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Dance Of The Undead [Quest:Ylva]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Dance Of The Undead [Quest:Ylva] Empty on Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:10 am

Juni Anastos
Standing in the mirror she found herself admiring her new body. She had gotten taller, her ocean blue locs had gotten a little lighter in color and even seemed to have a soft glow emitting from it. She had questions and she knew only one person who could probably help her with the answer. Turning from the mirror she grabbed some clothes. Seeing as she shot up a whole foot and a half she needed to make some money in order to buy a new wardrobe that actually fit her. It was lucky that for her the people of Era always needed some work done and she was more than happy to help. Leaving her room at the inn, she quickly made her way to the mission board and took the first one she saw. The mission directed her to a Rune Knight named Marwin.

Marwin was an older looking Rune Knight, someone who looked like he had seen his fair share of battles and bullshit. He had a worn look on his face, it was more or less constant, as if he were just waiting for his duty as a knight to end so he can live in peace. Unfortunately for him with the world going to hell in a hand basket his experience and expertise were far too valuable to the younger generation for him to put up his sword just yet. Ylva and Marwin locked eyes when she approached him. He was surprised such a pure faced nearly towered over him. Clearing his throat he explained what she would be doing. He didn’t put much detail in it but gave her a report that had all she would need to complete the task. She would have to wait until night fell to start her assignment, which would be in a few short hours.

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#2Juni Anastos 

Dance Of The Undead [Quest:Ylva] Empty on Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:10 am

Juni Anastos
With the time she had Ylva purchased a dark cloak to hide her rather outstanding features. She didn’t need whatever was out there to see her before she saw it. While she was at it she also purchased a sort of dim light that only illuminated a small area, enough for someone to see at least. The hours passed and she found herself at Era’s gates, the report that Marwin gave her was the only assistance she had as far as having some sort of intel. Making her way into the forest, her little light giving her enough sight to see around her. Ylva would have been lying if she said she wasn’t afraid of what was reported to be out here. Zombies were an abomination on life and perverse creations. It’s the one thing she didn’t accept and shunned their existence completely. They couldn’t be reasoned with or talked too, they were dead and smell, the world could only do good without them around.

She didn’t know how long she had been searching the woods. It seemed like too long and with each moment she grew more anxious until she finally decided that maybe those reports were not real. At this point, seeing as how she hadn’t run into anything described in the report after a whole five hours of sneaking around in the dark, she figured that something was causing people to hallucinate. Maybe they were coming in contact with some sort of plant that was causing hallucinations. She wanted to believe that, but the reports came in from scouts. People who knew the lay of the land and reported their findings. She had been out here so long she just didn’t see what they were seeing. For her it was time to wrap it up, that is until she saw a thick fog roll in. Being the ever vigilant person that she was, she followed the direction of the fog until she saw a statue and some people wearing red and black cloaks surrounding it. The statue looked pagen, and their chanting was certainly ritualistic,but the thing that stood out was the bodies rising from the ground. The god damn reports were right.

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#3Juni Anastos 

Dance Of The Undead [Quest:Ylva] Empty on Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:11 am

Juni Anastos
She could do something about this but she was told not too and so she only wrote down an account of what she saw from the statue to the cultist. Nothing would go undocumented. The cultists were in a big circle, at some point they all slit their hands, the blood hitting the ground and all the blood pooled towards the statue like a magnet. The statue glowed a blood red color and before emitting a low humming sort of sound. The same sound was made by some of the members of the cultist and some others began to chant. Ylva was getting scared as she saw more undead rise from the ground near the statue.She probably had all the information that she needed and quickly got the hell out of the area, running as fast as she could right back to the gates of Era. She jumped over tree branches, rocks, across streams, never looking back as she did so. There was already enough going on in the world why did this have to add onto it? People taking advantage of situations was always the way of the world but she could tell this would be bad if not gotten under control.

She didn’t know when she made it back but when she did she shared her notes with Marwin. Out of breath and pretty shaken up about what she saw, Ylva could only hope that what she passed on could be of help. She was confirming what was already known but the extra details she had to share were more valuable to Marwin than she ever knew it could be. Marwin thanked Ylva, for all the help she gave and for placing herself willingly in a possibly dangerous situation. He paid her and sent her on her way while assuring her that this would be taken care of with haste. She could only hope he was right, taking her pay and leaving to do more work.

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