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Dread Day [Training]

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#1Sage Meilyr 

Dread Day [Training]  Empty on Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:39 am

Sage Meilyr
It was another wonderful morning in the town of Era. The Archmagus Sage was already on the streets, walking past by the trees and getting the fresh morning air. He had his breakfast already, he needed the energy as he was about to go and train his magic. It had been quite a while since he had practiced his magic, and he felt like he needed to sharpen his skills and train himself so that he could get better and protect himself and those he cares about.

He was wearing his usual white outfits and he had his black staff with him as well. It wasn't a powerful staff, but one that helps him channel and control his mana better, it was better to have one than none. He continued walking until he reached a clearing in the woodlands beside Era. He took a deep breath and relaxed his body. He closed his eyes, and focused on the mana flowing through his body. Mana was important to conjure spells, they are like fuels and controlling them is essential in conjuring any spells. As time goes by, he could finally feel the mana flowing through his body with his command. He opened his eyes again and lifted his left hand, looking at it with a slight grin. He imagined a sphere of immense energy. Right away, the mana in his body flowed to his left hand, concentrating around the area. A slight flicker of purple light could be seen for a brief moment but disappeared right after. Sage clenched his teeth and made a tch sound, showing that he was irritated or some kind. Probably due to the fact that he couldn't conjure the spell. He closed his eyes and took another deep breath, this time conecntrating with more attention than before. He held his hand forward and focused his mana onto his palm again once more. A purpke ligjt began to emerge at the center of his palm, a smile strectched across his face, happy that it was actually happening. The ligjt then grew darker and bigger and formed an energy ball. He was speechless for a second, the excoted kind of speechless. He then targterd the newly created spell and hurled into a direction, it landed on a tree amd 5hen it instantly exploded. Sage gasped at the thing he did. He laughed for a second out of excitement. He then opened up his palm again and redirected his mana towards his hand. The energy ball formed again in his palm. He smirked and threw it into the air which exploded mid air. For Sage ot was quite beautiful for him to see. The purple light that his magic emits. He believed that it was his color, purple. Such mysterious and wobderful color. Beautiful too. He opened up his palm again and the energy ball formed almost instantly as he put his mind to it, he smirkes slyly again. It was as if he had perfected the spell in just a matter of a short time. He threw the purple energy ball towards the sky and it exploded again.

He opened his palm again and just like before a purple energy ball formed in his palm, glowing in its radiant purple color. Sage took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the spell. He threw it again in the sky and it exploded mid air again, like a firework. He then thought of making a mobility spell, one that can aid him with going to a destination in a short time. He hummed for a while, thinking what kind of spell he could make. He pressed his legs ontot the ground and lunged forward. It required quite some energy for him to lunge, so he thought of amking a spell similar to lunging just that it wont tire him out. He placed his left hand in front of him, then he would raise only his pibky finger up. He did that so that hr could channel his mana throughout his body faster, some positioning of the hand and fingers can allow him to flow his mana more easily and quickly. As he could feel the mana all over his body ib equal concentrations, he dashed forward. Ot all happened qjickly that he couldn't remember how he did that. So he tried again. He lifted his left hand up with hispinky finger only up. Then he lunged forward, but this time he observed what was happening to his body more carefully. He couuld see purplish after image of him as he move across the distance.It was very peculiar but at the same toms interestinf to him. He noticed that he wasnt tired at all adter lunging forward. He had his enxt spell whoch was just an eady lunge of a distance.

Now that he had both his spells he was thinking of another mobility spell. He hummed for aehile as he looked around, getting some inspritation from mother nature, he then saw a bird flyong through thw air. A smjle stretched across his face. It was interesti g if a human fly, most mage coukd fly, but why couldnt he, so he would like to try it out himself. He placed his hand forward and directed his mana to his hand, a grey magic circle then formed in front of him, the magic circle glowed for awhile and disappeared, then he could feel himself floating fron the ground, he was quite shocmed at first by the incident, so he tried to fly up, but as soon as he eent further up in the sky, the spell breaks and he fell down to the ground again. He let a loud ouch when he fell, hitting the ground with his body was indeed pai fil for any humans. He rubbed his head from the injury, luckily for him it wasnt that bad or he wasnt bleeding, just some bruises here and yhere which was quite nothing compared to othwr injuries h eoculdw receivex from the fall. Hr let a breath fo relief for a second as he was glad nothing too bad haopened to him, he must be careful next time. He stood up and brushed the dirt off his clothes. He then took a deep breath to get hos inner peace again. Once he felt like ge was ready he look forward with his eyes full with determination. He placed his habd forward and dorected his mana towards it, a magic circle then formed in front of him and then he oculd feel it again, his legs, droftong further away from the ground. He took some deep bretah to get hinself undwr control. He tried to control the direction at which he could fly, his body moved a bit to the right but alas he fall immediately back down. He dropped with a thud to the ground. He cursed a little as he couldnt get to fly properly yet. He got back up now full of determination in his eyes. He held his hand forward and a mgaic circle formed in front of him yeg tagain. He then found himself floating up and this time, he tried flyimg higher. And he did, he pulled it off. He shouted in excitement as he could fly freely. He didnt stop there, he went on and flew over the trees, he went up higher and got into the clouds. It was a thrill, very much for someone lile him. Evn though some might say he was broing or are not fun they are all quite wrong as he was rather a fun person, he was also a rebellious person but not many could see yhat side of him. People dont see this in him because he had such control over his emotions and he dont let them burst out just like that. He was calm and in control. After a trip of flying over the trees and clouds and enjoying the view from above, he flew back to the clearing wherehe was, landing on his foot gently amd a spark of purple sparkles could be seen on his feet as the spell ended. But then a mysterious voice could be heard. He didny know whose voice was it because he had never heard of suhc voice before. The voice was raspy and it had bad intentions vibes to the persons voice, sage vould jyst feel it. The voice asked him to not move followed by an evil laughter and the sound of a gun being reloaded. Sage had oje thing in mind, thieves. It sounded like they were many of them as well, sage confirmed this as the bushes at the edge of the clearing began to rumble and hints of evil laughter could be heard. Sage asked them what did they want. They laughed a bit then replied, saying that of course they wanted all the loots they coild find. Sage wantes to tirn around but then he could hear the sound of a gun being loaded. The what seem to be tue leader of the group of thieves stopped sage and said that he better not move if he wants to live. Sage then smirked then startes to laugh a little. Which then grew into a louder laugh. The leader of the thieves then reacted, this time his voices sounded like he was confused and scared, why are you laughing he shouted. Sage stopped laughing and turned around, not scared of anything like he always was. Do you know who i am? He asked towards them, his eyes locking dead with the leader od the group of thieves. The leader od the group of theievs then shouted a curse and pulled the trigger, sending the vullet towards Sage at an incredible speed. Sage placed his hand forward and an arcane force pulelsed from his palm and travelled towards the direction of the bullet and the leader of the thieves. The force of the spell he conjured was enough to propel the bullet back towards the leader of the thieves, and adding the damage to it as well forcing thw leader of the theives to be knocked a few meters backwards. The other thieves froze for a second. They were trying to make sense of what just happened. They looked at their unconscious leader, then back to Sage. Sage was not amused by the fact that the leader got knocked out by such a mere spell of his. Then all of a sudden one of the thieevs shouted attack. Then all of the thieves began to jumo towards sage with thwir swords and gun ready at their hand. He noticed this and his body reacted immediately. He place his hand towards the ground and he dashed from the ground at a speed faster than the other theievs. He then place his hand forward and a magic circle appeared in front of him. He then could fly, staying above the ground without being afftmected by the gravity. He looked down at the group of thieves and he thought he could play with thwm some more. He conjured a purole energy orb in his palm and threw it to the thieves. Which hit some of them who werent fast enough to dodge it. Whilen others that did dodged then countered attacked by shooting bullets and arrows towards the archmagus. He used his spell ot blink around the air and dodged most of the things hurling towards him. Ubtil he wasnt fast enough to react to a bullet which hit his arm. He asked the thieves when will they stop and they reacted by saying never. Sage could feel that they really want to takw revenge on thwir leader. Sage sighed he did not want to practice the spell onto the thieves but it seemed like there was no other way to it. He pointed his ha d towards the thieves at the ground. He then said, annihilate. An enormous magic circle formed under the feet of the thieves and instbatly after that white purolish light bursted from the magic circle, dealing massive damage towards the thieves. After the spell ended, sage looked below to see what had occured toward sthe group of theives. To his guess, they were all knocked out, if the spell worked. And it did. Bodies of theives coiluld be seen frok above, not moving, it meamt that Sgae had already mastered this spell of his. He then floated towards the ground, connecting his feet back with the earth. He then made his way back to the inn as he was a bit tired and had used quite a lot of mana,the last spell he casted was a new spell he had created and he still need a bit of time to perfect it. He thought of turning in the thieves but they did nothing wrong they didnt steal anything from him so he decided to just let them go. Plus they would learn from that days expreience not to mess with any magus they find in the forest. It was just a matter of fact that sage wasnt strong anough yet to kill them all. But he did knock them out with a single spell so that was something to not take forgranted. He made his way to the inn he was staying the sun was low, and in ablink of an wye the sky was dark and the lantern streets were turned on. Clouds part to reveal the beautiful moon and stars in the sky. When sage finally made his way back into the tavern, he pushed the door open and orange light blasted in his eyes, noise of people laughing and talking could be heard like a blast. Sage ig ored all the noise and wen tup the stairs to his room, which was located on the decond floor. When he made his way back into his room he undressed himself and took a quick shower. He had to get clean first, he did spend all day outside sk that might get him dirty amd all. When he had finished cleaning himself he got himself inti his oajamas and closed the light, he immediately fell asleep as he was too tired from all that training. The bext morning wuen he woke up he felt extremely hungry, he then relaized that last night he did not even had dinner nor lunch no wonder he was exhuasted. Without chaning his clothes he went straight downstairs to the pub, which was still empty as the sun had just risen. The only person there was the bartender, who was also the owner of the whole tavern. Sage made his way onto one of the bar stools and odered for himself a plate of pancakes and a nice glass of milk tos tart the day. The tavern master thwn went his wya to prepare the food. While sage waited with his hungry tummy, he admired the clean bar that the tavern master ha djust cleaned and the design of the whole tavern. It was quite something to admire of.

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