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At the Break of Dawn [Training | Nero]

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#1Nero Grimm 

At the Break of Dawn [Training | Nero] Empty Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:47 am

Nero Grimm
The sound of Nero's muscles popping as he stretched rang out with each movement he made while sprawled out on the grass of a nearby park. It was early enough that it was still dark out in Magnolia but Nero felt the need to exercise before the hustle and bustle of everyday life interfered with his training. He knew that once the citizens of Magnolia awoke from their slumber that he wouldn't be able to fully practice his magic and martial arts in peace. Sometimes what he did drew attention from passersby and interrupted his concentration. With that in mind, he quickly got into his routine and once he felt limber enough he curled up for a moment and pushed himself off the ground.

Using his magic as a buffer, as well as a test of his own control he released a small burst of flame to steady his body as he floated for a brief moment above the ground. With is body fully upright he dropped down softly onto the ground just centimeters below his feel while dust lightly kicked up around him. He smiled a bit at how well it turned out and got into a combat stance, preparing to shadow box an imaginary opponent.

Nero took a moment to sort through opponents he had previously faced in his youth. He stood while holding his chin between his thumb, pointer and middle finger, pondering what would be a good opponent to start with. It wasn't long before he decided on starting off with something low rank as an opponent. He had decided to warm up, so a quick and short fight was a good idea to get things rolling. He envisioned his opponent in his mind and slowly it seemed to manifest before him, although he was the only one who could truly see it.


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Nero Grimm
Nero envisioned a bandit in front of him an opponent he had dealt with when he was much younger and somewhat forced to defend himself. The bandit held an ax in both of his hands, spinning them around skillfully as a wicked smile came across his face. He approached Nero skillfully as he prepared to strike, and only when he was in his own range did he raise his arms to strike. Nero quickly leaped forward towards him, closing the distance between them to cut down the bandits striking angle. When he was nearing him however the bandit reacted with his other arm, swinging his ax out in front of him to try and cleave Nero in two.

Nero, on the other hand, was ready for it and was too quick for the bandit to react when he leaned his whole body forward. The ax passed by the back of Nero's neck, if it were real it may have even shaved off a hair or two. With his body lurching forward Nero planted his hands onto the ground in front of the bandit and pulled his body into a ball while he pushed off from the ground. His action looked like a child's handstand for a moment before pushed off from the ground ready to attack.

The momentum from pushing off with his feet helped his body accelerate forward and like a coiled snake, he continued towards the bandit by shoving himself away from the ground with the palms of his hands. His body was entirely upside down as his feet extended up towards the bandits swinging arm from just a moment ago. With a brisque crack his legs made contact with the bandit's elbow forcing his arm into a nasty position that an arm should never go. If the bandit had a voice he would've let out a shriek loud enough to wake up the surrounding area.


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Nero Grimm
The bandit's body reeled backward in its imaginary pain as it dropped the ax it was holding. It coiled up for a moment bringing the ax and its arm back down as it attempted to cradle its broken arm. Nero, however, didn't give his imaginary foe time to think as he pressed further with his attack. He completed his full acrobatic attack by bringing his legs forward after the kick letting the momentum bring his body back to a standing position directly in front of the now defenseless bandit. Before the bandit could even react to the sudden lack of distance between the two of them Nero brought his hands up to unleash his assault. With a flurried mix of open hand palm strikes and closed first punches to critical areas, the bandit was left staggering back after each exchange.

Nero always made sure to maintain a good distance between the two as he gauged the bandit's effective range for counters. Needless to say at this point the bandit was too battered to even breath much less counter, but Nero did not let his guard down. From his time spent roaming the world, he had met many opponents who had a much different threshold for pain than normal people and mage alike and had learned to never let his guard down in a fight. With that in mind, he thoroughly destroyed the opponent in front of him with precise movements. If he wanted to he could introduce magic into the mix, but for an opponent that could not even use magic it felt like more than just overkill, it was barely training for him. He fully planned on progressing further with his abilities, so he needed to slow up the difficulty as time went on. With that in mind, he unleashed one more strong open-palmed strike into the solar plexus of the bandit, turning the imaginary opponent into a fine mist.


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Nero Grimm
Nero began to stretch after having watched his imaginary opponent dissipate. He needed to keep his body limber while he assessed his own combat performance. Truthfully fights during shadow boxing training were not as beneficial for an individual in comparison to a real fight. Mainly this was due to the fact that shadow boxing simply wasn't real if you focused too much on winning you would essentially trick your mind into making your opponent lose, regardless of how much effort you put into doing things correctly. For Nero however who only focused on improving and put his entire being into each move, it was easy to keep such a problem from arising.

With that in mind, he looked back on the fight he had just ended. While he didn't need magic to finish things he could have used it in small portions to quickly and efficiently end his opponent. In a situation where he would have to fight one against many, it was a better idea for him to get used to mixing the two together for effective combat. The better he could be at maintaining his magic under stressful environments while splitting his focus between the fight and his magic control the stronger a fighter he could become. This was something he had learned from Guiliano after helping him with a request the day before.

He was itching to incorporate this idea into a reality and while his mind wasn't entirely ready for the task, his spirit was more than willing. Given time he was sure he could come up with a proper combat art that incorporated his Blazing Soul magic into his martial arts. With it, he'd become a force to be reckoned with. Having that in mind Nero wiped the sweat from his brow, took a quick breath and proceeded to train against harder opponents for the rest of the morning before people made their way out for the day.



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