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False Prodigy [Quest | Nero]

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#1Nero Grimm 

False Prodigy [Quest | Nero] Empty Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:56 am

Nero Grimm
The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, people busily progressed down the streets of Magnolia. Nero, on the other hand, was having trouble waking up. His body was sore and his head was pounding, he could barely keep his eyes open. But he knew he had to wake up and shake off the drowsiness otherwise he’d turn into a sloth. After somehow managing to roll off of his bed in the inn he made his way to the bathroom and cleaned his face, smacking his cheeks twice before staring into the mirror. Today was going to be another busy day in Magnolia.

Nero met up with Guiliano Salvadori, his client for today, in one of the cafes in Magnolia. Guiliano was a wealthy businessman who had made great strides in amassing his fortune. He was well known for being somewhat ruthless when it came to business, letting nothing get in the way of his plans if he set his eyes on something. However, he never crossed the line and was always a good man, something that showed in his private life. His family cared for him deeply as did he to them, and they were proud of him and his success. As a bonus, Giuliano was a veteran user of Nature and Light-type magic. Something that impressed business partners and made them weary at the same time.

This however caused a slight problem. Guiliano’s son Luca was convinced that as the son of the “Almighty Salvadori family”, as he called it, he was at the very least a prodigy of the century. Guiliano caring for his son deeply and not wanting to hurt his pride had requested Nero to assist him in making others see the same. Because Luca had been constantly bragging about it it was at the point that many people were curious as to whether or not it was the truth.


#2Nero Grimm 

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Nero Grimm
Nero didn’t entirely agree with Guiliano’s method of parenting but it wasn’t his concern how the client raised his son, so he readily accepted the request and made preparations for the party that would be host to the demonstration for Luca’s “abilities”. It was quite a while before the party was in full swing, everyone seemed to be enjoying the lavish food and music. Nero, on the other hand, was acting the role of a bodyguard and was busy patrolling the premises while maintaining a low profile. His real job was to keep an eye on anyone who might notice any inconsistencies with the use of “Luca’s” magic. When it was time for the display of his prowess Nero was set and ready for anything that may come to pass. Luca being as aloof as he was fully believed that he would do just fine when he walked up onto the stage. Unbeknownst to him, his father was a very good mage. When he began to cast his magic his father expertly overlayed his magic circle over the flimsy one his son began to create. The technique was so seamless that even Nero was surprised at his control. For a moment Nero was mesmerized by how well it looked from the outside. If he hadn’t known from the start even he who researched magic formulas in his spare time would be caught unawares.

Some people, however, seemed to be skeptical regardless of how well the magic was cast, and it was those naysayers who ultimately never believed Luca from the get-go any way that wanted to cause trouble. Nero could tell that they intended to interrupt Luca somehow to make him seem inadequate at casting the spell, regardless of how well the act put on as if the magic ultimately failed they could still say he was not a prodigy with some excuses.


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Nero Grimm
Most likely they were simply jealous of Luca’s alleged abilities. However, they didn’t account for Nero being their to thwart their plans. With a small flick of the wrist, flames appeared on their bodies burning vital areas just enough to draw their attention to themselves for a moment. It was enough of a commotion that they drew attention from the crowd, and much to the surprise of everyone else Luca moved to help them with his already cast magic. Thankfully Guiliano picked up on his son’s wish and was quick to act out what his son intended. As a result, the fires were put out and Luca’s prestige was increased even more for his quick response.

Later on, after everything was said and done Guiliano pulled Nero aside and thanked him for his work, as well as the bonus of making his son look like a hero. He promised to work hard to make his son an actual prodigy after seeing how well Nero had managed the situation that could have otherwise been a disaster. Nero wasn't entirely sure that Guiliano would be able to change his doting ways, considering all he'd done so far just to make his son look good but he seemed sincere enough. Nero was more than happy to see the change that had come over him and had a long talk with him about his magic control. Guiliano's technique was something to be admired and Nero hoped that one day he could be as capable as he was when it came to using magic. Considering how well the day had gone Guiliano was happy to give him some tips, and the two got along fairly well. When all was said and done Guiliano paid Nero in full and promised to look out for him if he ever needed anything in the future.


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