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Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo]

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#1Amaris Ashryver † 

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Amaris Ashryver †

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] HkN4H1a

The street lanterns cast a flickering light onto the wet asphalt; soft rain poured into the night and it was quiet. The dimly lit roads of Era were gloomy and uninviting, but even worse were the massive buildings at the center of the city–the Rune Knight headquarters, located atop a large mountain. Amaris scoffed at the entire construction–a place she thought nothing of, filled with people she wanted nothing to do with.

But Amaris could not help her curiosity.

She spent years living in Fiore without ever exploring the very center of it and while the werewolf lady believed that a healthy distance between herself and any supporters of the church could only be the best of decisions, she caught herself growing more and more interested in what lay behind those thick walls, high on top of the mountain. Nothing good, of course, at least not for someone like her.

Amaris was a natural born werewolf–not made or created like vampyres–but born. To say that she was proud of possessing such an outstanding, ancient bloodline was an understatement, but it was also that very same pride that had gotten her entire pack killed, that had left her orphaned and estranged from her homeland Minstrel.

It was almost midnight now and the town’s people had fallen asleep. Amaris stood in a line of trees surrounding a park, and not far ahead of her she had spotted a few Rune Knights on their nightly shift. There was nothing, no threat or sensation of fear she felt when looking at them; to her surprise, those young men were almost overwhelmingly human. Amaris often wondered whether or not she should begin to quietly rot them out, one by one, the same way they had done it to her kind. She savoured the thought, but unfortunately, this would never be more than a death wish–after all, there was only one wolf, and the knights were legion.  

Amaris was black-clad, most of her attire hidden underneath a long, furred cloak. Her boots were heeled, making her appear slightly taller than she actually was and her bright, purple hair sparkled in contrast to her dark attire. Mindlessly, she cracked her knuckles and began using her claws (often mistaken by humans as extraordinarily long and pointy fingernails) to dig out large chunks of tree bark.

She was starving.

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As the rain danced on the asphalt of the streets of Era, Manzo found himself stuck in said rain. The joyan knew the rain all too well, considering he was born into a country that was struck with storms on the daily. One could almost say it reminded him of home to a degree. Though thoughts of home would not keep him warm on this night, there was a certain chill in the air. Perhaps it was signalling the change of seasons, or a storm from the north was rolling in. It was hard to say, given that he was a simple courier and not a well versed meteorologist.

As he made his way down the dimly lit streets, he spied a company of knights patrolling the street. Something that wasn't all that strange given the time of night, but his slayer senses felt another presence perhaps that of an animal in the clearing. Though the closer he got to them the more it seemed that there were eyes watching him. A sense of blood lust was in the air, was this going to be another instance of wrong time wrong place. Perhaps he could change the focus of the gaze that was on the knights to himself.

He had a duty to this city, and it's people. It was a time of war after all, and what ever lurked in the dark was his responsibility. He covertly removed his revolver from it's holster, moving down an alley way to a good vantage point. He fired a shot off in the air, this would send the knights running in the opposite direction of where they were headed. He quickly re holstered his fire arm and walked back out into the open, hoping that one target would be enough to lure out what ever it was that was hiding.

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Amaris Ashryver †

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] HkN4H1a

Amaris inhaled sharply; through wind and rain, a breeze had carried their scent towards her, a mixture of iron, human flesh and mead–perhaps they weren’t on duty anymore.

From afar, she could hardly spot any dissimilarities between them–once human or still, what difference did it make? Amaris looked human–very much so, actually–and the things that made her stand out, made her something else could only be spotted upon closer inspection. Little things such as her nails, which were actually claws, the canines hidden behind those full lips and the oval shape of her iris–all of which were small indicators that maybe she simply wasn’t human. Not that anyone had ever come close enough to make notice of those features, Amaris was careful after all.

She had to be after everything that had happened.

It was then, when she was forced to tear her attention away from the Rune Knights and focus it on something else entirely. The sound of a gunshot thundered through the night, audible even to those who didn’t have her particular hearing. The werewolf snarled, pulled the dark hood of her cloak deeply into her face and swiftly retreated into the thicket. Amaris could only watch in disbelief, when the Rune Knights quickly scurried off into the opposite direction.

Did..did someone just steal her prey?

Indirectly, of course, and it’s not like she was intending to hunt all of them (especially not at once!), but theoretically speaking someone had just deprived her of her prey. Amaris was furious. She whirled around and began stalking the echo of the gunshot, quickly (and as quietly as possible) moving closer to the location from where she assumed it had been fired. The rain mercifully put a damper on her footsteps and her own night vision and excellent sense of smell guided her through the darkness.

Unfortunately for her the person firing the shot wasn’t stupid. She spotted him (assuming that it was a male due to his larger frame) from far away and slowly moved closer until she stood behind a tree, only a few meters away from where he was on the clearing. A terrible place for her to ambush anyone, but a perfect place for him to aim and shoot.    

Amaris inhaled a deep breath–and gasped. Different, she thought to herself and confusion spread across her face. Upon first glance he seemed to be very much human, a hunter perhaps. Guns and rifles weren’t uncommon with a hunter, and human hunters weren’t uncommon at all. There was something else about him however, that made her take a step back.

Something unworldly she didn’t recognize.

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The air grew silent as the rain came down harder now, still with his gun drawn he wondered just how long it would take to lure this demon, vampyre, or what ever else it could be out. He knew of one way to do it, albeit a quite painful way. Something he learned when hunting rabid wolves in Joya. They were drawn to the smell of blood much like a shark in water. So if this didn't work he would certainly need to update his bestiary with whatever it is was lurking in the shadows.

He holstered his gun for the moment, and pulled a dagger from underneath his coat he wore. He slowly and over dramatically rolled up his sleeve, wanting to be sure what ever it was in the tree line knew he was about to ring the dinner bell. He took the dagger and lay it upon his flesh. Around the bend of the elbow where a large vein could be found. He was quite the bleeder, though he was able to patch himself up rather quickly with his magic.

He applied a small amount of pressure as he let the dagger glide across his skin, blood began to flow from his arm. Under the pale moonlight it was evident to anyone that was around. The contract of colors was enough to spark the senses of anyone or anything within 1 kilometer. If it was a demon, then the course of action was simple. Shove the barel of his revolver clear down it's throat and unload.

Be it vampyre, he would let it drink from him for a while, after all no one could help what they were, they just simply were. Blood to a vampyre was essential, much how eating normally was to him. Werewolf was another story, be it Lycan and he would certainly have to go hunting. Not for it mind you, but for something other than law abiding citizens for it to chow on.

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Amaris Ashryver †

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] HkN4H1a

Amaris’ eyes crept up on the stranger, she held him in her gaze even though she was almost certain he could not see her. The night was dark, she was black-clad and carefully hid her frame behind a large tree; this was nothing like her, but Amaris was still thrown off by that scent, that weird, peculiar scent that had marked him as not prey. The werewolf lady rarely, very rarely hunted humans. She was well adapted to life inside the cities mankind had built, but her primal instincts and needs could never be completely subdued–she never wanted them to fade. This was her birthright, after all.

The pungent smell of blood stained the air and Amaris sniffed. She had observed his movement and found herself surprised at how slowly he moved and how well thought out his action was–stupid, and completely pointless of course–but he did it in a non-provoking manner and that gave her a sign.

She could only guess the enemy he was expecting to see; Amaris had heard rumours of vampires roaming Earthland along with other godless creatures. It didn’t bother her that she wasn’t as rare as one would have thought, but having so little knowledge in regards to other races was reason for concern. Amaris doubted vampires were edible, Nekomata and Kitsune on the other hand surely would make for an enjoyable hunt and a delicious snack.

Fortunately, the smell of blood (whatever type of blood it was) did not trigger the woman, so instead she stepped out of her hiding place into a spot where she became more visible to him, depending on how well his eyes had adapted to the dark of course, and pulled her hood down. If anything, Amaris’ appearance was everything but alarming and frightening although she wasn’t exactly petite, the woman was far from intimidating–visually speaking, at least.

”Goodness gracious,” she began, her voice clearly indicating a mocking tone while her expression showed indifference bordering annoyance, ”don't do it! There’s so much to live for.” She wondered if he felt stupid now, cutting himself for no apparent reason. She knew he never intended to harm himself for the sake of harming himself of course, but Amaris also couldn’t see what else he expected out of that action.

As if a few drops of fishy smelling blood would automatically cause all sorts of abominations to jump from their hiding spots and chase after him. Surely the undead had more self control than that.

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"Well well, seems like we have a beast with a sense of humor." He said to himself with a chuckle as black lightning gathered around his hand. He placed his palm upon the cut on his arm, cauterizing the would. As he removed his hand from his arm he sheathed his dagger back into his coat. "I like that, makes things interesting." It was true that most of the creatures of the night that he had encountered in the past were unfortunately as dumb as rocks and would fall for just about anything. Not this one though, this one had intelligence. Not something common among blood starved beasts.

He rested his hand on the butt of his gun and smirked, his red eyes piercing through the darkness like the beam of a light house illuminating the surf. "Those men you were targeting, did you really think you could take all three?" He said as he pulled a cigarette from the pack in his pocket, lifting it to his lips. With a snap of a finger it was lit. "Surely a woman with your hunting ability was watching to see which was the weakest." He said as he exhaled through his nose, a large cloud of smoke following.

"Sad to say I can't let you eat the Knights. Not that I have any love for them mind you, but I can't say they deserve to be eaten." While it was true that he had his fair share of run ins with the Rune Knights over the years for simply being a God Slayer, something the church barely tolerated.

"But if it's a meal you're looking for, I know a place." He said as he flicked the ash from his cigarette. Had she any sense, she would take him up on that offer. He meant her no harm, though if things went south, he would unfortunately have to put her down, but it wasn't something he wanted or looked forward to.

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Amaris Ashryver †

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] HkN4H1a

”How ironic," the lycanthrope spoke, ”for someone like you, who is making an awful lot of assumptions, to say something like that.” Amaris’ golden eyes shot a glance at his gun, but her brows only furrowed when she noticed his display of magic–quickly, the woman decided that she wasn’t fond of this stranger.

She found his commentary on the Rune Knights curious; after all, didn’t he just fire a gunshot into the middle of the night for no apparent reason? A waste of ammunition, considering that there was no real threat and this was still the middle of a city swarmed with civilians; in short: it was a pointless act to show off.

But then again, humans had always been an arrogant breed.

”I don’t know what exactly it is you are accusing me off,” she shrugged and turned her gaze away, ”but if you are some kind of guardian of the law like them,” Amaris jerked her chin towards the Rune Knight’s headquarters, ”then I suggest you stop wasting your time searching for evil in one of the safest cities in the country and go find some place where you can actually be useful.” She scoffed and casually walked away.

Amaris didn’t know what exactly it was that told him she was a hunter and a maneater without ever even seeing her, but eventually came to the conclusion that it was something silly related to magic. Sorcery was a pretentious craft and in her opinion, it fitted quite well with the otherwise useless human race that had nothing else going for them. Perhaps coming to Era was a mistake after all. Amaris shook off the raindrops and pulled her hood back up before heading back down the streets where she would hope to find a bar or a similar establishment.

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"Searching for evil huh, if she only knew what was going on in the world right now." He said as he turned his back to her, and headed off in a different direction. He was actually in the middle of a delivery when he happened upon this little incident, which meant his break was over. He made his way down the alley, toward the bar where he was to delivery the package. Or well letter in this case, it had just come in, and he knew who it was meant for was more than a little eager to receive it so he couldn't waste any more time.

Though he did wonder if he did indeed have it wrong back there. Though as a hunter, he had to do what it was he believed to be right in that situation. For if she had been up to no good, she could have killed a civilian. If it was between offending a stranger, or keeping someone alive, well he could live with that. Though something told him, this wouldn't be the last time he would encounter her. Hopefully their next meeting wouldn't result in needing an apology, he wasn't too good at those.

He made his way to the door step of the bar, hoping he hadn't missed the person in question. He quickly took off his coat, letter in hand now. He made his way over to the bar, a friendly smile on his face as he greeted the bar tender. "I believe I have something for you, it's yours if you bring me a stiff drink and a bowl of noodles." He said with a joking tone as he gave him the letter in question.

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Amaris Ashryver †

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] HkN4H1a

What a relief, Amaris thought; she had waited until she was out of sight before exhaling a deep sigh. The woman was relieved that the stranger did not investigate her further. It would have been more than just a mere inconvenience for her if he had pressed further to learn more about her intentions, but she supposed that it was her very own fault. After all, she had come to Fiore and she had chosen Era–out of all places–as the perfect place to visit.  

It was true what they said about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, but Amaris knew she would have to learn to be less obvious about her actions. Blending into mankind is more difficult than I thought, she furrowed her brows, but eventually shook her head. It had been different in Minstrel, but perhaps she had only felt that way because her parents and others of her kind were actually around–in hindsight, neither of them had spent much time attempting to blend in with anyone, or else they wouldn’t have been caught and slaughtered.

Amaris was heading down a mainstreet now, one that lead around the park she had previously been inside of. She had looked over her shoulder a few minutes ago, but from what she could tell the man hadn’t exactly been interested in causing trouble for himself or for her. Fair enough, she thought to herself. There was a bar just down the street that she was heading towards, a decent place she had visited before: the drinks were alright, albeit a bit pricey, and they served plenty of meat.

Unfortunately, she found it to be closed at this hour. Makes sense, she supposed–it was the middle of the week after all.  

This left Amaris with no choice but to seek out a place much further away from her current location. By the time she arrived her cloak was drenched and she was starving. Lured in by the overwhelming scent of meat, alcohol and spices, the werewolf opened the doors and quickly hushed inside. Of course she would have never entered if she had known who was inside, but the the increasing hunger had put a damper on her senses. She wanted to rest, at least for the night, and so Amaris took a seat at an empty table by the window and ordered steak and wine.

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What a strange evening it had been so far, but thankfully it was coming to a close now. He had a bowl of noodles in front of him and a cup of sake as well. This was the perfect end to the day he had envisioned. Though it took some interesting turns to get there, the life of a courier and mage was certainly a tiring one these days. Letters coming in to check on their loved ones from unaffected cities was a normal thing now. It was almost as if it was war time. Even though it seemed the war was over, it was nice to see that people were still thinking of others. The white haired mage would stretch and let out of a yawn before something caught his eyes. Piercing yellow eyes from across the room. It had seemed the woman he had questioned earlier had made her way in here of all places. A hunter bar, well if she was in here perhaps he had it wrong. That was rather embarrassing for him to think about. Perhaps he was just on edge from the last battle.

Though that was no excuse for him to have treated her in such a way. He could at least cover her meal, that was the only appropriate gesture he could think of. He quickly grabbed a waitress and informed her of the situation. She would go over to the woman's table and inform her someone had paid for her meal. Hopefully she wouldn't ask any questions about it, he wasn't very good at eating crow. Probably one of his many character flaws. Though it wasn't something he should dwell on, it's not like he did on purpose, he was just trying to be careful.

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Amaris Ashryver †

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] HkN4H1a

”It’s absolutely delicious," Amaris spoke, placing down the glass of wine she had just taken a sip from–both, the food and the drink were excellent. The waitress, who she assumed had approached to check on her, seemed delighted. ”Thank you, Miss,” the younger female gave her a quick nod, ”the owners of this establishment take pride in hunting their own game, the meat you are eating is the the freshest and the best you will find in the entire town!”

Amaris nodded. ”I can tell.”

”Surely you will be interested in knowing that your meal has already been paid for as well, although the person would rather avoid having their identity revealed.” The girl chuckled. By the looks of it, she was only  few years younger than Amaris herself, but the werewolf was an old soul; way beyond her years.

Quietly, the lycanthrope took another sip of wine. ”I appreciate it,” she eventually said, slowly placing the glass back down. ”In that case, if there’s anything else you need, let me know!”

Golden orbs followed her as she shuffled away and eventually closed. Without taking another bite, the woman inhaled a deep breath through her nose, testing the air around her for a familiar scent–or perhaps even a threatening one–until she found him. You have got to be kidding me, she almost rolled her eyes, but decided to keep it together. The gesture in itself was actually rather nice, even though she didn’t think much of it. Amaris' gaze searched the room until she eventually found him. She waited for him to look up and once their eyes met, she would give him a slow nod–acknowledging the meal he had paid for and the gesture behind it, nothing more and nothing less.  

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] XRoCq8x

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 He did truthfully feel a bit better after having made that small gesture as an apology to her. Though he was curious about this mysterious woman. He had seen close to everyone here in the city with his job. But she was different, hell she even smelled different. Though it was not polite to both anyone who was having dinner. So he thought it only appropriate to send her one more gift to show how sorry he was for the mix up. That was before the two of them locked eyes. 

Those yellow eyes, almost canine like. Then again, most people who saw his ruby red orbs believed him to be some kind of a demon. Which wasn't true, it was just a parting gift from his magic. Though one's eyes were seen as windows to the soul. 

Though her eyes were cloudy, not easily read. As if she was safe guarding something. Something she didn't wish for others to know. At least from his perspective, though truthfully just pure intuition alone was not enough to go on when it came to the opposite sex. Women were very good at hiding their intentions, and feelings. Unlike men who were quite hot headed, and prone to act quite rash.

He would call the waitress over once more. This time sending her something, instead of just paying for it. He would send over the bars famous desert. A triple layer fudge cake, and their most expensive red wine. A little something extra to show her that there was no hostility from him in this moment. Not to mention a better welcome to the city than the one he had previously given her.

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Amaris Ashryver †

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] HkN4H1a

It seemed there was no end to the stranger’s kindness; perhaps he was embarrassed by his previous behavior–Amaris wouldn’t put it past him. She finished her meal at a reasonable pace and now that her stomach was filled and the taste of sweet wine warmed her insides, the werewolf lady was no longer feeling uncomfortable. Quite the opposite actually: she felt at ease. Amaris wasn’t bothered by the fact that there were hunters around – and why would she be? She was, in one way or another, a huntress herself. And chances were Amaris was much better at performing her arts than these puny humans.

When the fudge chocolate cake arrived Amaris furrowed her brows. Sweets and desserts were not something she usually ordered, but the smell of the cake was delicious and once her gaze fell upon a new glass of wine–the scent telling her it was of different, finer quality than what she had previously–the woman was pleased. Once again, Amaris looked up from her table and locked eyes with the human man while taking a spoon full of cake. Against all odds, she couldn’t help but cringe at the sweetness. It was delicious, just unusual.

Humans were excellent cooks, she had to give them that.

Before taking a sip from the new glass,  Amaris sniffed the deep red liquid–drinks were much easier to poison after all and she simply couldn’t help herself. There was nothing off about it however and when she finally had a taste, she was delighted. “It’s delicious,” the woman mouthed at the man who sat across the room before having another sip of fine wine. Perhaps this night wouldn’t turn out too badly–werewolves took a long time to get drunk  after all.

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 Seeing her reaction to his kindness he thought it appropriate to go over to where she was sitting to make a proper introduction. While he was a bit nervous about walking up to someone he had planned to put in the ground. It was indeed a mistake, or so he thought at the time.As he walked over to her, he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and put it to his lips, snapping his fingers to light it, taking a bit of the edge off. As he exhaled he put it out on the bottom of his shoe and stuck it behind his ear, to save his smokey treat for later.

He was a bit unsure as to what to say to her in this moment. Other than to task her how her meal was. Though that was rather boring in all honesty, he needed to come up with a better topic of conversation. The more he thought about it the more his mind went blank on the subject at hand. So he decided to just wing it instead. "Sorry about earlier, what with all the chaos of the last few months, I was a bit on edge. I hope my gifts helped make up for it?" He asked as he propped himself up on the wall next to her table. Not wanting to sit himself down without asking for permission. 

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Amaris Ashryver †

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] HkN4H1a

“You may sit.”

Amaris took a sip from her glass of wine; she’d expected him to show up eventually and was glad that he did–the back and forth was getting annoying, and she didn’t want any more free food. When Amaris looked at the man, there wasn’t much she could tell simply by taking in his visuals and appearance. She already knew he could by quite.. rash, if you wanted to call it that. Whatever it was that he based his judgement on, it was likely his most dangerous trait.

Weirdly enough, he seemed rather laid back outside of that.

“I’ll forgive you, if you have a cigarette to spare,” Amaris had noticed him lighting one on his way to her table. She had seen a few others, mostly men, smoking cigars around her so the lycan supposed it wasn’t forbidden inside the establishment–no one else seemed to be bothered by it. Smoking was one of her many bad habits, although she didn’t practice it very often. “And yes, everything you have been sending my way was delicious. This place serves excellent food and drinks.” Amaris crossed her legs and gazed at the wizard in front of her.

“I’m not from around here and it’s my first time in Era. How about you?”  

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Manzo chuckled at her request for a cigarette. He would of course oblige, sliding a pack of cigarettes to her from across the table. Knowing that she was indeed a smoker he felt more comfortable retrieving his own and lighting it once again. "They say the best way to get to know someone is over one of these. Never gave it much thought until now though." He said as he snapped his fingers to light his cigarette once again. He would take a long drag off of it as he locked eyes with her. Though he next question wasn't an odd one, it was something he was curious about in regards to her. 

"I come from the nation of Joya. Been in Fiore for about 10 years now. Came over during the Joyan civil war." He said as he flicked the ashes from his cigarette. "If you plan to stick around the city, and have a pretty picky pallet, I can show you some of the better spots in the city." He said as he called the waitress the over to deliver him another cup of sake. Throwing her an extra bag of jewels as a tip for her job well done so far.

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Amaris Ashryver †

Life Is But a Walking Shadow [Manzo] HkN4H1a

Amaris took a last few bites of her chocolate cake; delicious as it was, perhaps she would consider coming here for it again. When he slid his package across the wooden surface the woman quietly took a single cigarette and lit it above the table’s candlefire. And for a good few minutes, she only listened and chose not to immediately respond to his words. She was surprised to hear about his ethnicity–he certainly didn’t look the part. Joya was one of the countries bordering Minstrel, her own homeland, and even though it was so close, she had never known much about it.

“Really,” she took a drag from her cigarette, “You don’t look very much like a typical Joyan–no offense. It’s quite far from Fiore, but I suppose your reasons for coming here are more than legitimate.”

Finally, Amaris decided to take him in. He was tall and well built–but not extraordinarily so. He had pale skin, white hair and strange, red eyes. The latter were what bothered her the most about his look, because it didn’t fit with the personality he showed off. Not many creatures were known to have red eyes and usually, humans were not among them. But for all Amaris knew, this was just another result of magic and therefore something she wouldn’t understand.

When he offered to show her around, she decided to decline. “Thanks, but I have my own ways of getting around. My name is Amaris, and I’d be lying if I told you that it is my pleasure, but sometimes we have to make due with what we have.” The tone of her voice hinted at playfulness, as it was by no means meant as an insult. Amaris arched her brows before taking another sip from her wine.

“Tell me why you were willing to protect the Rune Knights, while simultaneously claiming you’re not fond of them. Clearly you didn’t think they could handle any sort of threat by themselves and I’m quite curious about that.”

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Being told he didn't look very Joyan wasn't something new to him. He did agree with her statement. While most Joyans had jet black hair and dark eyes. He was always accented by his white hair, and red eyes. Something he was made fun of a child. But that was something he didn't bother himself with as an adult. He could change his appearance if he chose to, but more and more he found himself liking his snow white hair and ruby eyes. Not something he could say as a child, or as a young man.

"Pleasure to meet you Amaris. My name is Mattori, Mattori Manzo." He said with a smile. Paying no real attention to her sarcasm, it was only fitting seeing as how he had greeted her to the country. The small talk would come to a quick halt as she brought up the earlier incident.

Why did he take charge in that situation? Given the churches feelings about a magic he considered a blessing. "Well, thats a tough one. Most of the knights that patrol the streets are young men who still think themselves righteous. Wanting to protect the people of their city." He would pause briefly before taking another swallow of his beverage. "Had it been anyone but your standard Knight. I'd have not intervened. Most of the council is corrupt. But those young men just trying to do their job honestly. I'd hate to see the only redeemable thing about the council die out." While quite a mouthful he did believe every word he said.

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“Manzo,” she slowly repeated after him. What a silly name, Amaris thought to herself and faint amusement twinkled in her eyes while her lips thinned into a pretty smile. “Manzo Mattori–that’s a mouthful. I will be remembering that.” She puffed and tucked a strand of her bright, purple hair back behind her ear.

When he started speaking, the werewolf lady was almost surprised at how willingly he gave away his intentions and ideals – not that there was anything reprehensible about them, of course – she simply didn’t think he felt comfortable in speaking so openly about something so problematic.

Perhaps he isn’t the only one who feels like that, she thought and suddenly, things seemed to make a lot more sense. Maybe the Rune Knights weren’t as appreciated and popular as she had initially assumed. “I understand your point,” she gave in and placed her cigarette aside to go for the wine (a truly unhealthy combination, but the werewolf organs could take it). “They always start out like that, young and naive. It’s a shame, honestly, but has there ever been a an army of law enforcers that have not shown some sort of corrupted intent?”  

Amaris meant what she’d said and her words were genuine. "In spite of that, Fiore has proven to be more decent at handling such situations than other countries. It’s a fine place to live, albeit the issues regarding...wizardry.” She halted and stared outside the window, into the dark distance. She supposed Minstrel was similar to Fiore in many ways and sorcerers could be found absolutely everywhere on Earthland. Even far in the south.

“May I ask what it is you do for a living then, Manzo?”

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"Ah yes, this country is famous for it's knack for witchcraft and wizardry. Most people find it quite intimidating, especially species that can't hack it at being a wizard." He said as he took another sip from his glass. Though it did strike him as odd that a little bit of disdain escaped her lips. Perhaps she didn't notice it, though this did make him wonder why. "When you were talking about this countries aptitude for magic, I detected a bit of disdain in your voice. Do you hate wizards?" He asked. Not trying to pry but just a general curiosity of his, one he would like to have satiated.

What he did for work on the other hand was a bit hard to answer. Because some days he was delivering the local mail, and other days he was hand delivering packages worth their weight in jewels. Though regardless of what he said, he knew from his previous interactions with this woman he would catch a bit of flack no matter what."Well to put it simply I'm a courier, and I deliver just about anything and everything." He said putting his cigarette back to his lips. He knew it wasn't a glamorous job like some other people had, but it satisfied him all the same.


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“I don’t find it intimidating at all,” Amaris responded. As a Werewolf, she wasn’t as sensitive to magical damage, or physical one, as most humans or beings. It’s a theory she’d tested many times before and now she could say without a doubt, that she was rather sturdy when it came to damage done to her body. Of course she’d never known or expected anything less from being a Werewolf, but Amaris also knew that it was different with humans. They were much more fragile, so to speak. “But as someone who’s not a sorcerer, I also don’t quite understand it. I don’t hate your kind, if anything I’d say I feel rather neutral towards you, so long as you do not bother me. That goes for everyone, though.”

Of course that was only a half-truth. Amaris didn’t particularly like wizards–in fact, she found them and their fancy spell casting and all that nonsense rather annoying. But this was a country filled with magic, and she wasn’t going to go around expressing her dislike for them in public. She wasn’t an idiot after all. “A courier? That’s interesting and..so simple. If I ever need something delivered, now I know who to turn to.” Amaris emptied her glass of wine. She created pieces of jewelry every now and then and whenever a lady requested a new necklace or a young man wanted to have a handmade engagement ring for his soon to be fiance, people would often turn to her. Amaris was quite talented when it came to that.

“Anyhow, it’s already quite late for me and I will be taking my leave now. Thank you for the meal, the sweets and the drinks, Manzo.” She rose from her chair and gave him a quick nod before leaving the establishment and disappearing into the night.


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