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Nero Grimm

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Nero Grimm


Name: Nero Grimm

Age: May 20th, X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fioran

Class: Hunter

Profession: Chef (Str, Con)

Race: Human

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left Hip

Face: Ookurikaa - Touken Ranbu


Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Hair: Black with Reddish Brown highlights

Eyes: Yellow

Overall: Nero is a tall man with lean muscle, normally hidden beneath his loose clothes. As a loner he tends to have a perpetual scowl on his face seemingly glaring at just about everything. His black hair is long normally resting on his right shoulder when not done up. The reddish brown highlights tend to draw attention to his nice well managed hair. Cascading down his left shoulder and arm is the tattoo of a Loong, an eastern dragon said to have been the idol of worship in his long family line. Everyone from his fathers side of the family tends to bear this tattoo. Nero's attire tends to consist of half gloves meant to protect his hands from his own magic. They were a gift from his late father and although he is now well used to controlling his magic and the enchantment has long since faded he still wears them and maintains them as a memento. The same can be said for the "tag" around his neck from his late mother, something he tends to wear with pride. Generally he can be seen wearing a white t-shirt with a black jacket and pants when performing his normal guild duties, and even during combat he prefers to keep armor and adornments to the minimum to emphasize freedom of movement.

Extra: Sharp Canines, Dragon Tattoo


Personality: Nero on the outside seems like a very closed off person. He tends to not interact with others much and prefers to keep to himself when given the chance. However that does not mean that his conversational skills are lacking. When given a topic of interest he can actually be pretty talkative and friendly. He merely chooses to avoid people because he wishes to not waste anyone's time if he doesn't have to. In a way it's his own weird form of consideration for others, and as a result he tends to give short replies to any passersby and strangers so as to speed along the process of certain tasks if the situation allows it. When alone his natural disposition tends to attract small animals and pets, seemingly like a magnet. One could say his affinity is because of his good honest nature. This isn't to say however that he is an entirely good person. Animals do not differentiate between good and evil the way human society does, and if anything it could be said that Nero's nature and mindset are closer to an animals than other humans at times. His decisions are rational and sometimes cold, but his heart is always in the right place.


  • Animals: As a boy Nero was raised in a place where there was always an abundance of animals in the general area. Most of the smaller animals and even some larger ones tended to treat him very kindly. Some people frowned upon the unusual attention he recieved but mostly it was out of their own jealousy. A majority of people however found it cute. As a result of their kindness though Nero tends to feel most relaxed around animals and tends to really shine when playing with small birds, cats and dogs.
  • Reading: Nero constantly studies magic in his free time, no one truely knows what it is he's interested in when it comes to those books though. They tend to be filled with weird language and syntax, even some unknown symbols and diagrams. This is mainly rumor though as the ones who have seen it have only gotten very brief peaks for the most part as Nero tends to mainly keep the contents of his reading away from from prying eyes when possible.


  • Negative Emotions: Nero is somewhat sensitive to peoples feelings, not on a supernatural level, but purely personality wise. He hates to see people sad, frustrated, pained, etc. This applies to both sides of those emotions however. While he empathizes with individuals, even if not always showing it outwardly he is not a fan of those who create those feelings within others. While he does understand that its unavoidable at times for things to happen he is also aware that sometimes humans are irrational. Situations brought on by greed, lust, and the like do not sit well with him. Although it is possible that he can overlook certain things for a higher purpose it does tend to leave a bad taste in his mouth.
  • Being Tied Down: Nero has a tendency to wander, he becomes restless when being in a place for too long and feels the need to move frequently. That isn't to say that he doesn't prefer certain places though. Places with good atmosphere tend to attract him based purely on feeling. It is also the cause of his joining Blue Pegasus. Despite how much he dislikes being restricted in general, Blue Pegasus is a guild that never invokes that negative feeling with him. It's a peaceful feeling he has grown fond of.


  • Life: Nero strives to live his best life, one of memorable experiences and enlightening moments. Although he no longer has any family he does not let that fact rule him, instead choosing to live more for their sake. He thanks them for each day he's been given thanks to their love and affection in raising him and strives to be a person capable of changing the world so that no one will have to feel the loss he once felt as a child.


  • Death: There are times where Nero worries he may meet the same fate as his parents. But in truth ceasing to exist isn't what truely frightens him. The act of dying having not fulfilled his goals is what scares him and drives him to work harder each day as a result.
  • Higher Powers: Although Nero does not truely believe in Omnipotent Gods he does not rule out the possibility of beings of higher powers. He believes that all creatures have a weakness and can be managed if handled correctly. But there is always a nagging feeling the back of his mind that there may be something out there outside of the realm of ones control. It's a somewhat irrational anxiety on his part and he completely understands it but he trusts in himself enough to know that he can't always rule something out without proof. Seraphims, Demons, and their kin are examples of beings he knows about, and while most believe them to be beings above other races Nero believes that their is always someone or something stronger.


Magic Name: Blazing Soul

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: The user imbues his magic with the spirit of flame, igniting the air around him and manipulating it to his will. Those who master the use of their magic are capable of wrapping their bodies in flame whilst bringing no harm to themselves as well as summoning flames around them to the best of their ability.


History: Nero was born to a loving father and mother in the kingdom of Fiore, however in truth his family was originally from Joya. Long before he was born his parents moved to Fiore and took up residence in a small unknown town. Most of the families in the area had migrated from Joya as well so for the most part their lives hadn't truly changed much. Their town was more so a place for people to start new lives without the restriction of Joyas outdated rules of succession and inheritance. Nero's father was one such person who was burdened by those rules, unable to marry the women he loved because of issues regarding her birthplace. So to fulfill his own desires his father left alongside his now mother and moved to Fiore, assuming his mother's maiden name. However what couldn't be changed was the proof of his clan, something passed down through generations and tied to their magic that even manifested on children. The story being that their ancestor was blessed by a wise Loong giving their originally poor and talentless family the power of magic. With that magic they gained prestige and recognition in Joya. But Nero's father had thrown that fame and history away for a women he truly cared about. Nero respected his father for choosing his mother over power and wealth very deeply and aspired to be just like him one day. However his father and mother would never get to see that day. Nero's mother grew sick one day, it was nothing life threatening as far as he could remember. His father asked him to go retrieve medicine from an elder in the town, and he happily agreed to help for the sake of his mothers speedy recovery. But after retrieveing what he needed and leaving from the elders house there was the sound of a dragons roar that shook the town. Without a second thought Nero bolted towards house, however he was stunned to see that the house he lived in was in shambles while an ethereal gold Loong rampaged on the property. Nero tried to run towards the house to find his parents but was held back by his neighbors and dragged away for his own protection. When the news came of his parents death Nero was distraught. He was told that his fathers magic had run amok and that it was an accident that took both the lives of his parents. There wasn't much information on what happened and why but Nero being the young child that he was took it at face value. Even to this day he does not know that it was not in fact an accident but an attack on his father for leaving the clan. Only the swift action of his neighbors saved him from recieving the same fate. In their attempt to shield him from the truth and protect his life they made up the story of the rampant magic to keep him from pursuing things further believing that even if he grew up for the sake of revenge he would not be able to take on an entire clan. Nero in turn grew up without knowing the truth, living purely for the sake of making his late parents proud by becoming someone capable to preventing such tragedies.

Reference: Finn Mertens

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