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A New Mine [Quest: Yumi]

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A low whistle echoed through the streets of Baska as a petite figure strolled through the streets with a seductive sway of their hips. Streaks of long black hair followed behind them held in place by a black and red frilled headband in the shape of ears with a large red ribbon in the middle. A short figure no more than four foot ten dressed in gothic lolita dressed of red and black containing an absurd amount of frills could be seen making her way towards a set destination with determination.

Many stared at the sight of the beauty, some were taken by her appearance only to be shook as they saw what she carried. Strung across her back was a giant battleaxe as big as she was. The weapon had two sharp blades and gave off a fiery aura. She seemed to carry the weapon with ease appearing unhindered by its massive weight. Partial due to the ring she wore on her right index finger, a Swift Ring to boost her speed. Thanks to her class as a Spellsword the weight of the weapon was reduced allowing her to carry it with ease using the ring to negate the rest of its weight.

The lolita was Yumi Hateshiginai who had not long returned from the abyss after serving her lord Malum for two long years. She had returned on a mission to cause chaos and destruction, but that could not be achieved without funds. Her intentions were to complete a quest or two and earn jewels to partake in her new goals.

Her task was to meet up with a shady individual called Mattoro. Yumi didn't know too much of the mission details but she would find out on arrival at an abandoned shack close to some mine that Mattoro used to work at. She suspected he had been shafted by his employers and wanted revenge. Arriving at the shack, Yumi knocked on the door, being answered by a rough-looking man with scar.

Yumi handed over the note she received and was welcomed in, where she sat at a dusty table, Mattoro taking a seat on the other side and began explaining the details of the job.


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Mattoro explained he and a group of others had been hired by some contractors. The mine had collapsed and instead of paying them out they fired them and hired a new group. Mattoro angered wanted to teach them a lesson and wanted Yumi to place explosives in the new mine and collapse it, without being detected. None of the miners, however, were to be harmed, she could not kill them.  Incapacitating them is fine, but none can be killed or attacked for no reason.

Yumi held back a snort but accepted the job taking a bag containing four explosives and headed towards the mine. Already planning to take advantage of the situation, attacking for no reason was a no go. But if someone tried to stop her then it was free game. As long as she didn't kill them that was. Hiding a smug grin she headed towards the mine with the bag in hand on full display.

Approaching the new mine, Yumi could already see the new group of miners at work with small security on hand. One of them, a tall rough man approached Yumi asking why she was here. With a smile, Yumi simply said she was there for a job. When asked what was in the bag, Yumi opened it for him to see. Instantly alarm bells went off and he started alerting everyone on base. Placing the explosives on the ground, Yumi drew her giant battleaxe holding it with ease in one hand and attacked.

The giant weapon was swung the blunt edge smashing into the first target throwing him into the ground out cold. Moving with swift grace, Yumi danced attacking the miners on duty, hitting them with her battleaxe, using nonlethal blows to knock them out cold. Yumi was freely controlling her strength. Once the final target was incapacitated, Yumi put her axe away, retrieved the explosives and went into the mine. Anyone she met along the way, she quickly knocked out with a quick punch.

Placing the explosives and dragging any miners out of the mine she left. Activating the explosives behind her, Yumi didn't bother watching as they went off and returned to Mattoro.

On arrival, word had traveled quickly to Mattoro who seemed annoyed that Yumi had attacked the miners but couldn't say anything when she explained they had caught her and she had to knock them out. Yumi was lying through the skin of her teeth. A hand inched towards the axe as if threatening Mattoro not to betray her. Without another option, since he favored living, Mattoro paid and begrudgingly said he might have more work later. Giving a nod, yumi took the money and left.



A New Mine [Quest: Yumi] FIXCi2K
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