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Shichiro Uchida

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida


Name: Shichiro Uchida

Age: 21, June 20th, X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sevese

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: The SpellSword

Profession: Blacksmith (Strength, Constitution)

Race: Human

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left Shoulder

Face: God Eater Burst - Soma Schicksal


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 178 lbs

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Shichiro has a lean body except the there's a deep scar in the middle of his face. There's nothing special about it except it reminds Shichiro why he became a mage in the first place. He wears a navy blue coat that's seemingly always open over a yellow button down shirt that's tucked into his pants. Occasionally, he wears a black tie to go with his formal attire. For his lower attire, he wears black, baggy pants and black combat boots. Lastly, he has his guild tattoo right on his left shoulder to wher ehe can freely conceal or reveal it.


Personality:Shichiro is a soft spoken guy that rarely starts trouble on his own. He may seem cautious at first, which he is, but eventually being exposed to the same number of people will eventually would allow him to open up some. He's normally a man of few words but he will talk to or rally people if it's necessary. Other then that, Shichiro would prefer to be alone most the time. Some people would take his glare as if he was threatening him or telling them to stay away but it isn't really like that. It's just a defensive maneuver he likes to use to make sure not anybody would just approach him.


  • Scenery: Shichiro likes beautiful scenery like pink sakura trees or trees that bear fruit, mostly the ones you can smell from a distance. It always put him in a good mood to see things full of life and puts his mind at ease to concentrate better.

  • Day Dreaming: His last like is, daydreaming. Shichiro likes to daydream. A lot. He most the time either lost in thought or just making up little stories and fantasies in his head. It's not like he likes doing it but he mostly finds himself just....doing it....


  • Crowds: Shichiro generally dislikes large crowds of people. As in, hundreds of people gathered in one area for some reason. It gets on his nerves plus it brings back some bad memories of when he was a toddler.

  • Studies: Shichiro HATES studying with a passion. That's what he was forced to do his entire life before the incident. Shichiro would often make excuses or outright refuse to study.Only if he was getting things out of it, might he consider it but for other reasons, he would not.


  • Power: Shichiro aspires to be the strongest mage he can achieve to protect the things he holds dear to him. Of course he wants to protect himself as well. Overall he just wanted to push his limits and grow pass what a standard mage can do.

  • Martial Arts:His second motivation was to be a weapons master. He wanted to learn what kind of magical weapons other there that he could wield and forge and maybe even sell. He probably wouldn't go that far but he still would like to forge and wield them. His favorite weapons are lances.


  • Claustrophobia : Shichiro's fear is he doesn't like compact spaces. He's claustrophobic and will tend to get violent if he is put in anything that isn't at least six times his size.
  • Death: Shichiro's other fear is death. Yes, death. He knows it's gonna happen regardless of what he does but it doesn't matter he's still afraid of it. Especially if it's premature death. Only his own death and the death of others that are close to him. Anybody else, doesn't matter to him.


Magic Name: Earth Magic

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Description:  Earth Magic is magic inspired and derived from an ancient and forgotten titan to manipulate and shape, bend and mold the land to his will as long as the substance originates from the earth itself. Iron, Minerals and even plants can be affected by his magic as long as it was naturally created or can be molded into from natural resources with mana.

Shichiro's magic ability allows him to terraform and manipulate his surroundings to make powerful weapons and/or constructs to his desired image with either a touch or channel his mana from a short distance to a nearby earth-like substance.


History: It had been a long time since he bid his family a farewell. Shichiro had decided to remain behind on the mainland entering his training asceticism and vow to do nothing but intense practicing of combat itself and how to better with his powers from the new knowledge he might have obtained. At first, Shichiro had roam around from the civilization to civilization in order to learn from them, study their habits and even read some of their literature. For the first month of his pratice habit, he was all but content. Sure, he had learned a few new lore and some of their ancient history or what not but that wasn't enough to satisfy his need for knowledge. He wanted something that would enhance his abilities at that very moment or something over the course of his travels that he can value a bit later when he returns back to his guild. Shichiro had only been at this for a month but he was already frustrated. He was going nowhere fast, even in a literal sense. He continued on with his quest for power but instead of just reading history he would try and go on leads for ancient artifacts or leads on tombs and pillars that might have remnants of things that can realize his goals. After returning to his village of the entire island to see if there was any new content he could learn, He was beckoned to a foreigner with a pamphlet for a school where they taught all sorts of martial arts and techniques. At first, it didn't catch Shichiro's interest. He didn't really care about dwelling with others even if it was to further his goal but later, decided it would be in his best interest to go join up even for a little while. If he didn't like it, he could always return home to his little village in the islands. During the past two years, Shichiro had taken up a new interest called Smiting. He was learning under an expert for the past couple years in order to hone his skill in his newly found craft.

Reference: Finn Mertens

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#2Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: N/A

  • Weapon: N/A

  • Off-Hand:N/A

  • Head: N/A

  • Body: N/A

  • Relic: N/A

  • Race: N/A

  • Companion: N/A

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 32

  • Strength: 7
  • Speed: 5
  • Endurance: 7
  • Constitution: 7
  • Intelligence: 6

Other Changes

Brown Aura

Nightmare Mode

Spellsword Class

Earth Magic


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Nightmare mode can only be selected with new characters, (this does not include character which have been scooped.) Aside from changing it from Nightmare to Normal, your character application is ready to be approved.

#4Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

Edited the mode.


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This character application has been approved.

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