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Blessed Are The Meek [Solo]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Blessed Are The Meek [Solo] Empty on Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:01 pm

Juni Anastos
She was tired. She couldn't keep running from those things but she knew that if she didn't get away that would be the end for her. Ylva was warned about the Demons and Seraphim running wild trying to kill each other, she was even warned that as humans they meant nothing to those two races. Ylva only wanted to help those who couldn't afford to get help, she only wanted to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. In the end she wasn't even strong enough to do that. A weak vessel who didn't put enough faith in her god, or rather too weak to find the strength in herself.

Being outside of Era in the forest right along the edges of the city, she would have hoped for some sort of help. Unfortunately the reality of her situation was grim, people were tied up trying to keep those creatures at bay and here she was being chased down by some demons. Her running was able to get her inside of a tree, she was small enough to fit and amongst them all she hoped that she wouldn't be found, hiding in a carved out hole At the base of said tree.

She didn't want to get inside, all she could think about were bugs getting on her and being dirty. Tears filled her eyes and she tried to calm herself so she wouldn't be heard. Time seemed to slow and she could hear her heart beating in her head. Ylva never thought about it but she was thankful to be wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt, and a nice pair of shoes to run in. She didn't even remember what she was planning to do that day but she was sure as hell not worried now. As she sat, listened and waited she could hear a slight groaning sound from nearby. It sounded like it was calling for help....

#2Juni Anastos 

Blessed Are The Meek [Solo] Empty on Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:22 pm

Juni Anastos
The moaning didn't get louder and Ylva wondered if someone saw her go in the tree. She wasn't sure if it was safe to leave but someone was in trouble and asking for help. She was in the same position and she knew when she was running away from trouble that she wanted help. Ylva easily remembered all the times she had gotten help and peeked her head outside of the tree, crawling out from it's hole and dusting herself off. She carefully followed the voice, making sure not to cause any noises. Walking over branches, placing her steps carefully not to snap and twigs or rustle up any leaves.

The voice got lower the closer she got, whoever it was probably knew the danger that was lurking around. As she walked she noticed feathers scattered about. Not any normal bird feathers, these were thick, white, and stained with blood. They looked so beautiful in a morbid way but they were leading in the same direction as the cry for help. Ylva could feel herself swallowing hard because she knew only one thing that these feathers came from.. She dreaded having to go near one, seeing as they were just as much of a problem as the demons.

The trail ended where she hoped it wouldn't. Those feathers so beautiful belonged to a Seraphim and she knew where there was one there was trouble. Looking down she saw it's wings horribly mangled and a large gash across it's chest. It looked like a female to Ylva but she couldn't fully tell. She knew in her heart what she had to do, but because of what she had been through she found herself fighting with the idea. Ylva bent down as the Seraphim called out to her, tears in it's eyes. She couldn't judge it for everything that's been going on..

#3Juni Anastos 

Blessed Are The Meek [Solo] Empty on Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:23 pm

Juni Anastos
Kneeling down slowly she could see how badly hurt the Seraphim was. It was explained to her that it was hurt in conflict, trying to protect a group of humans from some demons. Ylva asked why he was alone fighting and the response she got nearly broke her. It seemed that the Seraphim was left due to his love of humans and he just wanted them to be safe in this conflict. She felt bad because she judged him harshly before. The demons were still in the area according to the Seraphim but he was using the little bit of energy he had to shield their presences from those who wished to do them harm.

Ylva could feel herself shaking and she wouldn't wait for the Seraphim to tell her what's wrong with him. She could see the clearly damaged parts and whatever else was damaged that she couldn't see he would tell her. Taking a deep breath she drew forth a droplet of water using her mana. The magic enriched droplet of water was placed over the chest of the Seraphim. It's soothing healing abilities working fast in mending the deep tissue damage of the cuts. It seemed that this area was the most damage and the most important.

Ylva worked in silence and would only whisper a few assurances here and there that he would be ok. The Seraphim seemed to be losing energy every second but Ylva was determined. She was hopeful and ignored the words of the Seraphim who tried to get her to understand that she couldn't heal what had happen to him, no mortal could heal those wounds. This revelation which Ylva slowly accepted caused her to breakdown and she continued healing, cursing herself for being no more than a human and being unable to do more.

#4Juni Anastos 

Blessed Are The Meek [Solo] Empty on Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:41 pm

Juni Anastos
The Seraphim would only smile and thank her for being with him, thank her for trying her best to help a being who's race had consistently thought less of humans as a whole and did nothing to help them. He apologized to her that the Seraphims had become so jaded and reckless that they took their war and made it dangerous for those who lived on earthland. He apologized for the demons and kept saying how this could have been prevented if the Seraphim weren't hellbent on purging the land of humans anyway. Ylva didn't know this being but she felt sad that he had to go through this.

She didn't know how long she had been listening to the Seraphim who's name she learned was Lucian. He was a young one and he loved humans and wondered why his brothers and sisters didn't feel the same. He was an outcast among them and soon he realized that he had to hide that part of him in order to survive among the ranks of his brethren. He wished the demons had never come out from whatever hell hole they crawled from but he blamed them for his current state.

She didn't know what to do and decided to keep him talking so that he would have a fighting chance. She was using up too much mana too quickly but she could see she was making progress on his healing. She thought that she was doing something right but she could see that the wounds she was healing weren't the ones that were killing him. She didn't give up though and continued on until she hardly had any mana left. Speaking to him until she could feel his light flicker as he lay in her arms...

#5Juni Anastos 

Blessed Are The Meek [Solo] Empty on Thu Aug 29, 2019 4:02 pm

Juni Anastos
There was alot of crying for a being she didn't truly know. His words and stories that he shared with her resonated within her like nothing she's ever felt. She was spent and so was he, his barrier coming down leaving them both exposed to the world around them. She had used most of her mana to heal him and so she could only hold him in her arms as the last moments of her his life flickered in and out. She didn't know what happened to Seraphim when they died so she planned to bury his body somewhere close by and give him a proper burial. She didn't bank on what was happening.

Lucien only whispered with his dying breath, he told her how thankful he was to not be alone when he passed. He wanted to give one final gift to the humans before we was moved on. A glowing light found emerged from his body and his body was gone, a last goodbye on the winds told Ylva that he was gone. The light though was not and it found itself shooting directly into Ylva. She was surprised and confused as she felt her bod shift and change.

The pain of the light searing into her caused her to pass out. Flashes of the life of lucien filled her mind and she didn't know it but during that time her body was going through a change of miraculous portions. At some point Ylva awoken only to find herself feeling not quite herself and seeing that it was the middle of the night. She was surprised that she was even alive and immediately remembered the Seraphim she tried to save. A wave of sadness came over her as she realized that she couldn't save him. Picking herself up off the ground she decided that it was time to get out of these forest and head to a safer place, the memory of the day plaguing her...


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