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Pillaging [Mini-Event][Solo]

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#1Hector Heed 

Pillaging [Mini-Event][Solo] Empty on Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:48 am

Hector Heed
Ahhh, Astera...

A scarlet figure sauntered through the rainy streets of Astera, stopping to, 'smell the roses', as it were. His height and figure contrasted poorly against the huddled messes in the impoverished districts left ruined after the demon invasion. He looked down occasionally at the rag-clad peasants without homes begging on the streets, and smiled as he passed them. Was it a smile born of some desire to seek their rise from this situation? A desire to help alleviate their suffering?

No. This man chuckled to himself as he saw their pained expressions, absorbing it all in. He felt the tingles down his spine that he always received whenever the pain of others was in mass quantity around him.

I suppose it's about time to get to work..., he thought, turning another street corner.

The man's name was Hector Heed, and in a state of bliss, he was currently living the best version of his life. As he walked with the cold cloud showers pouring down on him, he knew it would be another fantastic day. He twirled as he turned the corner in happiness, and looked upon a sight: two men kicking down a house's door and going inside.

At first the man didn't follow them. He instead lit up a cigarette and began puffing on it as if it were his last - and as fate would have it, it certainly was his last. With his face twisted in discontent, he tossed the box to the side. Littering was acceptable in the poor districts, because nobody really cared about the homeless anyway. People in high society would act as if they did, but when the time came for true action? Not one of them would step up to the task. Not a single one of them would find themselves struck by human compassion enough to lend aid to their fellow man or woman.

The thoughts swirling in his mind were too much to sort through for the moment. Hector's expression grew serious, and he wandered over with his hands in his pockets. There was determination, and a fire growing in his eyes.

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#2Hector Heed 

Pillaging [Mini-Event][Solo] Empty on Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:18 am

Hector Heed
Hector's fiery eyes became a calmer dim as he entered the house, the door now firmly on the floor as a makeshift wooden welcome mat. The thugs inside were already bagging up paintings off the walls and anything else they could scoop up off of shelves. They were bug-eyed and ravenous, their cheeks on an incline. From a single look, Hector could already tell they weren't going to last long without food. The struggle alone was entertaining to the madman, as he approached making his entrance obvious.

The pair turned to face him, scared.

"Stay back... stay the fuck back!", one of them spoke out, pulling out a switchblade.

Hector raised his hands as a peace offering.

"Hey, now. Let's keep calm here. I'm here for the same reasons as you guys I bet.", the delinquent spoke in a cool and relaxed tone, moving towards a shelf and picking up a vase with a gesture as if showing that he was intent on stealing it.

The knife wielder retracted his blade, returning it into his rugged jacket pocket, and nodding hastily. They scurried back to their tasks, scraping the room for valuables as if it were their last day alive. Hector merely took his time, taking the smaller but more precious goods such as jewelry that could fit in his pocket. After all, what robber would walk around in broad daylight with a potato sack? He knew the idiotic duo would be jailed within a day for their high profile crimes, while he walked free with more money in the long run. Hector's features lit up at the thought, and continued his own thieving.

He found a framed picture of a man, a woman and a child. A loving family, torn apart by poverty, war, and... demons, was it? It didn't matter. The point was, there was a family here that no longer lived. Whether that meant they no longer lived at all or simply no longer in Astera didn't concern Hector - from his perspective, if they weren't here, they were dead. Anything to suit his narrative; anything to drive home the idea that the government would always be as incompetent as they were at that moment.

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#3Hector Heed 

Pillaging [Mini-Event][Solo] Empty on Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:41 pm

Hector Heed
The duo would inevitably clear the house from top to bottom and began to stomp around, satisfied. Their bags were full, and they knew they were going to be eating well tonight. Hector could only imagine the evenings they'd endure, starving and cold. The mere thought of these poor individuals in such pain and misery nearly brought a tear to his eye. Upon checking again however, Hector noted that it was likely just the dust in the air causing allergies. He clenched at his chest briefly; his beat was normal. It certainly didn't appear as if his emotions were flaring up. Rather, he was caring less and less by the minute.

That was when an idea hatched like an egg in Hector's brain, pouring its gooey substance all through his bloodstream and entrails. As the thief duo turned to leave the house, Hector's veins began to alight with flaming crimson.

"Sorry 'bout this, chaps.", Hector muttered under his breath lowly, but still with enough roaring confidence and lacking regret that the pillagers would still hear him from behind.

By that point it would be too late, however. The switchblade wielder, a look of optimism painted on his face, turned around only to be met with a fist connected directly to his face. It was a clean hit, meshing perfectly with the man's flesh and sending him backwards into a wall like a crash test dummy. Hector, driven by blood after getting his first hit in of the day, wasted no time in delivering a swift roundhouse kick to the other man who was still flabbergasted at the altercation. Famished and fatigued, the other man went down just as simply.

"I mean, sorry about giving you hope in the first place, that is. I'm not really sorry about this."

With that, chuckling to himself upon realizing that they were each already unconscious and thus making his self-proclaimed silver tongue worthless, picked up their bags of loot for himself. On his way out, he delivered magic-enhanced kicks to their kneecaps, ensuring they would a more interesting time surviving upon waking up.

Some might ask why this cruel mage would do such a thing. To Hector, however, this was an average day in the life. His life. The life he's living the best version of.

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