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Hand of Satan, King of the Dead || Solo

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Hand of Satan, King of the Dead || Solo Empty on Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:04 am


Erebus had long been haunted by the afterlife. Tortured by demons in a world of chaos and dread, fiends, ripping him apart. Burning him, manipulating him to no ends. In all his time as a werewolf, none of that could translate over to helping him. But he knew what could. Vampires, hailing from black magic so ancient that it probably was partly due to the princes of hell.

Despite hating demons and all their wretchedness. Erebus was hated by God, and he was nothing but a disgusting ingrate to mankind. So what then? He could do whatever he so pleased. He could tear this world down one block at a time. But there was one fear; one succumbing factor that could slow him to a close.


So how do you deny death? You eliminate your humanity once again. Despite not exactly wanting to join the demons, Erebus knew of another breed talked about merely in folklore. And if Werewolves, Demons, Seraphim, and Dwarves existed. Then surely the creatures of the night, the Vampires... They roamed these lands as well. Erebus had once slept with a vampire, actually he'd slept with two-- they were what he perceived as Vampires at the very least. Mages feeding on the blood of others. Nastasya Crowe and Bianca Fleur both exhibited strength multiple times higher than his. He desired that very strength here now. But even so...

Queens desired Kings and that meant Erebus was going to find his immortality in one. Long had he searched, walking along every night in hopes to come across a suspicious woman hoping to lure him in. He usually cut them down, in fact that was exactly why he murdered the girl from his night with Vali Onfroy. He hoped to have met a vampire and yet she was nothing but stupid prey. back then concealing his anger from the netherworld was difficult. Now he was calm.

He was ready.

Erebus had come to a hot spot for missing peoples, and sure enough sitting on the ground by the wall was a red-eyed fiend. But it wasn't a woman at all, it was a man. He had a goatee, and a black armor. He looked depressed, pale and ready for his infinite life to end. "You're tired." Erebus broke into the silence. "I am." He mused. Of course the Vampire already knew why the Mortal Coil was here. He was here to destroy his mortality. When in reality that is exactly what most bloodsuckers wanted. "I guess there's no changing your mind then." Erebus smiled. A bat from hell the man morphed into, and faster than the speed of Light, Erebus was dragged off into an alley. His consciousness was gone.

He was going under. When he would awake, his powers would be latent with secrets from the unholy father. Satan; the manifestation of evil himself. Erebus could start his bloodline from here...

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