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A message from the future

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A message from the future Empty Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:53 am

Hey guys, Zane here. But it's not the usual Zane: you see, i'm actually the Zane from 2029, ten years from now. I've come to tell you a bit about FTRP's future. It was pretty easy to get into my account: my password is still xpussyslayer69. I guess some things never change, huh?

The forum is currently being run by Jyu's son, Jyu Jr. He's made some pretty big changes that members have been waiting for for a long time, like moving the D-rank quest wordcount from 1000 to 900. Pretty ballsy move. S-rank spell range also went from 25 meters to 30 meters, pretty game changing for the meta

Season 6 is coming out soon, but a lot of people think it'll be a return to form. Season 5 was pretty weird. The big story event was us all going to a summer pool party and rolling dice to see who could beat the final boss in a chugging contest (luxin won btw)

A lot of the members are same as usual you know. Though some of them have changed a bit. Caius is like 50 now (source pending) but he still streams  on twitch. he stopped doing fortnite and tekken tho, he only ever does FTRP D-rank to Z-rank speedruns nowadays. He's getting pretty close to WR, but he usually messes up on the part where he rolls the dice game and doesn't get enough points as a reward to afford an exp potion (a major part of the running strats)

After a while we actually discovered a pretty good way to farm points though. Basically a bunch of the tech-savvy members were able to build a bot that actually does social RP posts for you. Now you can RP without actually RPing - it's pretty damn amazing

it's pretty crazy when i look at the scoop system right now too. atm we have a system called double-scooping, where if you scoop and then scoop the new character you can get a little bit extra more on your next scoop (like 52% stats and exp rather than 50%). You can chain these up for a big number, so some people have actually been racking up some pretty big scoop combos. i think the highest one right now is Vali, who's like on his 12th consecutive scoop

but look guys, i really gotta get back in my time machine for now. i think my RP post generating bot might need their drivers updated, and i'm also a little late for the brand new event. good luck guys. the future is pretty wild.

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