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Monthly Update: August

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Monthly Update: August Empty on Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:20 pm


August Monthly Update

Class Changes & Reworks:

  • Non-Mage Class Weapon mastery word count reduction has been increased from 20% to 25% and received a 25% item discount to items they are proficient with.
  • Barbarian and Samurai Classes have been Shelved.
  • Rogue's Dagger Mastery Moves have been removed.
  • Warrior
    Speed Debuffs from Heavy Armor and Weapons no longer apply.
  • Spellsword
    Speed Debuffs from Heavy Armor and Weapons are Halved, replacing the weapon mastery word count reduction.
    The Spellsword class can now use supplementary spell-type.
  • Hierophant
    Has been renamed to the Paladin Class, Double healing has been removed users may now heal themselves for one-rank lower and deal damage to any foe as opposed to elementally weakness-based race individuals, Paladins may also use Axes and Heavy armor, Offensive-type spells have been removed.
  • Rangers
    Rangers are now proficient with all ranged weapons instead of solely bows and crossbows.

Released Content:

  • Companions have returned once more in the shop along with a new and improved Companion System which can be found in the regulations.
  • The Beast-Master Class has also been released after being reworked.
  • Guns have been reintroduced to the shop as well allowing for users.
  • New and Unusual Items and Magics have also been added to the shop such as bullet magic.

Fighting Regulation Updates:

  • Fighting regulations now offer users the ability to gain experience and fame from fighting while Dark guild and guildless members may also fight to acquire jewels at the cost of gaining a bounty.

Item and Magic Changes:

  • Mjolnir:
    Mjolnir's Return has been reduced from 100 meters to 50 meter.
    Tempest's Rage is now sustained instead of Once per topic sustained meaning the user much sustain the spell using mana.
  • Overseer's Divinitas:
    Mana Shield now has a 1:2 ratio meaning that the owner must spend twice as much mana equivalent to the damage they would have received.
  • Nullification Magic
    The user now must have a class capable of casting supplementary spells
  • Millennium Wand
    This item has been shelved and will be released after balancing
  • Solar and Storm Magic
    Apply blinding and deafening effects respectively and have been increased to 1,500,000 Jewels.
  • Holy Subjugation Chain Magic
    Renamed to Chain Magic and has been changed from light to Arcane while now applying binding equivalent to the rank of Offensive Spells used by Chain Magic.
  • Mirror Magic
    Causes defensive spells to be normal-type, one-post cool-down reduction has been removed.
  • Lunar Magic
    Now provides unique spells and has been increased to 1,500,000 Jewels.
  • Mimic Magic
    Has receive the Arcane Supremacy Perk that causes copied spells to have a one rank increase in potency.

Minor Changes:

  • Users can now leave their initial guild for free before having to pay 250,000 Jewels in order to leave any subsequent guild, with the stacking modifier still being applied.
  • Word Count Minimums have been adjusted to 200 with others and 300 solo.
  • Base Bank transfer rate has been reset to 20%.
  • The Class Regulations have been moved to the Class Sub forum
  • The Other Countries Topic has been moved to the Towns & Areas Sub-forum
  • Additional information has been provided in the Attribute Regulations showing that Weapon damage merely provides an increase to the users strength when hitting their target.
  • Users may now change their magics name upon the purchase of an enhancement where appropriate, users with Limited magic however will have the prefix of Enhanced added to their magic.
  • Rewards for Research and Development have been increased from 10,000 Jewels to 25,000 Jewels with the continued development participation scheme being reworked with the increased.
  • The Holy Knight Faction has been officially locked preventing new members from joining.

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