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Name: Aurelia

Age: January 30th, X777

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Encan

Ethnicity, Mother: Bellan

Class: Hunter

Race: Werewolf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left Ankle Blue

Face: Abigail Williams - Fate Grand Order


Height: 4'5"

Weight: 82 lb

Hair: Sunbeam Blond

Eyes: Blue hues with Golden flecks

Overall: Aurelia is a delicate little thing who looks like the slightest of breezes could blow her away. She is considerably shorter than those of even her young age. Her dainty frame does not reflect appearance-wise, the strong and able body that would belong to most werewolves even in their human forms. Her Ivory skin tone with its old scars, doe-like eyes that shine with a seemingly ever-changing blue hue and golden speckles in those pools, and long blond hair kissed by sunlight has created such a doll-like individual that even on her worst days she cannot be called anything but " cute ".  The only indication anyone is ever given about her otherworldly genetics is the inhuman and sharp canines behind rose petal-shaped lips.

Extra: N/A



Aurelia is many things but mostly she is run by her emotions. Although she is creeping into her prepubescent years she is still a child. Some of her more extreme life events have shaped her appropriately causing her to be cautious of others and being afraid of those who wield magic. She acts on her instincts rather than thinking things through rationally.  Her " flight or fight " seems to always be turned on even in situations that don't call for it, making her appear... Jumpy.

Aurelia hardly trusts anyone and has a rather pessimistic outlook on everyone she meets. Because of how cautious she is around new faces she automatically assumes the worst of them. She is hardly subtle when it comes to most situations and she has no problem letting people know what she thinks of them. If she finally decides to trust anyone she expects them to never do anything that would harm her or betray that trust. This, of course, has bred an almost harsh stance of forgiveness, as she does not forgive. Once a person has fallen out of favor with her, hardly anything will change her stance or outlook on them.

For as on guard as she is, if she happens to find someone she actually likes, Aurelia becomes extremely clingy to that person in fear of losing them. Abandonment is a whole can of worms in the fear department for her. Once she's latch onto a person she becomes depressed when not near them and aggressive if she finds that they give anyone else but her attention. If her love for an individual is deep enough she won't let their actions against her turn her away from them. She will be like a puppet on a string and willfully allow herself to be used.


  • Meat: Being a carnivore by nature and being starved when she was young makes for a very easily tamed Aurelia when she is blessed with some good meat.

  • Hunting: The rush it gives her, to be free and at one with herself. Nothing makes her blood pump quite like a good hunt, especially when she's hunting those of the human variety.


  • Staying in one place: Being locked down in one place for too long makes her feel uneasy. She enjoys the freedom of going where she pleases and exploring the world around her.

  • Vegetables: First of all, No. They are bitter and gross. Not to mention such an unnecessary part of her life that was forced on her. No thank you, will spit them on you if anyone tried.


  • To become something other than a werewolf: Being a werewolf Is a curse more than anything to Aurelia. She lost her family because they were werewolves and she was tortured for most of her life because of it. She sees nothing good can come from it.


  • Abandonment: To finally find someone to love her, to finally be accepted, only to be left alone with no explanation is the worst thing that can happen to one so young, and one who has been hurt this way before.

  • Claustrophobia: Being locked up in a dark small box for most of her young life has caused this fear to settle within her nicely. She never managed to get over it as the things that would happen in that box caused irreversible mental damages.


Magic Name: Frostbite

Magic Element: Ice

Magic Description: A basic Ice magic that allows Aurelia to be able to make and use offensive and supplementary spells. And to some minor degree defensive and self-buff spells.


History: The union of her birth was a violent one, one that would cause the victim to be stuck raising the little hellspawn that is Aurelia. Her mother was a normal human woman of Bellan descent who would go on to travel throughout the world. At some point finding herself in the cold land of Enca. She loved it, the natural beauty of the land. It was, of course, unfortunate when she became the pick of the hunt by a pack of werewolves who had their own traditions and culture, a mix of the Enca Anirniq religion and worship of Darga. Not only was she the pick for the hunt she was the pick of the leader of the pack who found her to be...Enticing.

When the hunt started he made sure to get to her before the rest of the pack in order to end the hunt... What he didn't tell the others was that he kept her alive, turned her into a werewolf, and impregnated her. This resulted in Aurelia being born because as much as her mother hated the hand fate dealt she still love the child she bore. Aurelia would only know her father for a very short time before a group of mages came and killed the pack.

They took her mother and her thinking they were just some humans captured by the pack, something her mother allowed them to think. It was a blessing and a curse because eventually they were found to not be human, with her mother being experimented on until her death by the hand of mages and with Aurelia also being the subject of experiments. For most of her young life, she has locked away and used as a guinea pig. It was only recently that she was able to get free due to an experiment gone wrong. All those who were trapped by the mages that enslaved them were able to get free which included Aurelia. Now a child without anyone to rely on but herself,  she is on her own, learning about the new world around her.

Reference: Neptune's Alt.

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