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Seira Navillera [S2 Transition]

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Name: Seira Navillera

Age: 22 years. September 20th, x766

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: The Spellsinger

Profession: Librarian (Intelligence)

Race: Human

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Nape of the Neck — Roségold

Face: Emilia - Re:Zero


Height: 5'5'' — 165cm

Weight: 54kg — 120lbs

Hair: Silvery Lilac

Eyes: Purple

Overall: Even though beauty will always lie in the eyes of the beholder, Seira is undoubtedly one of god’s finer creations. Charm and elegance are steadily maintained effortlessly and the Sorceress carries herself with an uncommon grace. Round, purple eyes mirror relief, serenity and mercy; they’re framed by long lashes and thin brows in the same shade of color. Seira’s long hair shimmers silvery white with a distinctive lilac hue painting each and every strand.

She is a dainty girl with a petite build and a youthful appearance. Seira’s limbs are delicate, she is rather thin and although she has feminine curves, her body is far from voluptuous. Her complexion is fair, but not unhealthy, her skin is soft and nearly flawless. Her scent is reminiscent of roses.

Seira is a fashionista in her own sense, her wardrobe is extravagant, elegant, beautiful and feminine. She dresses herself with great fastidiousness and frequently expresses a shameless love for provocative and sexy wear.

Seira’s favourite, and most often worn dress is quite unique; thin straps lead up to a collar modestly ornamented with a small emerald. Throughout the whole piece purple material peeks from underneath the white, sometimes as casual fabrics, sometimes as lace and sometimes as frills. Seira’s décolleté and shoulders remain naked, whereas the rest of her body is dressed properly—angel sleeves cover her arms and a tail skirt sits above a pleated one that reaches down to the middle of her thighs. A hand's breadth of skin is revealed before the pair of thigh-high boots with medium high heels begin.

Extra: A strange looking scar, nearly faded, climbs across Seira’s back. It bears resemblance to burns, but it is much more distinctive and unique in its looks, spreading into a thousand tiny, white threads across her pale skin. Furthermore, due to her sensitive ears Seira wears ear muffs when moving through noisier areas.


Personality: Seira Navillera’s mind is twisted; a bizarre place well hidden underneath layers of sweetness and spice. She is soft spoken, a woman with compassion and sympathy for the less fortunate ones, someone who finds pleasure in granting guidance and assistance.

Seira’s sedate temper, however, is widely overshadowed by her kind face and not rarely apathy is confused with benignity. She can only care for so many people and sometimes has to remind herself to act a certain way, to keep her face up. In truth, Seira has been in denial about herself for a long time and the Sorceress’ attitude has grown more and more dismissive towards the well being of strangers. Life in solitude, without true connections and bonds to other humans have made her a little ignorant.

Seira has insufficient experience in relationships and her social skills are a little rusty. Her desperate attempts to avoid awkwardness are commonly frowned upon and much to her dismay, emotions strongly influence her behavior. She tends to be impulsive, sensitive and hardly capable of hiding frustration and anger.

Nonetheless, ruthlessly candid is an excellent way to characterize Seira now; a girl who is perhaps good natured and sincere, but also blunt and unforgiving, with barely any patience and a wicked tongue. She speaks her mind, but also takes mischievous pleasure in warping the truth to watch someone else struggle. She would never purposefully betray a person who has rightfully earned her trust, she is loyal and affectionate towards those close to her heart, but the rest of the world has become her playground and while she has not always been this way, Seira’s ignorance undoubtedly led to her selfishness. She is willing to do good every now and then, but in return she wants to be entertained—sometimes in the most controversial ways.


  • Culinary Arts: Seira was taught how to cook at an early age and did surprisingly well. She is fond of many dishes, known to be quite the enthusiastic eater and throughout years of practice she became an excellent cook with a special love for pastries.
  • Herbalism: As a young child Seira was given many lessons in herbalism and eventually developed a passion for it, as well as the desire to learn and collect. She is well versed and still very interested in herbs and other ingredients used to create medicine and potions.


  • Conflict: Seira cautiously avoids conflict and rarely initiates combat; she’s not aggressive nor vengeful, sometimes even a little too tame, but perfectly capable of wreaking havoc if she has to.
  • Noise: Seira has, unfortunately, very sensitive ears. Her eardrums were slightly damaged during a domestic incident years ago and although her senses haven’t decreased or increased, she feels a small, throbbing sensation when loud noises reach her.


  • Safety: Seira lost her family when she was a child and has been lonely ever since. She grew up to be independent, learned to live and survive on her own, but she still yearns for a new ‘home’ , perhaps even someone to be with. Mostly, she hopes to one day find a place in this world.


  • Fire: Seira’s childhood home, her family and former life burned down in merely a night as the result of an arson attack. She does not fear fire all together, but rather the thought of burning alive and/or being trapped inside a burning building.
  • Spider: Seira has, like many other women, an unreasonable fear of spiders. She will feel itchy and uneasy in their presence and finds it nearly impossible to rid herself of them. Magic is hardly an option and simply removing them by hand goes beyond her limits.


Magic Name: Petal Magic
Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description:As a Sorceress Seira is connected to the element of Nature. She has the ability to harvest flowers and create, shape and control masses of petals taken from either real plants or formed from magical energy—all with nothing but sheer will. This Magic can be used in a variety of ways.


History: Seira Navillera was born amidst the outskirts of Era, to a seemingly picture perfect family. Her parents were wealthy, respected people and they lived a quiet life together. Seira’s father partially owned an import/export company and was your typical workaholic, a maniacal man whose interests were with alcohol and harlots rather than his little daughter and wife. Her mother suffered the early consequences of his uncontrollable behavior and domestic violence became their daily routine. None of this ever leaked beyond the walls of their home and Seira’s bruises were explained to be the results of her being an undisciplined child who liked to play rough, like boys did.

Of course none of this was the truth. Seira, even with the inept performance of her parents, grew up to be loving, intelligent, humble and kind. Her family had two maids and one butler, all three of which taught her valuable life lessons and skills that would later on grant her survival on her own. She showed interest in magical studies, botany and cooking and spent her days in the family’s herbal gardens or the town’s library.  Seira discovered Magic at a relatively young age—she was told that her submissive mother was, in fact, a Sorceress herself—but her father disapproved of her ‘barbaric’ blood line and thus it was kept a secret well hidden from him, and neither of her parents ever found out.

When Seira was twelve years old her father’s company went through a financial crises and her family fell into debt. Their lifestyles changed drastically and she eventually learned that his addiction to gambling was what drove them further and further into ruin. They slipped from wealth into poverty and as their situation worsened over the next year they eventually had to pay the final price. The Navillera household—both her parents, her two maids and also the butler—were assassinated during an arson attack by people who were, if rumors can be trusted, part of an underground mafia-esque organization that covered her father’s debt.

Seira’s servants were as innocent in this matter as the young girl herself, but they chose the child’s life over their own and sent her away before she could die within the fire, together with the rest of them. Nonetheless, she carried her family’s name and their responsibility, and rather than taking her life the organization chose to scar her instead, leaving her with an eternal reminder of the debt her family failed to return. Lightning struck her down and painted a distinctive mark across her back.

Seira lived the following years in solitude. She has improved her magic skills ever since, traveled across the country and established a decent life as a Sorceress. She recently moves around the bigger cities of Fiore—to expand further in knowledge and wealth—but has yet to find a place where she wishes to stay at and settle down.

During the two year long timeskip, Seira spend her time travelling through Fiore by herself. She did nothing noteworthy, and eventually settled down in Era to work as a Librarian and earn some money.

Reference: I was basically born here.

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Seira Navillera [S2 Transition]  LqKLdpe

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Refund (Vampyre)
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 313

  • Strength: 120
  • Speed: 50
  • Endurance: 50
  • Constitution: 50
  • Intelligence: 43

Other Changes

Nothing, just refunding Vampyrism (bought it for Jewels).

Seira Navillera [S2 Transition]  LqKLdpe

Seira Navillera [S2 Transition]  Empty Thu Aug 29, 2019 10:41 am

Ready for review!

Seira Navillera [S2 Transition]  LqKLdpe

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This character application has been approved.

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