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Hector Heed

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Hector Heed


Name: Hector Heed

Age: 19 - April 1st, X768

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sevese

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Berserker

Profession: Mercenary - Str, End

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Red Hades

Mode: Nightmare

Tattoo: Left shoulder, red

Face: Iori Yagami - King of Fighters


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: Red, swept, neck length

Eyes: Red

Overall: Hector stands at 6'1" and 170 lbs, with a build of lean muscle ensuring top physical performance. Despite honing his body through training, his actual stance and discipline is poor. He can frequently be seen walking about with a slouch and the scowl of a man looking for a fight. His fair complexion is nothing remarkable other than its contrast to his blood crimson hair flowing freely down the left side of his face in a swept, parted style that enhances his image as some kind of thug or punk. The red in his hair, however, is only matched by the burning, fiery eyes that glare daggers at all potential threats. Though he never notices it, some even say that his eyes turn completely crimson when enraged, losing all other definition.

Hector has a preference for semi-formal clothing, not wanting to bother with the stiff outfits worn in high society but preferring to avoid looking entirely ragged either. He can often be seen wearing various kinds of dress shirts, dress pants and blazers. His color preferences are never particularly eye-popping, preferring basic white and black clothing to keep it simple while occasionally throwing in red to match his hair.

Extra: When fighting with his magic active for long periods of time, his eyes will glow a blood red, all other features of the eye losing definition; though they lose no functionality. He also has a black X-marked tattoo on his tongue.


Personality: Hector is a presence that could be defined as the most stereotypical thug around. He's unafraid to cause a disturbance, get into fights, and walk away unperturbed as if he had no part in it. A quick look at him and one would know immediately that a man with his look and gait could never do anything good for society. Among anyone, Hector would be the first to admit that he's the scum of the planet and part of the problem. While knowing this however, he can't help but succumb to his base impulses and indulge in the things he enjoys and snuff out the things he hates.

The thug is not an idiot, however. While he is reckless in battle and guides himself on instinct, he knows true power when he sees it and can acknowledge when he isn't experienced enough to win. Just as quickly as Hector allows himself to heat up, he can just as easily calm down from his rage and stop to think if a fight can be won. If the enemy appears too strong, he is often quick to flee, lacking what anyone else would call pride or honor. Following through on his lack of morals, Hector will also happily form alliances with consenting or blackmailed parties for the sake of furthering his goals or survival, among other things. His views are flexible, as for the most part he only cares about fame, fortune, sex and power - anything that brings him the vast majority of those, he will accept.

There is also a murderous streak to Hector, who revels in the pain and suffering of others. Seeing an enemy bleed or scream out in agony awakens something in him. There is almost nothing else in the world that brings him pleasure like the deaths of others in the most excruciating ways possible. For the most part Hector likes to keep these feelings to himself, well aware that his desires are not something to be shared openly. In non-combat settings he will also do the best he can to suppress his joy at seeing others' pain.

Despite all of his psychotic traits, the thug does have something resembling respect or loyalty for close allies. As his mind is singularly focused on his ambitions, he has little time or effort to spare for forming actual emotional connections. Mutually beneficial partnerships are typically the best he can do.


  • Fighting: Hector has years worth of built-up stress, and is eager to relieve it whenever he can. A satisfying fight that relieves his angst is like a hard-earned dessert to him.

  • Money: Money is a symbol of his defiance towards those holding his family hostage. More than for its conventional uses, it's a sign of power that he has overcome challenges that others wold see him fail at. Every extra Jewel is a sign that he's approaching his goals.


  • Government: The government and its various branches such as the Rune Knights are a blight to Hector. They get in the way of his work and force him to skulk about when he'd rather walk openly. Just as well, they've never done anything for him or his family. To him, the government as a whole is worse than worthless - they're annoying.

  • Loud Noise: Hector is often the kind of person who lets action speak louder than words. That being said, he's a hypocrite: he enjoys being loud and rowdy at times, but doesn't approve of opposing forces doing the same. The loud ramblings of others dig at him and draw out frustration easier - especially from the starry eyed dreamer types.


  • Pay off his debt: The life goal of Hector is to pay off his absurdly high debt and conclude the hostage situation his parents have found themselves in. He is well prepared for the possibility that it could take his entire life, and is willing to pay that price to regain his family.


  • Death: Hector fears death and anything evoking the thought of death. He would rather avoid dying, and the moment he gets the tingle in his mind that death is a real possibility in a situation, will retreat without hesitation. For all he talks about loving battle and harming others, he is still terrified of his own demise and the repercussions of such.

  • Weakness: People normally have a lot to lose by risking their lives in battle, and for Hector it feels doubly so. A loss to a person or obstacle also automatically means a loss to those who treated his family like dirt and are keeping them from living normal lives. He fears being too weak to fight back at any threat that he comes across, and too weak to protect anybody he might care about; thus, he tries to steer clear from forming connections with others in order to avoid the problem altogether. In addition he fears the shame that would come with loss due to lack of strength.


Magic Name: Pyre Magic

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: Pyre is a slight alteration to regular fire magic. Rather than externally producing fire to attack an enemy, the user focuses the magic internally. The result is an adrenaline surge brought on by the feeling of having one's blood feel as if it were boiling.

While not truly doing any damage to the user while active, the combination of feeling as if they're burning from the inside and the power that tempering their body with flames brings, results in irregular action and a combat style similar to a wild animal's instinct. Users of this magic are infamous for becoming addicted to its emotion heightening properties, resulting in their downfall as they use it simply as a drug alternative rather than for its intended purpose.

Pyre Magic is extremely limited in its abilities, however - it can only increase the quality and power of the user's own physicality through Self-Buff spells, and nothing more.


History: Hector was born the son of a rich traveling merchant family in Seven. While such a profession is dangerous in a place as ravaged by monsters as Seven, the family made it out alive every trip they took. They were known as the, "Miraculous Heed Family" for their ability to escape death despite having little in the way of combat experience. It was a life that Hector didn't understand fully, being a child with no understanding of economics or the realities of the world. He had no concept of mortality or the threat of death, being a part of the lucky adventuring family that never encountered conflict. Until the morning the miracles stopped.

It was a nice, sunny morning like any other, with one critical difference: when Hector awoke, his parents were nowhere to be seen. Going outside of the inn they were staying at, he found them bickering amongst each other. About what, Hector didn't know - it was incomprehensible frustration, and once they noticed their son, they ceased. The rest of the day continued in relative normalcy, although Hector's father was constantly checking over his shoulder and within their surroundings as they traveled. It was only a few hours away from civilization on the roads that Hector finally discovered why.

Their wagon was set upon by bandits. Different in their style of raiding and their mannerisms, rather than holding the family up with rusty knives they were demonstrating deadly magic spells to force the family out of their wagon. The one appearing to be the leader stepped out in front of them, and the eyes of Hector's parents grew wide in recognition. Even as a child with little knowledge of social cues, he knew that there was more to this than a random robbery.

From what Hector could interpret, the lucky saves that the Heed family encountered through the years was due to protection payment from the bandits before them. Hiding in the shadows as silent bodyguards, they would subtly assassinate or derail any threats to the merchants as they traveled. However, not only could the Heed family no longer pay up their monthly fees, they were heavily in debt to the brigands.

The parents begged and pleaded for the longest time, acting as shameless beggars in ways Hector didn't know his parents could be. The leader, with a raised brow and crooked smile as if looking before lesser beings, eventually came to an agreement. The parents would be detained and kept as leverage, the debt would be reduced by half, and Hector himself would pay it off alone. His family would be returned to him once it was fully paid. It seemed the leader had a cruel demeanor, as he commented that it was fitting that the son pay for his parents' mistakes.

Thus, a curse was placed upon the young and terrified boy's tongue - a curse of silence preventing him from speaking of the bandits in any way. If it were ever removed, the bandits would be notified and kill the parents immediately. Hector was sent on his way, and encouraged to meet up with one of their associates in Fiore. Young and inexperienced however, the boy had no way to get there alone. He was forced to further enlist the help of the bandits in exchange for adding more to his debt. "Survival Tax", they called it.

It was this event and the years following it that the young Heed boy learned what power was, and what the absence of it could do to someone. Power was truly what mattered in the world they lived in, and after being introduced to the bandits' associate at the Red Hades guild, he became influenced further by the chaotic individuals around him. Ever since Hector has pressed on as a wizard in a dark guild, determined to pay off the debts he owes.

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Hey there, your app is near perfect. Just one thing. Can you clarify your fear of weakness? How is that a fear? Perhaps he is afraid of forming connections because they might eventually become his weakness? If it's just as straightforward as saying you have a fear of weaknesses, I'm afraid it won't make sense since no one is truly without a "weakness". Either specify how you fear a specific weakness or substitute it for something else like a phobia. Thank you.

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Hector Heed
Faye wrote:Hey there, your app is near perfect. Just one thing. Can you clarify your fear of weakness? How is that a fear? Perhaps he is afraid of forming connections because they might eventually become his weakness? If it's just as straightforward as saying you have a fear of weaknesses, I'm afraid it won't make sense since no one is truly without a "weakness". Either specify how you fear a specific weakness or substitute it for something else like a phobia. Thank you.



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