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Citizens' Plea I [Mini-Event: Amaris]

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Citizens' Plea I [Mini-Event: Amaris] Empty on Sun Sep 22, 2019 9:47 am

Amaris had heard the rumors; Fiore had been going through some events that were considered dark and dangerous and even though the country was fairly large and filled with powerful mages and a capable army, it seemed as though evil had taken its toll on the people. Amaris wanted to learn more about that: she wanted to know how she could benefit from the situation. Of course she didn’t care much for the suffering or the people themselves, this wasn’t her country after all. It wasn’t her homeland and she wasn’t even the same race as them, so it didn’t really matter much to her.

But she was curious nonetheless, especially when it came to gaining something out of it so Amaris decided to do something unusual: she would visit a church and speak to a pastor. They were usually well versed when it came to the history of the country and she knew that a pastor could easily give her the details of what had happened, why it had happened and so on. Furthermore, he would be able to provide her with informations regarding how she could help and assist the people, and maybe earn some money while doing that.

Lately Amaris hadn’t really cared about anything else other than monetary gain and Era was, against all odds, quite the perfect place for that. The people here had plenty of issues that they needed assistance with and much to her surprise, often those problems were harboring evil intent which means that not everything was as lawful and good as it seemed. This was rather typical for humans, however, and therefore didn’t come as much of a surprise to the werewolf. She knew that humans were like this: liars, who simply pretended to be good, but there wasn’t much behind that facade.



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Amaris had spent the entire day at home while working on some jewelry and at least decided that it was time to go. She had rented a decent little apartment in west Era where she ha setup everything so she could work as a jewelry designer while simultaneously taking jobs as a mercenary. It wasn’t the most interesting life style, of course, but at least she was able to keep a low profile. It was important for Amaris to not gather too much attention, because she knew that the rune knights, the church and perhaps even the magic council didn’t think highly of werewolves.

But when it came to helping the people, Amaris knew that they would probably take every bit of help they could get and because of that she was willing to sign up for it. She wanted to learn more about the event first, however. Amaris got dressed and headed out for the church. There were quite a few people around today, since it was sunday after all. Amaris headed inside and decided not to bother herself with the people - instead, she went straight for the pastor. He was at the front counter, sorting out some candles and flowers which he had received from the visitors when Amaris approached him.

“Pater,” she greeted him kindly and waited until he turned towards her. “I’m not from Fiore, and I would like to know more about the current situation and how I can help.” He nodded, pulled her over to sit on a bench and began to explain. He told her that Fiore had been thrown into chaos, quite literally. Apparently something called demonic rifts had been opened, by whom he couldn’t quite explain, which led to endless amounts of evil beings such as literal demons crawling out of them and attacking Fiore.



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Amaris knew that the country wasn’t short on powerful mages, and so the pastor explained that the wizards and adventurers and members of guilds and whatnot went out to fight those evil beings while trying to close the demonic rifts to keep more demons from coming out. A difficult mission of course but at some point it seemed as though they had succeeded and closing the rifts. Even though Amaris hadn’t fought any demons or evil beings herself (not that she wanted to anyways) she could recall feeling a little strange a few months ago. Perhaps that was why.

Maybe she had felt it when those demonic rifts had been opened and it had given her some sort of goosebumps. Amaris wasn’t human, so she could feel things that others couldn’t feel. But the pastor went on and what he said next very much blew her mind. Apparently the so called seraphim, which were literally angels, had descended in order to fight the demons on earthland. This really shocked Amaris and she couldn’t believe how something like that could have just gone past her without her noticing. But then again, she tried her best to stay away from trouble and spotlight so it only made sense. She didn’t want to get involved in any of that after all.

Now, this is where things became interesting. Apparently there was a man going by the name of Nerva, who lead an army to fight those evil beings. With that being said, there were now endless opportunities to benefit from the current situation - either by helping people or by stealing from them. Of course that wasn’t what the priest said out loud, but it was what Amaris thought to herself. She wasn’t necessarily a good or a bad person and she was willing to do whatever it took in order to put herself first.



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“I suggest you go to one of the refugee camps and take a look, I’m sure you will find someone who will be glad to have your help,” the pater said to Amaris and the woman nodded. “Thank you so much for explaining the situation to me, I will do just that.” Amaris got up and left the church, but instead of heading for the camps immediately she decided to sit down and think about the whole situation. Of course this affected her too, because if she wasn’t careful she could always run into one of those demons, or (god forbid) even worse: an angel.

Amaris was a werewolf, which made her a non human race, but unlike the others she didn’t use magic. It was hard to tell whether or not this put her at a natural disadvantage, but she simply assumed that it did. There wasn’t much she had other than physical strength and endurance, which mean that she definitely needed to make use of magically enhanced items. It was the best she could do to defend herself at this point. Other than that, the job opportunities that came out of this situation were basically endless, and Amaris was glad for it. Era had so many rich people and noble families after all.

She was certain that they all paid a large sum to protect themselves, to be escorted and to have their property protected from people who were looking to pillage and steal from them. Amaris supposed that in hindsight, it was just another job as a mercenary and she could live with that. She headed towards one of those camps, where she had to sign up as a helper before being assigned to someone. There were lots of people there already and Amaris spotted a few members of said wealthy families looking for mercenaries to work in their services.



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Amaris approached what looked to be the butler of someone sort of wealthy family and introduced herself. “I’m a mercenary and I’m looking for work, perhaps you have something to do for me?” She said to him and he nodded almost immediately. “Yes, actually, we do. I’m working in the name of the Schiffer family, unfortunately they have been affected by the current events. What we are looking for is assistance with protection between properties, general patrolling and warding of their homes and surrounding area. If you can provide the necessary muscle power for these jobs, please sign up here.”

Amaris knew that people often doubted her ability to do harm and defend herself - she did look almost dainty after all. Well, dainty was probably the wrong word, but Amaris looked feminine, like a typical woman. But she was muscular underneath and she was able to defend herself just fine if she ever had to. Amaris signed up and was handed a small information flyer with the address of the mansion. The entire Schiffer clan lived there and they needed assistance with a whole lot of things. The pay was quite good, however. 250,000 Jewels in total, which was a decent sum of money.

Amaris walked away from the camp and headed towards the mansion. It was a large house with an even larger garden that simply screamed luxury. Amaris could easily see that the Schiffers were the type of people who had a lot to lose and that was most likely why they hired so many guardians. They clearly did have the money for it after all. Amaris headed towards the door that was guarded by security - but because she had a flyer that had the official stamp of the house on it, she was granted entry. Amaris was then led inside and into a room, where a woman who looked to be some sort of secretary would instruct her further.



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“As you can see the area surrounding the Schiffer establishment is quite large. Furthermore, the gardens border the forest as well. We need someone to ward those areas during the night time as there are many thieves trying to take advantage of our situation, so this will be your first job for the night.” Amaris simply nodded. She felt at home within the woods so this wouldn’t be a problem for her. Furthermore, she could also see in the dark and had quite a keen sense of smell which made it even easier for her to act. She wouldn’t be bound to restrict herself either. She just had to keep the property safe.

However, there was still the entire day left before night time and so Amaris was tasked with other things. For now, one of the ladies of the house wished to go shopping within Era and needed a bodyguard who wasn’t overbearing. Amaris, being a woman herself, was certainly the best pick for that and so she decided to accompany the young girl. She was no older than 15, had golden blonde locks and wore a frilly dress. She looked like a typical girl and even in these difficult times she only had one thing on her mind: shopping.

Honestly, it was alright with Amaris. Following her around and making sure that she wasn’t getting robbed while looking for even more frilly dresses was an easy enough job, especially considering the pay. This would probably take the whole day anyways and in the next morning she would already get her reward. Amaris had overheard that the secretary had that that those who did a decent job would be invited over again, which was fine with Amaris. If she could turn this into a daily thing she would have enough money for her necklace in no time.



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The young girl, Anna was her name, really didn’t care about the war, or the demons or anything else. Puberty had made her incredibly careless and so they spent the whole day wandering around Era and the outskirts to visit different shops and designers. She had a very distinctive taste when it came to clothes, Amaris had to give that to her, and she really knew what she wanted. Era was quite large, possibly one of the largest towns in Fiore and so there was lots of shopping to do. So many boutiques and designer stores were present that it really did take them the whole day to go through everything.

Anna had chosen to go through the normal shops first, and Amaris made sure to always be on alert while staying close to the girl. She would drift off and disappear into the stores every now and then but Amaris was always able to catch up to her and follow her scent. Much to her surprise she also learned a lot about fashion in Era and Fiore in general during this time, which was admittedly something the werewolf lady was interested in. The young girl also turned out to be not so annoying after all and it was probably just her parents wanting to distract her from all their problems and that was why they had sent her to go shopping.

After wandering the streets of Era for hours, they had finally bought lots of material and good fabrics so that she could have something custom made at a designer. Apparently Anna prefered purchasing her own fabrics beforehand rather than using what the designer chose to work with, so of course Amaris had to carry all those bags for her (not that she minded). When arriving at the designer’s store, they were greeted by a man and a woman, a couple, who owned the place.



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They seemed to already know the girl and clearly she was a pretty common and well liked customer here - her family had enough money for all the fancy clothes after all. To be honest, it wasn’t much different from what Amaris had experienced during her times working as a jewelry designer full time. Of course it was rare that the same people came in frequently, since no one needed as much jewelry as they needed clothes, but the rich and wealthy people were definitely showing up at her shop more often. Simply because they could. Amaris didn’t envy them, quite the opposite actually: she was glad for it. After all, the money ended up in her pocket.

Amaris took a seat while Anna showed her different fabrics to the designer couple, explaining what exactly it was that she wanted to have made. The afternoon had gone by without any incidents really and Amaris felt relieved. This job was much easier done that she had initially thought. Of course she would continue to sit for two more hours because it took Anna and the two designers forever to choose something that the girl liked, but Amaris decided that she didn’t mind being bored as long as she was getting paid - which was the case in this situation.

After approximately two hours had passed, Anna was finally ready to go home. They got up, leaving all the fabrics at the designer’s place who promised to have it finished as soon as possible. He would send a letter when it was ready to be picked up. On their way back to the Schiffer’s mansion, they stopped at a bakery and bought some sweets for Anna and her family, where Amaris would also purchase something for herself. She had grown to enjoy the pastries that humans made, they weren’t bad at all. Once that was done they returned to the mansion with the girl safe and sound.



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Amaris dropped the girl off and then proceeded to get ready for the night shift. She was stationed at the gardens, where the gardens bordered the forest. There was some sort of fence there, but it was definitely just decoration and wasn’t going to stop anyone from breaking in if they really wanted to. It was getting dark now and Amaris was finally alone. The day had been alright, not much for her to complain about, but she was relieved that this would be over soon and she could go and get some rest. The werewolf positioned herself inside the forest, not the garden, and began sniffing around.

Collecting the different scents of the area was pretty important so she could tell immediately, if there was a shift in the air and the scent changed. If that was the case then it meant that someone was coming who wasn’t supposed to be here. Amaris didn’t think that would be the case, but you could never know. Robbing this place seemed like a pretty bad idea - she knew because she had considered it. They had a crap ton of security all around which made it impossible to get through unless you were extremely good.

Furthermore, the mansion was so large that spotting actual valuables would take precious time. Not the best deal, honestly and probably a waste of time. With that being said and done, Amaris climbed on top of a forest and took a seat on a large brand. From here she would have perfect vision onto the property as well as to the forest side, where she could use her keen sense of smell and her night vision to spot intruders. At some point she even caught herself hoping for something to happen, simply so it would cure her boredom, but when midnight came around, it remained quiet.



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At around 2 or 3 am Amaris was dozing off, when a sudden breeze carried a foreign scent along. She woke up almost immediately (even though she hadn’t really been sleeping tightly in first place) and jumped off from the tree branch she was sitting on the scout the area. She was dressed entirely in black which would make remaining unseen much much easier. It was the scent of one or two humans - probably two since it was a stupid idea to attack this place alone. Amaris sniffed around and decided that it was going to be the best idea to simply scare them off.

As a werewolf, there was obviously only one way to do it and so Amaris let out a haunting howl, followed by another one that would send shivers down the spines of humans. She used to do this a lot when living outside human cities - simply living in the forest, hunting humans and howling at the moon. In hindsight she actually quite missed those times. Her plan seemed to work however and she could smell the scents slowly disappearing into the night. They clearly had changed their minds regarding robbing the mansion of the Schiffer’s family.

When morning came, Amaris left her position and headed back to the mansion where she was greeted, once again, by the secretary. “You have done your job well, it seems,” she said to the werewolf lady, who nodded in response. “Lady Anna was very pleased by your company. She’s requesting it again should you decide to sign up for another day of work at our place. For now, here’s your reward: 250,000 Jewels as promised.” Amaris muttered a few words of gratitude before taking the money and leaving the property - she most definitely was considering working here again, especially if the pay remained that good.


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