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Training and Helping Those In Need [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Manzo and Yumi]

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Training and Helping Those In Need [Mini-Event] [Quest] [Manzo and Yumi] Empty on Sun Sep 22, 2019 4:55 pm

"Era, home of the good and true. Town to the holy than thou Rune Knights. How it makes me sick to my stomach." A sweet voice said to know one as the owner gazed out of the window of their room. The room was on the third floor of a somewhat decent inn with a four-star rating. Said room had a perfect view from the bedroom window of Era, allowing the occupant the chance to see the wondrous sight of the morning sun peeking over the rocky mountain town that early morning.

A pair of crimson hues cast an ugly gaze onto the streets of Era. A scornful scowl made its way onto a pair of rosy pink lips. The owner was a young woman in her middle teen years with a heart-shaped face and skin as white as snow with not a wrinkle or scar. The girl was barely four foot eight with only a white towel wrapped around her slender framing, exposing her long legs and cream shoulders.

Small button nose scrunched up as the young girl caught sight of a pair of Rune guards patrolling the streets of this early morning. Delicate fingers twitched as they edged towards a giant battleaxe that rested against the window to her right. The axe was as taller than she was, if only by an inch or two. The axe had a deadly gleam as rays of morning sun reflected off its twin blades.

Removing herself from the window, Yumi, approached the bed she had slept in. Spread out carefully onto the pristine white sheets was a red and black gothic lolita dress adorned in many frills and ribbons. Lay beside her matching undergarments, black and red garter belt stockings, ear-shaped headbands, gloves and hair ribbon. On the floor by the end of the bed was a pair of red high heel boots that would add two inches to her small frame.

Yumi started the daily routine of dressing herself and having awoken early that day before the sun rose to shower and eat. Once dressed, she could begin her prayers for the day. Dressing was no small task as each item of clothing was extravagant and took time. Slipping on the last of her gloves and adjusting her headband, making sure each ribbon was tied accordingly, Yumi slipped dainty feet into her heels. Jumping to both feet, long luscious black locks fell her back freely. Approaching the dresser, she retrieved a single ring and slipped it onto her right index finger. All that was left was to retrieve her weapon. Slender fingers coiled around the handle of the blade and she lifted it effortlessly with one hand and strapped it to her back.

Walking into the gathering room, Yumi approached a table where a small altar for worship had been set up. Atop the table was a blood-soaked cloth, a rusty chalice with the symbol of Malum, the Dark God Yumi worshipped and a white model throne carved from a skull. Lastly resting beside the chalice was a ceremonial dagger. Taking a kneel Yumi brought her hands together in prayer.

Yumi was a High Priestess of a Demonic God called Malum who lived in the abyss. Malum was a God who governed the realms of Chaos, War, and Destruction who had a penchant for blood. Malum sat upon a throne of skulls surrounded by a river of blood from the many lives he and his followers had killed. For seventy-eight years, Yumi had been Malum's most loyal follower and had been graciously rewarded for her faith. Yumi had been turned into a daemon and been gifted her youth back.

"May Malum grant his blessings upon me as I work in his name to add skulls to his throne. May my enemies perish at his hands s I offer them as a sacrifice for the blood God." Taking the dagger, she cut open her left hand and let it drip into the chalice. The symbol lit up as the blood started to boil and was seemingly absorbed by the cup. Finishing her prayers Yumi wrapped up her left hand and departed.

Yumi walked through the streets of Era gathering new information, after all, she had not been in the mortal plane for two years. For the past two years, she had resided in the abyss torturing the souls sacrificed to her demonic God. The streets were full of information if one knew where to look. Apparently Fiore was in trouble. In Yumi's absence, demonic rifts had opened up allowing the demons of the abyss to come through. The rifts were closed but demons were still coming through. To combat them the seraphim began to descend, threatening all life on fiore as the battled the demonic threat.

Requests had gone out as an army arose of magical and non-magical users. One particular request was to help the poor and weak as they had been ignored, either by training them, defending them or healing them. Of course, these were not the only option, simply the primary ones. Yumi was not a healer nor was she a protector. Yumi was a murderer, someone who killed without mercy. But she was short of money. Who knows maybe she would have the chance to kill, spilling blood with her smoldering battleaxe.

A malicious twinkle reflected in her ruby-like eyes as she skipped with glee towards the destination of the quest. Yumi was eager to see what would happen. Two years in the abyss while it had made her more vicious and unforgiving, it had left her stagnant and her strength had remained the same. Yumi was rusty and she was eager to shake that rust and breakthrough her current limits. Only by surpassing her current limitations could she complete her mission.

To burn the world asunder and bring Malum into the world of mortals. Yumi had been tasked with that mission by her God and intended to complete it.

Giggling maliciously, Yumi arrived at her destination and would find she wasn't the only one partaking in this task. Yumi would find another.

WC: 1026/3000

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