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Confronting Corruption [Quest: Faye]

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Laziness was a possible term, although harsh. To put it realistically, it was an odd mix of hesitance, and dread. They were the sort of feelings that reared their ugly heads when directed at the virtually unknown, and she’d often succumb to the doubt at the thoughts of her prior-self with different aspirations. Truly, in her brief time in Era, Snowflake would begin to appreciate the wizardry business for its second-hand benefits. For her, it was more than the jewels, more than the recognition; now it was the surge of excitement, the irrevocable sensation of adventure at an arm’s reach.

Albeit, the requests that she had been signing up for lately had been nothing but complete and utter bullshit. She wasn’t S-Rank just so she could help a random stranger with their lost wife, doing duties for someone when the one assigned to could be doing their own or trying to find which Rune Knights are corrupt. These kinds of quests have just left her bored and boredom was now just as much as an excuse as circumstance, she thinks, fleetingly. At the very least, she wanted some kind of excitement and thrill upon completing the mission; that is, apart from receiving her rewards. The woman heaved out a sigh as she strolled through the streets of Era littered with people that came out of their abodes to attend to their work or simply just wander aimlessly like her.

It was then, she happened to stumble upon Lionel Luxar, the client from her previous mission, loitering about with his finger brushing against his chin and his brows furrowed deep in thought. It wasn’t as though she ran right into him, but merely, it just occurred that she saw him in a distance. ”Oh, boy. Is this another ridiculous request again?” she thought to herself loudly.


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Faye had run into the captain just as Snowflake did. Coincidences, yes, very timely coincidences. But she had not noticed the silver haired Blue Pegasus mage just yet. Faye had been in terrible mood these days, easily irritable with strange mood swings. When she saw the handsome Rune Knight captain looking around the streets like a lost puppy, her first big reaction was to just turn away and go back the way she came. Not to mention she was in a bad mood, the fact that if she had to comply with any darn request made by the captain for his knights would set her off further made the bubblegum pink haired girl want to take another route.

She half covered her face and was just about to walk off when the man decided to recognize and call upon her. “Hey! You’re one of those mages that helped me before, aren’t you?” He had somehow so quickly closed the distance between them and grabbed onto her shoulder. Swallowing the bit of distaste in her mouth, Faye looked back with a broad smile and nodded politely. “Indeed. How are things going?” She asked, hoping that he wouldn’t be having any more requests for her other than having a pleasant chat and even better, a goodbye.



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Snowflake had not expected to stumble into Faye – not again – albeit, it seems like they have been coincidentally meeting in the center of the town, if not for one reason or many. It had almost turned into a daily routine of hers to run into her friend nearly every day, and at this point, they might as well just start living at the same place, with the uncountable number of times they’ve seen each other. But then, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. For someone who had always crawled up in her little hole of solitude, she was suddenly introduced to the joy of having a companion to perform activities with, whether it was accomplishing a quest or merely having a stroll together.

Seeing how Lionel had already caught sight of Faye as the mage who helped him a while ago, it seemed that Snowflake would have to come in to save the day. As much as she wanted to leave and not take up another ridiculous quest, she decided she might as well do it together with Faye; at least they can suffer together through this quest. ”Well well, looks like we have both the mages of Blue Pegasus to help me here. Perfect timing.” With that he went on about how he wanted them to assist him with the corrupted Rune Knights that they had discovered in their previous mission. Apparently, he didn’t want to fire him personally, which seemed like it was rather considerate of him, though the two of them were required to encourage the Rune Knights to resign without resistance.  


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Snowflake was a savior. Although she didn’t manage to stop Lionel from giving us yet another ridiculous mission, the fact that she will accompany Faye in this just made the whole situation better. At least this had the least chance of Faye’s anger and dissatisfaction with the Rune Knights blowing over and impulsively getting herself in trouble with the handsome captain.

“This, why do we always end up with this kind of mission?” Faye asked Snow as they pulled away from Lionel in order to go deliver the dismissal notice to the Rune Knights. “Not only did he make us investigate his unit, he also wants us to fire them?! What is HIS job?” She threw her hands up in frustration. Having to deal with those self-righteous knights was not how she pictured the day to be.

So where were they supposed to find them? She remembered one of them was stationed not too far away but wondered how long this process would take. Will they just simply accept their dismissal or are they going to argue and give Snow and her trouble? She hoped for the former to make it easier for the sake of her own thin patience.

Finding him was easy since the man stood right where they found him the last time. “Alright, you handle this, I’ll handle the next!” Faye pushed the work off to Snow with a sheepish grin, not wanting to deal with it.



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”Seems like we have pretty bad luck with getting these ridiculous missions.”

Luck, in retrospect, wasn’t included among the things she liked to consider her forte, though it wasn’t as if she could complain; she was still getting paid after all. But, with all due respect, she would very much prefer to attend to quests that actually was worth her attention, such as perhaps slaying some beasts or at least something that was of challenging to her. A sigh escaped her parted lips as they left to depart to accomplish the mission.

”I suppose I have no other choice.”

Snowflake took the liberty to go first for the task, walking straight up ahead to the man and rested her arms on her hips. ”I’m speaking to Leon, yes?”

The man raised an eyebrow, ran his eyes over her figure from head to toe sceptically, which was much to her distaste and nodded. It seemed like he apparently didn’t know who she was

”I have received word from the higher ups that you were seen bribed, not once but multiple times. So, I’ve been asked to convince you to resign.” As a straightforward person, her remarks are brutally honest as well, and because of it she was often told that her words are rude and insensitive. She wasn’t one to take consideration of stranger’s feelings, so she didn’t see why she should care about the man who stood before her as well. Much to her surprise, the Rune Knight dealt with it much better than she had hoped. She expected the man to lash out at her or something of similar sort, but the man simply just hung his head in defeat and rambled about how he knew it was his fault that he shouldn’t have been doing it from the beginning.

As much as she would’ve preferred to tell him to chattering, she did him a favour of being a listener and ending with a speech of her own, ”As long as you learn, you can become a better man.” With her jaw lifted up pridefully, she bid her farewell and quickly moved onto their next target.  


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“Brutal,” Faye commented, watching Snowflake deliver the final blow to the apologetic man. “If he is that bummed about it, why did he do it in the first place?” Faye huffed as they moved on to the next person on the list. Again, they did not have to walk all that far to find the tall, mustached man stationed opposite to a cake shop. Since Snowflake had dealt with the last one, and seeing how well that one went, Faye decided she would take this guy.

Just seeing him arrogantly looking around the streets warned Faye that she was going to have a hard time dealing with this one. “Uh Hey,” She called out to him as he looked their way. He raised an eyebrow and made some sort of grunting sound, straightening out his back and giving her a haughty look. “What?”

Faye gave him a sweet smile in return. “Well, you big oaf, you have been asked to resign from the Rune Knights following your acts of misbehavior and getting bribed on several occasions. I have your Captain Lionel’s orders. So how will this be?” She asked him with an icy look in her eyes. But just the word resign seemed to have driven the man into uncontrollable rage. He cursed out loud and was just about to grab Faye by her collars when she moved fast enough to grab his arm and twist it to the back, bringing him to the ground.

“Now you listen to me, I am not one of your petty little thieves or robbers that you can flaunt your authority and power upon. I have seen things bigger and scarier than you. So if you do not want to do this the hard and, trust me, very painful way, you’ll resign all by yourself while your arm is not broken,” Saying so, Faye exerted a bit more pressure into the hold and he gave up soon afterwards. With a wrist that without a doubt was painfully throbbing, he signed the papers.

“And that’s another down”.



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”Well done, nice one.” The duelist raised her chin confidently, content with Faye’s work as well as her own before stating, ”Let’s keep moving on,” with her hand waving nonchalantly in the air. Since the Rune Knights were mostly located around the center of the town, the journey never took long for them to find these corrupted Rune Knights. The next one appeared to be guarding an entrance of a rather large building, most likely hired by nobles to do so, but anyhow, Snowflake quickly approached him, paying no heed to the other knight that was standing guard on the other end of the door.

”Seems like you’re the one. Alright, let’s get straight to the point.”

She took in a deep breath, inhaling to fill in her lungs before she began her lecture. ”I’ve been told by your captain, Lionel Luxar, that you’ve been doing unknightly deeds of bribing and perhaps some thievery. Since he’s too nice to fire you, I’ve been requested on his behalf to make you resign. Any questions?” Snowflake folded her arms across her chest, gazing straight at the man. ”We also have proof of your crimes, if you think this is not authorized.”

For a good moment, no word came out of his mouth as he dumbfoundedly stared at the ground as if it had answers for him. ”Well?” With that, the man stood up and broke his legs into a run, attempting to push her off course but Snowflake did not budge – not even a millimetre. ”Good attempt, but I guess I’ll have to do this by force.” She twisted his arm behind his back and arrested him by chaining his hands so that she could present him later to her client.



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The next one turned out to be quite a handful as well. This one had the audacity to run from two mages that were clearly a few grades above him. He was caught quickly by Snowflake and restrained so that they could bring him back to Luxar and have him deal with the rest. Their job seemed to be almost done. All they had to do now was go back and report it to Lionel. She had no idea how Lionel was going to fire the two that tried to resist, however, she really hoped that they wouldn’t be let go very easily. When it comes down to the fact that those people who had been entrusted with keeping the law started breaking them, it would lead to distrust in people and they will turn against it believing that no law is ever just. This is one of the reasons, she mused, that dark guilds and mages exist. A good majority of them are people that lost trust in the great blind lady that upholds the balance of law. And then the rest of them were just crazy maniacs that lost all reasoning; the kind you can’t really do anything about.

With such heavy thoughts weighing on her mind, Faye and Snowflake made their way back to Lionel Luxar who, oddly enough, was standing at the same exact place they met early in the morning. It seemed that he had been waiting for them the entire day. “Does he not have any work to do?” Faye mused out loud mainly to herself as he noticed the two mages and the apprehended Rune Knights behind them. She nodded and briefly explained how they found them. “So one of them resigned without much of a fuss and these two seems like they want some kind of reason for their dismissal even though they already know what they have done wrong. Both of the-“

“It’s unfair!” One of them cut Faye off to passionately express how wronged he feels to get his dismissal letter from two mages that have nothing to do with the Rune Knights.  His foolish stubbornness even made Faye frown and throw a glare in his direction. But before she could even say anything, it seemed that Luxar had taken the initiative to teach the two a lesson.



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Now that they had gathered and restrained the corrupted Rune Knights that attempted to resist them, all that was left to do was to bring them to Lionel Luxar. The journey back towards the headquarters seemed to have been quite the experience – not for her – but for the two men that were cuffed and pushed along the streets, as they received a few if not multiple judgemental stares from the townsfolk. A satisfied smirk was plastered across her lips, they got what they deserved: a walk of shame, she thought. Despite how the majority of the population may intend to do good, there was always the minority that tend to rebel against everything that the country stands for. They might have their personal reasons for doing so, knowing how certain laws can be unjust to the few minority of the citizens.

Nonetheless, all she can do is to help as much people as she could and hope that they wouldn’t stray off their paths, making the wrong decisions. Upon their arrival at the headquarters, they would be taken towards their client’s office where Lionel could be seen pacing back and froth in front of his desk. It appeared that he had been waiting for them to finish their work all day, as if he had no other task left to tend to.

”Right?” she looked at Faye, overhearing her whispering to herself. Faye took the liberty to go through a brief explanation as to how they found them and the troubles of taking them here until one of the Rune Knights cut off Faye. She could even see from Lionel’s features, the line of his lips going grim from distaste. If no one could tell, he was pissed, even more so now that one of the men had interrupted their report. At first glance, Lionel always seemed to be a patient guy, never looked like one who would be harsh on his underlings, except if they were corrupted of course. She could see herself being in his shoes and it didn’t take him long enough to say that they were both fired after displaying the evidence to the culprits. That shut them up until they had no other words left to say and hung their heads in defeat.


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It turned out that Lionel was a much stricter guy than he appeared to be. When the man had cut Faye off in the middle of her explanation, his face had went completely black with rage to the point that Faye had a distant feeling that if the two Blue Pegasus mages he hired had not been women, Lionel would have been cursing the two out by now. But, even with them present, it didn’t stop him from glaring daggers at them. He quickly began giving them the reason for their dismissal, listing out a much detailed version of the information Snowflake and herself had collected for him. It looked like Lionel had gone investigating a bit more on his own. In the end, it seemed that instead of a reason, Lionel had more than enough reason and evidence to throw the two in jail. It was his consideration that he was letting the two go with a dismissal. Besides, he concluded that they got what they deserved during their way there, handcuffed under the judgmental glances and frowns of the town’s people.

Once he was done dealing with the two, leaving them practically speechless after his earlier outburst, Lionel did not forget to thank the two mages generously. He seemed genuinely happy that he was able to weed out two rotten eggs from his team of Rune Knights. Although Faye knew it was only a simple and perhaps insignificant little gesture, she too felt some respect for the Rune Knight captain, something that was really hard to come by with her severe criticism of the Rune Knights. It was no secret that she hated them and their self righteous ways. She had no problems expressing it either. Lionel may or may not have sensed it from his interactions with her earlier that once the mission was done, he gave her an apologetic and helpless smile. She returned it, wishing him best of luck with his ways. Once it was over, Faye quickly collected their reward and bid Lionel as well as Snowflake farewell. There was a good chance the two will once again meet up for a mission, they seemed to be running into each other way too much these days, after all.


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