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Negotation [Quest | Yumi]

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Negotation [Quest | Yumi] Empty on Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:18 pm

Yumi released a long sigh as she sat in an alleyway seated upon a pile of corpses. A deep pool of blood formed beneath the pile of bodies as she sat upon them, bits of blood-stained against her snowy white cheeks. The corpses were mutilated beyond recognition and had been thoroughly dismembered courtesy of the Lolita's smouldering battleaxe. The lolita held the axe in her right hand, hefting the weapon onto her right shoulder where the flat edge of the twin blades rested. It was currently night when Yumi had been roaming the streets seeing if she could lure in any degenerates for her to slaughter.

To Yumi's luck, a group of young men had attempted to swoon her, forcing her down an alleyway while going on about how they kept the peace. Apparently they were rune knights in training and were soon to graduate. If there was one thing Yumi couldn't stand it was Rune Knight's, so she had graciously slaughtered the lot of them. Using her giant battle-ax the Witch of Carnage had made short work of the dozen or so healthy young men turning them into corpses at her feet and piled them up so she could sit upon them.

Humming to herself, Yumi removed a wet stone from her gothic dress, from one of the few pockets and began sharpening her battleaxe as she laid it down in her lap. Yumi was at the back of the alley and the cover of the night provided enough cover to hide her from view and the corpses from any noisy individuals. The part of town she was currently in was relatively quiet and home to the less savory of individuals who knew to keep their noses out of someone else's business. Running the wet stone smoothly across the blades of the axe she sharpened it to the full extent and placed it upon her back, before hopping down gracefully from the pile of corpses, landing in the pool of blood.

Not even bothering to wipe her face, Yumi headed back into the streets, blood staining her cheeks in the shape of small droplets as blood dripped from the blades of her giant axe. Skipping down the streets of Era with a sadistic smile she headed off to meet with a client.



Negotation [Quest | Yumi] Empty on Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:27 pm

Yumi stalked the streets of Era late at night, the sky was pitch black and the moon full. Crimson hues shined brightly, piercing the darkness leading the way. The shadows clung lovingly to Yum's skin, embracing it tenderly as if accepting her completely. There was nothing to be feared as she walked, the thick smell of blood lingering in the air as raven locks blew in the chill of night. Yumi cut a demonic appearance, forcing the scavengers of the night to flee at the mere sight of the blood-stained murderer. A violent gleam reflected in her demonic hues as a sinister smile spread across innocent features revealing the madness within.

What was Yumi's mission? Her goal was to complete the task a single client tonight for a quest she had accepted through Era's shady underbelly. While the Rune Knights acted as if there was no crime, in truth it was in abundance especially at night. No matter how hard they tried evil would never be eradicated. The client Yumi had accepted the quest from was some sort of mad scientist named Auron. Yumi was to meet with some stranger at a club and persuade him to invest his wealth into Auron's experiments. The quest in itself seemed simple enough, head to a night club and persuade some rich asshole to invest their money in Auron's experiments.

Yumi didn't really care for the client, or any client really but a job was a job. In order to make her true mission possible Yumi would have to build a reputation in the underworld once more, earn funds and strengthen herself. Just what was her ultimate goal in this mortal world? To break open a portal to the abyss and allow her Demonic God Malum to enter this plane of existence and rule over it. To do so she would need to massacre countless souls and bring chaos to the lands. It was a tall order and would take time.

Yumi was a patient individual having already lived for almost eighty years. She could bide her time, but would no longer hide in the shadows. To bring through Malum she would have to spread his name through death and destruction. By doing quests was one part to achieve this. Once her strength had grown Yumi already had a target in mind, right here in Era.

The Era Dungeon! Yumi planned to tear it down, break into the Rune Knight prison, slaughtering her way into it and free all the prisoners. She would let them loose on Era having them bring destruction, tearing it apart. It was only the first part of her goal. Yumi had other plans that would help her achieve her ultimate goal. However, she would need to find allies and pawns to aid her in this endeavor.

One thing Yumi had learned in her long years, is that sometimes such tall tasks are impossible to accomplish ones own. Yumi would require assistance to see this through.

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Yumi hummed a little tune to herself as she headed down the street to the club. A line was outside with a large bouncer at the front letting people in or tossing them aside. Walking past the line and getting strange looks Yumi headed to the pouncer ignoring the whispers and comments. The bouncer towered over Yumi's tiny frame as he stood over six foot. Raising a hand in a stop motion he commented that Yumi was too young to enter and made a snide remark that wasn't it past her bedtime. Ignoring the remark, Yumi demanded he move or be moved, she had business inside. Yumi added that if he wished to keep living not to stop her.

Sneering the bouncer laid a right hand on Yumi's left shoulder and told her to leave. Crimson hues flickered with malice as Yumi told him to remove his filthy hand or lose it. The bouncer ignored Yumi and began shoving her away. Crimson hues glowed as yumi's right hand grabbed the handle of her axe and drew it in one swift motion. The battleax was a blur as it sliced through the air. A scream pierced the night as blood sprayed outwards. An arm hit the ground as the bouncer collapsed grabbing the stump that was now his left shoulder as blood poured out of it.

Kicking the bouncer aside and ignoring the screams of the clubbers who ran, Yumi walked right on in. Ignoring the crowds of horny youths, Yumi headed to the meeting point in the back. The sight of her blood-stained form caused the grounds to part as she was met with no hindrance. Arriving at a booth in the back, the meeting point she sat down and waited. To her annoyance after a few minutes, no one showed. Yumi leanded back and tapped her right foot as she continued to wait. Seemingly growing more adutated as time passed.

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After what seemed like an eternity, someone came to grab Yumi and escort her to the person she was meeting. The clubs guard showed Yumi into a backroom with four more guards and screen doors on the other side. Raising an eyebrow out of curiosity she asked what was going on. From the other side a voice spoke up saying he couldn't trust Yumi as he had never met her. Unless she earned his trust he wouldn't invest in Auron's experiments. Yumi didn't speak and let him continue as he said there was one way to earn his trust. The door opened as a group of guards shoved in three young men, elves surprisingly. The stranger then said to earn his trust Yumi had to kill these knife ears.

Before he could finish Yummi had vanished into a blur, she had some anger to resolve. The smoldering battleaxe cut through the air finding itself impaling the first elf already. Yumi held back her strength so as not to bisect the elf and simply buried the axe in his gut, Lifting her right foot she smashed it into the elf kicking him off the axe. Intestines and entrails spilled onto the ground as the elf wailed. Stunned the other elves froze their minds unable to comprehend. Taking advantage of the situation, Yumi struck. Her battleaxe cleaved through the air carving off limbs as Yumi reduced the second to just a torso and head. The third tried to flee but Yumi pounced swinging the axe from overhead and split the elf down the middle. The second elf bled out dying from blood loss.

Clapping came from behind the screen doors as the voice congradulated Yumi and said he would invest in her clients work. Yumi nodded and left without another word. Returning to Auron, Yumi told him the good news and took her payment before leaving, returning to the inn she was staying at.


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