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Grim Hollow Reflections.(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Grim Hollow Reflections.(Open) Empty on Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:54 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith seemed to finally just want to get out of her system a moment of wanting to reflect. The actual reasons she eventually just ventured into parts so deep and unknown by most people to walk around in. Judith seemed to be walk effortlessly with parts of the cliffs and the mountain area, But she wanted to find a general clearing with a view over the town.

It was a tough for Judith in one manner, She wanted to let some of past horrible moments in life out of her system because it haunted her quite often just Judith had no one else she trusted enough to not judge her horribly, Her own daughter did not believe her, Which was something she expected, Arisa some how recalled parts she did not know which was a mystery she needed to solve herself eventually. So casually at normal talking volume level Judith would casually sing a song to herself until some one or something get her to stop while she search for such an area she could sit at to think and try to clear her mind.

"We build cathedrals to our pain~"She would just look around often to anything that would be of fitting for her to sit and reflect, Judith should be searching for some one to talk too but when it comes to your darkest secrets that a mother had, Judith still did not feel like it was right quite yet."Establish monuments to attain~"At least it would be a sign for anyone around that Judith was around, Then again it was normal of her to just sing to herself and some one follow eventually."Freedom from all of the scars and the sins~"She would stop for a moment and look around while she did seeing if there was something  fitting for her thought of an area to reflect."Lest we drown in the darkness within~"Judith was just processing if it was right or not.

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Shura was led astray on his walk through Era by the voice of a woman. Her voice sounded serene yet perhaps with a tinge of sadness. Reflective, perhaps? It was the kind of odd thing that so rarely occurred, that the devout's interest was piqued. He moved towards the sound of the voice, skimming around rocky hills and cliffs until he found the source of the melody at a clearing amidst the rugged landscape.

The altitude increasing the wind's strength, its gusts would flutter Shura's crimson cloak to and fro, likely being enough to alert the woman to his presence. He observed, making sure not to disturb, and noticed that she appeared to be older. Despite this her beauty had certainly not faded, and the priest felt it disrespectful to disturb her private time for too long. Yet he was nonetheless curious about her reason for such a spectacle.

With a hand waved in greeting to the woman, he approached in the least threatening manner he possibly could in the case that it wasn't often that strangers met on top of cliffs for friendly interactions. Upon getting closer he gazed inquisitively with a brow raised, deciding it best to allow the woman to speak first. Shura gripped the golden cross hanging around his neck and allowing to be shown openly, letting her know that he was here to listen to problems she might be having, still not speaking a word himself.

#3Judith Karlinius 

Grim Hollow Reflections.(Open) Empty on Sun Aug 25, 2019 9:19 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed maybe fate had it's call to her, A cross and everything, A holy man. But Judith still felt unsure and she would express it to him to make sure, After all at this point she needed to be sure."Does fate's call truly yield a soul who is will to bare listening to dark woes of another?"Judith seemed to ask but it did have another part into it."Or a possible harsh judge to a person they barely know?"Judith did sound almost prepared for both situations, speaking as she did Judith did look upon whom she assumed was the holy man who seemed to show up seemingly out of no where, This never bothered Judith because she often expected it.

Judith did not seem to worry about judgment but still partly feared it but she had her reasons. Judith would continue walking however."Let's just find a place to sit so I can rest this broken leg."Whatever she hoped for it was just simply release Judith would find an area smooth enough for them to sit upon Judith just did not mind the stone at all  settling comfortably rather quickly waiting for who would accompany her here to listen.

Putting the wooden cane she had down upon the stone and quietly sitting and waiting. After all it seemed helpful for her but she also preparing herself to kind of spoke to a stranger about something in reality she even feared talking about it to her family. What is it talking to stranger about her own darkest times in life when she always told her family to speak openly about anything they wish to in her life, This seems to be something she seemed to have a ghost to it, One she was always unsure about.


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It was true that Shura had been the receiver of many confessions during his life at church. Due to his natural disposition he did of course prove to be a talented listener. When the woman spoke of whether she had found a listener or someone of harsh judgment, the crimson cleric shook his head with an earnest smile. It was not his place to judge, and thus it was best to reassure her of that before any true discussion could begin. Striving to uphold Illumin's virtues was his life's ambition, and it wouldn't be sullied by something as innately sinful as judgment - not from a mere human such as himself, anyway. Judgment was God's domain, and one as insignificant as Shura had no place challenging it.

Upon finding a place to sit and talk further, Shura found the nearest rock adjacent to her and rested upon it. Noticing that she seemed physically out of sorts, he removed his scarlet adventurer's cloak and reached a hand outward towards her with it. In his eyes it was plain to see that he was offering the woman extra padding from the rugged rocks, gesturing to it. Earthland's natural bounty was not the most accommodating surface for relaxation when one was hurt, and Shura was aware of this.

Regardless of her response to his offer, he would straighten out the black priestly attire he wore underneath the cloak and align his posture properly. The golden orbs that were his eyes were locked towards the woman's with acceptance, silently acknowledging his readiness to hear more about her.

#5Judith Karlinius 

Grim Hollow Reflections.(Open) Empty on Mon Aug 26, 2019 10:27 am

Judith Karlinius
The ever quiet voice Judith at least felt, at ease Judith for most of her life was rather use to just being alone and never speaking a word. Upon him reaching out Judith realize what he was implying and doing."How kind of you...Thank you."the ever thankful soul, Judith much have a lot in her life to this day, a woman with many tales, stories and things she could teach people. She was a bit more comfortable even if she was use to ground and stone."Part of me was almost use to sitting on the ground for 18 years of being a hermit, But enjoy the comforts of cloth as well."Seemed a bit pointless but Judith was opening up slowly.

Looking upon the sky."There are few fables in my life I would wish to reverse, For the lingering guilt I bare is often far too strong then I ever assumed."She was piecing together how to explain it, The darkest of paths to what could be seen as a glowing soul, But with lingering shame."I never envisioned a shift from being a lonely hermit, To experimenting on anything I could to learn how to harness eternal life,With out branching into rare, old or long forgotten magic that was not in reach."She mentioned there was far more then a bit of guilt and shame mix into her voice.

"Hearing their voice as they suffer, hearing them scream...beg, All I would do is heal them to either cause them to die slower and suffer more....for many years."She did not mention the number of people who might have died from her hands from such practices, But then again Judith with what she just mention was rather easily understood why she never spoke about it."Women young and old, Men as well, the numbers of how many I and the other people experimented and studied for a goal that...never seemed to be in reach."Such a goal and lingering resentment, Maybe Just was expecting horrible judgement for a reason because of willingly causing some one to suffer, but for longer periods of time.


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Shura took in the words of the woman. She was reflecting on her life choices, and from what he could tell, melancholic and filled with regret. His eyes remained firmly on the woman, the attention entirely on her for the conversation, nodding and gesturing as if to say, "I understand.". Though he had little in the way of actual communication with others, Shura painted it as clear as day on his face that he understood the woman's grief.

Well, not to say that he had gone through the same thing - it was the specific kind of life that could only be attained after time spent pondering existence the way only those who grew old could. Not that he would ever call a woman old to her face, however - that would be rude.

After she had finished speaking, Shura shook his head in disapproval before beginning to hastily put pen to paper on his pocket-sized notepad. In a flash he was done, and handed the freshly torn paper to the woman.

The note would read, "The fact that you regret it means you have a conscience. If you feel any sadness at all when thinking back on your mistakes or the suffering you brought unto others, that speaks volumes about the humanity you still hold."

Shura nodded approvingly. Though it was his own view, it was one he believed to be correct in the context of the world in general. To him it wasn't an opinion, but simply a way of life - the way that only a man of faith could live.

Scratching up another note, Shura handed it off to the woman.

"My name is Shura. I'm a wandering priest and wizard of Lamia Scale. How about you?", the note would read.

#7Judith Karlinius 

Grim Hollow Reflections.(Open) Empty on Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:25 pm

Judith Karlinius
In varying let out emotion Judith hearing nothing Judith was slowly panicked because he was saying nothing but when slowly she would be handed a note Judith at least kind of seemed to understand in her manner now."Oh I see now."Judith mentioned with her worry and panic slowly going away."I feared judgment from an that of a voice that has yet to speak or never could."Judith's fancy way of saying she assumed he was mute, She was fine with that reality and just about as normal as she was.

Since she would slowly read the note. since Judith had yet too from the start only realizing that he had written out a note for her read and slowly would read it and be sure."I see, A relief even if minor in my case."Judith in reality did not seemed ready to forgive herself as well but that was for good reason."I guess it is went the sadness and despair fades away, I should truly be guilty." That is what Judith mentioned at least, She would try would go back to hiding her sadness and tears that she wanted to let free, Maybe if this continued anymore with it she would but with what was happen currently Judith at least was able to relax and settle her ever flowing mind.

"Lamia scale? So the guild of my daughters still stands in some manner." Judith said in delight with a bit happier tone of voice she was not rude and would introduce herself as well."I am Judith Karlinus, Just recently joined in Fairy tail."Recently because it had not been all that long since Judith joined Fairy tail so far she was happy. It with a quick change it was easily picked up Judith hide a lot to keep other happy most likely.

#8Judith Karlinius 

Grim Hollow Reflections.(Open) Empty on Fri Nov 01, 2019 3:33 am

Judith Karlinius
Eventually with how things worked it Judith manage to let go of her built up emotions, She knew and did keep in her mind such things would eventually pop up again. Judith did not doubt that part of herself after all. She could only run from what haunted her for a long time for so long.

Judith would thank this voiceless priest and be on her way with a hug and a thank you. Just like she would for anyone she would be great ful for. She would just have to move on and deal with it

It was a rather normal and rather relaxing rest of the day for Judith she just kind of stayed off of her feet and allow herself to recover more while thinking about a few things to do next.

She maybe just have too go some reading. A very normal thing for her. Judith would find some kind of book and something to drink along with it. It caused her to reflect on her past, different area.

But it reminded her of when she was a hermit sitting in the woods with just: Books, fire for warmth, food and the various sounds of nature, Such a time was a long a go and Judith even if a part of her missed that part of her life. never regretted the change she had done to her current life for the most part, that one stain would be the only thing she wished to change with in her part but then again. She was a dreamer with her head in the clouds. It was much like her talk with Shura a wonderful reflection to kind of help her deal with what she needed and move on with the day peacefully, It was all gone in the past.


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