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Clue Digging [Quest | Snowflake]

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Clue Digging [Quest | Snowflake] Empty on Mon Aug 26, 2019 2:25 am

Faye stood there in front of the request board deep in thought. For that particular day, she noticed there wasn’t that many missions pinned up. Out of the three, two of them required physical labor while another one was put up by a Rune Knight which she guessed would be to help her with something related to a case. She wasn’t particularly fond of any of them but after a while of consideration, just took the mission and walked away. Snowflake will be waiting for her down the road, having agreed to take a mission with Faye. They were both from the same guild and were –Faye thought so- good friends.

Just from the few details on the mission request, Faye could tell some Rune Knight was looking to pass on their duties to someone else. It was to look clues for a missing case, one that Faye may or may not have heard in passing. She shrugged her shoulders. There was no point in overthinking about it. After shoving the paper into her back pocket, Faye would quickly walk over to where Snowflake would be and give her all the details of the mission while walking to the location together.


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Clue Digging [Quest | Snowflake] Empty on Mon Aug 26, 2019 3:55 am

Venus Rosé

Fiore had finally settled into peace; after the events, specifically the demonic invations took place, and the hunter thoroughly enjoyed the familiarity of the bustling town, peppered lightly with the charm of its hospitality to travellers that the ice mage had come to know naturally, due to her habit of wandering around often.

Faye had invited her out on a mission, and it had been God knows how long since she had last completed a request, especially with a guild mate. She decided to wait in the middle of the piazza while Faye went off to choose a paper request for them to do. It could be anything – at this point, she could care less about what it was – she just needed to find a way to spend her time being productive.

At her foot, the snow maiden kicked at a stray pebble, watching it rotate over the dust for several turns, unsure of what to do while she waited for her soon-to-be partner in crime. From the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of pink, assuming that her comrade had returned from selecting a request and her head would perk up towards her direction. ”You got the request? What does it say?” Faye would fill in the details for her as they traversed through the streets of Era, heading to the destination that required their presence.



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Faye told Snow extensively on what the request entailed, even her suspicion of the fact that some Rune Knight was passing their responsibilities to the two mages. Between their chatter, Faye noticed that they have arrived at their destination when she spotted a bit of blue and the magnificent mark of the Rune Knights printed boldly onto a cape. This Rune Knight, a blonde woman of average height, was eyeing Snow and Faye from the distance they became visible. She tapped impatiently on her crossed arm with long fingers, frowning.

“Why are you two so late?” Was the first thing she said to the both of them. “I expected you here half an hour ago,” She huffed arrogantly and then with a turn of her heels, went inside the building. “We are looking for clues,” she began, giving them all the detail and story they needed to know in order to get them started with this mission.

Faye was right. This Rune Knight, Margaret, really was trying to get others to do her business. There was no point arguing, however, since they were getting paid anyway. She followed Margaret into the building while listening to how some man’s wife went missing and that Margaret needed clues to prove she actually ran away on her own. Faye wasn’t sure if they were supposed to look for clues after already affirming the answer but she went along with it anyway. Again, Snow and Faye just needed to get paid.


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Clue Digging [Quest | Snowflake] Empty on Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:30 am

Venus Rosé

Quite an introduction, she thought.

From the looks of her client, it seemed like she was rather egotistical with the way she was treating the Blue Pegasus mages she just hired. Snowflake had several incidents dealing with clients like these; she had grown so accustomed to them that she couldn’t even be bothered about it regardless.

She was a knight herself, but requested others to complete simple tasks for her instead. To be frank, Snowflake didn’t like to waste her time doing ridiculous tasks like these, albeit, since she was getting paid, she might as well just try to finish it as fast as possible. The only thing that was helping her through the entire situation was having Faye accompany her, so it wasn’t just her being miserable – they were both.

Margaret led them the way to the house they were supposed to search clues for. Searching clues, seriously. She could hire anyone else to do the task, but them. The woman rolled her eyes in frustration, wondering why she initially agreed to go on this kind of a mission. ”Well, don’t mind me barging into your house, sir.” she’d say, as she began ruffling through all the properties of the house.



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Faye shrugged. “Let’s just get over this soon,” She told Snow as they went in. It was a bit of a mess besides the fact that almost every piece of furniture in the house was covered by a thin layer of dust. The man must have really felt devastated when his wife went missing, he seemed to have done nothing since. Faye felt a bit of sympathy for the man but at the same time she wondered if the wife really went missing or left on her own like Margaret said. ‘It would suck if the latter is the case,’ Faye thought to herself as she began searching for clues.

She began with the most obvious place, the woman’s room, her dresser and closet in particular. There was nothing odd, it looked very much like a normal couple’s room. Her clothes were still there and nothing in particular seemed to be missing. If the woman left on her own, Faye wondered if she would leave some kind of message. Her husband clearly cared for her. From that kind of sincerity, how can someone turn away without any words? Although Faye clearly disliked Margaret for already deciding the outcome, she couldn’t help but agree with the idea that it did not seem like the wife actually went missing in a sense that someone kidnapped her.


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The house looked more like someone had dumped the entire garbage truck inside the place – it was a complete mess, and she wasn’t the least surprised. The man must have done his best to try and find his wife, but to no avail. She did sympathize the man, but according to their client, it seemed like the wife had fled instead. Nevertheless, their job was to search for clues so, here she was: tossing and ruffling through objects and boxes to see if there was anything, perhaps, even a letter that she was planning to leave. While Faye took the liberty to search the wife’s room, Snowflake did her deed in the living room.

Even the couches, she didn’t spare any, as she lift up the cushions to see if she actually hid anything from her husband’s sight. If she was planning to leave, she must have had a note somewhere – that was what she thought. It was almost impossible to leave the town, without someone else’s help, so most likely she must have at least received a letter, or an itinerary of her plan. Even if she wasn’t the one who escaped, what if someone was threatening her through mails or some sort? The woman began shuffling through the papers, books and magazine that were piled up on the table, in hope that they would find some clues in this house.



Clue Digging [Quest | Snowflake] Empty on Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:34 pm

Faye kept searching the room, tossing away pillows and sheets as she looked around the place. She even tried the less obvious places but nothing that could either affirm or deny the case showed up. She found some pills and medicine the woman used, standard stress relievers, but it did look like she took them frequently. Faye could sift through more than a dozen reason for her to have been stressed out, so aside from the fact that it could prove the wife’s psychological side of things, the medicines and pills were of no importance. As the search continued, she was trying to put together what kind of person the wife is using all the things Faye saw that she owned.

Once nothing important started showing up from the room, Faye abandoned it for the kitchen, giving Snow a knowing smile as she did so. She couldn’t tell what made her feel optimistic about searching the kitchen more than the messy room because it was clearly messier. Dishes have gotten piled up, everything was out of its place, and it smelled quite badly. It triggered every fiber of her OCD to just turn the messy place back into a crisp and shining kitchen but neither was that her job nor was she going to clean up after strangers. So the search had to continue like this.


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Snowflake wasn’t sure what the husband did to render the house this messy, but the pile of garbage and dirt was only making it difficult for them to search clues in the house. The woman heaved out a sigh: it’s been around an hour since they’d last begun their research and somehow, they still haven’t gotten anything. At this point, Snowflake was beginning to believe that maybe she didn’t actually run away, since there doesn’t seem to be any proof at all.

As seconds plodded by, their investigation only grew further. One room with two windows open in the heat, burnished to silver-gray by the winds and fogs of Era. Inside were a fireplace, a queen sized completely worn out bed shoved against opposite walls, a table, one chair, and a cupboard. There were a few baskets, one with dirty clothes, albeit, none of them looked suspicious. No signs of lamp or candles. The only signs of food were crumbs and mouse scat, and probably leftovers that the husband had eaten the last time.

Since Faye had already examined the bedroom, there was no reason for her to be there. The hunter returned back to the living room, opening drawers to see if there was anything remaining. Rubbish, rubbish and more rubbish. ”Are you finding anything over there?” the woman spoke, loud enough for her partner to hear over the distance.

”Wait, hold on. There’s something under the couch.”

Beneath the structure was a glimpse of brown leather, and as she’d bend down she’d find an old journal hidden away from clear sight.



Clue Digging [Quest | Snowflake] Empty on Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:40 pm

“I’m afraid not,” Faye emerged from the kitchen with a huff. She had looked through the place as much as she can and there was just about nothing other than things she does not want to speak of or even remember. Watching Snow go around the living room, Faye just stood leaning on the door frame. She tried to put things together as much as she could but even after all that searching, there was truly nothing but guesses and more speculations running through her mind. The reason could have been anything.

When Snow said she found something, Faye immediately went over, looking at the old, worn out journal over Snow’s shoulder. “Open it,” She said, looking at the item with great interest. Seeing as the item belonged to his wife, Faye guessed that they would find their most valuable clue there. She pulled at Snow’s sleeves and told her they should just hand the item over to the detective waiting outside, that they do not have to go through this whole mess again. Big or small, the clue was a clue and they would get rewarded for it regardless. For the most part, Faye just wanted to get it over with.



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Clue Digging [Quest | Snowflake] Empty on Thu Aug 29, 2019 1:09 am

Venus Rosé

At this point, Snowflake had already began pondering why she was going through all this trouble searching for clues if there wasn’t any. Albeit, it wasn’t until she spotted a journal beneath the couch – fortunately – believing that it might give a hint to what they were looking for. As soon as she beckoned Faye over, she requested her to open the journal immediately. She unbounded the ribbon that wrapped around the red leather book and began flipping through the yellow parchment paper. She was right; it was the wife’s journal. She wasn’t going to bother reading through all the pages, since it clearly was none of her business and they were initially only there to find clues.

Nodding at Faye, the hunter proceeded towards outside to find that Margaret had left already, leaving them with a rookie detective. Couldn’t wait to get out of here, huh?, she thought, internally rolling her eyes. She had expected that Margaret wasn’t likely to wait for them to come out with clues hours later, so it wasn’t really surprising to see her gone, thought it was quite disappointing. ”Here, I found this inside, under the couch. It might be of some help.” She handed the book over to the junior detective of Margaret and immediately scurried away to research more about the case, before rewarding them their jewels.



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