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Detecting Derailers [Quest/Ylva]

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 Detecting Derailers [Quest/Ylva] Empty on Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:15 pm

She didn’t bother stopping. The sun had already risen when she completed her last quest. Counting her jewels she smiled and went to her in to place them somewhere safe. She couldn’t slow down, she had to keep moving, it wasn’t that she was trying to work herself to bits but she couldn’t just not work towards gaining a better rank. Apparently around these parts to get noticed one must work for the betterment of the people, something she was happy to do anyway. As she entered the inn and then entered her room she remembered the box that was tucked away under the bed. Since it’s arrival they hadn’t made a move, something that had Ylva constantly on edge. Before the box arrived she was more than afraid but now she was ready for whatever may come, she even welcomed it. Wasting no more time than she needed to, she collected some things and quickly made her way to collect a new job. On the job board she found yet another request from a Rune Knight. She was starting to think what Erebus said about them was true. Could they not be bothered to do their own work? She didn’t know nor did she care anymore. There were things she needed to get done, and if helping them was the way to do it, then she would gosh darn do it.

Lionel could be found inside of his office awaiting anyone to take the quest he placed up. He was busy filling out the last details on one of his men that needed to be investigated. He didn’t even bother to look up from his task when he heard someone enter. Ylva noticed that the door to the office she was directed to was open. She knocked on the wall outside of it, waiting to be told to come in.

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Once she got the ok to do so she entered into the room and took a seat. She wore a sundress and dark glasses over her eyes, which seemed to be glowing on and off throughout the day. She had the glasses specially made as she didn’t want to freak people out with whatever her eyes were doing. Lionel finally looked up from his work to see a very beautiful young lady sitting across from him. He assumed she was here for the job and Ylva verified as much when she spoke on it. Lionel would nod and get together a few documents, planning on going over them with her before sending her off. He wanted to make sure she understood who these people were so there would be no mix ups or misunderstandings.

In no particular order Ylva listened as she was told about each of the five men. It was brief descriptions, but enough for her to have a picture painted. Besides she would also be carrying the full documents around if she ever needed to consult them for positive identifications. The first of the men was named Jacob Gogldoc. It was a weird last name but he was a short pudgy man, with dark hair that was slicked back and beady little black eyes like a bug. He was hired more for his mental poweress than anything else but he also had an uncanny proficiency with making people confess things. He was usually paired up with is partner Dorian Black who was just a beast of a man. Unlike Jacob he wasn’t very smart but the man was built like a mountain and packed the punch of one too if a mountain could hit someone. It was also noted that even at his size, his speed was nothing to scoff at, as the man could clear whole fields in seconds.



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The two were a powerhouse of a team, Brains and Brawn all wrapped up. The next knight was a woman named Tallie Lorea, she looked tired in her pictures and it took Lionel to assure her that she was always that tired. There was nothing special about her she was just a regular knight compared to the rest but she often covered up for things other officers did and accepted bribes in order to not have to do any work.

 Then there was Jessei Actiolia and her partner and sister Bessie Actiolia. Twin sisters who even though have a clean record, was reported having a hand in bringing drugs into the city. Now the reports that were given were just that, reports, with no concrete evidence. Thats where Ylva came in. She had the rounds and whereabouts of each person and soon she was on her way to get the truth. Without wasting more of Lionel’s time she started with the sisters. They were always together no matter what so it was easier to track them down and follow their trail. She learned that these two dirty Knights were in fact not only funneling drugs into the city, they were taking bribes and possibly allowing human trafficking. With all she needed to know on them she went straight to following  the next person. Tallie. Tallie took a little longer to figure out what she was doing because it was so subtle. For the most part she looked like she was just being lazy but in reality she was letting crime run rampant around her as long as they paid up money to her when she caught someone doing something wrong. She also wrote false reports on those who didn’t pay up to her. Ylva was disgusted at these sort of acts and now knew what Erebus was talking about. The only people of the five that weren’t scum was Jacob and Dorian. The two who looked most shady, they were outstanding Knights and went above and beyond what any person would do. With all her information she quickly reported right back to Lionel. He looked just as surprised as she was but quickly found out how true her statements were when someone dropped some pictures off, catching them in their acts that matched what Ylva just told him. Lionel thanked Ylva and paid her before sending her off.

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