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Determination [Training, Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Determination [Training, Solo] Empty on Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:42 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn heard banging at her bedroom door. It was not the kind her servants or Manzo would do, theirs were light. This sounded angry or annoyed. She slipped out of bed, hair a mess and eyes groggy. She opened the door to see her grandfather, the same tall wendigo from the night before. She stumbled back a little and grew a stunned. She stayed silent until he spoke. "Are you ready?" LeeAnn grew confused, her ears tilted a little in confusion. "Ready for what?" She wondered what he was exactly doing here. If he would of sent a warning ahead of time, she would be more prepared.

"Your training! I sent Salem to tell you a few days ago" he spoke. The expression on his granddaughter's face told him other wise. The stupid cat never told her anything regarding that sort of information. He was never good about relaying messages to her. "Damn, he never told you. Stupid cat! Anyways, you're training your magic with me today. I never gotten to train you myself. Now will be a good time to show you what a real Nakamura is capable of. I will be down stairs" he spoke. The antlers in the tops of hte roof, causing holes. The manor was not built for someone of his height. She only sighed and went back inside of her room to get ready.

After about a half hour, she came down the steps to find her grandfather eating her horde of human remains she had stashed away for herself. Guess a Wendigo's hungry could never be satisfied. At least her could be. That was one benefit. She came inside to find the maids huddles in the corner, shaking nervously. LeeAnn saw relief in their eyes when they saw her. "Don't worry he wont hurt you" she whispered to them. They ran out of the kitchen at her dismissal. She crossed her arms and made her way over. "For a man of a noble pedigree, you really dont have any table manners" she commented. Noshi paused and looked over at her. Seeing hse was well groomed and standing right behind him. "Is that a way to talk to your elders, LeeAnn" he spoke.

The kitsune rolled her eyes and grabbed herself some leftover from the last time Manzo had visited. LeeAnn heated it up with her magic and right away, she started to eat it. Unlike Noshi, she ate it with manners and grace. Her parents had taught her better and with Manzo being in her life, she forced herself to grow manners again. She didn't want to seem ruthless around him. Noshi waited for her to respond. LeeAnn ignored his antics and focused on her food. "Are you going to say anything" he asked. LeeAnn glanced up at him and returned to her food in silence. It was a while before she even answer him. "You come into my house, eating my food that is meant for me, and expect me to treat you like a saint. Guess, being a Wendigo does not retain all your human qualities" she replied. LeeAnn finshed her meal and placed it into the sink for the maids to get to. LeeAnn looked at her grandfather. "Where to" she asked. He got up and walked down to the basement. She followed him, Salem noticed and follow shortly behind the two of them. They entered a large, dungeon. This was all too familiar. LeeAnn had trained here as a kid with her parents. It had been years since she even laid eyes on it. Salem looked a bit amazed.

"We will train here. It has everything you need" spoke Noshi. Salem looked around. There were tons of weapons, obsticales, and a battle field. Her parents were big on magic and training. LeeAnn remembered their training all too well, but some of it had leaked out. Noshi stood. "I will train you here on out until you are ready to be head of this family. I will teach you the proper way, not the short cut like your father" he spoke. LeeAnn wanted to be strong and get her mother back. The kitsune had no idea what she was in store for. "What are we training? Mind? Body" she asked.

Her grandfather said nothing, he did not move. Quickly, he hurled himself towards Leeann. She had not time to react. LeeAnn was slammed to the ground, pinned to the ground by bother of her wrists. Salem stood firm about to cast a defensive spell, but paused. Noshi gave him a firm glare, seeing this was only training. LeeAnn found a window of opportunity and used her legs to kick him in the gut. This made Noshi's grasp loosen a little, enough for her to escape. "What the fuck are you doing" she cried. Noshi stood and quickly ran towards her. LeeAnn used her speed to out run him all over the battle field. LeeAnn raised her left are and opened up her palms. Fire gathered around her as a red magic circle appeared in underneath her as she continued to run. Two streams of fire aimed towards her grandfather. One appeared in front of him as the other from behind. He dodged one, but got attacked by the other. It was enough to slow him down a little. Salem sat down watching his owner battle. LeeAnn looked at him to help, but he said nothing. Her eyes stared at her grandfather, the attack did little damage. Her eyes were bewildered. It then it her that she had Sting! LeeAnn unsheathed her sword and placed it in front of her. She remembered her mother's words of advice. A clean mind is a working mind. Noshi grew nearer as she felt Sting glow, using her hearing she could sense he was come from her left. LeeAnn let her body react, she made a quick slice through her grandfather's right arm. A clean cut was made, but did not tear off his limb. He screeched in pain a bit. While he was dazed, she took another attack and used her speed to confused him. Attacking like lightning with quick attacks, she made it hard for Noshi to land a hit. It became too much to the point he had to stop her. "That's enough! I don't want to die yet. Gosh...you still have that fight in you. Good" he spoke, finally.

LeeAnn's mouth dropped a little. She grew confused thinking htat he reverted to the Wendigo personality. "What the fuck? Next time give me a heads up" she spoke out loud. She shook his head. "In the heat of battle, always keep your guard up. You know that. Its basic training 101, but you quickly recovered once you figure out what to do. You have the skill, just not the drive" he analyzed.

Tail 8: 69/100


Name: Fire Missiles
Rank: C-Rank
Mana Cost: 00
Requirements: Text Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The cast raises her left arm and put up her palms, a red magic circle appears. Two streams of fire will emerge from the palm of her hand, each about 0.5 meters in diameter.

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