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Magnolia to Era [Travel]

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Magnolia to Era [Travel] Empty Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:42 am


There has been a growing need for support in several areas of Fiore. One such area that seems to be in need currently is Era, and Aegis, wanting to be as useful as he can, heads out for the long walk to Era. He wasn't in Magnolia very long, but unfortunately he found out that there was no train station that would lead him directly so we have to take the roads leading from Magnolia. This was going to be a long trip, not specifically for the reason of the distance being severe, but because he had no one to go with him. Even from the beginning of leaving the town, he found himself feeling rather down in the current situation around him. With the recent attacks against the outline town, everyone has seem to be on edge given what destruction had taken place. The actual Road itself was not too difficult to transverse, although after a while of walking the hot sun had taken a bit of a toll. This being the only actual stop he took on the trip, he sat down off to the side of the road underneath some tree cover and had a short rest and drink of water from the Satchel that he had on him. After short rest, he headed back on the road, which had quite a few people on it. They just never been to era before, so really know what to expect other than there were people that needed help. The Hope being that he could put his expertise to use not just for the help of others, but also for becoming stronger.

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