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Leaving Blue Pegasus. [Guildless]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Leaving Blue Pegasus. [Guildless] Empty on Thu Oct 10, 2019 4:09 pm

Shichiro Uchida
It was a hot and humid day in Era which was not uncommon but mostly unwelcome to the likes of Shichiro because of his usual choice in attire. He was wearing his usual dress pants, yellow button down  shirt and black dress shoes. He almost never pays attention to weather and season changes which is mostly a hindrance in his every day life but eventually he learned to suck it up since he was too stubborn to change his ways. Walking along the streets of Era, he wondered what he wanted to do this day. Observing his surroundings, it seems like an ordinary day in Era. People outside hustling and bustling, peddlers selling their wares, small children playing in the streets of Era.

Shichiro scoffed a bit out of the frustration of his boredom and continued to walk along the road in search of something that would sate his boredom. Thinking back on his past two years, he felt like nothing excites him like the used too. Maybe it was the lack of requests, maybe it was the lack of conflict. Either way, he had to remedy the situation he was in or he would be suck in this rut for a long time. As he walked along, a flyer had blown into his face. Startled, Shichiro stumbled back a bit before ripping the flyer off of his face, holding onto it with his right hand. When he caught himself, he took a gander at the flyer to see what it was even offering. Briefly skimming through the piece of paper, Shichiro's eyes had lit up as he instantly knew what his calling was.

The flyer had been about recruitment for the Rune Knights and how there was spots available to an aspiring would be knight willing to join the cause. That's it, Shichiro thought to himself, that's what he'll do. He'll become a rune knight. It wasn't as if Blue Pegasus was hurting for members and probably wouldn't miss him if he was gone anyways. Besides, he wasn't attached to anyone there nor anybody was attached to him so he figured, what the heck, why not. With a destination in mind, Shichiro started to make his way towards the Rune Knight headquarters to see about becoming a knight.

Arriving, Shichiro stood on a line where other people were waiting for service. After a brief wait in line, Shichiro had gotten to the counter where a male attendant had sat. Shichiro informed the man of is intent to join which was followed by a nod of attendant and was told to wait here in the lobby and somebody would be with him shortly. After that, Shichiro thought maybe he was being too abrupt and decided that he still wanted to change but at the moment, there wasn't anything he truly wished to be. He wasn't a bad guy but he didn't exactly want to be a champion of justice either since that would demand that somebody would have to be the bad guy by default even when situations may vary. In the end, Shichiro decided that he would just quietly fade from Blue Pegasus. He would not join the Rune Knights, he would not stay in Blue Pegasus. He would simply do what he wanted to do until the day when his calling would finally come.

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