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For a New Era (Travel)

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For a New Era (Travel) Empty on Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:03 am

Finn had made his way to the designated spot. He and Xandra had agreed to meet by the river, where their previous day had sought fit to bring them together, in order to travel with on another to Era. He had arrived first, a bit earlier than the time they had agreed upon. It had been easy for him to get ready, of course. He had very little in the form of material possessions. A green backpack contained what changes of clothes he had, and his sword remained strapped beneath that in a way that made it easy to draw without risking damage to the backpack itself. For someone who was well versed enough, it wouldn't take long to realize that Finn was someone who was both perpetually prepared for battle, but also ready to tackle the unknown. Any sort of surprise antics on their travel would be easily dealt with.

Once she arrived, his guard loosened just a bit. It was not that he didn't consider the fact that he still needed to be weary of his surroundings, it was just that now he was traveling with someone whom he felt he could trust to help protect him, as he would her. It was one of the perks to traveling with someone that people normally didn't bother to mention. The sense of security in knowing you had someone who would help watch your back. For a moment, without meaning to, he let his mind drift back to Jake. Her words snapped him from that memory though, bringing him back to the present and causing a smile to engrave itself upon his lips. He was here now, in the moment. If anything, Jake would be happy to see that. After all, they didn't leave on good terms. It was his reaction that was negative, not Jake's reasoning.

And so, with that positive mood set, they began off towards their new destination of Era. Their travel consisted of plenty of conversation between them, with even the silence feeling welcomed. It was true that he'd have enjoyed anyone's presence to lighten his travels, but perhaps he enjoyed hers especially. Before they knew it, and within only a single day of their traveling at high speeds and hitching rides on carriages that were willing to allow them a short distance, they had reached their desired location of Era, the home of the Rune Knights and the next stop on their adventure.

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Xandra Queen
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A smile rested on her lips as she walked, letting her steps drown within the distant sounds of people bustling their way through the streets of the town that she would soon depart. Her eyes laid still on the dull sky that rested above her head, still gloomy from the aftermath of the storm from yesterday. However, the refreshing scent of the rain still lingered in the air as the sun hid behind the scarce clouds. It was truly a perfect weather for travelling.

Xandra's steps etched along the route that she had taken the day before, with her friend, as she now headed back towards the river. A bright green hue penetrated her vision as it differed from the surrounding blue tones that engulfed the vicinity. From a distance, she spotted Finn standing there, next to the small fence that separated the pathway from the water in hopes of preventing the happenings of the day before. She leisurely walked over towards him with a smile and before she realized, they would have departed towards their destination.

For someone who had always crawled up in her little hole of solitude, she was suddenly introduced to the joy of having a companion to travel with. The four days of journeying through the rough landscape, previously seemed exhausting. Now, however, they held to them an element of enjoyment that she found herself appreciating. The knight loosened up as she knew she could trust Finn enough that an unforeseen situation didn't appear to be threatening.

The sounds of the merchants engaging in idle chatter, followed by the subtle creaks of their carriage invaded her ears as she glanced out the window, taking in the scenery that passed by. There were no hints of fatigue in her as she felt relaxed, bringing up topics for small talk with her companion or even letting the quietude befall upon them. Perhaps it truly dawned upon her that times change people. When the hands of clock move forward, they take with them the people who attempt to remain stuck in the past, much like herself. It was surprising how different the past was compared to the present as it seemed almost laughable to her, the fact that a few years ago, she could never have loosened up like this. It seemed that it was time to stop reminiscing over the times that had passed. As they entered the city of Era, she let a resolving smile take over her face.

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