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Cheers [Zane]

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Fresh off the boat, and a bandage around his eye. Manzo found himself back in the capitol city once again. It was nice to be in his home away from home. A local bar that he had come to enjoy for so long now. A nice place for him to just go lose himself in good conversation and forget all of his troubles. As he walked in he was greeted with the normal amount of fan fair as usual. It was a place where everyone knew his name. Something that wasn't to be taken for granted these days. Not given how the world had previously been in recent memory.

He carried himself over to an empty seat at the bar and sat himself down in his usual seat. That was something nice to have, a usual seat, a place that was unequivocally his, not something he could say very often, so he would take solace in this moment. "Whiskey double please, neat." He said with a small smile. It had been sometime since he had been back in his favorite seat. It brought back fond memories for him. Memories that he wished to lose himself in for a while.

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A chef like Zane usually had no trouble when it came to evaluating the quality of a food or drink based establishment, and this was no different. The bar he was currently at tonight was sort of just alright, in all honesty. They had fair prices and decent ale, but a lot of their other drinks were lacking. He had tried out the vodka and the whiskey, both of which had been no good. In fact, Zane had recognized where they were brewed. It was a place in Marigold known for being of a mostly low quality, a brewery only kept in business by a mix of local loyalty and low prices. Through many part time jobs as a bartender, as well as using different types of liquor in several of his recipes, Zane could notice a lot of differences between each drink. He wouldn't say he knew where ALL of Fiore's liquor came from though. After all, the country was big. Not to mention the new competition popping up all over the place in recent years.

Still though, it was this exact taste for just about everything that led him to talk to some random dude he had never met, simply because he happened to order a whiskey right next to him. Still, Zane wasn't too snobby, so he'd rather simply ask the white haired man near him why he liked said beer. Zane put his drink down on the counter of the bar, turning his face over to look at the man, Zane's friendly but curious face looking over somewhat casually. "Hey, can ya give me some insight onto why you like the whiskey they serve here? I've always found it needs more dilution, in my opinion." Perhaps Zane would get a rather simple answer here. After all, some people would drink or eat whatever they liked for the sole reason of "I like it" and no other form of explanation. Perhaps it was just his nature as a former chef, but Zane didn't like when people did that kind of stuff. Taste was such an incredibly complex thing. It was something deserving of a decent analysis.


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Well truth be told there were many reasons as to why he enjoyed whiskey, scotches, and bourbons. That was a certain way they were aged and distilled. "That's a tough one to explain. I supposed you'd have to start with the different bodies of the products that come from the barrels." He said with a small smile as he stared at his glass. There was a lot to the taste of these spirits. "To be completely fair, for me a whiskey needs to be balanced. A good blend of smoothness and bite. I grew up on sake so you can imagine that I'd prefer something with the same level of smoothness." 

He put his drink down for a moment, pulling a cigarette from his pocket, putting it to his lips and lighting it with a snap of his fingers. "That being said, this spirit in particular, very heavy on the ethanol you see. Probably deserves an octane rating. Something perfect for when you want drown your sorrows." He said as he ashed his cigarette and went back to nursing his drink. It was times like this that he truly loved this bar. Never a dull moment, or boring conversation.


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Zane rubbed his chin in thought. The man in front of him actually made a lot of good points. "Ahhh, I see. You grew up on sake, huh? I never got quite to experience it often as they didn't really sell it too frequently in the places I spent most of my time in." Impressed by the man's analytical ability as far as liquor went, Zane couldn't help but smile a bit. Fiore never was a boring place, huh?

"I never was a fan of the whiskey here, so perhaps that explains why. I must admit, our tastes in liquor differ quite a lot from what I've been hearing. But if everyone liked the same thing, it'd be boring, right?" Taking a sip of his drink, Zane couldn't help but notice the way the man lit his cigarette. Still though, it wasn't anything surprising to him. After all, people did stuff like the all the time in this country. It really wasn't anything out of the ordinary that Zane would have to point out in some sort of awe. That being said, there was something that Zane DID have to point out here. "I'm Zane, by the way. How about you?" Taking another sip of his drink, Zane turned to face the stranger, not only with his head but the entire upper half of his body now. "I gotta admit, I really like how you're able to go a little bit more in depth when it comes to taste. I don't like it when someone just says 'it's good' or 'it's bad', you know what I mean?"


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"Heh yeah I know what you mean. Most people don't give a second thought to what they make their pallet stomach." He said as he pulled another cigarette from his pocket and put it to his lips. Before he would light it would give his own name like any decent person would do when someone else offers their name to you"Name's Mattori, Mattori Manzo. Pleasure to make your acquaintance." He would then snap his fingers to light his cigarette before offering the man his hand for a shake. 

"You seem to know a lot about food and drink, must have been your profession for a time." He said as he took a drag from his cigarette and exhaled smoke from his nostrils. He had never met a chef in person before, not that it was on his bucket list but he did have a few genuine questions about the culinary world that perhaps he could get some answers to if this man fancied offering him some information, an into his profession. Though he was not not one for prying so he would wait until such a thing came up.

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