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Light The Night [Quest/Ylva]

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Light The Night [Quest/Ylva] Empty on 26/08/19, 07:23 am

Ylva awoke with a start to realize she had slept the day away. It was a perfectly good day to do work and what did she do? Sleep, that's what she did. She slept like a lazy person or someone who was a little too sad. It was a day wasted with any money that she could have made thrown out of the window. She wasn't sure it was a good idea to see if anyone needed any work done now. It was a dangerous time to be out at this hour, especially for her so of course she was more than a little upset with herself for wasting the whole damn day.

Pulling herself out of bed Ylva changed into some clothes. Dark clothes like black pants, a grey shirt, and some black shoes. She brushed her hair and splashed water on her face to wake her up even more. Recently she had been given some new powers from the blessing of her god. She now now had the means to protect herself and she felt more confident than ever. She was less afraid of the world and less afraid to do things that she would otherwise not have done at all.

Once ready she grabbed a few things and made her way out of the inn, but not before grabbing something to eat. Having slept all day like she did made her hungry. Once she grabbed a apple and a sandwich from the little restaurant of the store she made her way to the quest board and quickly took one without even looking. She didn't care what she would be doing tonight as she read the quest's makers need for someone to test out some beacons. She was happy that this would be an easy job and quickly set out to meet Lt. Marin.



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Ylva wasted little time in making her way to her destination. Once she arrived she was greeted by an older gentlemen with faded blue hair and a stern look. Once the two made eye contact the man waved her over to him. Ylva assumed that this was the man she needed to meet and quickly rushed to him. Once the two were in hearing range he introduced himself and commented on how small she was. This caused Ylva to frown only slightly and make a remark on the quest itself. Marin apologized and explained that  people were worried about the dangers of the woods.

Ylva could understand why people would be on edge and agreed that the woods were pretty dangerous. Ylva herself wouldn't go into the woods without at least two other people if she could help it. Marin explained that Ylva would be making sure to light up the beacons, about fifteen in all. This was to allow Marin to see if the beacons were too far apart or not and what other things he may need to do for the beacons to be working in tip top shape. This meant that Ylva would be walking along the edge of the woods.

This did not sit all that well with Ylva as she wanted nothing to do with those woods. It was an unfortunate thing but she had to do what she had to do. Taking a deep breath and asking all the basic information that she could she was given a torch and sent on her way. This wasn't a hard job but the dangers of what may come out from the woods forced Ylva to move on double time. She was quiet as she made her way to the first beacon, her torch lighting the way.



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The first beacon was pretty far from her inital starting point. She would have thought they would start at the first beacon but it looked like she would be doing some walking. Her mind wandered to Erebus and wondered what he would be doing at this time. A smile covered her face as she thought of him, only to fad slightly when she realized she was right at the first beacon. She thought it was farther away but maybe she was just walking that quickly.  Once she got to the beacon she lit it with the torch and quickly climbed back down to go light the next ones.

With every beacon she lit the walk between the two let her mind wander back to Erebus. It seemed to her for whatever reason that when she thought about him, the outside world seemed to fade away and she was left in her own mind, only to be pulled back when she needed too. This for Ylva was new and no at all unwelcome. She felt weird thinking about him but there was nothing she could do about it. The walk from each beacon as she came to realize was a little too far, something that should be fixed.

Looking behind her she saw that indeed some of the beacons were too spread out. That wasn't her problem though as she was only getting paid to light these things. She had to be half way done as she climbed down her eight beacon pole and continue to make her way to the next one. As she continued on she thought she heard a rustling of near the woods which caused her to freeze. Time seemed to slow and she could hear her heart in her chest when out popped a little bunny.

Ylva let out a sigh of relief and laughed to herself. She was putting herself on the edge and she went right back to walking. One by one the beacons were lit and one by one with each lit beacon she found herself strangely more hungry. As she came up to the last beacon her eyes spotted Marin. He must have gotten here by horse since she left him at the first beacon. Shrugging she lit this last beacon and handed Marin the torch. He thanked her and agreed with what she was already thinking.. Some of those beacons were too far apart. Marin paid Ylva and she went on her way.

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