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Iris DuPage

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Iris DuPage


Name: Iris DuPage

Age: Seventeen years old | April 13, X770

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Encan

Class: Spellhowler

Profession: Traveling Merchant (Intelligence, Speed)

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knight

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: White, on the back of the neck

Face: Morgiana - Magi


Height: 5'4" | 1.6 m

Weight: 121 Lbs | 54.8 kg

Hair: Red

Eyes: Amber-red

Overall: Iris is a slight girl who often keeps her hair in to two long pony tails, tying them at the base and middle to give sections to the tails so that her hair doesn't get all over the place. She normally wears a turtle neck style undershirt with some sort of outwear with cutouts in it. Tights around her legs are her preference. She does tend to dress for the weather of the region.

Extra: Most notable is the pair of magical cuffs around her wrists like bracelets, able to link together at command of a rune knight.


Iris is a girl that struggles to be brave, often more scared than an actual rabbit, she has panic attacks and insecurities about her worth in a fight, because usually after the fact she requires an inhaler and a paper bag to keep herself from hyperventilating. Despite this, she harbors a desire to overcome her fear of violence and destruction, in order to be able to stand up for herself rather than relying on those around her.

Her skittish nature is paired poorly with her stroke of luck to get in over her head from some force beyond her control, whether it’s going out in to a forest for recon and stumbling across a horde of grimm, or turning the corner in town while shopping and stumbling across a raid on a bank, she gets overwhelmed often by doing the simplest of things at first, a butterfly effect just by taking a stroll!

Despite all of this, she tries to play it up with snarky comments, or speaking tall of herself, standing at the forefront of things to make sure that people know she isn’t afraid, usually while her legs tremble during her ‘brave speeches’. Maybe she’s a masochist and she brings it on herself, maybe she’s just going through that chuunibyou phase late in life. Either way, the girl practically asks for what she gets with her ‘why me’ attitude. This snarkiness and whining about her bad luck has led to her developing at least some sort of sense of humor about her situation.

She tends to doubt herself and her strength, often asking herself or those close to her if she is good enough to stand up to her past, which she flamboyantly avoids the subject of when it comes up, or that if she is worth being around others because of the bad luck she brings.

Aside from that, she likes to collect weird things, especially if they have some sort of worth. Her prized collection are palm sized coins, carefully engraved and filled with little mechanisms like circular puzzle boxes or little mobiles to admire the machinations of, her favorite being a brass tower in the center of a field of gold and little copper soldiers waiting for the white silver king to come with the turn of the wheel on the back of it, she tends to geek about them when asked.

She seems to be utterly unaware of the importance of her silver eyes, other than claiming that those with silver eyes are gifted by the ability to hear the voice of the wind, The Winds of Fortune in her case.


  • Apples: Iris adores apples, served any one way or another. Savory, sweet, bitter, sour, even stuffed with something else, apples are just the best to Iris.
  • Fireplaces/pits/works: Whatever it is being used on, fire in a pit, place or on works, she enjoys seeing how it can appear to her, and the warmth that it provides, either metaphorical in her heart, or literal as she cozies up with a book or some over the fire snacks.


  • Onions: Ever since someone painted an onion to look like an apple and she bit in to it, expecting a nice juicy snack, only to get the worst kind of pungent taste, Iris has hated onions with a genocidal passion for the "Devil's Fruit".
  • Early mornings: When you spend a majority of your time on night runs and night jobs, you tend to sleep in a lot, so waking up when the sun still isn't up is like a mortal sin to Iris.


  • Personal freedom: Iris wants to be free, free of her debt, free of the rune knights, free to be her own person, and free from the Cait Sith Heist guild. To just, be her own person. If she even knows how to do that.


  • Sensory deprivation: Iris is deathly afraid of losing any of her senses, viewing them as vital to her particular type of magic, she has small episodes of panic even if there is no sound, preferring to have a lacrima with noise inside of it at her night stand
  • Deadlines: Slightly irrational, tying back to her fear of the deadline imposed upon her by the Cait Sith. If she doesn't meet it, she's going to be "repossessed". She's got it out for anything with a deadline, to the point that it stresses her out and she gets less done.


Magic Name: Letter Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: The basis for many writing magics, the user is able to write out characters and words in their native language, formulating the word in air and emulating the action or use of the items that they write. The word SWORD acts like a sword, the word HOLE acts like a hole. Unlike more advanced Writing Magics, Letter Magic cannot utilize any elements for combat, though it is able to do things like make small lanterns if need be that can house fire for example.


Born in Enca, Iris was born to a family that she wouldn't get to know beyond the age of ten. But, the time she got to spend with her family in that frame, it was kind, it was caring, it stood out a little on the weird side. Her family was linked to the underbelly of Enca, a thieves' guild they were a part of. Much like the guilds all over Earthland, they would operate in a big crime family, working off a debt from an ancestor and enjoying the life of luxury, of course, when they tried to sneak off with more money than their employers liked, they were swiftly done away with, leaving iris to operate their 'day job' shop.

Inheriting the debt of someone she hardly knew, beyond filial relation, and having to work like this, she wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, she wanted to go live her life away from all the crime and such. Not old enough for thief work, her debt would accrue more and more interest. From ten to fourteen years old, she would get treated to all sorts of unsavory tasks and people to work with when she was of age. And that continued for three years.

Having lived as a thief, and having earned some money she hid on the side, she sought to make an escape with a rare artifact, something that allowed permeation through physical and magical boundaries. Utilizing it to flee her town, flee the country, and make it to Fiore, she would be caught with a failsafe curse, and set up as someone who had stolen great treasures, turned over to the rune knights. Implicated, framed, and given a message in secret, Iris has to find her means of freedom from the rune knights, and her debt, before her former employers seek her out to drag her back home for a forced wedding!

Reference: Google-san

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Iris DuPage
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