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Training and Helping Those in need [Faye|Snowflake|Mini-Event]

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Training and Helping Those in need [Faye|Snowflake|Mini-Event] Empty on Mon Sep 16, 2019 1:22 pm

So there they were once again. In front of a tired Faye stood another bunch of people ready to be “trained” in order to develop some sort of power to survive if the war between their world and the Seraphim’s began. They formed a rather neat circle around herself and looked at her as if she was the only hope for their salvation. While Faye could easily understand why they must feel this way –being the poor ordinary folk that are neither proficient in magic or physical fights besides the fact that mages, for them, are a big deal- but she was hoping that they would gather up more courage and look energetic rather than all worried and nervous.

So the first thing she needed them to do was loosen up a bit, she guessed. Another mage was reported to be coming in to help her but she wasn’t sure how that will go. They both might have different styles of teaching and she only hoped it wouldn’t clash. If it was someone like Snowflake, she would be happy to have a co-instructor to train all these people. Otherwise, the day was going to just be another boring and long drawn out training session. Perhaps she should just be thankful that she was dealing with grown adults this time instead of little kids. At least they would be able to use their magic with a bit control than the young ones since most of the folks gathered for training were those that are already used to using their magic in everyday life, only never in any manner of offense or defense.


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Training and Helping Those in need [Faye|Snowflake|Mini-Event] Empty on Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:41 pm

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Not considering her dedication to manage a telegram every month, the duellist was hardly the sort to receive written mail under her name ever so often. Not that it bothered her in particular, rather, it only managed to fortify the passive ridicule that she’d direct at herself every other chance he had. Herself being ‘Snowflake’ was enough, and that much equated to a fleeing, forgettable existence that no one really took interest in – a label that she could effectively use to separate herself from the buzz of the cities without anyone to pester her for her presence there.

Her eyes scanned through the letter imprinted with a scarlet seal stamped across the front, she came to register that she was requested to train some rookies alongside another mage to prepare for any conflict that were to occur. Considering the number of demonic invasions and battles that occurred within the last few months, it was an excellent idea to train as much men as well as women as possible to prepare for such incidents. Of course, she decided to take up the offer as long as it benefited the town, and it hasn’t even been that long since she last assisted with protection and security for the city caravans.

Upon her arrival, she saw a familiar face and it was no doubt the pinkette that she would often meet, though she has altered her appearance quite a bit. ”Ah, Faye. How surprising running into you,” she spoke, with a clear hint of sarcasm though jokingly, before shifting her attention towards the group of people who were waiting to be instructed. ”So, I guess these are the ones we’re responsible of.” Aside from that, she was already counting the number of times they have met coincidentally – or was it?


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Training and Helping Those in need [Faye|Snowflake|Mini-Event] E16OGAl

Training and Helping Those in need [Faye|Snowflake|Mini-Event] Empty on Sat Sep 21, 2019 1:14 am

Seeing Snowflake at the place truly lightened up her mood. It was strange how fate chose to bring the person there when she was just thinking of the silver haired Blue Pegasus mage. They seemed to run into each other quite often these days. In fact, Faye seemed to see Snowflake at least every other day since they arrived in Era. She deemed them to be the good sort of coincidences, ones that she could use every now and then.

Thankfully, seeing the frost mage here meant that this training session would not be as boring as the previous one she had to do with a bunch of kids. “Great to see you too, Snow,” She greeted, waving a hand in the air. The men gathered were already starting to look between the two mages, both in curiosity and awe.

“Yes, we will be training them to deal with you know what,” She answered, nodding her head at the crowd that suddenly looked worried. Faye understood their insecurities and fear. Being under the threat of a war that could creep upon them any second, it was no wonder that they wanted to find some sort of comfort in knowing that they are preparing for it. Even if it wouldn’t help them in the long run, even if their effort is futile in the face of true helplessness, just knowing that they wouldn’t go down without a fight must be helping them keep their calm.

“Alright so how do we begin?” She consciously pushed the other thoughts aside. The sun was already above their heads, they needed to finish by evening.


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It wouldn’t be Snowflake if she didn’t come to the training grounds without a strategy or a plan, so obviously, she had thought of something that might help those who were keen to learn and also the tutors themselves to enjoy their little training session. ”Well, yesterday I thought up a plan for the routine, which was very smart of me, I’d say,” the woman boasted, folding her arms across her ample bosom and flickering the strands of hair past her shoulder. ”Alright, let’s gather around!” The woman had always been fond of acting as a superior in certain aspects – especially her abilities – and leading a group of people had been something that she enjoyed doing.

And so, she watched the trainees huddled close together, curious as to what she was going to say. ”Let’s start with a warm up and some stretches first to loosen up your muscles!” Her voice was loud and clear, echoing through the vicinity and into the woods that spanned beyond them. It was quite a vast space for them to do the training, considering they were around the woods which meant that it was just them in the area, surrounded by trees and the piazza in a close distance. She could still hear the clamour from the market, but she made it so that her voice overwhelmed more than the noise so that the trainees wouldn’t be distracted. ”Follow what we’re doing, in one, two, three!” The first part of the training was simple and easy; she made it so that the cadets would liven up their spirits with a bit of warm up before they dive straight into the important part of the training.

Having trained herself almost every day, stretches were essential to her daily workout – not to mention, these were easy to follow as well. She was sure Faye would pick up the pace easily without any trouble.


Training and Helping Those in need [Faye|Snowflake|Mini-Event] E16OGAl

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Unlike Faye who came up with whatever on the fly, Snowflake was there with a plan which made things easier for Faye again. Definitely, Snowflake just made her life better. “Alright! Listen to her!” She gave them a grin and turned her pointer fingers over to the confident looking young woman next to her. Faye was just one of the laziest people you could find unless the matter of concern had something to do with puppets. While she kept herself healthy and fit over the years, they were all done in favor of getting more money to host her puppet shows and, of course, to cover the expense it took in making them as well. It was surprising how costly the materials used for puppet making were.

As Snowflake got up to start stretching, Faye followed quite spiritedly. Just having another mage there in with her got Faye’s energy levels rising. So unlike how she usually just sits atop a boulder and oversees others’ training, Faye actually decided to participate in this one. She swept her hair out of the way first into a neat ponytail and then rolled up the long sleeves of her top. With Snow’s voice slowly filling up the space around them, everyone got into the rhythm of stretching with Faye leading beside Snow.

She didn’t know just what it was about doing the stretches that made Faye want to start breaking out into a weird dance routine. It made her want to throw her arms and legs around every other way and strike a pose and statement. But thankfully, she kept that to her thoughts and diligently finished the stretching exercises. Having done this nearly all her life, Faye felt no burn even as they neared the end of the movements. “Alright, what’s next, captain?!”


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”Well, don’t we have a spirted bunch here?” the duelist smirked, resting her fists on her waist after they had done several minutes of stretching. It seemed that Faye, herself was also joining the session and she couldn’t lie, having a partner to complete a training was definitely better than doing it alone. She was surprised herself that she would enjoy a company of others when usually she would rather be in solitude. ”Let’s take a minute break before we get to the next part of the training!” She set her timer to the specified duration before placing it aside on her baggage. She liked to take her kit everywhere, especially for her workout routine and she would always bring a large water bottle, towels and a spare set of gym outfit, in case she needed to change.

The timer beeped, indicating the end of their rest and she could loudly clap her hands to bring everyone else’s attention. ”Alright everyone, grab a wooden sword from the cart on your side! Let’s dive straight into our sword practice!” She had borrowed a bunch of these wooden swords from the Rune Knights and they had heftily agreed on helping her out since the Rune Knights also wanted a reputation after all. ”Go grab one too!” she spoke to Faye, encouraging her to join the session, and perhaps it might also help her better her ability to wield a weapon. Snowflake was used to using her spear, though before obtaining her trusty weapon, she dealt with numerous swords so somehow she had learnt to get a hang of it.

Once everyone had gotten their piece, she would hold her wooden sword in front of her as an example, while explaining to her cadets of the correct posture of their body and how to position their feet correctly. And, for the next half an hour, she would spend her time teaching them how to slash, stab alongside some creative moves they could do whilst holding a sword.


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Snowflake really was completely prepared for this, Faye thought looking at all the equipment and change of clothes she brought along. The little water mage on the other hand had come with nothing save for the bright sportswear she had got on at the moment. But then again, she did not mind the sweat. The inn she stayed at was not too far away. It did not matter much to Faye even she fell on dirt and mud today. She guessed Snowflake will have them run drills next or hand to hand combat. But she was surprised and confused when the wooden swords made its appearance. There was quite a bunch of them –Rune Knights must have helped without a doubt- and everyone was asked to grab one, even Faye.

Now when it came to swords, Faye was not an expert. She did not use weapons much in the first place. If anything, she was completely dependent on her spells and magic. However, she had seen swords and sword fighters close enough to know how they were used. When Snowflake started teaching them the proper posture, Faye found herself automatically copying her, because she only had an image and no proper training to go with her knowledge on swords. Once the handle of it got comfortable in Faye’s grip, it became much easier for the pink haired mage to follow through with the other moves. By the time their training was halfway done, Faye was doing the same routine and moves as Snowflake, albeit slightly less perfect than her. When one of the trainees started slipping, she was even able to help them, adjusting their grip and handle for them. “These things are not easy, Snow. I have no idea how you handle weapons like this while fighting,” She commented, examining the hilt of her sword as if she was trying to unravel all of its mysteries –though it was only, and simply, just a wooden sword.


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When Faye showed her discomfort at using weapons, the silver haired mage convinced her otherwise. ”What’d you mean? Look at you. You’re handling it so well!” Despite being an amateur, Faye was doing more than she had expected, that she would even assist the trainees when they were struggling when Snowflake was in charge of instructing the class. Though she knew the lessons might be a bit difficult for one who hasn’t utilized a weapon before, she trusted her instinct that if she kept up with her training Faye would be able to hone her abilities even further.

During the training session, it was as if the pinkette was her assistant of some sort and she couldn’t help but be grateful that it was her instead of a stranger whom she knew she would struggle to get along with right off the bat. ”That concludes our sword practice!” She brought her wooden sword right in the middle, the pointy end facing towards the audience as she sliced through thin air. ”Now, for the exciting part – sword fight!” she bellowed, raising her sword up in the air, awaiting for some exciting responses but all she received was some unenthusiastic faces as they exchanged worried glances amongst themselves.

”Disappointing! What is this enthusiasm?! Do you want to get stronger or not?!” her voice was clear and loud, that cut right through vicinity and perhaps, it was the remark that she stated which helped the trainees gain some resolve for the combat. ”Are you ready or not?!”

”Yes, ma’am!”

”Good, that’s what I wanted to hear. Now, pair up in 2 and get into positions!”

Mayhap Snowflake might be the only one who was enthusiastic about the entire session, and she wasn’t quite sure if she could say the same for Faye as well.


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When Snowflake mentioned sword-fighting, despite having expected the activity from the moment the wooden swords appeared, Faye was one of the people that looked away and hung her head in disappointment. She was personally not very inclined to the idea of it even though Snowflake had quite pleasantly supported and encouraged her. Again, it was not her strongest forte. But looking at an enthusiastic Snow who had planned the whole session, Faye simply blew her lack of excitement back and jogged over to her side, urging the confused and hesitant men to go with the flow and get into this whole sword-fighting.

When they started pairing up, Faye consciously started back up in hopes of becoming as invisible as the air around them. There was slight reluctance in her wandering eyes that made it a secret mission to evade Snowflake’s icy blue pools. However, though not very keen on joining, Faye sent herself into the task of helping the trainees with their fight. She decided she could easily give the others pointers. As the practice went on, an idea that this was not so bad slowly began to form and rise within her. She thought perhaps she could participate in this sword-fighting business as well.

“Snowflake, let’s try it between us!” She told her, picking up a wooden sword and setting her feet firmly on the ground, positioning her body in a way that one of her legs was placed in front of the other while keeping the right amount of distance between them. Her back was straight and the grip on her sword tightened comfortably over its handle. She looked down, straightened out her top and looked back up, gesturing to Snow that she was ready to start whenever she is. Perhaps their fight could serve as some sort of guide for the others, if she posed any challenge to Snow at all.


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It wasn’t hard to notice of Faye’s reluctance to her announcement; sword fight and it was also because of her hesitance that Snowflake was even more eager to do it, for it would mean practice for the both of them. She understood her comrade’s situation since when she was younger, she would feel the same about practicing combat when her master would force her to train. But now, she grew accustomed to it to the point that it became a part of her routine and it was one she looked forward to.

When Faye suggested that they should pair up for the sword fight, the hunter raised her eyebrows in amusement. ”As your request,” she retrieved her wooden sword and the whipped around to get her hands accustomed to the feel of the weapon. She held the blade even, a perfect, undaunted horizon; always levelled with the nose, just as her master had taught her. A couple of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ erupted among the trainees as the two mages positioned themselves and Snowflake thought that since they were already given an opportunity, they might as well just be an example for their cadets.

”Alright, let’s begin.”

Her announcement marked the beginning of their little clash. As much of a competitive person Snowflake was, winning the fight wasn’t of importance here since they were only here to display their techniques to fighting. With that, she began her first move as she lunged forward on her right leg and swept her weapon to Faye’s side for her to block the attack.


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When Snowflake got into her stance, Faye followed and mimicked it with a sheepish grin. The weight of the sword was starting to feel right in her hands. She fixed her eyes on Snowflake and smiled. It did not matter whether she would be able to beat Snow or not, what she wanted to do was put up a good fight for their trainees to watch and learn. They were already half impressed judging by just the look of admiration on their faces. Everyone was suddenly excited that their two trainers were going to put up a live demonstration.

When Snowflake lunged at her, instead of going back, she threw herself forward and would block with the sword. The pressure she felt on her hand was incredible, it was a direct testament to the kind of strength Snowflake had developed over the years. Faye groaned, already feeling a gentle burn starting to spread around her wrist. “Damn it, you’re strong, Snow!” Faye laughed.

The wind around them was starting to pick up, looping around her pink hair. Knowing she couldn’t keep their current state for longer, Faye would choose to use the momentum from their strike to move back a step and attempt to bring the sword down aiming at Snow’s hand. However, if Snowflake attacked before she could do that, Faye would be ready to once again engage in a deadlock of sorts with her sword blocking the blow again. However, eventually, Faye knew she would also lose the power in her wrists because the difference in both of their strength was too much.


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Of course, Snowflake wasn’t attempting to land hits intentionally at all or even using all her force; the purpose of the demonstration was just to show how to attack, when to attack and how to block one. Though she certainly wasn’t an expert at sword-fighting and needed to hone her skills much further, she was very well aware of the basics, after spending years of training from her master. Faye blocked her attacked successfully and some loud cheers rippled through the crowd. The excitement brought a sparkle within her eyes that displayed her enthusiasm of this little event, or however one would call it. She didn’t expect that she would actually enjoy training the civilians.

Once Faye had blocked her attack, the duelist immediately retreated her sword to prepare for a parry, knowing that she would be coming for a counterattack. It seemed that Faye was more experienced that she had initially thought and her timings for an overhand cut showed that her body was familiar of combat. She shifted the position of her wooden blade into a defensive stance and parried quickly and reflexively. When Faye’s weapon landed upon hers with a thud, she would lift the longsword with her hands, swinging it around in a flat sidearm slash with her weight behind it to get the blade off her. She twisted, her body dancing along with the rhythm of the wind as her sword followed, aimed at the side of her neck.


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Faye was starting to realize how good the two Blue Pegasus mages were starting to look from the sheer volume of the crowd’s cheer for them. It truly was a sight seeing Faye and Snowflake locked in battle, swords crossed over one another and their shadows overlapping. Because unlike the folks that were gathered around, these two were professionals that knew how to hold their own in combat, it made their little exchanges all the more fun for the audience. If Faye wasn’t so invested in the act, if she had looked up at the audience, she would have seen them taking sides already, each of them getting almost the same amount of supporters.

When Snow lifted her sword and moved over to her side, Faye moved with her, twisting herself around while keeping her front towards Snow. Her sword would attempt to hit the lower ends of Snow’s blade and them drag forcefully onto mid-upper portion so that they would be locked in stance once again but this time standing on sides opposite to where they started from. It was a risky move and Faye was sure that she couldn’t block another one of Snow’s offense again since even though the silver haired mage was using less than half her strength, it was starting to wear Faye’s grip on the sword down. Her wrist was starting to ache. “Ugh I think this is the end for me.”


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Impressed, Snowflake raised her eyebrows. ”You clearly know how to move in combat.” she breathed, in the midst of changing positions, shifting her legs back to taking a stance as Faye resisted her force by pushing her blade back to her. The cheers from the audience encouraged her to perform better, if not even extended her will to keep training longer. It was much to her surprise that she enjoyed this. Perhaps it was the curious onlookers and the excitement from her cadets, or it could just be that she enjoyed the company of the person who she was eventually coming to see more than just an acquaintance.

The hunter immediately retained her centre of attention, for she was still in a middle of a planned battle and focus was extremely important in combat. From the grip of Faye’s hands on the sword, Snowflake could assume that it was starting to get loose, mayhap from the longevity of the battle or the strength that she was using to parry of Faye’s attacks. With a swift movement, her sword lunged forward, followed by a flick of her wrist to knock the blade of Faye’s hands. Loud cheers rippled through the audience for the performance from the two Blue Pegasus mages, and she couldn’t deny that she thoroughly enjoyed it. ”Well, that was very well done.” She dropped her sword, as she clapped her hands together to celebrate Faye’s performance.


Training and Helping Those in need [Faye|Snowflake|Mini-Event] E16OGAl
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