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It's Gonna be[MEI]

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It's Gonna be[MEI] Empty on Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:12 pm

It was another beautiful, sunny day in Era. It was about mid day and the  rune knight capital of the world had the streets packed full of citizens. For a criminal like him, it was a very dangerous place to be. Truthfully though, he liked the challenge. It gave him a rush  that he could be caught at any moment with his drug dealing and human trafficking . Being more cautious helped sharpen his skills for less strict cities in the future. The other benefit was Caius got to expand his influence right under their noses. It was the ultimate middle finger to those stupid rune knight pigs.

Caius walked down the market district wearing a black tank top and black sweatpants. His destination was a small pie shop. There was a new drug he developed called Sparkle that he was letting some people taste for free. Once they got hooked, he would come in and make some big sales. Standard procedure. However, the man that opened this pie shop was a real tweaker. He had bought out a large chunk of Caius' supply that he had on hand. It was so much that he started to run out of money. Caius, being the great business man that he was, gave him 1 week to pay it back. Well time was up now.

Turning into the back alley, Caius found a package he left there the other night. He reached into the bag and pulled out a bottle filled with gasoline and a rag on the top. The good old molotov cocktail. Caius lit it up and opened the door that led to the kitchen next to the dumpster. Before anyone could see him, he tossed in the makeshift grenade and it burst into flames. It didn't take long for the whole building to start to go up on smoke. Caius casually walked back out to the crowd now staring in awe at the burning building. Caius stayed near them to blend in. "Oh no this is horrible! I hope they are OK in there. Did you see what happened?"


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It was a lovely day in Era, and like every other day, Mei woke up at sunrise, took a cold shower to completely wake herself up, and made peach tea. Everyday has to start with tea (or coffee if she needed to be more alert)! She had to go to the market today since it was the end of the week and she needed to stock up on food to cook for the coming week. She made a little shopping list while having breakfast and then dressed up to go out.

While she was on her way to the nearest market, she noticed that there was smoke coming up from somewhere pretty close. Then, she saw where the smoke was coming from. A whole building was on fire! And there was a crowd in front of it just staring at it. Mei couldn’t help her curiosity, so she ran into the crowd hoping to find out what caused the fire. No one seemed to know, however, a man beside her talking about how horrible this was. She turned to him and saw that he was probably much older than she was.

“Do you know what happened?” she asked him. It was pretty horrible. She could smell the gasoline from here...


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Caius stood with his arms crossed admiring his handiwork. The crimson flames had now engulfed the whole building at this point. Unfortunately, some of the workers were able to get out but they said some still remained trapped inside. They were probably toast at this point. His face didn't show it but he sure wanted to crack a big smile. Instead, he was putting on his little act of shock and awe.

His comment caught the attention of a girl that was next to him. He turned his head to get a look at her. She was a petite little thing with shoulder length blue hair. A natural beauty. She just made his list. He just shrugged his shoulders at her. "I don't know really. I just came here to smash some pie and all of  sudden this places is up in flames. Maybe they left an oven on too long or something?"  It was a plausible excuse. Idiots left gas or ovens on all the time. Still he wanted to slither out of the crowd and be on his way. This woman could help him with that. "Well shit happens right? You know any other good pie places around here shorty? I'm new here"


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The smoke from the fire was starting to get a little out of hand and the crowd had to scatter because people started to cough, including Mei. The Blue Pegasus mage pinched her nose with her fingers and looked at the stranger who was now talking about pies. “That was a pie place? Well, that’s unfortunate,” she said and took a deep breath with her hands covering her nose and mouth area.

“Doesn’t smell like it though,” she commented, referring to his assumption that someone must have left an oven on for too long. She thought she smelled gasoline at first, but now it was overcome by the stronger odor of fumes. Mei probably caught it from the man, but she wouldn’t have guessed that the culprit was actually standing right next to her.

“I’m headed to the market. I guess there are some pie places there, I’m not sure though,” she said. Seriously though, did he just call Me(i)...‘shorty’? “If you’re planning to come along, you better start being polite. My name’s Mei, not shorty.” And with that, she would walk off in the direction of the market with her little purse dangling on her arm.


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Like always, the little lady didn't like the nickname she was given by him. Some people just can't handle a simple joke.  Her response was to tell him to cut the crap and learn some manners as she walked away. Who knew such a pretty thing would have such a huge attitude. She got some bonus respect points for that.  By her tone, it still seemed like she was going to guide him the right direction despite being rude so he picked up the pace and would meet back up with her. To be honest he didn't really like pie that much but he would roll with it for now.  

"So you're Mei huh? Nice to meet you. Sorry nicknames are a force of habit. You can't blame me though right? I mean let's be honest there is a pretty big difference here." Caius gestured with his hands one above the other showing the height difference between the two.  "But let's put that behind us. My name I Caius. Nice to meet you. You said we are going to the market district right? Pick anything out and I'll buy it for you. My business is kicking ass right now so I'm making it rain jewels if you know what I mean. So what do you say Mei." Caius reached into his right pocket and pulled out a stack of jewel bills tied in a rubber band. He flipped through the bills like a deck of cards to show them off. She might not have liked him right now but bitches loved stacks of hundreds.


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Of course the tall man followed her. She didn’t expect him not to, but she also kind of wished he decided not to follow her. Why? Because she wanted to shop in peace. Rolling her eyes at the comment on their height difference, Mei shook her head. She didn’t want to respond to that, because then they would get into some kind of quarrel. Sinese people were shorter in general, than most other countries that were surrounding it. Probably the only other nation with this same issue was Joya. Not only was she Sinese, but her parents were pretty short people too. She got her petite size from her mom, who fell in love with a man who was only about a foot or so taller than herself. Luckily, Mei grew to be about the same height as her father, and was about average in size compared to her classmates, when she was in school.

What was even worse? The man offered to buy her the things she needed. This caused Mei to stop walking for a moment and start laughing like a maniac. She couldn’t help but assume that he thought she wasn’t able to buy her own things? This felt very much like an insult to the Sinese girl, who had been depending on herself for a very long time now. Two years, to be exact! “Listen, Caius. What a funny name. I am very capable of buying the things that I want and need on my own. While I have no issue with you following me to the market, I really won’t accept any more insults from you. I am simply shopping for food!” she said. “Stop making me feel embarrassed.” Mei then continued walking, trying really hard so that Caius wouldn’t notice the slight blush on her cheeks. She expected him to leave after her little outburst anyway.


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Well this was new. Most girls would light up at the opportunity to have a man to buy them anything their heart desired. This one instead laughed like crazy at his proposal. It was very off-putting. Caius let out an uncomfortable smile to make her feel comfortable  while she did her thing. Normally he was the one who made people feel uneasy but she flipped the reverse uno card on his This did pique his curiosity so he decided to wait till her laugh was over to see how she was going to respond. Hopefully he wasn't about to get shanked.

She lead off with an minor jab his name. Scathing. More importantly she rejected his generous offer and stated she has her own money. Caius shrugged his shoulders and put the cash back into his wallet. "Fine Mei if that's what you want then you do you girl. If you want to be an independent woman that don't need no man then go ahead. I still do need you to lead the way to the store though so I'm still going to follow you

She tried to get away from him by picking up the pace but her tiny legs were no match his long strides. He looked down to see that the woman was blushing. Now it all made sense. She was flattered when he offered the money and didn't know how to respond which caused the outburst.  Bingo. He had her right where he wanted her.


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The blush was quite obviously the cause of someone who was of the opposite gender offering to pay for her to buy things. Honestly, Mei had never experienced this before, because until about a year ago, she was living with her parents and had never felt the kind of loneliness she felt sometimes nowadays, or a little envious when she saw couples taking care of each other. There was no one to take care of her now. Although she did feel a little offended by his offer, deep down she kind of liked to hear it. This is probably how she’s going to get raped and killed.

Mei tucked some loose strands of hair behind her ear as if she was trying to focus on something so that she would be distracted from those thoughts, but it was kind of hard since there was nothing to focus on right now other than not going in the wrong direction to the market, probably. ‘Whatever, he’s not even my type!’ she thought to herself. It was true. Since she was pure Sinese, she did feel a little more attracted to cute Sinese boys, not that she had ever met one whom she was able to mesmerize her upon site. Only on social media! Those cute celebrities from Sin. Ugh. That was enough to distract her for the time being.

Apparently the big man was still following her so she strutted forward to appear as if she wasn’t moved by his words. “Whatever,” she said. The market district was just a few meters away from them at this point and the noise from it beckoned Mei forward. She loved to see people being busy, which was why she loved going to the market.


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Mei gave another tell when she twirled her blue hair with her fingers. Another sign of being nervous. This was almost too easy for him. After some contemplation, she reluctantly agreed as the two of them would head to the market district together. It was only a short walk for the two of them before they finally both arrived at their destination.

The market district was really bumping today. Crowds of people fluttered to each shop as the merchants clapped their hands trying to attention of the customers. Stalls and shops lined the area for as far as the eye could see. He wondered if Mei would change her mind about his offer to buy anything for her. The trinkets and food that were displayed would tempt a lot of people.   "Where to begin?" Caius  said rubbing his hands together. He saw a lot of potential in this place.

His question was answered when a merchant called the two of them to his drink stand. The two of them headed over to see he was selling a drink that was all the new rage. A pumpkin spice latte was the name of it. The man said he would cut Mei and Caius a deal since they were such a happy couple. A buy one get one free. Caius quickly jumped on the deal and reached into his pocket to get out another wad of cash to pay the man. This  wad was different though.  In the crease of the wad of cash was a small pill. As he handed the jewels to the man, he tilted the wad of cash so it slipped the pill into the latte he was going to give to Mei. This pill had the effects of a roofie and would take a while to kick in. His back was to her and she was behind him so it was an angle she could not see it. Caius grabbed the two latte's and handed one to her. "Here I can at least give you a drink while we go shopping . Hold your applause. I know I'm the best." Caius said with the smile.


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Once they got to the market, all the random sellers called for them to buy from their shop. Of course at this point Mei was a pro at ignoring the unnecessary stalls and only focused on getting the things she was here for. She was normally very careful with her money. That was why her parents could depend on her with most things. Being a part of a middle class family, Mei knew that money didn’t grow on trees or came out of a safe that was never empty. She had seen her parents who worked hard for their family and she was inspired to keep it going. As they reached a certain stall that was selling drinks, Caius bought both of them drinks while Mei was looking through her shopping list. It wasn’t long, probably about thirty minutes and she would be done.

While she was distracted thinking about which item on her list she would get first, Caius had gone ahead and bought them both drinks from the stall in front of them. Since she was busy with her shopping list, she didn’t really catch any part of the exchange between the seller and her companion but when Caius handed her the drink, she scrunched up her face a bit. “I can’t believe you didn’t ask me if I liked pumpkin spice lattes or not before buying it for me. I hate pumpkin spice lattes!” she told him a little aggressively. Why wouldn’t she get mad? This man just wasted money to buy her a drink that she hated, and what’s worse? He didn’t even bother to ask her first.

“You’ll find your pies over there,” she said, pointing to where she knew they sold pies, and then grabbed the drink that was meant for her and gave it to a kid who was raggedly dressed and walking past, to pick up trash, she assumed. “Here, kid. I’m sure you’re pretty thirsty. Enjoy this drink!” she said. There was no reason for her to have known that the drink was not safe for the kid. She was just being nice. And with that, the Blue Pegasus mage strutted towards a kitchen accessories shop.


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Caius just stared at her shaking his head in frustration as Mei went on a tirade. This woman was unbelievable. He got her a free drink from the vendor and she had the audacity to complain about it. It was a gift god dammit. Most girls would be slurping that coffee down like water in the desert. The least she could have done is taken a courtesy sip and then say she didn't like it. Sure he may have put a roofie in the drink but that was besides the point. These manners were inexcusable Maybe it was just her time of the month.

Once she calmed down, Caius stayed silent and just took a sip of his pumpkin spice latte. He winced at the taste. She was right they did kind of taste like crap. While he was doing that, Mei crouched down and gave her drink to a small boy in tattered clothing. This was gonna be good. Caius let out a small chuckle and struggled to contain his laughter as the boy took the beverage. He never roofied a kid before. Could they take the dosage and be fine or would they just die. Either way the outcome would amuse him. The boy took a big gulp and smiled with glee as he continued down the road.

"Really Mei you just gave away my drink? Sorry for trying to do something nice for a change. Lay off my back woman." he said mocking her. The two continued down their way in the marketplace and reached their destination. Mei pointed out a pie shop that he asked for previously. It was outside of a kitchen accessories shop that she was currently eyeing. "Fine I'm going to grab a slice here. Do you want anything. I figured I'd ask this time since you've been so god damn picky

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