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Detecting Derailers [Quest: Faye]

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The paper that caught her eye a few hours prior was a job written with precision and grace, as if the writer spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to assist Lionel, the captain of the Rune Knights with some of his tasks that she has yet to known. From the details written in the quest, it appeared that there’s some corruption within the Rune Knights. For further details, they would only get them once they meet their client.

The young hunter folded the paper over its neat valleys for the last time before letting it rest in the pocket of her white cloak, matching to the colour of her hair, a silent sigh released from her chest as she forged forward, moving past others with a haste that would befit the situation. In her hand, the paper request would fold and crinkle, the words now a jumble of objectives that she stapled into her prior.

It was of common occurrence to find Snowflake with her particularly messy silver mop in the most random of times, and that wasn’t entirely made up of her travel reasons or a product of her little whimsies, either and if she were to stumble into someone familiar, then she wouldn’t even be surprised because she had been blessed with so many fateful encounters, even repeated ones her entire life.


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Faye had noticed the bit of silver from far away just as she was coming down the slight slope of the street. She, too, wanted to take a mission that day, earn some more money in between her search. When Snowflake took a piece of paper and unhurriedly shuffled it into a pocket, Faye sped down the road, throwing her arms out in the air.

“Snowflake!” She shouted in between, hoping that when she broke her little sprint by catching onto Snow’s arm, she wouldn’t reflexively think of attacking the little water mage. That was the last thing she wanted to happen.

Once she reached her, Faye would immediately ask about the mission she just took, also wondering if she could just tag along with her. It wouldn’t be the first time they took missions together. The last one they took was about a missing woman. Faye did, however, hope this mission Snowflake took had nothing much to do with Rune Knights. Ever since her last mission as well as after the escort job she had to do, Faye’s opinion about them has hit an all-time low. If she had to be under the service of another Rune Knight, Faye felt she would really want to strangle someone.



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It startled her when Snowflake heard a familiar voice calling out her name, and it was no other than her usual quest partner; Faye, running towards her with her arms flailing in the air – no doubt it really was her. Perhaps it was a coincidence that she selected a mission for herself and she just so happened to run into Faye at the same time. ”Well, surprise surprise. Look who it is,” uttered the female, folding the paper neatly over its valleys and playing with the paper request between her fingers.

”Are you looking for a quest as well?” For a very specific reason – which was money – Snowflake had been picking up missions more often than usual, but also because there wasn’t really much to do in this town, other than meeting up new and old friends alike and reuniting with her guild mates. She figured that she could at least earn some quick cash aside from pushing herself into more rigorous trainings recently. ”You’re lucky. I just signed up for one today. You can join me on this one.” Without bothering to take an answer from her partner, since she knew Faye would agree anyway, the couple set off to their destination to meet their client. ”Oh, I forgot to mention. Our client is a Rune Knight – again.”



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“Yes, I am,” Faye replied happily as her steps fell in rhythm with Snowflake’s. She did not even care to ask much about the content of the quest, knowing it will go well as long as they do it together. It wasn’t the first time or probably the last time they took missions together. They more or less had the same motivation -money- anyway. Faye needed her to support her eccentric obsession with puppet making while Snow needed it for…something.

“What? Why another Rune Knight? Ugh I truly dislike the lot of them,” Faye grumbled, folding her hands over her chest in indignation. “They are so self-righteous most of the time.” Faye just shrugged her shoulders in indifference. “Well whatever, as long as we get paid well”.

A few minutes later, they finally found their client, Mr. Lionel Luxar. He was a pretty well-known figure in Era as a captain of the Rune Knights and quite respected and loved among the people. They were all the same to Faye, however. “He is kind of handsome,” is all the comment Faye had as they slowly approached the silently brooding man. He held a list in his hands and hearing them come closer, looked up and noticed Faye and Snow. “Oh! You two are here!”



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Snowflake couldn’t deny that their previous encounter with a Rune Knight didn’t turn out that well, and she had to agree with Faye’s statement of considering them as “self-righteous”. They are knights after all, but it was only those minority of them who cared more about titles than assisting the townfolks. Some of them did truly think that they stood above of the rest, simply because they’re knights. The woman shook her head at the thought of it, and it was almost impossible for her to believe that such people existed albeit, that was the cruel world.

Not long after their idle chat catching up and gossiping about Rune Knights, they finally arrived to the Rune Knight headquarters where they were permitted inside to meet their client; Lionel Luxar. Unlike their last client, Lionel was different. His demeanour was of noble yet, humble and from the way he talked, he seemed genuine to see a change among their ranks, and perhaps even the country. Aside from that, Lionel filled in the details of the quest to the Pegasus mages, who believes that the Rune Knights are corrupted, getting bribed to do illegal crimes and the mages are to find the culprits, investigate them and report it back to Lionel. The faces of the suspects with names alongside were given to them, so that it would make their job easier.



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Corrupt Rune Knights, what else was new? Faye wondered with an arch of her delicate brows as she looked down at the list of people on his list. She kept an impassive face as she listened to his instructions. She could already place his intentions in the right side of the moral compass, but he was just one drop of pure water in an already tainted sea. Faye couldn’t help but think that no matter how many people he weed out under his control, he cannot do anything to the ones standing above them. The list will only keep getting longer.

“Well then, we should get going,” Faye said as she followed Snow out to find the people suspected by Lionel. The first one among them was a tall, lanky fellow who looked to be in his thirties. He was stationed close to the plaza. From where she stood, Faye did not find anything wrong with him. He looked like your ordinary Rune Knight concerned by the trivial troubles of the people. He had not once moved from his spot either. “I don’t think this one is corrupted. Too early to tell, I know, but call it…intuition?” She shrugged, giving Snow her opinion on the smiling Rune Knight.



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According to the list of names, their first target was some Rune Knight who probably was just assigned as some sort of security. She didn’t bother paying attention to the names, for all she could care, she probably wouldn’t remember it the next second when she has her mind somewhere else.

The white haired woman had to agree with Faye. It had been nearly half an hour since they started their investigation and keeping a watchful eye on their first target, but the man hasn’t even performed any actions whatsoever – not even going to the bathroom for a break – nor did he even move a centimetre from his location. Snowflake heaved out a sigh. ”Yeah, I have to agree with you. This man is just wasting my time,” she shook her head, scratching the name off the list and moving onto the next one. It was just then she realised that trying to investigate Rune Knights were rather boring, at least the good ones.

Their next target was stationed close to where they were located, though it seemed like the man needed to do something else instead of guarding the area he was stationed. ”He’s moving. Let’s follow quick,” she ushered her partner, and snuck behind the Rune Knight, hiding behind every possible thing she could find until she saw him walking up into an alleyway.



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With the next target, just as he moved towards the alleyway, Faye gave Snowflake a knowing look. She didn’t see any reason for Rune Knights like himself to go into shady places like that unless they were either trying to do their job, or, like Lionel suspected, to do something he shouldn’t be doing. Again, Faye felt indifference creep up her thoughts. She did not care whether these Rune Knights took bribes or not, it was nothing they didn’t already know of anyway.

Sneaking up behind him, she indeed found the guy exchanging what seemed like a pouch of coins with some dark, dirty looking dude. “Round him on the list,” Faye whispered as they pulled away to move on to the next target. They could have stayed and gotten proof or evidence but that wasn’t part of their job, it was Lionel’s. The next Rune Knight on the list was not too far away either. But this guy looked just like the first one. He did nothing and simply smiled away at the passersby. Neither did he move nor did he even look like he was up to some kind of funny business. “Yah, we can scratch this guy off, too. That just leaves us with two more.”



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It was just as she had expected, the man was indeed doing some shady deed in the alleyway in the exchange for money. Perhaps it was to keep him silent, or perhaps he was buying something that was of illegal sort. Either way, it was none of her business as their client didn’t really request them to include evidence. She wasn’t going to go out of her way to obtain evidence, but if the Rune Knight was fired without any reason given, she feels as if it would make the situation worse, therefore she decided to put a short little explanation beside the name. Found in an alleyway exchanging money, she wrote. ”Alright, moving on.”

The next Rune Knight they came up against was just as similar to the first one, that didn’t really give them any evidence of him doing anything suspicious. It made their job easier and less time was wasted now that they knew what they were looking for. The following target was just as suspicious as the second one, walking up to a citizen, whispering something into his ear and then receiving money after doing so, but out of the naked eye so of course, those who were around them wouldn’t notice such acts except for the mages who were specifically looking for such behaviour.




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Once they were finished checking out the second Rune Knight, Faye and Snowflake made their way over to the fourth one. As if it was in a pattern, this one did not turn out to be so good. He, too, walked over to someone in the streets making sure no one was looking and seemed to be accepting money. They both talked for a long time with shady smiles on their faces. Rounding his name on the list, Faye followed Snow’s example and wrote the reason down before walking away, making sure the Rune Knights didn’t see them. There were two more people to check out now and with the other one being not too far away, again, Faye and Snowflake soon found him.

At this point, however, the patterns seemed to have been broken because this one was just as bad as the other two. He, too, accepted some kind of bribe in the shadows before walking out and looking like an innocent lamb. Of the next one, he was obviously a good guy since the first thing she noticed when they saw him was that he was arresting a thief. In the end, three out of five of them were accepting bribes. Lionel would have a fun time dealing with them, she thought as they walked back to hand the list over to him and collect their rewards


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