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Dauntless [Training: Faye]

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Eternal Winter

When the chime of midnight edged itself quietly into the background, the night’s weather started unbecoming for her standards. The wind was in a rush to get somewhere, and with it came the hushed sounds of a rough breeze, as if it carried something weightless in its tracks. There were many a mystery to unravel and unearth under the promise of adventure, and there wasn’t such a thing as a journey too grand or too insignificant to a woman who’s greater ambitions lay in the matters of wandering aimlessly among the crowds, seamlessly navigating the roads that traversed the neighbouring cities like nobody’s business. It had been more of a habit for him of sorts, unable to truly manage the urge to walk, as if something compelled her to keep moving despite being bound to responsibilities.

The circumstances have changed, evidently, and though it was unspeakable for her to put off the duty of finding her way back home, her inner being was calm and quiet, as if the storm was only in her head, having passed even before it started. Hence, she found herself situated under the bright and blinding lights of a garden, watching the night blur into an ungodly mix of vice and beauty, lies and art.

There was no specific reason as to why she was here at the biggest garden situated in the town, though she couldn’t quite deny the beauty that it presented. Seconds plodded by, each separated by an eternity and silence was the only thing that was exchanged between herself and the scene before her, in exception of the cold wind that whispered through the trees. But, she didn’t mind it at all. In fact, it was probably what she needed after having her being travelling to and from between places. She'd have her weapon edged neatly into its sheath as he shouldered it over his back with a black band, causing the weapon to emit a metallic tang with his every step. Though she considered it more akin to the sound of her regular routine, perhaps even a small foreboding tune to a great encounter up ahead.

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Faye felt restless that night. From inside the warmth of her room, even among the lifeless eyes that fell over her, she felt restless. The moon hanging high up in the hands of the night sky looked even more daunting than usual. She felt a chill. It felt as if somewhere something was happening, something beyond the hands of a little, insignificant water mage like Faye. Thoughts like this seemed to just find her unexpectedly these days, between her missions, between a walk down the street, between her precious time with her puppets; they just kept coming every now and then. Just when she thought she could explain it, it sneaks away and then comes back later just as she thinks everything will be alright. It played sick, cruel games with her mind. It lifted her from something shapeless and then dropped her back into something burning cold and searing hot at the same time. This sort of mood swings honestly scared her.

That particular night, things just were not looking up. Faye felt her head ache as she closed the curtains of her room. Without much thought, she took a cardigan and took off into the awaiting shadows of the streets outside. It was as if the pale moonlight was beckoning her over to somewhere because she had thoughtlessly followed only the paths that were lit up. There was so much misplaced energy inside her that was waiting to just burst forth without any particular place to go. It just paced back and forth inside her burning heart. There was no past or future she could find solace in.

With a mind of its own, her legs took her to the nearest garden in Era, a rather well built place Faye would have appreciated if she did not have so many other thoughts churning and making waves within her. But surprisingly enough, she found that Faye was not the only one out without rest in the middle of the night. That bit of silver tresses, she will recognize them anywhere at this point. Somehow, her heart cooled down a little. Right, she did not have to be alone. She was not cursed, she had friends. She would never be like her father.

Faye took a deep breath, forcing a smile on her face as she approached the solitary woman. “Snowflake,” She softly called out, making her presence known. She did not know what to say or ask after that. Somehow, there was this understanding between Snowflake and herself that they were both lost in thoughts and feelings beyond their capability of explanation. Faye, especially, was on edge that night. She wanted to ask Snowflake what the purpose for her life was, what she had to do to escape this seemingly never ending numbness. But, she guessed even Snow would not be able to help her with her inner turmoil. In the end, she simply found a place next to the woman. “I guess you can’t sleep either…” She sighed with a mirthless smile.

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Eternal Winter

Above her was a sky that was black tranquility married to a poetry of stars. It was the softness that called body and brain to rest and let the heart go to its steady rhythm. Night came as a reward of sorts, a restfulness above to calm the soul. It was night like these that Snowflake craved the most – simple and peaceful – where she could succumb to the million thoughts that ran wild in her head and let her notions overwhelm her and it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Sometimes, she would create scenarios out of her head and her tendency to overthink only made her fret, adding worry after worry.

The hunter ventured out into the streets not because she was lonely, nor because she was bored, but simply because she wanted a breather for herself – to stare upon this brilliant starry night. Perhaps it was because of the midnight light that made everything bigger and brighter, blurred in the most fantastic way; just gazing at the midnight blue canvass above stole every thought from her mind, the usual carousel of worries simply forgotten. There was the heavenly stars above and a crescent moon to smile down; what else was there to know about?

In spite of this lonely night, a presence that she came to notice not long after indicated that she was not so lonely after all as she heard her name called out by a familiar voice. In truth, it almost came no surprise to see Faye stumbling upon her again, considering the countless number of times they had ran into each other before. ”It’s not that I couldn’t sleep, I just wanted to see the sky.” With wrists secured to the back, she gazed up at the sky once again and she frets that it’s now a habit of hers to do when there wasn’t anything on her mind. ”Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Taking one glance at the empyreans above, the ice sculptress finally turned towards Faye, a single strand of silver falling past her shoulder. ”Since we’re here together, we should make good use of this precious time, don’t you think?” The woman planted her fist onto her free palm and cracked her knuckles as well as her neck. ”I’ve been meaning to test out these new abilities of mine. I could use a bit of your help.”

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Beautiful? Faye subconsciously tilted her head up to look at the dark ocean of stars. ‘Is it?’ She thought, a dull look slowly clouding her eyes. For reasons even unknown to herself, Faye had gotten depressed. Her mood these days were unpredictable but she just couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Not even when in that night, even as she looked up at the beautiful sky, all she could see was the ominous looking full moon. The round, hanging, clouded moon; its halos seeping into the thin cracks of the night sky; and the light that seemed to cast on her. Faye closed her eyes as if she was hiding from something but quickly composed herself and smiled at Snow.

“Yes, it is beautiful,” empty words. Her lips curved up without meaning. She just did not want to show the monsters in her heart. Neither the uncertainty nor the shame and hatred towards herself. She had believed her life was happy. She had believed it was content. In a world of her own with her puppets, the creations she breathed life into, she thought nothing would ever enter unlike that dark room from her childhood. She thought she was safe. But then her most beloved one, the one link with her father, had suddenly disappeared without a trace. The world she clearly kept a distance from suddenly opened up and she was thrust into it. She had to speak, she had to do it on her own, she couldn’t just hide anymore. Nevertheless, she faced it as if nothing was wrong. In fact, certainly on sometimes, Faye had felt truly happy. When she met Zane and reunited with Snowflake, she felt happy.

When Snowflake suggested training, she thought she might as well do it. If not for its actual purpose, then to at least take her mind off of things. Perhaps the heat of training will finally clear up her head, or perhaps pull her out of her long winding thoughts. Whatever it was, she was ready to be on board with it. Thinking so, she got off her seat and walked a couple of steps forward, drawing in a long breath and feeling the air fill her lungs. “Alright, let’s do it. I have a couple of moves I want to test out as well. I’m not nearly as powerful as you, however,” She told Snowflake truthfully. Faye had no reason to hide her weakness. She really was not at all as strong as a mage with her experience should be. Indulging in her hobbies, she had willfully left her training and strengthening behind. She could not even remember the last time she let her magic flow out, felt its electrifying grip over her hands and fingers.

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Eternal Winter

Perhaps it was just her instinct, or perhaps she was simply good at reading people – despite her failure to express her own emotions – but she noticed something was a bit off about her friend. It could have just been her thinking too much albeit, she decided not to let the words pass her lips. She believed that if there was something bothering the puppeteer, the hunter would wait until Faye was comfortable enough to voice her own worries. Somehow, she was glad that she brought up the suggestion of training some of their abilities, mayhap it might help her get some things off her chest.

The woman simply smiled when her friend confessed to her insecurities, in a way of encouragement that she shouldn’t fret about her deficiencies. Even for Snowflake herself, it took years to get to where she wanted to be now, and in spite of the power she had, she still felt that her abilities were inadequate. As a perfectionist, she always felt that there was always room to get better, always the need to better herself. She may be too critical of herself but it was how she grew up, thinking that it was the only way to get her stronger, though she was never cynical enough to judge someone for their abilities or their rank.

With Faye agreeing to her suggestion, Snowflake was the first one to get into action as she ran both of her arms over each other and a patch of ice would slowly grow over her entire body until it gradually turned into ice. It was almost as if her body was a glass mirror, sparkling and reflective of the stars and the moonlight that she basked upon. As the ice slowly spread to her legs and feet, it would continue expand over the hard ground that they stood upon, freezing the land beneath them. ”Whoops, I might have to control that a bit more.” She spoke, as her body naturally returned to its original form with a complete set of skin and bones.

Still standing in the middle of the street, she didn’t feel quite ashamed to display her abilities, for there wasn’t anyone around them to begin with. She felt comfortable testing out her new developments that she had made for her magic and it was apparent that she wasn’t done yet. With a snap of her fingers, chains of ice extruded from the palm of her hands as she extended them out into the direction of Faye. The chains would latch onto the body of her friend as if it was a sole support and would pull Snowflake towards her, before she stopped at an arm-stretch distance and the chains would eventually disappear into fumes of cold wind. ”I think that one was my favourite.”

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Faye wanted to feel free, to let go of the many invisible chains that had bound her in the past. She just had to get all the mana flowing inside her again like a tidal wave crashing into the awaiting shore. Under the tranquil moon, Snowflake and Faye stood facing each other. Looking at the woman in front of her, Faye couldn’t say that she did not feel jealous, but then again, Faye also knew she had no one but herself to blame. Snow was as bright as a star, a pure unadulterated star while Faye hid so much darkness inside her, so much that she lost herself in it at times. She was like a puppet with her strings still attached to her dead father. ‘I want to let go…’

As Snow coated her figure with ice, Faye looked on in awe. It began at the tips of her fingers and started spreading all over until it shined brilliantly on Snow’s skin, illuminated by the pale moonlight that ghosted over her. The lights and shadows over them swished and swayed as wind blew cold whispers over. The sight was picturesque, it was beautiful. Just seeing Snow like that made Faye smile. “Yes, but it looks beautiful,” Faye answered gesturing to the retreating ice.

Now Snow was not done yet. The next move was just as incredible as the last one. This time the magic circle that appeared in front of Snow’s palms produced chains of ice that quickly made its way over to Faye. As it extended its clutches onto her, Faye felt her eyes widen as something inside her snapped and sprang forth. The chains that reflected the lights were turning into the thin strings she tied her puppets down with. No, she thought. She did not want to be bound.

As the burn of her mana surged within Faye, she felt her eyes close for a split second as a magic circle appeared right in front of her and out from it came a water cyclone, spinning and spinning over the shining circle of archaic words. It stopped the chains that came her way, spun for a while longer and fell away in a rain of wet coldness that fell over the two mages. “Ah, I couldn’t control that either,” Faye said as she came out of her daze. They were both almost completely drenched now. “Shit, we should get going before we catch a cold. Let’s go, my inn is somewhere close,” Faye quickly ran fingers through her hair and gestured for Snowflake to follow her. Admittedly enough, Faye knew she had lost control of her magic for a second there. But perhaps that burst of energy was what she needed to clear her head.

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