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Noyiah Dashi

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#1Noyiah Dashi 

Noyiah Dashi Empty Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:24 pm

Noyiah Dashi


Name: Noyiah Dashi

Age: 26, May 10th, X761

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Rogue

Profession: Private Detective (Speed)(Intelligence)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Dark Blue, Right Forearm

Face: Ino Yamanaka, From Naruto


Height: 5’8”

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Platinum Blond

Eyes: Steel Blue

Overall: standing 5' 8" tall, this pale skinned woman has an overly sensitive feel about her. She has a rounded face with a softly shaped jaw, a well-formed nose, delicate ears, smooth cheeks and narrow lips. Her steel blue eyes are calm and observant, and she has angular eyebrows. She wears excessive foundation and light lipstick, has both ears pierced.
She has short arms and soft hands, a long toned legs with defined muscles, bony hips, and large feet.
She usually wears sweet perfumes, dresses and skirts that are mostly purple, black or white, and always wears a hand made scarf her mother gave her.

Extra: Noyiah has her ears pierced and often wears either small studs or hoops.


Personality: Noyiah is a well rounded and down to earth person, knowing her own strengths and short comings. Generally, she is quite happy, but it doesn’t take too much to make her upset though, Noyiah is an ambitious person, that loses focus quite often. Although she makes friends rather easily, she has a hard time trusting anyone fully, and it takes a while to get accustom to them, though once she has, then tend to be her focus. Noyiah is observant, courteous and well-mannered person having been raised prim and proper but has since gotten much more relaxed. The kind of person who is always there for a friend even if she is pulled out of her comfort zone. But of course, no one is perfect, underneath a calm exterior is a insecure and somewhat selfish person when it comes to people who aren’t her friend, fortunately her clear headedness and practicality helps keep these selfish tendencies from coming to fruition. Noyiah enjoys quality time with people she meets, often suggesting going for coffee or out to a meal together as a chance to get to know one another, though she does enjoy prying a bit into their lives mostly because she is curious by nature but knows when she crosses a line whether it be after or preventative. She loves to offer advice in situations where she has insight or share her personal experiences to either compare or comfort her friends

  • Investigation: Nothing is more of a thrill in Noyiah’s life as being an private detective, as it mixes the bit of excitement and allows her to applies her criminal like skills for something good and within the law.
  • Outdoors: Noyiah enjoys quiet area’s outside of town for walks or hikes, the natural beauty is something to behold, though she doesn’t often get the time to go on these they are a simple and cheap source of entertainment.

  • Praise: There is something profoundly uplifting about being told you did a good job or that your talented, Noyiah certainly tries to get these through her actions, not quite vain enough to ask and fish for praise but enough to go out of her way to do something that would be praise worthy.


  • Waiting Noyiah strongly dislikes wasting her time away waiting for people to show up, or people who cant plan accordingly.

  • Selfishness: Despite being quite selfish in her own thoughts, she tend to dislike people who show off for attention, are selfish in materialist ways or people who tend to talk about themselves all the time.

  • Large bodies of water: the mysteries of the deep darkness of water is not something Noyiah ever plans on investigating, maybe through a mix of a overactive imagination and a job rooted in reality, there is something deeply unsettling when it comes to the depths of the ocean. It often stops Noyiah from traveling on boats for long periods of time.


  • Helping others: maybe because of her own selfishness Noyiah enjoys helping other people with her line of work and the way it makes her feel. She preffers to belive it’s the idea of others being happy but its more likely her own personal glory that motivates her to work harder.
  • Truth and Exploration: Uncovering the truths of people and discovery is something that drives her to work harder and spend her time and money on achieving these.


  • The Unknown: Noyiah has no problems discovering new things, but the sense of being helpless to something that she doesn’t understand is something that truly Terrifies her, as touch on upon in the Large bodies of water, its not that she is scared of the water but more that she is scared of the unknown space beneath her.

  • Necrophobia : Noyiah has a secret fear of the dead, there is something so unsettling about how people look when they die, because of this she also is uncomfortable around Disease, graveyards, tombs or around coffins and ash urns. This was likely sparked when Noyiah’s Father passed away in his sleep.


Magic Name: -

Magic Element: -

Magic Description: -


History: Noyiah had a relatively tame childhood, growing up with her mother and father, and a younger sister. Having regular dinners with her grandparents. She spent most of her time in era and crocus she went to school and continued her education through to open her own investigation practice. When Noyiah was 14 her father passed away. While her mother was visiting with her grandparents, Noyiah happened upon his body when she tried to wake him for dinner. This had a lasting imprint on Noyiah ever since, death and idea of dying makes her uncomfortable. After that they moved in with her grandparents, for financial support.
At the age of 18 Noyiah moved out and got her own little apartment in era, working for another investigator by the name of Maisy cooper, who was only a couple of years older then herself, she showed Noyiah the roots of the business and how to go about her research and the legalities of the job. After 3 years there Noyiah started to develop feelings for her, but scared and insecure she decided to leave to start her own business, so that her feelings and her job weren’t tied together.
She opened guardian at the age of 24 and learned how hard it was to run her business from home, though without her tied to Maisy’s business she would be free to try and start a relationship. But Maisy wouldn’t have it, they didn’t share a romantic connection in her opinion. But she understood that Noyiah’s identity was rooted in Maisy and the business they worked together to build, she suggested that she learned about magic and try to work for the magic council. The idea intrigued Noyiah, as magic wasn’t something her father would have allowed her to waste her life with, but since his death she strived to find her own identity. Now with a solid foundation she decided to work part time for Maisy and find herself someone to help her understand how magic works. She managed to find a few people who taught her small amounts here and there, but she struggled to grasp the usage of magic, find herself incapable of magic she decided that it would be enough to know about magic and practice her skills to one day work for the magic council.

Reference: Judina.

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#2Amaris Ashryver 

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Amaris Ashryver
Hey there, I'll be grading your App!

Basically, there is one major thing that I have to point out here: your class and your magic. The Rogue is a class that does not have access to magic and uses only physical strength and weapons and such. You can tell by seeing here that no spell types are listed for the Rogue - which means they do not have any. Please change your class or your magic (depending on which you would rather keep).

Furthermore, please..

...give me a color for your guild tattoo.
...remove the (200 Words) at the end of your personality.
...overall just make sure to begin your sentence with a BIG letter and end them on a dot.
...should you decide to keep Rogue and go magic-less, please remove that part from your history section as well and just fill in "-" everywhere in the magic section.

That's it! Bump when changes have been made.

Noyiah Dashi XRoCq8x
#3Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
** Edited Changes, i misunderstood about the rogue i though they were just not gifted with magic and had a harder time learning it but it should be fixed up now thanks ^.^ **

#4Amaris Ashryver 

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Amaris Ashryver
This character application has been approved.

Noyiah Dashi XRoCq8x

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