was kind of a point but Judith was lingering on other thoughts too."Everyone on their own path will find their fitting and return."

So a mother and a once hermit that question came up and Judith answered quickly."I have been married for a long time if i were to guess almost 20 years, So yes their is a Mr. Karlinus."picking up her cup of tea and casually sipped it again. It was at least a sign of things being pieced togethered for her.

#17Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Mon Nov 04, 2019 5:33 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah listened intently as Judith went on more about her sons, the suggestion Judith had with them being single was Awkward, yet Weirdly touching.  This older woman was happy to set her sons up in a hypothetical relationship with her, that meant this conversation was going well, or at least Judith though Noyiah Pretty Enough to date her sons.   This made Noyiah smile, it was touching in a weird sort of way.   Knowing it was a tease. Noyiah just nodded and smiled.

She went on to talk about the life choices the other members of her family picked,  she talked about her family, how they were singers, for some reason Noyiah could picture Judith as a Singer,  or at least having a nice voice, as calming as it was to speak to, it would be something entirely different to hear her sing.  After Answering Noyiah’s question about her husband Noyiah would nod, as she took from the information that he was likely still alive, though the vagueness might mean he was no longer an active part of their family.  Noyiah understood how hard that could be and when Judith took a sip of her Tea, Noyiah picked up her cup only to place it right back down with the realization she had drank it all already.

Sorry if that got a little more personal then your comfortable with. I appreciate you answering my questions all the same.” She said glancing outside, it looked like the rain had lightened up or even stopped it was hard to tell for certain, with the rain drops resting on the glass panel, they hung tight even as the door closed behind a customer hard, they jiggled yet never let go.  Drips from the rooftop seemed to simulate the rain for a little while before it dried up and the sun started to peak out from behind the clouds.

“ when your done your Tea id be happy to walk you up to the Rune Knights Headquarters, or if there is anywhere else you’d like to go,  it looks like my Colleague isn’t brining me a case today.”

#18Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Judith raised an eyebrow."Is it the humor of mentioning my sons?"Judith asked with how it changed already."I would not image it would be over my husband,Thinking about it now, I should get him away from his forge for a few days."so it was nothing horrible."Him and his slightly grumpy ways of acting."Judith mentioned so peacefully with a smile on upon her face. So it turns out it was not so horrible and Judith was just taking her time with the details.

With that she said."There very few conversations that make me uncomfortable, Family isn't one of them. I am far too blunt of a person to not mention if something was."Judith was not letting that detail go past unanswered. So with that put to rest Judith would wait to hear what she would say about it.

But she would ponder where else to go."Maybe if i can write the letter real quick, somewhere i can send a letter to my husband Anders to get him to come to Era."Judith had a plan it seemed and when to do it seemed to be simple as well too."So that is the only thing I can think of when the rain has pass."Judith hopefully did not seemed like she was making her turn into an errand lady or Judith seemed like a bit of helpless old woman despite her age too, But Judith knew she was not and her mind was getting carried away. Judith at least was still trying to be engaging still."But I have no other plans until I hear my daughter is around here or maybe one of my sons either."So her plans where mostly waiting maybe shortly considering a nap.

#19Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
“No, no its not a bad thing it was just not my first thought” Noyiah clarified for Judith. “ its more that I have never met either of them, and one of the few facts you add in was that they were single, which thankyou by the way, it was very flattering” Noyiah Nodded with a smile, before she listened to her talk about sending a letter to her husband so that he could make his way to Era, it wasn’t a bad plan. Noyiah shifted on her stool to keep her legs from falling asleep, before pulling her Satchel up onto the countertop, opening the strap she fished out a pen and some Paper “I have some paper and this” she said holding the pen out for Judith. “though I don’t have any stamps or an envelope, but I imagine you can pick them up directly at the post office when you send it.”

Noyiah would pull out a few binders with a thick stack of paper within it. Opening it up she held the flap of the binder up glancing at the page while keeping it up as a divider between Judith and Herself, she didn’t want to show Her The page nor did she want Judith to think she was eavesdropping on her letter.

Noyiah was looking at her own case files, there was always things that didn’t add up in files that were unsolved, and sometimes she would revisit them after a while to see if things come together in a different way she hadn’t seen before. Noyiahs spare hand planted onto the table at the elbow as she braced her chin with her free hand already looking bored.

#20Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
With that Judith let out a smile."It is only, mere teasing. All of that idea would be merely of your own choosing. It would be entirely up to you if you ever met and wanted to date them."At least Judith made it clearer for Noyiah her actual stance on it."No need to be super flustered about it, I can promise you I am making this more fun for me mostly,Just I get carried away sometimes."Judith seemed to felt it was better to leave that for her to feel a bit better about it. The teasing the humor was Judith being herself if anything.

Judith just simply mentioned."I am find with just the two, I am sure I can manage the rest as I have before"with the delight of a smile Judith did take then and as always."Thank you, Noyiah I do not need anything else for such a cause."Judith seemed ever so grateful about that tiny thing.

With the quietness of writing. Judith did not have a lot of rude thoughts about it."It won't take me too lot, Mind you it should not ruin the moment."Judith would also be thinking of something else to talk to her about it.

"It is handy for you to carry such things, Last time in Astrea I had spend a few hours tracking down a pen and paper with this leg freshly damaged."Judith mentioned to carry it back to normal kind of conversation, Even with it being at her own pain."It was at least nice to write a letter by a beach during summer."Judith made a nice little note about it while she was writing this letter in a delighted mood."Almost was more temping to listen to the waves of the ocean rather then write home."

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would nod as she continued to look through her case,  pulled out another pen from her bag, this one had a stupid little bobbly Creature on the top, fake of course, but it swayed around as she wrote, it was rather distracting even to her.  It was a senseless knick-nack she had gotten for free from her associate.

She made a few notes on the side of the page. Before closing the binder. And glancing over to Judith “ you know what im sorry but I just found a few things I have to look into,  if you don’t mind id like to leave you to your letter.”  She said as she stood up and started to pack up her belongings and placing her scarf back on. “ it has been a real pleasure meeting you Mrs.Karlinius, but my work is never ending” She said with a slight smile, offering her hand out to Judith once again as a farewell “ or would you prefer a hug?” she asked  in all seriousness, which ever Judith preferred she would do.  Before heading towards the door.

Outside there was still a very faint light rain, almost like a misting, it created a Dull grey skyline and didn’t allow much light to come through, but Noyiah was on a mission now and continued down the road. As she passed in front of the large window they have been sitting behind she would give a Slight Wave and press on to the Dubois main address where she had questions about their missing child.


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Judith Karlinius
It did not seem to bother Judith at all that she had to do in fact it was most likely pretty easy that Judith was okay with that, it was easy to kill time but life always called. Judith knew that one well."Oh I would never expect you to tell me sorry that you need to work. After all we all have lives we need to keep up, Even I had too at one point too."So Judith at least seemed to still be humble about it, Maybe being a mother of a Rune Knight she understood it perfectly.

Judith would at least leave Noyiah with a few pieces of other things to keep in her mind."I would only be offended or would want a sorry if you forget who i was or tried to avoid me."It seemed silly but Judith at least made it something a bit more warm hearted about it. But it was true in Judith's view of it, That would be the only thing that ever offend her, But given Judith's bright and warmhearted nature there was no reason for that to happen.

When she mentioned the hug Judith did not seemed to even resist such an offer."If your work finds you in Magnolia with out a bed to rest or food to eat, Come find me at home. Or my husband, Either of us will solve that problem, Be safe out there."Judith would let her leave after saying that, Since Judith would not hold her up if she wanted to work. She would continue to finish her letter, taking the time to mail the letter herself. It would not be too long for her husband to arrive she would just have to wait much like she normally did. Judith was always waiting on some one these, no one was waiting on her it was an odd thing to have happen.


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