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free at last [kaiser bo|red|closed]

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free at last [kaiser bo|red|closed] Empty on Sun 1 Sep - 21:40

Seira let out a quiet sigh.

The previous two years had been exhausting on the woman and because of that, she had kept to herself. It was good, especially considering that she had – at last – found a cure for her Vampyrism. She missed the strength and power sometimes, but could no longer find the will to go on human hunts. Not after everything that had happened. The cure had cost her almost everything. Not gold, she still had plenty of that, but ever since finding freedom, the young woman felt exhausted, weary and worn out.

She hardly participated in anything outside her occupation as a librarian and even tonight, as she strolled through the streets of Era, there wasn’t much on her mind and her guard was down. It was nearing midnight and the majority of the citizens – at least in the part of Era that she found herself in – had already gone to bed. Seira wasn’t heading anywhere in particular, although an inn seemed like a good place to start for now.

She walked down the streets in silence until she arrived at the nearest inn. It was a decent place and she had stayed here before, but upon approaching the counter, the front desk lady merely shook her head. “Forgive me, we are completely booked. There’s a street festival tomorrow and we do not have any free rooms whatsoever. But there’s a place about half an hour west from here, you could try there?” Seira simply nodded at her and left again. Being out late wasn’t so bad after all, considering that it was still summer and the weather was warm.

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No one seemed to like being out in the streets this late in Era, except for a lone female with silvery hair that Kaiser spotted from a distance. Having just finished snacking on a poor traveler who was lost, the vampire was perched on the overhang of a building from which she could see the petite stranger. The talisman that she wore around her neck allowed her to sense that the girl wasn’t in the most positive state of mind. It was barely noticeable though.

After exiting a hotel, the girl walked in the direction of Kaiser’s current position. Of course she would notice Kaiser sitting there on the overhang unless she was blind. Gracefully, the bloodthirsty vampire hopped down onto the pavement underneath, landing in front of the girl. She had cleaned up after her evening snack, so there was no trace of blood or anything on her. She gave the stranger a sweet smile.

“It’s not every night you find someone else who comes out for a peaceful walk. Do you enjoy the tranquility of Era’s streets at this time as well?” she would ask, standing at arm’s length and directly facing Seira.

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Seira sucked in a sharp breath. A woman, tall and fair, now stood before her amidst the streets of Era, and there was something about her, that threw the girl off. Something that seemed threatening and familiar at the same time, although with her mind still clouded by other thoughts she couldn’t quite place it. She had lost her better sense of judgement along with her inhumane powers after all.

Her expression reflected uncertainty as Seira took a step backwards in order to bring distance between herself and the other female, and meekly tilted her head to the side. ”It’s not every night you are approached by a complete stranger so swiftly, when no one else is around,” she responded softly and gave Kaiser a weak smile. ”I’m just passing through,” she said, although that was a complete lie. In fact, Seira was born in Era and used to know the city rather well; of course it had gone through some major changes over the years, but she wasn’t gonna get lost because of it.

”But you’re not wrong,” the smaller girl inspected the other female with a frown now forming between her brows, ”it is really nice out here at night.”


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The words that the stranger spoke made Kaiser’s eyes twinkle with amusement. She said she was ‘just passing through’. Don’t worry, I’ll send you to your destination, thought the vampire who licked her cherry-red lips. Well, this was going to be a whole new experience for her. She had never had two humans consecutively. Letting out a dry chuckle, the tall seductress closed the distance between herself and the girl, grabbing her head with one hand and holding onto the opposite shoulder with the other and quickly dug her fangs into the neck that was exposed when she tilted her head.

With the help of the talisman, it was known to Kaiser that the female was a user of magic, from the large pool of mana that she possessed. To eliminate the risk of being outmaneuvered, the vampire tightened her grip on the girl and consumed her blood to the last drop. Sure, it was going to kill her, but Kaiser wasn’t the merciful type. There was no reason for her to have pity for someone she simply just met. In a vampire’s perspective, the girl was just food. Very good food, in this case. Kaiser had never tasted blood so rich in flavor. She savored every bit of it.

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”Wait, I–” Seira’s eyes widened, first in surprise then in shock. She let out a small shriek when the other female dug her fangs into her delicate skin and desperately began wiggling around.

Oh, the irony.

She had never thought much about what her own demise would be like, and even though she did not want to die, Seira couldn’t help but think of it as a suitable end for someone like her. It was tragic, really. She spent all those years building herself back up as a vampire and once she had thought she had found meaning again, it all shattered. Of course she was cured of Vampyrism eventually, but the things she had done and the people she had killed couldn’t vanish, wouldn’t vanish. At last, it was what she deserved.

”Please," she began, trying her best to pull Kaiser back by her hair, if only to give her a chance to speak, ”you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to be like this. There’s a cure!" Seira hissed at the stinging pain and felt her legs growing weaker and weaker by the second. Being mortal again was truly becoming an inconvenience for the once powerful vampire.

”There was a cure for me, and there can be one for you too, you just have to..” Seira heard her own voice crack, her legs finally giving away completely.

And with that, all the pain and the struggles and the feelings she had ever felt...stopped forever.

[Death of Seira Navillera]


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The girl wiggled in fright as Kaiser slowly drained her lifeblood. It was very enjoyable, up until the point she began to talk about a cure. A cure for what? Be like what? What the fuck was she talking about? And then it clicked. Kaiser was surprised that that was how she wanted to go. Pissing off a vampire at her final time...digging her own grave. Licking her bare neck, Kaiser laid down the now dead body of the pretty human.

Surprisingly, at the very last moment, the undead caught sight of what seemed to be a guild insignia. She leaned closer, and her eyes lit up with malicious intent. A member of Blue Pegasus, how interesting. With nefarious ideas beginning to brew in her head, the vampire picked up the body of her dinner and carried it back to her hotel. “Cure...a cure for power? Are you insane?” she said, shaking her head as she returned to her hotel, making sure she didn’t make a noise as she did so. When she arrived at the hotel, she pretended as if she was carrying a sleeping girl.

Once she arrived in her room, she would place the girl in the bathtub and go out again to find the mixture to preserve her dead body. She knew that Black Cat sold something like that...

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